F-Series Sales on a Rising Tide





The Ford F-Series had its best sales month since 2007, seeing double-digit improvements in December compared with a year ago. Also, the F-Series continued its streak of unbroken ownership as the best-selling vehicle and best-selling truck in the U.S. That's probably why Ford sent us this infographic, shown above.

Like Terrence Mann said in "Field of Dreams," "The one constant through all the years ... has been baseball." It seems like he easily could have been talking about the F-Series — its sales leadership through 2011 and over the past three decades is nothing short of impressive, as are the sales increases with GM full-size trucks and the class leader, Ram Truck, whose year-to-date sales rose 22.6% compared with 2010.

But all this means nothing unless each manufacturer follows up this success with stronger styling and technological advancements. The biggest hurdle will be the new fuel economy standards that will require manufacturers to find ways to get better mileage from their trucks. No doubt that will mean more sophisticated engines, lighter building materials and most likely some radical designs. But none of this will happen quickly.

Pickup trucks typically are on a slower redesign and re-engineering pace than your average automobile. To see that, we only have to look at the new GM full-size trucks — and how long we've had to wait, though we know there were some extenuating circumstances there as well — but we're hearing things are moving quickly for both Ram and Ford.

We're guessing they both see a huge opportunity to steal a little thunder if they can figure out how to push some programs forward. And with the North American International Auto Show coming up next week in Detroit, we're hoping for a few surprises, if not some news about the next six-, 12- and 18-month cycles.

Optimists — and from our experience, truck people typically are optimists, regardless of their passionate brand affiliations — will look to the projected sales numbers in the first and second quarter of 2012 and hope the ocean of sales will raise all the boats in the water, rather than sink the older models. But we just saw two significant players in the midsize-pickup segment leave in 2011: the Dodge Dakota and Ford Ranger. Could there be more to follow?

I'd like to think the segment is wide open for a new manufacturer or two, ready to provide a few solid choices for entry-level truck buyers as a brighter spotlight is shown on smaller trucks with good capability and more efficiency when compared to their full-size older brothers. At the very least, the possibility exists for the rising sales tide to lift this small-truck segment to higher waters.

This segment certainly wasn't boring in 2011, and we have no reason to think this year will be any different.


@Sasha, You forgot to mention that you drive a Dodge!
So you just called me anti Ford on the other post and you're here bashing Chevy. If it bothers you so much that somebody likes one brand over another, don't be jumping from post to post bash Chevy, while you don't even own either Ford or Chevy.

Now let's get one thing straight right f...ing now. I have Never ever posted under a different name. Ever. There are so many childish punks on here using my name Bob and pretending to be me. I have said on several occasions that I go by "Michigan Bob" because I am from the Great State of Michigan and that I am proud to be a University of Michigan fan.

Now the article up top states that ford is the best selling truck for 35 years, Woop de doo. McDonalds sells the most hamburgs to and do they make the best hamburgers??? Not by a long shot. Look, I get it, there are alot of ford girly men on this board that think ford trucks are the best. I say good for them, buy the brand you like. This is America and we have choices thank the Lord.

Every time there is a article on GM and I do mean every fricken time, you've got the ford girly men bashing anything GM comes out with. I am not trying to get anyone to buy GM trucks. If yoy prefer ford or dodge or fruit of the loom I say buy what you like. I prefer GM trucks and I grew up with Chevy's. I'm a proud Chevy man. I am very glad we all don't like or drive the same thing. I am just glad to love GM and Chevrolet and GM'S Duramax beat fords powerjoke in every head to head comparison. I know this drive's ford fans nuts.

Sincerely, the Real Deal Michigan Bob

@James Yes Fords rebates have been low but some of the large Ford dealers in the Cincinnati area have been advertising 8 to 10k off of sticker. Probably in the larger cities and metropolitan areas they are offering more off because there is more competition even among Ford dealers. One of the largest dealers in the Cincinnati are, Kerry Ford, routinely advertises 8 to 10k off and they have one of the largest inventories of F-150s, F-250s, and F-350s. Years ago I bought a new Escort Wagon at Kerry Ford and they beat every deal and I could pick the exact color with the exact equiment that I wanted.

