Spied! 2013 Ram 1500 Shows Small Changes

Ram1500_cdauto_12512_1 II
Chris Doane shot us these pics on one of his recent search-and-shoot missions. Here's what he wrote us: 

"Engineers are hard at work on the 2013 Ram 1500, and a test truck with minimal camouflage has just been spied.

"From our photos, it looks as though the 1500 will get a tougher look, more similar to the Ram HD models. A new grille with bigger, horizontal slats and a huge crosshair are easy to see. The bumper cover also has a fresh design, with new openings for fog lights and tow hooks.

"The headlights appear to be ill-fitting, so that may mean we'll see new units on the final model. A slightly restyled hood is also possible.

"The bigger news is under the hood, as we expect the Ram 1500 will get Chrysler's 3.6L Pentastar V-6. Other reports include that the new motor will be mated to an eight-speed ZF transmission and should be good for nearly 300 hp. This should give the Ram 1500 a much-needed boost in fuel economy as well."

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I heard its going to get an suspension that lifts borrowed from the GC. The interior is expected to be refreshed and new technologies are going to be available. Look for the 8.4 inch touch screen to be available also. I hope to see a Turbo V6 Pentastar.

Don't care about the V6, will 2013 finally be the year for a competitive transmission for the V8?

They need to change those mirrors.

ok you see a ram 1500 with heavy duty tow merriors. no hemi symbol......CUMMIns i have heard rumors that they may put a 5.7 cummins in the ram 1500 be pretty cool of so

Ram, I hope you are right. I heard a rumor that pickuptrucks.com said Ram and Cummins talks reopened for a 5.0 to power the 1500 and possibly the 2500 and 3500. I also heard a rumor a little over a year ago that Cummins was working on a Hybrid Diesel for the 1500. Whatever it is. You know Chrysler will keep everyone silent about the project until they present it at whatever Car Show. Look how good they kept the 800lb feet of torque Cummins unwraps. No one knew nothing until the day they unveiled it.

An 8 speed v6 pentastar putting out 300hp and 18mpg city in a crew cab with Rambox would tempt me to trade in my 2010 quad hemi. IMO, it would be the perfect truck for me if they could shorten the truck by 2 feet and implement some for of midgate to enable you to extend the bend into the cab for longer loads.

That rear end is sitting really low. Seems like they are doing some max trailer tow testing.

@" if they could shorten the truck by 2 feet and implement some for of midgate to enable you to extend the bend into the cab for longer loads".

cyberpine you don't want a pickup. buy a ridgeline.

SHORTEN???????? WRONG!!!!!

Making an eight foot bed standard, THAT'S more like it. Real trucks have 16 foot dump boxes or eighteen wheels.
Pickups should NOT be parked in garages anyway so why would you ever want to shorten it??????

Pickup won't fit in your driveway? No room in your garage?


A "motor" is powered by electricity. The Ram uses an engine, not a motor.

@Ty .. I don't want a Ridgeline and a ridgeline does not have a midgate. Google search "GM Bare Necessities Truck" . Truth be told - their is a huge market for the truck I just described. Most homeowners using their truck like a truck only a few times a month.. but still can't see themselves driving anything but a RWD, American pickup truck. Thanks.

Rumours: Air suspension, Pentastar V6, 8-speed transmission, new interior (the one just announced on PUT.C ?), small displacement Diesel.

Watch out for the New York Auto Show. Apparently, all will be revealed !

Looks like a rear suspension rework is in order. Well they half way caught up to Ford, all they need now is put the 6.4 Hemi in the truck along with the 8sp tranny, beef up the suspension and they would have a winner.

they need to go back to leaf springs, and im tired of these short trucks 8 ft bed should be stardard just looks ugly all cab and no bed but i guess thats just what i think

Easiest way to beef the suspension in the half ton, just ditch the standard coils and replace them with the front coils from an HD. It would probably cut production casts too since they would be using common parts between half tons and HDs. While they're at it, maybe adapt the link/coil suspension to the Power Wagon using the front coils from a 5500, and add a rear disconnecting sway bar to match the front. That should give phenomenal articulation, improve ride, and maintain a respectable payload.

Is the 8-speed coming across the board or just the Pentastart V-6?

Yeah, the short bed thing is a real bad deal when doing real work no matter the cab size. Needing to take a crew with you in the back seat should not penalize you to a shorter bed or have to spring for the 8’ when available. All should include a minimum 6.5’ (not 6’) bed with 8’ option. If that’s too much pickup for some then get a small truck. And beef up that suspension.

@S, Ford Motor Company and General Motors from the Motor City seem to think calling it a motor is alright.

@ Ty ,

I have 2 Dodge Ram's and they are both in my garage !!

Why cant a truck be put in a garage ?

I dont use my trucks for towing or work use,just daily drivers !!

I have 2 QuadCabs and they are perfect the way they are 6 ft beds are the best !! I think they look the best !!

Why are you against trucks,even a CrewCab is longer/bigger than older trucks..trucks were too small back in the day !!

