Spied! 2014 Silverado/Sierra Winter Testing

ChevySilverado.c01.KGP.ed II
Glenn Paulina just sent us these photos that give us a good idea what a camoed extended cab looks like. He also writes this: 

We've accumulated our best selection of spy shots of the 2014 Chevy Silverado, now catching GM's next full-size pickup in two cab styles, from multiple angles.

While last week's exclusive scoop of some C7 Corvette prototypes understandably generated headlines due to its sex appeal, it's the performance of the next Silverado that has real ramifications toward GM's bottom line.  The volumes and profit margins at stake in the hugely competitive truck market go well beyond the gains of a "halo" vehicle in the low-volume sports car market.

Our latest pix of the Silverado, undergoing winter-tests deep in the Northern Territories, reveal the truck in what appears to be its Extended Cab form, while earlier photos caught the Crew Cab version.  Both variants show larger greenhouses than their respective outgoing models, with new interplay between the door cut-lines and the B- and C-pillars.  

We continue to hear of efforts to greatly reduce weight in the next-gen Silverado, with weight-loss numbers of 500 pounds being bandied about.  We are now hearing of similar plans on the 2014 F-150, with rumors reporting that Ford will switch to aluminum body panels instead of traditional stamped steel.  Once again, weight reduction goals of 500- to 700-pounds are being reported.  While our spy photos always highlight the shape, size, and styling of a given model, the anatomical makeup of the materials that make up those shapes may be as large a part of the story, especially on large gas hogs like the American full-size pickup.

  ChevySilverado.c02.KGP.ed II

ChevySilverado.c06.KGP.ed II

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Doesn't look too different than the current truck to me. Disappointing.

I'm surprised that the remainder of truck makes haven't gone with a similar power back window like that of the Tundra crew cab by now. That's the only thing I like of that truck configuration.

Do I spy door handles on the extended cab and front hinges? I like that (I loved the interior size my my 05 Dodge).

The wheel wells look round too, not the odd geometric shape of the current ones (meaning no odd protruding fenders). Looking much more like the Chevy of 1994-1997 to me eyes.

I like it, still trying to judge if the tires look to small tho. Super cool front end.

The front fender seems so high. What is that thing showing in the last picture under the front fender?

I think some more fascia is missing off the front

I like the new extended cad design (like Ram and Tundra) no more banging doors together and also makes the cab stronger with those B pillars. If the truck is black (roof) why is the fender well white? Are they messing with us? I hope GM will redesign towing mirrors for 2014MY.

I just wonder if the new 2500 duramax will still have a boozka for exhaust pipe? What an engineering flob up.

@ mhowarth -- Good catch on the "traditional" rear doors. Probably should have noted that in the copy. It means GM is listening to all those who have do a delicate dance in a parking lot to access a rear seating area. Could mean some cool changes for the interior as well.

I like it and would love to see a little retro back to the GM 600 or 700's.

Would be cool to come as a 1500 with 2500 axles locking front and rear, and some more ground clearance. And then give us a 2x2 with the 7 liter Vette engine.

I like the looks of F150's and the 1500 Ram. But still love my 07 Silverado. And yes love the interior, because it looks like a pickup interior. But must admit that high end F150 with all that leather is pretty nice.

If it looks like a Tundra I would make a trip to GM and have a few choice words with them.

Car and Driver had an article a while ago specificly on the camo jobs that these mules recieve. You cannot trust anything you see. Padding can be added to change the shape to throw people off, or make it appear to have rear door handles. If you look real close at the full side pics the front and rear wheel wells appear to be slightly different. Maybe on purpose, maybe not. A good camo shop could disguise each truck from every maker and make them appear the same. When GM wants us to know what they will look like they will release pictures unless we can get some real spy pics.

The high mounted front bumper makes me think the truck is going to look kinda like the Sierra All Terrain concept.

I also really like the traditionally hinged rear doors. They make life so much easier.

You can tell those mirrors were just stuck on for utility purposes whilst its in camo, they're wayy too ugly.

I think, that front bumper is missing.

Please let those wheel wells be round. I'm burned out on square openings on Chevy trucks. Let GMC have those this time to match the Terrain. The last good looking square ones were on the 400 but still, how about more of a 67-72 opening this time?. I've always agreed with others that if Chevy could combine the 67-72 with the 88-98 (400) and make it modern, they'd have the best looking truck they've ever built. An instant timeless classic. Looking at the front bumper makes me scared though. Please, No More 3 piece bumpers. What a nightmare this last front bumper has been. If the next Silverado has round wheel openings, a good looking front end/bumper and a King Ranch competitor option for the interior, I'm buying one this time. Chevy trucks I'm coming home.