$8k off sticker sounds like a lot but it is not on a full-size. It works out to be about 15-20% off.

With a Ranger they'll need that same $8k discount to move it, but with a much much lower starting price and much lower top end price. Therein is the difference.

i am just curious here, as a company owner is it not more important to sell as much as can, the more you sell the less the competition gets, now you have to make a profit of course or you will not be in business long, just my $.02

These are the discounts on truecar.com for half ton 4x4 crew cabs:

Ram 16%
Ford 15%
Chevy 15%
Tundra 14%

All have about the same discount. Of the big 3, Ram has a slightly higher discount but is in last place by a large margin. This proves the theory that having a larger incentives does not equal more sales.

Now compare that to these discounts on truecar.com for the average Ranger sale:

2wd supercab Ranger 31% off
4wd supercab Ranger 29% off

They need 1) twice the discount of the full-size trucks but at 2) half the transaction price and 3) sell less than half of the number of Rangers they used to. There is no money in it.

@James-That's true the Rangers don't have as large a discount because their profit margins are less but again there are a couple of Ford dealers that are advertising 5k to 8k off. The extended cab V-6 4 wheel drive with the XL and XLT are the ones with the 8k off (there are lots of these Rangers still on the lots). In my area you will find more selection of the 4 cylinder manual transmission Rangers in Dayton, Columbus, and further North. Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are starting to have shortages of the Rangers particularily the 5 speeds with the manual transmissions.

@Dan-You are correct a company has to make a profit but sometimes you unload excess inventory by reducing the price and making a little less. Also the manufacturers will give hold backs to the dealers as an incentive to move inventory and order new inventory from the manufacturer. If you notice all applicable rebates and additional discounts are only applicable to dealer stock on hand and not for special orders. When I bought my Isuzu in 2008 after they announced that Isuzu was pulling out of the North American market the incentives started to really get good. I bought a new 4 wheel drive crew cab, towing package, heated leather seats, auto dim mirrow with direction and temperature built in, fog lights, and etc. for 21k after all applicable rebates and discounts. That Isuzu listed for over 31k. I was not going to even buy a new truck and the one I was looking at, a extended cab 2 wheel drive Isuzu (about 6k off sticker) got sold before I could make an offer. Actually I got a nicer truck with more on it for a larger discount and they only had one crewcab. The only thing I didn't like was that it was black but hey for the right price I will buy. So far it has been a good truck. That is not a typical situation but even then I figure the dealer still made about $1,000 after commisions from the hold backs given by Isuzu.

@James-I meant shortage of 4 cylinder Rangers with 5 speed manuals. Further North there are more 4 cylinders but most of them are white (most businesses prefer white).

@Jeff - I've seen some big discounts on Rangers. My local dealer has a huge inventory. They usually don't carry that many. I would suspect they are cashing in on end of run deals. I find that white is also the prefered color of fleet vehicles. My brother's company used to have an ugly blue and yellow colour for their trucks. They changed over to white because it was cheeper and some Occupational Health and Safety guy read a study that showed that white vehicles were less likely to get speeding tickets, get stolen, and less likely to get into crashes. My brother laughed his ass of at the executive. He told the guy, for 7 months of the year the bush trucks are covered in mud and dust, and for the remaining 5 or so months everything is white as in covered in snow. How is that safe? Needless to say, all the trucks are still white.

Bob, I agree that McDoanlds is bad. Ford = McDonalds.

Best resturaunts: Wendys, Jack in the box, Taco bell.

