Porsche Pickup Seems Even Less Likely


In 2008, when Porsche AG attempted to take over Volkswagen AG, some reports said the hubris shown from Porsche came from the fact the company had been on the brink of collapse at the turn of the millennium but came roaring back with the huge global success of its first SUV, the Cayenne.  

Not long after the introduction of the Cayenne, rumors began to float regarding the possibility of a pickup truck platform pulled from the same architecture.

Functionally this made sense because the Cayenne was actually a joint venture with VW and Audi, as all three companies planned to use the exceptionally versatile platform for their own derivatives. Audi produced the larger and longer Q7; VW used it for the Touareg; and Porsche used it for the Cayenne as well for the current runaway hit, the four-door Panamera. 

Some have suggested that the platform could also supply a version that could accommodate a performance truck platform (we even showed the TranSport images here) sturdy enough to deal with light-truck duties but still provide the needed handling characteristics to be defined as a Porsche. Some have even suggested that more current heavier-duty airbag technologies may now be up to the task.

Regardless, we're guessing any import manufacturer would have to see a much stronger vehicle sales comeback in the U.S., as well some indication that buyers have an appetite for more expensive, better-handling pickup trucks. (We should note Bentley and Lamborghini are reported to be working on full-size SUVs). And given the fact there may be less R&D money available because of pending lawsuits (current investor groups do have pending litigation against the 2008 attempt to takeover VW AG), we don't see Porsche experimenting in this direction anytime soon. And if they did, we continue to hope they'd look hard at the Amarok. 



I don't remember seeing that photo or the story about a Porsche pickup. I must have missed that one, and just as well. A Porsche pickup seems like a disaster in the making.

Oh no...now I'll have to purchase a different truck. Humm...definitely NOT a GM...yuk!

you know it would sell though, just look at all of the Escalade versions of the Avalanche running around.

It probably wouldn't appeal to me (or my wallet) but the Cayenne has proven to be a very robust vehicle with some actual off-road chops (like it would ever even see rain let alone dirt)

It would give the old SRT-10 a run for its money and likely eat its lunch :)

Even though both vehicles have final assembly in Leipzig, I don't think the Panamera is based on the Cayenne. If it shares any bits and pieces, those would come from the big Audis or the Continental GT. The engines are, of course, shared.
Remember, too, that VW previewed the Tuareg with a pickup concept.

It would probably bet a big hit at Motor Trend!

The rich keep getting richer. Might as well make schit to sell them.

I think it would be better if Porsche looked at bringing the Amarok over since VW and Porsche have the same ownership. It would be advisable for them to see how the new Colorado goes over and to see if midsize pickups increase in sales. Also if they did decide to sell the Amarok in North America to price it competitively. I doubt they will bring a Porsche truck here or an Amarok but if they did the midsize truck market would get a lot more interesting.

Yes and a pallet of wet sod (1,8oo lbs) would fit nicely in the back? Na, probably two over stuffed suitcases would over gross its payload.

@BobMc - true, but it would be much more fun to make 10 trips at a 140 mpg to get that same load moved ;)
The point of a "pickup" like this is not to carry maximum payload but to carry maximum "image". The target audience for this rig would not be getting their nails dirty unless they consulted their manicurist.
I can just imaging the Howie Long commercials slagging this truck. The Cadillac EXT is a real truck, this thing has a window over the engine;)

Well the 911 is one of the greatest cars ever made. So maybe it would not be that bad. But the $$$ we can only imagine, $100,000 $120,000.

And yes I know it's not based on the 911.

Looks better than a Panamera.

(momma always said...)


Besides, I got another idea for Volkswagen (assuming they have control of Porsche)... bring the Amarok to the US, STAT!

I want one!!! I have the cayenne turbo n it's awesome and I use it off road snow mud dirt it does great!

This is NOT going to happen. Porsche designed the "pickup" before VW took total control of Porsche.

As far as the Amarok and other new Pickups are concerned.
Mazda BT-50 has it seems about a 1000 Commercials on TV.

The Ford Ranger and AMAROK have had NONE!! Yes that is right ZERO Commercials They are all selling in roughly the same numbers, small numbers that is.

Toyota Hilux and the Nissan Navara are neck and neck in sales, both No.1, the Mitsubishi Triton N0.2 with the Isuzu Pickup 3rd. Great Wall the bargain based Chinese Pickup is showing up a lot as well.

ALL of the New Pickups will have a SUV variant spunoff, so we will be wall to wall in SUV's here. Ford Territory(same size and weight as the Explorer with a 2.7 Litre diesel) based on the Ford Falcon, sedan is selling like Hotcakes Keeping Ford Australia alive.

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