I also spotted the rear doors. It is an excellent move. I was hoping to be the first to notice...

How anyone can come up with the assumption that this (or any heavily camo'd spied vehicle) is ugly or not is beyond me. All I can tell is that it's a truck (more than likely a GM) and that it is in the snow. You can kind of see the shape of the cab, but nothing on how it will look in styling.

@RonAndersen. I'm with you buddy! We share the same tastes. I'll add to your comments, I hope there are liners inside of those round wheel openings in the rear this time. My 97 Dodge had those and it looked so clean and sharp. It was so nice to be able to just take a hose and rinse off mud and snow without getting it all packed up in the frame and under the bed. I hate that about my current Silverado.

I'll also add there sure better be 4 wheel disc brakes and I sure hope those aren't the new factory wheels. They look like old Dodge Dakota rims.

Did anyone else notice in the 2nd picture from the top, on the bumper there's a slot about 2-3" wide and about 12-16" long? Maybe an intake for an intercooler for turbo's? Hmmm..

Great pics.

I don't think it is ugly, but it is a little underwhelming. I wanted to see a new style for trucks. I bet when the new Silverado hits and everything is said and done, we have about what we have now just a newer version of it.

GMI is reporting that the next gen Chevy Silverado's exterior styling will not have a "new" style for trucks look. Silverado will be more vanilla than the more stylish GMC Sierra. GMC Sierra will be the trim that gives the "wow" factor. GMI News says sorry to Chevy fans. Silverado will be more work like in looks. Chevy Silverado will have a mid and upper trim, but it will not compete with the King Ranch and Platinum trims. That is where the Sierra comes in. Only the GM will have the luxury trim level in a Denali. GM will also get the hard-core all-terrain off-road trim. It doesn't mean the Silverado is going to be bad, but it won't be on the level of the new Fords. GM is also sticking with the 6 speed tranny, they claim.

Read the first few and the last few pages to get an idea...


I really believe GM is going to kick some _ss with their new pickups. Rumor has it, that they will be different from the exterior and interior as much as possible. This will bring New customers to the lineup. I believe that move alone will allow GM to move past Ford in the sales department.

Im a Ram guy. And I cant wait to see what Ram is bringing to the Table. I heard it will be getting a adjustable air suspension. Barrowed from the Jeep Cherokee. Of course with the 8-speed and hopefully a turbo Pentastar V6.

They also claim that there won't be an EcoBoost type of turbo engine. They will stick with regular V6's and V8's with DI, etc.

@Chris: they might be bluffing

I wanted a bed over 6 feet and the doors that aren't suicide ones, so that's one major reason I didn't really give Chevy a shot two years ago, one major other reason being the 5.3 is not very tourqey compared to the others, and they gear them up too high for the hills. The doors on my 2006 ext cab were noisey and a PITA. Pretty good thing for Dodge in 98, but in 2010,. no thanks. That'll be a good move for GM

It seems the vext Silverado will have quite good ground clearence for 4x4 models, but I might be wrong. Can't wait to see the final product!

Maybe they're bluffing. Myabe they're not. These insiders are usually right.

As for not having a turbo engine, I can see the Howie Long ads now:

Gary White: We took some technology and couple them with a V8 engine and ended up wtih 23 mpg. Ford gets 23 mpg but with a smaller V6.
Howie: So let me get this straight, Gary. You get 23 mpg in the Silverado. Ford gets 23 mpg but in a smaller V6 two turbos!!!!??? I may not be sharp, but I think I'll have the Silverado with the V8. yada yada yada.
Gary White: That's the right anwer, Howie!!!

I can also see GM not having an 8 speed transmission in the Silverado at launch. Are the 8 speeds even in or confirmed for any GM or Chevy vehicles yet? I can see them going in Cadillacs first.

The Silverado not getting the luxury interior and not being as stylish has already been confirmed by GM themselves. GM Sierra will be the luxury trim and styling and profiling.

We've now seen pics of the crew cab and extended cab model, now hopefully soon we get to see some pics of the regular cab. I really hope they give the regular cabs some more room than what the current trucks do.

Anyone hoping for round wheel wells, just look at the pics. They are not round. The fronts are square with rounded corners and the rears are oval.

Fords and Dodges are round.

