F-Series Sales on a Rising Tide





The Ford F-Series had its best sales month since 2007, seeing double-digit improvements in December compared with a year ago. Also, the F-Series continued its streak of unbroken ownership as the best-selling vehicle and best-selling truck in the U.S. That's probably why Ford sent us this infographic, shown above.

Like Terrence Mann said in "Field of Dreams," "The one constant through all the years ... has been baseball." It seems like he easily could have been talking about the F-Series — its sales leadership through 2011 and over the past three decades is nothing short of impressive, as are the sales increases with GM full-size trucks and the class leader, Ram Truck, whose year-to-date sales rose 22.6% compared with 2010.

But all this means nothing unless each manufacturer follows up this success with stronger styling and technological advancements. The biggest hurdle will be the new fuel economy standards that will require manufacturers to find ways to get better mileage from their trucks. No doubt that will mean more sophisticated engines, lighter building materials and most likely some radical designs. But none of this will happen quickly.

Pickup trucks typically are on a slower redesign and re-engineering pace than your average automobile. To see that, we only have to look at the new GM full-size trucks — and how long we've had to wait, though we know there were some extenuating circumstances there as well — but we're hearing things are moving quickly for both Ram and Ford.

We're guessing they both see a huge opportunity to steal a little thunder if they can figure out how to push some programs forward. And with the North American International Auto Show coming up next week in Detroit, we're hoping for a few surprises, if not some news about the next six-, 12- and 18-month cycles.

Optimists — and from our experience, truck people typically are optimists, regardless of their passionate brand affiliations — will look to the projected sales numbers in the first and second quarter of 2012 and hope the ocean of sales will raise all the boats in the water, rather than sink the older models. But we just saw two significant players in the midsize-pickup segment leave in 2011: the Dodge Dakota and Ford Ranger. Could there be more to follow?

I'd like to think the segment is wide open for a new manufacturer or two, ready to provide a few solid choices for entry-level truck buyers as a brighter spotlight is shown on smaller trucks with good capability and more efficiency when compared to their full-size older brothers. At the very least, the possibility exists for the rising sales tide to lift this small-truck segment to higher waters.

This segment certainly wasn't boring in 2011, and we have no reason to think this year will be any different.


Record sales for the month of December? Well with $10,000 off the leftover 2011 4X4's I can see why. A good deal if you were looking for one.

Looking forward to Detroit...

35 years as best selling truck. Enough said

I find it interesting that Ford has no problems showing the sales advantage of the EB over their V8's, but they don't show the breakdown between F150, 250, 350 etc. I bet they wouldn't post engine sales data if it showed poor take rates on the V6 engines. With that being said, I doubt Ford would of spent billions of R&D without having a good idea that the V6 engines would sell. They obviously know something we don't or they wouldn't of killed the Ranger (especially with the 4 banger).
I do wish that things continue to improve.
As far as truck guys being optimists, I'd like to start 2012 with positive vibes, but there are too many dark clouds looming in the horizon.

I just saw in the paper - 2012 F-250 4X4 Diesel crew cab srw $10,000 off MSRP. Now I can understand why they are selling so many with deals like this on such a brand new vehicle. They must have not been selling well at all to have deals like this trying to jump start people to into buying them.

I remember they almost sold 1 Million Trucks!


Those are incentives offered by your Local Ford Dealer, not Ford Motor Co.

If their trucks would last as long as a GM truck, they would not sell as many as they do. But it pays for Ford to keep making trucks that do not last. I have friends that buy three trucks to my one but that is ok because that is more money in my pocket. Keep up the good work GM.


If a dealer can offer these incentives of 10g's and you know they are still making money on the truck, how damn much profit is built into these vehicles? No wonder a truck cost this much and people who own dealerships are so freakn rich. I am obviously in the wrong business with a built in profit that comes with these vehicles.