@Lou-The bigger dealers around here have lots of the V-6 extended cab 4 wheel drive Rangers but the single cabs with the 4 cylinder and 5 speed manuals are rapidly disappearing (except you cannot find any 4 cylinder 5 speed extended cabs anywhere). If you wanted the loaded down Rangers you would not have too much trouble picking your color, but as I said the 4 cylinders with a 5 speed you have to go to Dayton, Columbus, and further North and you will find mostly white ones. If my old S-10 were not in as of good a shape as it is I would probably go North and buy one of those stripped down Rangers just to run errands in and to go back and forth to the bus stop. I have seen them as low as $13,999 which in this day and age is a terrific buy and the gas mileage on the 4 cylinder with 5 speed manuals is pretty good. I have several friends that have owned them and they have nothing but good things to say about them. If I still lived in the country I would buy one but I have limited space where I live and 3 vehicles is enough. People that have seen my old S-10 think it is much newer than a 1999 so I am just going to keep it for another 10 years since the mileage is low. Actually if I were choosing a preferred color it would be silver but at the right price white would be good.

I'm headed to Wendy's right now for some dollar nuggets.


GM sells more vehicles than Ford. Please use your McDonalds analogy now.

@Jeff - I did look at the plain jane Rangers for running about. The only problem was my kids are still in booster seats and the truck wasn't set up well enough to have them in the truck side by side. The price was awesome. Any new econobox car was slightly more expensive. If it wasn't for that, I probably would of bought a Ranger and delayed buying a bigger truck.

@Lou-You have to get what you need and it sounds like with kids and a dog you got exactly what you needed. If I were in your postion I would do the same. I am older now and have no kids so my needs are different. Probably if I had teenagers I would hand my old S-10 to one of them and buy a Ranger. I probably bought my last truck for a while and possibly ever because I am about 6 years away from retirement and I will buy my wife a new crossover just before I retire but I would like to see 30mpg and it not be so small. If Lincoln would put their hybrid system in their crossover that is what I will get. My wife has a 2000 Toreador Red Taurus (sunroof with tan leather seats) with DOHC engine with only 68k miles. It still runs and looks like new and she loves it but she would like a midsize crossover for more room because we will travel when I retire. I want to wait and see if they offer hybrids that would get 30mpg in a midsize crossover. Anyone that needs a compact pickup could not do as well as the Ranger for the price and reliability. Those that can take advantage of the deals on Rangers should act quick.

Does Mike Levine still work for PUTC or what? This place is becoming an advertising outlet for Ford trucks, big time! I'm sure this article has ties to Mike in some form or fashion. Mike was great and all, but now that he works for Ford, I'm sure this site is getting some $$$....."under the table" of course. ;)

Fords claim of bestselling truck is a technical marketing thing and its fine that they use it. However, any honest person who knows anything about trucks knows that Silverado/Sierra are the same truck and have been for decades. Over the last 10 years Silverado/Sierra have outsold the Ford F-series most of the time. That said It's not uncommon for Ford to outsell the GM twins combined either. Ford and GM guys can go at it on those points and its a fun discussion to have. But, even the Ford loyalist have to admit it's a bit of a hollow victory.

I do not agree with some on the GM side that want to combine the Avalanche. I also don't care that the F450, 550 are included int he numbers either. Odds are thier numbers are not significant enough to matter.


F-Series is only counted from F-150-F550. GM does not build 4500-5500 series trucks and therefore can not be counted. Who's fault is that?

Check out the breakdown below.


J.D. Power removes the Ford F-450/F-550 commercial trucks from the tallies, so chassis cab versions aren't included. They do, however, report Ram 4500/5500 chassis sales. GM doesn't sell trucks in these classes. So, to make this fair, we're presenting Ford's full-size truck data with and without chassis cabs, of which 21,134 were sold, according to J.D. Power.

Ram counts up 4500/5500's as well. What's the problem?

@Frank - I'm afraid your missing @jack's point...

I must be missing his point two because it goes by brand. Not company. As for marketing techniques, GM has the absolute worst marketing: claim to have two different trucks but they are seentially the same.

