More Photos of Shootout on Facebook

Ridgeline dry lake
You make the request and we respond. We got quite a few comments and emails about wanting more photos and more flavor on what it was like to do one of the most thoroughly rung-out midsized pickup truck tests ever. 

We've posted more of Joe Bruzek's photography on Facebook of where and how we did our testing. Hope it helps you understand just a little bit more about what we think is most important, as well as giving you an idea of how much fun our job can be.

Go to Facebook and search or click this link


I think we can all agree on which truck is the ugliest.

That's not a truck!!!! It's an accord without the trunk lid!!!

Actually it is an Odessey with a bed, it is based off of the mini-van platform.

Ranger is the best looking truck.

Ford wins again!

I love my ugly "Accord without a trunk lid" non-truck. It is actually based on both the Pilot and the Odyssey. I don't really like the way the Sport edition looks with the black borders, plus there is no difference from the regular Ridgeline so it doesn't make sense why it is called a "Sport". They just gave it some styling cues and a minor feature or two that the base model doesn't have.

I like the Ranger too Tom but it is nice to see this midsize shootout.

Tom, I am not sure what game you are playing but the only thing the Ranger and Ford won was last place.

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