I looked at an F250 last week. MSRP was $65,000. That 10k would be 15% off the truck I looked at. It sounds like a lot until you realize the starting price. It's amazing how expensive these trucks are getting. But those new diesels are whisper quiet, and they don't seem to have any trouble selling them. The Super Duties dominate the HD market. Even the F150's are flying off the lots. I called 2 local dealers looking for a few trucks to test drive. I couldn't get to them for a few days, and all the trucks I had planned to see were already sold when I got to the dealers.

Glad to hear Ford's sales on the rise. Keep the factories humming and hire some more US workers. Yes they are still making money with 10k off sticker but that's good to.

by brand..ford 584,917.....gm 584.568....not count caddy....the real numbers..


I might be wrong on this but i believe most dealers make %20 of the MSRP so they can take a hit and only make say %5 to get older trucks off the lot to make way for newer models.

@Mike S,

You are correct. 2012 Trucks need to be moved for 2013 Trucks.


GM is not a brand, it is a Corporation. Chevy, GMC, Cadillac & Buick are brands of General Motors.

If this keeps up, Ford will sell 819,336 trucks next year. Add a 10% increase and they will sell 901,269 F-series which matches the number sold in the glory days of 2005 and just shy of the 939k sold in 2004 at it's height when gas was less than $2 a gallon. F-series is back. When the 2015 hits, they will be over a million sold that year.

I'm a Ford guy, but hate the Ford Spin. Did they offer V8s in the same trucks as the V6.. no. So then how an you compare and brag?

Example: My 2011 FX4 max tow my only engine option was a 3.5 EB. And while I love it, would still prefer a 6.2L if I could get one in this config.

Just sayin...

Power Kid,
If you really wanted a V8, you could have bought a 6.2 with Max Tow, just not in a Fx4 trim. The reason why didn't buy it was because having a V8 wasn't a core need. That is what Ford is saying.

Sales increased over when they just sold V8's (2009-2010). They didn't offer the regular V6 in the same trucks as the V8 either. The regular V6 was very limited. Can't even get a regular V6 in any Fx4.

Power Kid,
If you really wanted a V8, you could have bought a 6.2 with Max Tow, just not in a Fx4 trim. The reason why you didn't buy it was because having a V8 wasn't a core need. That is what Ford is saying.

Sales increased over when they just sold V8's (2009-2010). They didn't offer the regular V6 in the same trucks as the V8 either. The regular V6 was very limited. Can't even get a regular V6 in any Fx4.

Hay Dave, You ford fans are so dumb and pitiful and ignorant of how sales works (and did I mention deluded?).

Mcdonalds sells the most hamburgers, does that make McDonalds the best? Ford sells the most trucks but does that make them the best or just mean they sell the most? I'd definitely say it is just means they sell the most.

So crow all you want about being best selling, I would rather have the title as best truck. Or as Howie Long put it America's best value, or Diesel Power Mag called it, King Of the Hill and PickupTrucks.com called it the pickuptrucks.com shootout winner - Duramax. By the way, how did you like getting beat by the Duramax 6 times in a row?

Ford loses again!

I'd take Wendy's any day over McDonalds and Burger King's.

I have always thought Wendy's are pretty decent. I don't know where many of you burger snobs here are getting your burger or what you expect from them. But of the big 3 burger joints Wendys is the best.

Now onto fries. I've always enjoyed Wendy's fries. They've kept me company on more road trips than I can count. Everyone knows that McDonald's fries are the king of fast food potatoes, so there's no use in comparing, but Wendy's fries were always tasty enough to hold their own.

Burger King fries, on the other hand, are almost inedible; they have this strange coating that makes them all texture and no taste. Just overall unpleasant if you ask me. Of course I'll eat them,but I always find myself hungry for a superior fry from one of their competitors.

That said, I am looking forward to going to Wendys again.

Its not that GM's vehicles are lasting longer, its that gm owners are buying the F150.

anyone know how long chevy trucks where best selling trucks for? just interested i can't fine any thing on it

Man there sure are a bunch of manginas in here. Chevy sales are rising more than Ford (up 12.2% compared to Ford's 10.7%) and Chevy + GM has the most full-size trucks sold for 2011 when you include Avalanche selling 20,000+ a year. Ford fans, you lose again to GM.