It is GM's multiple redundant brands and vehicle lines that is at the very core of their (multiple) problems. GMC/Chevy are redundant. It would be better to build one excellent ruck than two mediocre trucks. Not only would you get a better truck, this would also save immense cost assocaited with building/marketing/badging/supplying and selling multiple versions of essentailly the same vehicle.

The Japanese and Germans and now Ford have a better sense of evolution and design continuity and build/improve on the same vehicle relentlessly. There's no focus in GM's approach.

I must be missing his point too because it goes by brand. Not company. As for marketing techniques, GM has the absolute worst marketing: claim to have two different trucks but they are essentially the same.

It is GM's multiple redundant brands and vehicle lines that is at the very core of their (multiple) problems. GMC/Chevy are redundant. It would be better to build one excellent ruck than two mediocre trucks. Not only would you get a better truck, this would also save immense cost assocaited with building/marketing/badging/supplying and selling multiple versions of essentailly the same vehicle.

The Japanese and Germans and now Ford have a better sense of evolution and design continuity and build/improve on the same vehicle relentlessly. There's no focus in GM's approach.

What year was it that Ford almost sold 1 million trucks in a year? I thinking it was around 1985, 86 or 87.
Anyone remember?

It's 10k off what though? MSRP is effectively a magical number that I doubt a single F-150 buyer; hell, any vehicle buyer has purchased at in the last decade.

So when I see 10k off invoice , then I call it a good deal.

You cant slap a 50k price tag on a truck that you fully intend to let go for 40k, say "l00k, 10k off!" and pretend it's a good deal.

IL man, It was 2005.

It was 2004. F-series sold 939,511. A single year sales record for trucks.

The Silverado/Sierra outsold the F-series in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. In 2007 the Twins sold some 135,000 more units then the Ford. That's eight out of the last ten years.

I don't care how you are that is a huge stat and has to make you at least question the significance of Fords claim.

@Jack - your argument came up all of the time when GM Corp combined Sierra/Silverado sales were greater than Ford's single brand (F - Series) sales. I read an excellent response by an editor from another magazine when challenged on that fact. He simply said " they (GM) count them separately and therefore so do we".
If GMC could legally claim truck selling superiority, then why don't they?
They have no problems making the vague claim "longest lasting trucks on the road". The fine print points out "based on registrations". If they can make that claim on dubious grounds, why not claim sales supremacy on concrete grounds?
If you read through the blogs, there are multiple posts of Chevy guys who hate the GM (Sierra) truck. They hate the fact that there is no Denali equivalent at Chevy. These guys in many cases have gone to Ford.
A large number of people with Chevy's consider GM Sierra a different brand (over 50%)

I agree with you about GM not pushing it and I doubt they really care. I DO NOT fault Ford for using it either. I have no doubt Chevy, GMC, and Ram would do the same in a heart beat if they could.

What I do find ridiculous is that 'auto journalist' champion what is technicality. To your point it would be like pickuptrucks.com calling Chevy 'the most dependable longest lasting truck on the road' every time they wrote and article about the Silverado.

As for the Chevy guys hating GMC I'm sure there are some out there especially on the interwebs. But, I have never meet anyone so thick. I do know a couple people that prefer to take their Chevy to the local GMC dealership but, that's more for service department problem them hating Chevy.

@ Jack - I don't know too many guys who care, or even brand bash unless it is ribbing a buddy over a few beers. I don't know anyone either that care one way or another in relation to Chevy or GM trucks. I personally like the split branding. I curently like the Sierra more than the Silverado. I find that my preference changes based on body style or grill style as to which one I like more.
In person guys aren't pricks like so many on this site. I've never heard a guy say my truck sells more than your truck. I only know one rabid brand loyal guy and he is a prick about everything. The irony is that he is a Chevy guy. With that being said, I've seen my share of Ford, or Ram, or GM trucks with a picture on a boy pissing on the badge of a competitor's truck.

