Jeep Turbo-Diesel Set to Come Back to North America

Jeep GC turbodiesel

Jeep has announced that the 2013 Grand Cherokee will, once again, get a turbo-diesel option for the North American market. No specifics were given about the size or power band of the coming engine, or whether it will work in other Jeep models down the road, but production is set for sometime next year.

The previous 3.0-liter V-6 turbo-diesel used in Europe was sourced from Mercedes-Benz, and other Jeep models used the Italian VM Mortori 2.8-liter inline-four-cylinder, but we would assume the new engine will be one of Fiat's many high-tech options.

Jeep is coming off an exceptionally good sales year (up almost 40 percent for 2011 with Grand Cherokee sales up 51 percent), and if any manufacturer could afford to experiment a little with new engine options, it would be Jeep. Add to that the continued desire to offer a pickup truck to the lineup, and it would make sense (in the name of spreading development costs) to make this same engine available in a Jeep truck as well.

More details to come.

Jeep turbodiesel

Jeep VM Mortori

Jeep GC 3.0L TD


Now all they need to do is put the 3.0 in the 1500 RAM.

It wont be a powerhouse but i would bet it would get nearly 26-27MPG if you drove it right.

Good on 'em. Diesel makes a lot more sense than these gas hybrids manufacturers have been trying to foist on us of late.

This should make a lot of guys on this site happy, especially if that one pickup styled jeep gets it. I'm not generally a fan of diesels except for HDs where extreme towing (compared to gas) is required, where I live for 2 months of the winter it can be -40 temperature-wise, and I put up with the hassle of ALWAYS having to be plugged in, and diesel fuel gelling etc etc for one winter, and I'm in no rush to do it again. But still, should be a hot seller!

Since the new Jeep GC still shares its platform with the new M-class, and the Durango with the new G-class, I would not say its a given that it won't be a benz diesel.

There is a whole lot of benz DNA in the Jeep GC and Durango.

I would probably be more suprised if it wasn't another Benz motor. The tooling and platforms are already setup for the Diesel Benz motor. I am not sure with all todays emison regulations and protocals that it would be feisable to setup diferent diesel powertrain for it.

Those same reason are aslo why I think it might be a stretch to see the same diesel motor in anything other then a GC or Durango.

@Mark Williams Jeep sells the 3 Litre CRD in the Grand Cherokee in Australia . As well they have the older 2.8 unit in other models.
"The all-new 3.0-litre CRD turbo diesel engine produces 177 kW at 4,000 rpm with 550 Nm of torque at 1,800-2,800 rpm. This translates to 10 percent more power and eight percent more torque than the engine it replaces. Even with its improved performance, fuel economy for the new 3.0-litre turbo diesel engine is 8.3 L/100km on the combined cycle, an improvement of 19 percent over the prior diesel engine."

We just bought a GC Rubicon last weekend, traded in the old 2001 Limited. Not sure if the diesel will sell that well with diesel fuel about 60 cents a gallon more then gasoline. Will have to figure out the cost break, plus the motor will cost more then a gas motor.

Deisel costs more, but I know Chrysler is going to be offering Diesels in all their larger vehicles, its the only way they will be able to meet the new cafe standards.

Wrong Vehicle for the diesel. Put in in the hand of the masses ... not the elite! People who clamour for the diesel tend to have Wranglers, utility trucks and build crawlers which tend to be beat up, not luxury SUVs that tend to trot around from homee to work or supermarket (posers). The Wrangler and other "spartan 4x4s" already has the fanbase clamouring for the diesel engine. If they are looking at spreading the cost with other platforms, than the mid-size to compact "Dakota replacement"/Jeep Truck and the Ram 1500 make a fantastic business case for the baby diesel. Of course, putting it in the 1500 might eat into their HD revenue.
I want a diesel and don't need an HD vehicle. My vehicle is still running strong after 15 yrs and I don't NEED to buy a new one, but want to buy a diesel 4x4. I'm tired of having the car companies telling me what I need vs. what I want ... like requiring a whatcha-ma-doodle when I want the gizmo due to their "packaging"

Good idea but still offer hybrids for the people that prefer gas engines.