As for the v6, Ford finally has an ok engine but it has TWO TURBOS!

Just wait until GM'S all new half tons with TWO all new V6'S debut in 2013 as a 2014 model. GM'S new trucks will be the benchmark in the industry and of course ford will have to follow suit and bring out a carbon copy of GM'S new trucks. Have a nice day.

Who and who is not really rising? GM brand trucks up 12.2% and 14.9%. Ford brand trucks only up 10.7%. GM trucks are 3 years older. Ford also took secret bailout money so don't go there. Ford is failing but the Ford fans fail to see it. Let it be written. GM is on the rise and will rise again.

"anyone know how long chevy trucks where best selling trucks for? just interested i can't fine any thing on it"

You'd probably have to go back to the 1970's to find out if Chevy was ever the best selling. Becaues for for the last 35 years F-series is the best selling truck.

any hot ladies on the blog tonight? you aint had a man til you had me

Glad Mopar has a HEMI V-8 that gets the same gas mileage as the Ford Eco-Boost 6 cyl.

I drove a Eco-Boost and could not live with a truck that sounds like a 1994 Ford Tempo !

I want and have a V-8 truck with 6 cyl fuel economy,you cant get better than a Dodge RAM HEMI !!!

The Hemi is more constant in performance as it doesnt rely on Turbo's,and I have stomped a few Eco's at the Friday night drags !!

Ford fans are stuck with a 6 cyl lol,lol & lol....

@ Frank,

GM is not a Corporation anymore,after bankruptcy it is now a Company.

New name is General Motors Company...

General Motors Corporation does not exist anymore !!

@Scott i know chevy top truck before 1977 but was wondering i know there where pretty hot sellers in 40s and 50s so but i want to know more cause 1940 to 1977 is 37 years 2 more then ford but still it be nice to have info to look at

johnny doe, 30 years, baby!

In the mid to late 1930’s Chevrolet’s Master Series pickups were considered as stylish as they were capable haulers. They featured prominent vertical grilles, sharp V-shaped hoods and gracefully arched front and rear fenders. It was the Master Series in 1939 that took the best selling truck in America title away from Ford and helped Chevrolet hold that position for another 30 years

Read it and weap ford fans.


As much as I would hope that the success of the F-150 would bring us more truck choices rather than fewer, I think it's going to be the obvious. If F-150 rises in sales after the death of the Ranger, the other makers are going to ditch their compacts in the hopes that their midsize truck buyers will upgrade to their full-size options.

I've read in a few places (Motor Trend for example) that even Toyota is "questioning" the future of the Tacoma, because it's built on a platform with no other vehicle in the lineup. I'm sure Toyota salesmen and directors' wet dream would be if they could ditch the Tacoma, and get those buyers into a Tundra, eliminating the midsize market, raising sales of the Tundra and giving Toyota a run for making its Tundra a serious competitor against the Americans.

I don't know if Nissan and Toyota will ditch the midsize truck market, but considering that both have said they're not giving up on full size but have said nothing similar about compacts I'd be willing to bet they wish they could kill their midsize trucks while keeping all their midsize truck customers.

Another quality article from fordtrucks.com, I gotta give gm credit for one thing though, they can at least count cylinders right when they build their motors.

@HEMI RAM: while the jury is still out on how long the Eco-boost will last (Joe Public's REAL WORLD test, not Fords) I do believe they will beat the Hemi in town, (as rated) and idling, warming up. Highway is another thing. Once the 1500 Rams get real 6 speeds and 8 speeds, the mileage will go up. Towing will be better then now. I like my 2010 Hemi, they did a heck of a job getting more torque at a lower rpm, but it can be brought lower. Theres room for more.

Ford is doing well but the rule of large numbers will work against them. I recall hearing manufacturers are doing more corporate sales.