I love how people are comparing hamburgers to pickuptrucks. They are nowwhere the same things..Yes mcdonalds sells the most but it isnt the best...When talking about trucks on the otherhand when ford sells the most it means that they are doing something right. We all have to remember that a burger last a couple minutes while trucks last a long time so i would go with the leader...FORD !!!!!

Here, here, Lou. People don't usually waste much time talking trash like everyone on this site seems to.

@Lou-I agree with you I prefer the GMC styling to the Chevy. Splitting the brands does not necessarily make the Chevy a lesser truck. GMs problems are deeper than having GMC. As you stated about the tie rods and the front ends this is a bigger problem that should be corrected. I don't necessarily think that GMC is needed but I do not see that as being the problem with GM. As I have stated before I am not a brand loyal truck buyer and I came close to buying a Sonoma for $1,100 more and the only reason I did not buy the Sonoma is that the one I wanted lacked power. It had the same engine as my S-10 but it ran like something was wrong with it and I didn't want to try to go through getting it fixed especially since it was a new truck. Otherwise it had the third door and some extra equipment that was worth the extra money to me. I do think GM and all the others will probably go through another redesign 2015 or shortly after to meet the new fuel standards. You will see a little more aerodynamics and alternative materials. As for Ford as with any of the manufacturers increased sales are good and hopefully that translates into more US and Canadian jobs.

Just to put sales in perspective, the US based truck makers have 3 of the top 10 selling vehicles in the USA.
I'm willing to bet that this will change dramatically over the next few years as fuel prices rise.
I can see why Ford and Ram have left the compact truck market. There isn't one compact truck on the list. Ford executives have said they want to go from a 60/40 truck/car product ratio to a 40/60 truck/car ratio.
Full sized cars seem to be a dominant player for all of the car makers in the top 30. Mid to small SUV's are also top sellers. Compacts also have a good representation. I am impressed that the Prius is on the list, but is outsold by full sized trucks.

Rank Best-Selling Vehicle 2011 2010 % Change
#1 Ford F-Series 584,917 528,349 + 10.7%
#2 Chevrolet Silverado 415,130 370,135 + 12.2%
#3 Toyota Camry 308,510 327,804 - 5.9%
#4 Nissan Altima 268,981 229,263 + 17.3%
#5 Ford Escape 254,293 191,026 + 33.1%
#6 Honda Accord 253,599 311,381 - 18.6%
#7 Ford Fusion 248,067 219,219 + 13.2%
#8 Dodge Ram 244,763 199,652 + 22.6%
#9 Toyota Corolla/Matrix 240,259 266,082 - 9.7%
#10 Chevrolet Cruze 231,732 24,495 + 846%
#11 Hyundai Sonata 225,961 196,623 + 14.9%
#12 Honda Civic 221,235 260,218 - 15.0%
#13 Honda CR-V 218,373 203,714 + 7.2%
#14 Chevrolet Malibu 204,808 198,770 + 3.0%
#15 Chevrolet Equinox 193,274 149,979 + 28.9%
#16 Hyundai Elantra 186,361 132,246 + 40.9%
#17 Volkswagen Jetta 177,360 123,213 + 43.9%
#18 Ford Focus 175,717 172,421 + 1.9%
#19 Chevrolet Impala 171,434 172,078 - 0.4%
#20 GMC Sierra 149,170 129,794 + 14.9%
#21 Toyota Prius 136,463 140,928 - 3.2%
#22 Ford Explorer 135,704 60,687 + 124%
#23 Toyota RAV4 132,237 170,877 - 22.6%
#24 Kia Sorento 130,235 108,985 + 19.5%
#25 Jeep Grand Cherokee 127,744 84,635 + 50.9%
#26 Nissan Rogue 124,543 99,515 + 25.1%
#27 Jeep Wrangler 122,460 94,310 + 29.8%
#28 Ford Edge 121,702 118,637 + 2.6%
#29 Honda Pilot 116,297 102,323 + 13.7%
#30 Nissan Sentra 114,991 94,065 + 22.2%