The only reason Diesel is more expensive in this country is because we don't use enough of it...well, that and all of the emissions crap they have to do to it, making it low-sulphur and whatnot...

Get a critical mass of diesel vehicles on the road and the price will come down closer to gasoline due to economies of scale.

@ElSid. You get both in the Wrangler here. It has the old 2.8 diesel plus the 3.6 Pentastar.

@Jason H Totally correct. If a lot more people used it , the prices would plummet.

if they had the Commanche with a diesel I'd buy one

This is the new motor (in case there is any speculation of the Mercedes unit or anything else)

Roughly 240 hp and 405 lbs of torque. Not bad.

@Mhowarth made by VM Motori which Fiat partly owns. Eventually all of the Jeeps will have them. The 3 Litre CRD unit is the tow vehicle of choice, beats the 5.7 V8 quite easily.

First things first- the diesel that will be used in the WK2 is the 3L V6 from VM:
It is already in use in Europe. When it comes here, it will be backed by the ZF HP8 transmission, a stronger fversion of the one now offered in the 300. It will use diesel ehaust fluid (urea) for aftertreatment.
Now, for matters opinion and prediction....
@Ryan- since the Ram actually weighs LESS than the GC in many configurations, it would work AWESOME in there. This engine has about 240hp in the Jeep, which used to be plenty for a 1/2 ton.
@fleetmgr- much of the chassis work was actually done at Chrysler Jeep-Truck, fo the MB SUVs have Crysler DNA. The Durango would be an awesome family hauler with a diesel.
@Dafish- they make a GC Rubicon now? news to me. Do tell.
@ElSid- The GC is absolutely the RIGHT vehicle for an engine with over 400lb.ft. of torque. They "had to" put it in the GC to sell it in Europe. The only cost left was emissions federalizing for the US market. Once the engine is federalized, its a safe bet it will also show up in the Durango and Ram 1500s.
@Scott- While I know that nohing will ever again be the XJ/MJ, I've long thought that the JK and KK Liberty would make a decent basis for a pick-up, given their much smaller size than the JK Wrangler. I would totally sigh up for one of those.

Amen to what ElSid said.

Of course, automakers know the elite have the $ to pay for the extra costs of a 50 state diesel with urea injector and catalyst that other countries don't have.

The elitists who do buy their luxury models with diesels are suckers though. If money was no object, I would not be interested in a diesel for a grocery getter.

@mhowarth- nice work on the link.
@self- might think about some proof reading....

@mrknowitall I will be pleased when ALL Asian Pickups are at least running something similar.

The diesel Jeeps (Liberty and Grand Cherokee) sold like hotcakes in Canada when they were available. Impressive torque and mpg in those units.

Blah, Blah, Blah. What are all these companies waiting for? Get the diesels out now, so in 10 years when I can afford to buy one, some will be on the used market.

Jeep better start thinking faster about this. If gas really does go above $4 a gallon as the doomsdayers say it will!

Drill now, ask questions later. Build it now and THEY will come!

I do have to admit that that picture of that Jeep pickup does make you want it. I even like the color. Chrysler might want to serious consider making this even if it isn't as high a volume seller as a full size RAM. The Jeep pickup is enough to draw extra traffic into C.J.D. showrooms.

This is Jeep we are talking about, so I won't believe it until I see it for sale at the dealer. Diesel is dead anyway. Too expensive to own and operate now, and it will only get worse.

If it's not going to be a heavy hauler, it's got to get good mpg. What will be the mpg? The Mercedes M-Class SUV diesel gets 27 mpg here. Subtract a couple mpg for a truck and you're at 25 mpg. This is less than what the new gas trucks from Chevy and Ford will be getting.

I wonder what the domestic content of a Jeep will be with this engine?

The last diesel Cherokee was a sales flop so why should this one be any different? By the time Euro diesels get certified for 50 states, they lose HP, torque and fuel economy.