@Detriot, Michigan Bob: When will you get it? Ford makes more profit cause their current trucks are alot more in demand, as opposed to boo-koo rebates and the fact GM will take less to get their over produced trucks off the lots. Heck, Ram makes more profit per truck then GM. As for Wendy's and McDonalds and BK, it's a matter of prefferance. I like Wendy's burgers and McDonalds fries, BK burgers don't get along with my stomach, but they have new fries. You talk about turbos, heck you beloved Duramax has one, but some people don't know how to keep them going. Lastly, when GMs new trucks come out, they will be behind. Maybe they will make them stop better, empty and loaded (1500s)

not bad cosidering these generations have been around since 99 and 04. Still top dog.

@ bob thanks so 1939 to 1977 so 38 years strait gm own the truck market at one time. ford just got few more years to beat the record lol

Mike said 30 years and that it was 1939. 1939 is when WWII started. Ford was leading American World War II production. B2 Bombers, tanks, armored cars, jeeps, at that time.

Chevy fanatics prove over and over again how stupid they are. The advertising says number 1 selling truck. It doesn't say number 1 selling truck company. I've been following for while before starting to add comments. There are a crap load of Chevy dudes that hate GM trucks and will buy Ford first. BS Bob, Glen the hen do you numnuts have an answer to that question? Even I would buy a Ford before a Chevy. Real work trucks don't wear bowties, or have twins.

Stupid question. GM trucks are not going away. Next.

I can already tell you real work trucks. If you like your trucks for work you should like GM. Chevy and GM are both work the same.

Chevy started selling the most trucks in 1939 and held the title for 30 years.

At the end of World War II, after several years of extremely limited production and no new designs, Chevrolet was the first manufacturer to produce an all new pickup with fresh styling. From 1947 to 1953 Chevy Advanced Design trucks were highly coveted and ground-breaking in both looks and capability. This is the truck that would inspire the design for the SSR.

In the 1950’s General Motors created one of the best ways ever devised to mass market their vehicles – the Motorama. This was before there was a television in every living room and during these optimistic times GM’s Motorama crisscrossed the country showing buyers all-new car and truck models plus a glimpse into the future with some of the first concept vehicles every created. And these concept vehicles were stunners. With jet power, bubble cockpits, two-way radios and more, the sky and the imagination were the only limits. But out of all the concepts there was never a pickup so one of the design teams asked ‘what if’ and from this a Motorama-inspired truck was designed.


Segment Three: 1937-1940 First Modern Pickups

Segment Four: 1941-1946 Art Deco Pickups

@Frank, The best styling clue to differentiate a 1939 from a 1940 is to look at the top of the grille. The 1940's grilled had a wider chrome strip at the very top with the Chevrolet name written in script letters.

That is all.

Does anyone know the sales numbers for the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's and early 70's? I can't find anything on it.

@Dave-I am surprised you approve of F series discounting their trucks by $10k to make sales goals. Aren't these the cheap customers that Ford wants to get rid off? I am happy myself that any manufacturer increases sales even if they have to discount, but you are so adamant about getting rid of any customers that won't pay full price for a Ford. Of course you don't live in the real world and expect all truck buyers to buy F series. I guess you could recommend Ford set up a committee to recommend who can purchase a truck and then it would have to be an F series. None of those Chevys or Rams and none of those Japanese brands (they might take some profit home to Japan even though they might provide American jobs).

The Bobs-I agree with you the old Chevy Stepsides from the 50s were sharp. The early 50s were very innovative and the 1955 Chevy was one on the first trucks to have a wrap around windshield. I also liked the 1939 and 1940 Ford trucks, 1955-56 Ford Fs, 1957 Ford Fs, and the 1960 Ford Fs. Some of the old Studebakers are neat as well. The 1967 thru 1972 are among my favorite of the Chevy and GMCs. I bought a calender with pictures of old Chevy trucks and January's truck is a 1949 Chevy 3100 that is orange colored (same design as the early 50s Chevy trucks). I have a fondness for old Internationals since I learned to drive on one and I had my granddad's 1963 IH 1000.

I have been unimpressed with Ford's rebates on 2011's and on 2012's they are virtually nothing - $500 off. They have been the lowest they have been in years.

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