Re: Greg's post about Ford/Chevy's longevity: I had an 89 Chevy 1500 w/ a 5.7 that needed new heads b4 it reached 100k miles. I bought a 2001 F150 w/ a 5.4 and had to finally change the intake manifold when it cracked at 146k miles, which meant that I had to finally change the t'stat, antifreeze abd hoses also. NO OVERHEATING issues then or now (kock knock). I'm stillon the original spark plugs at 150,300+ miles. Mileage is suffering a little, but it still running good. I did replace one coil last year and the fuel pump 2 yrs ago. I tought when the 2007 GM trucks were released Ford might lose the crown, but not yet. It can happen though.

I'm sick of the 'GM' nonsense. As said earlier, GM in Not a brand. Chevy is a brand. The fact is, Ford outsells Chevy and it doesn't have to be that way. Make the Silverado a World Class truck already and dump that crap GMC brand. Give the Chevrolet world class looks, a world class interior with different options and make it the most capable truck money can buy. Other posters are right, Chevy guys have been leaving Chevy in Big numbers to switch to Ford. I dumped Chevy for Dodge but if Dodge didn't offer a premium truck this time I would have been forced to buy a Ford too. I hate GMC. Drove Chevy trucks forever but never would I park a GMC anything in my driveway. Chevy could destroy Ford if 'GM' and their 'GMC' brand would get the heck out of the way. I hope the conservative media Does go after GM for 2 truck brands as mentioned all over the net. It will give GM a good reason to quietly shut down their GM-C brand and get Chevy back to where it needs to be.

@ Lou, I'm one of those guys. I just couldn't imagine driving something that said GMC on it. It just sounds cheap and tacky to me. If it's not going to be a Chevrolet with a Denali, Platinum or King Ranch type premium interior, it's going to be a Ford I'll be driving for good. I've been looking at the F-series both 150 and Super Duty. Not sure what one I'm getting yet but will have to decide soon. I was waiting to see what the new Silverado looked like and offered first but I was told at the dealer it will be 2 years out yet so. I too drove Chevy trucks for many years. I just thought these last 2 were ugly as sin and of poor quality. I like the premium interiors of the Ford's. Especially the King Ranch and Platinum ones. I also like the looks of both the 150 and 250 bodies. Clean lines, round wheels wells, nice stance, bold looks etc. I tell ya, I'm about sold on them. It will be my first Ford product ever. I'll probably still keep my 97 Silverado around and put a plow on it but it will probably be the last Chevy truck I ever owned. I simply won't own a GMC anything. New Ford's it will have to be I guess.

As a side note the Ford dealer here told me if I liked the current F-150 I'll love the new one under wraps. Some of the Ford concepts I've looked at are stunning. Almost Aston Martin like. It makes me so sad what GM did to Chevrolet. Once upon a time Chevrolet was the brand I went to for everything. I loved the Bowtie. Still do to be honest. Ford just seems to be getting it done in this modern age though.

You Chevy guys just need to dry your eyes, stop crying about how GM ruined Chevy trucks and come over to Blue Oval skies... Ford won't do you like that. We always offer you a premium truck. We don't need 2 brand names or marketing gimmick's. We offer the real deal. You'll get everything right here in one brand. We have premium Ford cars to match! You just will never get that in a Chevrolet no matter how much you may want it. GM is too concerned with Buick or GMC. They're stuck in the 1900's with their mid brand mindset while the rest of the automotive world has moved on from that. Step into the light guys, Chevrolet's glory days are over. Ford is the premium brand now. I literally see it and work with it every day. The 'Chevy Guy' switching to Ford's. It never gets old....