Diesel engines sound like a good alternative until you consider added initial cost, expensive fuel, particulate filters, added complexity/less reliability and out-of-warranty repair specialists. Diesel fuel is easy enough to find but it always costs me extra minutes finding a station that sells diesel then waiting for one of the 2 or 4 gas/diesel pumps become open.

Pulling/towing power is better but how much can a Cherokee safely tow?

There's a huge outcry online for diesel cars/light trucks but when it comes down to it, not too many will step up. I mean those that will ONLY buy gasoline burners (most of the population) aren't online making a bunch of noise.

@Jason H

Economies of scale are one thing but diesel fuel is a commodity. Supply vs. demand. The more you use it, the more it costs. Worldwide demand is up and will continue to rise. Remember when diesel was cheaper than gasoline? Yeah we used alot less of it vs. gas

According to the Jeep Australia website (converted to US standards)

ENGINE HP TQ 0-62 mph avg MPG

Pentastar V6 280 256 9.1 20

Hemi 5.7 347 384 8.7 16.7

3.0 CRD 237 405 8.2 28

The performance and fuel economy should improve when the 8 speed comes out.

This is the engine I've been waiting for.

I love the new Grand Cherokee and was going to buy one to replace my 5.3L Envoy, but the 3.6L Pentastar is a torque-less wonder of an engine and the 5.7L Hemi gets the same pitiful fuel economy around town as my Envoy (~12mpg).

The last diesel grand Cherokee got ~19mpg around town, while having the same towing rating as the 5.7L Hemi, thanks to an abundance of torque. If this engine is anything like that, it should be great.

@ Jason H,
The US uses about 1/2 as much diesel fuel and its derivatives as it does gasoline. Don't forget that virtually all the trucks, busses, locomotives, agricultural equipment and heavy equipment use diesel, and fuel oil and jet A are virtually indistiguishable from diesel fuel. Lack of demand sufficient to achieve effeicient production or distribution is not a problem for diesel fuel. At one time it cost less than gasoline because there was a glut of it, and the range of proportions into which oil could be distilled was limited, to make enough gsoline you ended up with too much diesel. Now we can crack it into almost any combination we need (but not without additional cost) so the proportions are driven by the market, and the prices reflect the relative costs (as manipulated by tax/subsidy policy), and pretty much reflect the relative energy contents of the fuels.

@paul810 Preferred engine for towing and fuel economy. Most sales are the CRD diesel.

@Denver Mike:
Compare gas vs. diesel prices in europe:

Both are high due to taxes, but the gas to diesel prices there are lower because they refine more of their crude oil into diesel.

Gas in California is more expensive because there is less of it. (They require cleaner burning gas.)

I'm not lying here man...

@Big Bob @Ken @DenverMike:
Right, right and right. Sounds good to people till you consider that the U.S. does everything it can to put it out of reach for the average vehicle purchaser of normal to light duty cars and trucks. Until that changes, the entry cost, upkeep and fuel costs make the idea a non-starter. Thank your friends in Washington and the EPA for that.

Jason H . That is problem lack of refining capacity to produce enough USLD. All the US was supposed to have it all up and running by 2010. Along came the GFC and that project was put on the backburner. Hopefully all of this can be rectified pretty quickly.

It doesn't help either that, in some states, diesel is taxed over 10 cents more than gasoline (like in PA @12.5 cents and Conn @ 13.7)

@ Jason H- in germany, the tax rate on diesel is lower than on gasoline. Once you subtract the taxes, the diesel fuel actually costs more. The relative price of the two fuels reflect their respective energy content.

Good job Jeep/Fiat. I hope it's fuel efficient.

My 2005 Jeep Liberty with 2.8L VM CRD making 300 to 370 lb./ft. of torque (depending on how I had it tuned) would wipe the floor with my V8 Dodge Ram or V8 Chevy 1500 with my tandem axle trailer behind it. It would tow that load and get 16 MPGs, which is what either of the V8 trucks would get running empty.