I dont understand people with your mindset,you think trucks are only used for work,people buy trucks because they dont like cars !! Trucks look better,more comfortable,better visibility,more interior room thats why many people use them for a family vehicle ! Plus you can easily pick up house hold items,fridge,sofa ect !! New Cars are useless,even a new full size has no trunk room today,bring your wife,2 kids and all you can fit is 2 suit cases in a new full size car trunk and then its jammed pack !!

Shocker ...my trucks are always clean,never dirty,polished,waxed every 2 weeks !! They look better than new !! My trucks are never,ever dirty !! Lazy people have dirty vehicles/houses ect !!

Furthermore cars shouldnt be put in garages,cars should be banned,useless,unsafe,uncomfortable and small !! Banning cars from garages sounds ignorant and ill informed doesnt it,just as your post !

@ johnny doe,

They ride better without leaf springs,the Ram tradesman 1500 has leaf springs(I think) People use trucks as daily drivers and want a smoother ride,I know I do ! I like the looks of the QuadCab with the 6 ft bed thats the best looking cab style around,the CrewCabs do look a little off due to the cab being so huge and a shorter bed,but it makes a better roomier daily driver ,the 4 door long box trucks you can still buy them and they look ridiculous but for a work only truck it does the job !

@ Johnny,

You can buy a long box crew cab still.I like the choice of cabs/boxes they have,why would you limit people and force them into an inferior small compact truck ? I drive a QuadCab and it is by far the best looking cab configuration.You are forgetting that fullsize trucks always had short beds,even shorter back decades ago,single cab short box,step side I like choices thats why they have so many cab choices for people who want an 8ft bed and 4 doors get one,8 ft bed 2 doors get one ect...CrewCabs,QuadCabs,single cabs on & on choice is good. I love trucks and love the choices,cant understand why people want to be limited and forced into a small truck ,I like what we have now choice to buy what we want !!!


Hope a SRT Dodge Ram QuadCab comes out !!

Hopes for 2013:
392 HEMI
Diesel 1500
Dont care much about a 6 cyl gas as the HEMI gets the same gas mileage as 6cyl even the eco-turd only gets less than 1 mpg better in real driving so I would rather have a manly HEMI V-8 !! Cant beat the excelleration or sound !!

@ Canadian

That's not allowed. You have to use your truck the way real men use their trucks and that is something that you don't know lol

There guys are the exact demographgic of online crusaders that hate any type of goverment regulation or limitations on their freedoms and openly bitch about anything and everything that goes against how they like to live.

But, they have no problem patrolling the internet to advise on what we should buy and how we should store it.

The phony hipocrites are alive and well.

My truck stays in the garage too but it's caked in road debris. Warm winter in Alberta.... lol

I welcome the changes. The current model 1500 is pathedic.

Vi la French!...and Pentastar to save RAM.

Canadian's statement was not to tell people how they should store their trucks. His point was in response to shortening an already short bed by two feet and adding a midgate. This is a ridiculous request to make for a Ram 1500 topic. I agree with Ty - you don't need a full-size pickup. You might want to put in that request for a mid size dakata or look at the ridgeline. Thannk you.

Ty's statement was not to tell people how they should store their trucks. His point was in response to shortening an already short bed by two feet and adding a midgate. This is a ridiculous request to make for a Ram 1500 topic. I agree with Ty - you don't need a full-size pickup. You might want to put in that request for a mid size Dakota or look at the Ridgeline. Ty, you hit the nail right on the head.

Looks good so far.

Make sure to put the 8 speed behind the Hemi, and Ram will sell at least one Larame Limited in 2013.

For those who didn't get the hint, that means it would be sitting in my driveway.

"IMO, it would be the perfect truck for me if they could shorten the truck by 2 feet and implement some for of midgate to enable you to extend the bend into the cab for longer loads."

What you are looking for is actually a SUT or sport utility. They are being discontinued left and right due to poor sales. I hear the Chevy Avalance will be cancelled, the Ridgeline is on the verge of being cancelled. Better buy one while they are still here because you might not get another shot.

Reading comprehension, please. I was just saying I think - no matter the cab configuration, the bed should start at 6.5’ and option up to 8’. Solves all the needs of buyers who actually use their trucks for real work. Maybe a dream, but it’s my darn dream. If someone wants a small bed truck, let them shop for a Honda or small truck.


Johnny , I agree with you totally ... Anything less than 6.5 foot bed looks like a wheelbarrow behind the cab ... An 8 foot bed looks the best to me ...

The truck in the picture is doing Towing Testing with the new 6cyl .... No Diesel in that rig.. Look at the tail pipe! To small for a 5.0-5.7l diesel engine. The Front End would also have a larger volume air dam to allow for better airflow through a intercooler (Air to Air). A Diesel is already slated for the JEEP and I can bet it will show up in the RAM's in 2014 with a 8-SPD Automatic. The tests that were done with the new 5.0l Cummins V8 and a 545rfe in the RAM 1500 had it doing 23 City and 27-28 HWY.... A 8-SPD properly tuned should turn out at least 28-29 MPG...