I'd rather have a Ram (not really a Ford guy) but ya, Chevy sucks now. GMC ruined em I agree. Never understood what the heck GM was doing. They had the golden opportunity to dump em too during the bailout. First came the professional grade thing and then the denali in the late 90's. Notice Like A Rock disappeared around the same time? I knew GM was removing Chevy from the top spot when that all began and I lost all interest in Chevy after that. If Chevy wasn't going to be #1 anymore then why bother. Ford came in and just took the whole game over.

Not good figures, we don't need to know ford sold garbage trucks, delivery trucks, box trucks and fire trucks give us sales figure for the f150,250, and 350 and compare them to other other full size capable trucks in the US market, the chevy/gmc 1500,2500,3500 and dodge 1500/2500/3500. Ford lies about their sales figures and has for 30 plus years now. GM sells a 10 year old designed truck and is right on fords ass in their $2 billion designed truck, terrible. If it was for the fact ford doen't last half as long as gm trucks they wouldn't sell half as many. My gmc is 13 years old this year and everything but the cd player i dumped pop into runs like it was brand new. It looks better and out performs the newest fords, I won't need a new truck anytime soon but if i had a 1999 ford i'd had to replace it buy 2007 as my friends have.

@The last 6 posts.

Do your parents know you're posting on the internet?

Other posters are right on the money. GMC needs to go. It puts a huge drag on Chevrolet that doesn't need to be. I wouldn't want one either. That said, I think it is going but quietly. Chevy is the global brand now and it makes no sense to keep spending money on a second brand to offer a high end trim option. Particularly when the sheet metal has to be changed and marketing has to be accounted for. Utterly pointless. Just sell premium Chevrolet trucks through Buick dealers and it will be a done deal. We'll have a global Colorado and Silverado. I'd bet a global Express as well since it's the biggest selling van. GM won't waste money on a Canyon variant or a Savana variant. There's just no point. Shareholders wouldn't be too happy either and I'm one of them.

@TJ - where is your proof about reliability?
You talk like Chevy is the best truck on the planet. I don't buy it. JD Power says the industry average is 151 problems per vehicle. Ford brand rates 140 per 100. Ford is above average. Chevy brand rates 156 per 100. Chevy is average. GMC brand rates 184 per 100. GMC is below average. Those are corporate averages. That means you have better odds of owning a reliable vehicle by purchacing a Ford. There isn't a huge difference but assuming a guy owns a "Ford" for 8 years he will see a dealer for repairs 11(11.2) times and a Chevy owner will need 12(12.48)repairs. A GMC product will need 15 (14.72) repairs. http://businesscenter.jdpower.com/news/pressrelease.aspx?ID=2011029
For 2011 Tundra, F150, and Ram 1500 are the top 3 large pickup trucks when it comes to durability.
As to your comment that Ford counts everything, that is pure and simple trolling. You frequent these news threads enough to know that Ford counts up to 4500 and so does Ram.
Ford and Ram have similar ratio's when it comes to HD versus LD. Roughly 60/40 LD/HD. GM/Chev is roughly 80/20 LD/HD. Ram sells almost as many HD's as Silverado. Silverado 1/2 tons easily outsell Ford and Ram 1/2 tons.
Ford sells a negligible number of chassis cab trucks greater than 4500. Ford counts greater than 4500 separate.
Ram counts 4500 trucks in their sales and so does Ford. GMC doesn't make anything bigger than a 3500 (is that Ford and Ram's fault?)
Ford and Ram currently are the dominant players in the HD market in the USA.
If you look at the Canadian market. F-series is the dominant brand. They rank #1. Ram sells the most HD trucks in Canada. Ram ranks #2 brand. Sierra is #3, and Silverado #4.

Hay scewy loui I like it when morons like you bye furds. It keeps all the Chevys for us smart truck ownners. GM IS NUMBER 1. Furd is the 1st losser and Dodge is the biggest losser. I wont even rate Turdra. Recking this country just like Obumma.

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