Diesel is a no-brainer. It drives better, tows better, lasts longer, sounds cooler at the tailpipe, and saves money. The Grand Cherokee version will be even torquier so anybody who drives one will have a HARD time going back to gasoline.

Trust me.. once you get used to having ALL of your power available at 1,800 RPM, it really spoils you. Going back to the upshift/downshift/upshift/downshift of a gasoline engine is quite painful.

Been driving a diesel for 300 k and 7 years. Burns no oil gets 18 city and 22 highway with no alterations. Low to no maintenance other than oil changes and fuel filters. I would buy it again and again. The Nissan / Cummings project has my attention more than the Jeep project with the exception of IF they put in a Mercedes diesel, then I would pay the price. The Mercedes Diesel is made by VW and has a history of 450 k to 600k miles before major breakdowns occur.

I bought a low mile 2007 Grand Cherrokee CRD Limited last summer. Best vehicle/engine combo i have owned or driven. Tows better than a half ton PU, plus still a luxury SUV. The 3.0L diesel makes great power and good MPG, makes up for higher cost per gallon, love the low end torque. Recommend the 3.0l CRD to anyone! Would be great in a Wrangler and RAM 1/2 ton pick up.

I would get in line to buy one if I were you!

The addition of a pickup to the line will sell like hotcakes, and if it is diesel....well all the better.

I own two diesels and I would highly recommend them. My wife drives a 2008 Mercedes R320 Diesel 4matic which is a very heavy 6 passenger, three row crossover. She gets between 20 and 24 around town and 26 to 28 on the highway. It would get better mileage but for the all well drive. However, when you compare it to the Expedition it replaced which got 14.5 on average, then you realize how good it is. Remember, this car weighs around 5500 pounds with all of the options.

I just bought a VW Passat Diesel. I average 42.5 to 45 mpg in my 36 mile one way commute in Atlanta's worst traffic on GA 400. On the highway I average 52+ mpg, but I have seen 60 mpg on a trip from North Atlanta to South Atlanta. This car does 0-60 in about 8 seconds so it is not like the old vw diesels of the past.

Neither of the diesels are loud or smell. They are fast and efficient.

Diesels and Hybrids are both great ideas that improve our efficiency and get us off of foreign oil. We americans may have a bad attitude to the crap diesels that the Big 3 gave us in the 80s. However, we should remember that the Big 3 were giving us crap in everything they built then.

We need a Diesel jeep wrangler!! Stop thinking about it and just give it to us!!!

Let us have a diesel Wrangler in Canada/US. My last three vehicles have been diesel. I enjoy the better fuel economy and great power. Make it happen Jeep before I get too old. Would rather not swap in a diesel, but might have to.

Jeep is missing the boat. There are tons of people that want to drive their Jeeps but can't afford the fuel cost. These same people would probably keep these Jeeps forever if they met their needs. A gas engine is a big minus. Droves of people would flock over to diesel Wranglers.

Since the leadership at Chrysler is lame and brain dead and I don't really have time to swap in a diesel in to a new Wrangler. What Jeep is doing is pushing me into another Marque.

I have been waiting and waiting. If Jeep doesn't put one in, I won't be buying. I'm a diesel guy and will not buy a new car without one. For many years I've wanted a Jeep but would not accept the piss poor fuel economy. My HD pickup with a diesel gets better mileage than most Jeeps.

The plain and simple fact is that once you drive a diesel you can't go back. The torque and performance are wonderful. The fuel economy is fantastic. I drive a lot and love then. Maintenance is as simple as changing my oil and filters, and washing it.

What I like best is the range. Some people drive long distances to places, and need good fuel economy for daily use, and then head out to where "there are no fueling stations." How many off road gas station do you see? I don't want to tow a trailer behind me full of gasoline. Diesel is safer and a larger fuel tanks is not so spooky. The bottom line is I don't want to worry about running out of fuel when off road somewhere...nor do I want to drive 50 miles to find fuel.

I want a Wrangler with a 3.0 liter diesel which gets 30 mpg on the highway, and can go 600 miles or more routinely.

make it soon , thank you.

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