This is what we ALL want so RAM needs to build the dang thing!

Oh, and that looks like a standard 6.5' bed behind the CREW Cab!

I agree that there should be 6.5 bed lengths available in all brands. That was one of the features that sold me on the F150 SuperCrew. There are guys that want 5.5 boxes, but why would you want anything shorter? I don't think the midgate thing is a great idea. I want my cargo in the bed, not next to my seatbacks. Anyone ever carry a loose load with a camper window open? It blows back into the cab. I drove around in a GMC van for 2 years. I hated the fact that the inside always smelled like my last load of cargo. Midgate wouldn't be much different. How about those of us who live in cold climates? Yup, I'm going to open my midgate in -45 weather just to carry some plywood home.
I think that if you want a crewcab and an 8 foot box, you need a 3/4 or 1 ton truck.
Sorry for the off topic rant. I do like the direction Ram is going with products and looks.



Call me nuts, but I really think that the 8-speed combined with the Pentastar will at least get 25 mpg highway. City should only improve by 1 mpg.

25 sounds a little high. I say it goes from 20 to 23 for 2wd which will be the 15% the Charger improved to with the 8 speed.

It looks like the same old 5.5 bed behind the crewcab, I think they need to make the 6.5 available right from the short bed reg cab, and quad cab. I had a Dakota crew cab, couldn't put much back there at all, so I didn't even consider a Ford or Ram crew 5.5. Good thing Ford makes it with a 6.5 but I couldn't find any, it's prob 1% of their crew cabs. But too do it, it will need a real world GVWR, currently a crewcab has a 6800 pound GVWR. Wouldn't take much loading to exceed that. More like 7000 pounds for quads with 6.5 bed and crew cab with 5.5 and atleast 7100 for crew with 6.5 bed. Or same for a quad cab with 8 foot bed, but I'm not sure how many Tundras are selling the double cab 8 footer, just to show how many sell. Spring rates can be increased with progressive coils which are already being installed on current Rams, or airbags, which are already doing a fine job. They can make it have a little comressor and monitor the air pressure through the EVIC.

Durango AWD gets 16/23 with 5 speed and is about 5100 pounds. With a 8 speed v-6 in a 1500, maybe it would weigh 5250 or so? I don't think 17or 18 city/25 highway is out of reach for a AWD 8 speed. Even 17/24 would be respectable. Somewhere around here I seen something about how many percent of F-150s are V-6s. You bet theres a market for a pentastar 1500, that 3.7 is so far behind, maybe if the Dakota had a more up to date V-6 it would still be around. I doubt we will see many 392 1500s if any, but maybe they will make 500 SRT Rams. Heck, the new 6 speed hemi 2500s will prob do just as well as a F-250 6.2. And a Chevy 6.0? You kidding me?

Is it me, or does nobody offer a manual trans in a full size truck anymore?? Automatics r nice, but i prefer to shift my own gears.

Buy a sports car if you want to play with gears. These are work trucks, son!

I hear the 2014 Silverado will have an 8 speed and because it is actually making somg big changes, not just small ones, the 2014 Silverado will actually get to 25+ mpg and be class leading!

Johnny, the current Ram that gets 20mpg is a V8. The 8-speed Ram will be equipped with a V6. The Ford gets 23 with a V6 equipt with a 6 speed. I believe Ram can get that using the same set up. Throw in an extra 2 gears. 1 mpg per gear. People thought I was dumb to say that the Charger was going to get 31 mpg. Guess what? Haha. I'm saying this with a mellow tone. So don't think I'm going after you. =•)

so manuals are only for sports cars huh? guess nobodys told that to eaton fuller...

eaton fuller can eat my shorts!

Ram HD's come optional with 6-speed Manuals.

"the current Ram that gets 20mpg is a V8. The 8-speed Ram will be equipped with a V6."

The current Ram that gets 20mpg is also a V6.


The new V6 will not help fuel economy that much because it is also increasing power.

Johnny, that's mated with a 4-speed. 4-speed gives you the worst gas mileage possible, especially Highway milage. That V6 is ancient compared to the Pentastar. Not comparable.

I think a 5'5" Bed should stay an option, trying parking a crew cab truck with an eight foot bed in a Chicago parking garage, ain't going to happen, even if you can make the turns to go up the spiral you ain't going to fit in any spot and I do have to park down town. My Ram with the 5'5" bed barly fits.

@Donny thats why you park on top of cars most are probably junk honda's and toyota's so no big deal if you crush a few lol i'd like there to be a manual tranny in all of big 3 the tap shift they got now for ford chevy and ram is nice i use mine from time to time to hear the pipes on my 5.3 lol but still nothing like the old days

It doesn't matter it's not going up 5 mpg.

With the current model rated at 14/20-mpg (city/highway), the gain could be as much as 2-mpg in each category, or more.

So figure 22-23 on the highway.

Source: autoguide, Tundra Headquarters and Allpar.

I don't see a lot of exterior changes but nevertheless it is a nice truck. I hope RAM survives.

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