@G-Street, I think what your're seeing in the front bumper is just an air-inlet for radiator cooling. Take a look at the front bumpers on the current Silverado/Sierra, they have the same thing. The inlet on the bumpers of the HD trucks are even bigger.

@Lou & Chris -
Stop the hate! Stop the hate! Stop the anti-GM postings.

It's dividing the forum and not helping your fellow blog readers!

Way too early to tell much at all...competition is good for all of us cause it leads to some really cool products...the bashing is stupid...

Anyone tell if the frame is low slung again? I could not.

There's not too much here that looks dramatically different; but not much in trucks ever is.
GM can obviously do dramatic styling changes, and I hope there will be a few things here that will surprise people, I'm just not expecting it.

Looks like it will be smaller in stature, sits lower that it appears. The faux bumper makes it appear 12" higher. Likewise, the bed rails and engine hood are poofed up with the disguise.

I am confused, I thought GM was coming out with the new truck in late 2012 as a 2013? This post says 2014. If so, I guess I will go buy a 2012 now while they have $10,000 off the 2012's, as mine will not last another 2 years.
A OP from last week says they are shutting down each of the plants to re-tool this summer for the 2013 trucks.......?

There's too much tape and camo on it to tell what it looks like but it seems to have better ground clearance (aside from the fact that it's missing a facia or spoiler on the front) and the frame doesn't seem to hang down like the GMT900's.

It looks very squared off but camo can easilly hide grooves, cruves and other style points. It's obvious they're still doing their best to hide it.

Just have to wait and see a non-camo version which probably isn't far off.

Looks bigger and boxier than ever.

GM is like a crack dealer that just keeps dealing us crack rather than increasingly reasonably sized, alternatively powered, ever so slightly more sustainable vehicles like so many predicted back in 2008 when the economy crashed, credit became harder to get and gas exceeded $5 a gallon.

If there's one thing that's totally clear, is that there is a never ending supply of people in this country that will go deep into debt to buy the biggest, most expensive truck they can, even if they can't afford to feed it gasoline and have no need for the additional capabilities.

Feed and clothe my 5 kids? Hell no. I got a truck payment to make.

The side profile screams RAM! to me... I REALLY hope that's camo. However, I would like to see it cosmetically and drastically different from the GMT-700 and 800 series. In case I got that wrong I mean the previous and current generations.

@ JimK
You know that you can get wheel house liners for your truck for about $40 a piece?

Here we go again, we hear the whinners saying I don't like the looks, Silverado is too vanilla, not luxury enough, no Egoboost, waaaa, waaaa,waaa, what a bunch of wussies you all are. Don't like the looks of something, then don't buy it! As long as the Silverado looks good and is comfortable it will be a big hit.

I sure like that front end alot better than Fords front end. Yes, fords f150 front end is the same as the Super Duoty for 2013.

I really like the looks of the GMC Sierra Denalis end and I know the New Denalis will look much better.

Why buy an Egoboost if you can get a V8 with the same mileage?

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder or beer holder. Don't like it keep it to yourself and be quiet!

@ Dafish
They will retool plants this year and start production late this year and you will see 2014 trucks on dealer lots probably early to mid 2013

@ Rob Thomas

Judging by the pictures, can anyone tell what kind of suspension its carrying up front

can't wait to smoke fords again in this new truck for the next 10 years like gm has done over and over gotta love you're chevys

What's very disturbing is that most of people that post their comments here seem to be buying trucks off of looks.
Most common comment on here is "it's ugly" and "it looks terrible". Truck isn't supposed to look "beautiful"! It’s supposed to do the job right, the hard work that pickup trucks were intended for. Period!

This is the 1500 Silverado we're talking about here, not the HD's so I see no reason for the frame hanging low like the HD's.

@Rick, Looks like IFS up front.

Now watch Lou come in and tell me how wrong I am because I have a different opinion!

@ Dafish and Greg J
I remember when the 88 models hit the lot early January, 1987. My boss went to buy a new truck. He had leftover 86's, current 87's, & all-new 88's to choose from. Bought an 86. He said the 88 looked too small, and didn't want the 87 because it was fuel injected. I think it was really all about the cheapest price, haha. I think it'll be the same thing about this time next year.

I personally prefer the square wheel wells, whether the new ones have it or not, I just wish that you could go up more in tire size. I fit bigger tires on my '97 GMC than I could on my 2010 Silverado. I would also have no problem buying a nicer looking GMC, as long as I could get an 8' box!! I sure hope they have nicely equipped reg cab long boxes.

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