Spied! 2014 Silverado/Sierra Winter Testing

ChevySilverado.c01.KGP.ed II
Glenn Paulina just sent us these photos that give us a good idea what a camoed extended cab looks like. He also writes this: 

We've accumulated our best selection of spy shots of the 2014 Chevy Silverado, now catching GM's next full-size pickup in two cab styles, from multiple angles.

While last week's exclusive scoop of some C7 Corvette prototypes understandably generated headlines due to its sex appeal, it's the performance of the next Silverado that has real ramifications toward GM's bottom line.  The volumes and profit margins at stake in the hugely competitive truck market go well beyond the gains of a "halo" vehicle in the low-volume sports car market.

Our latest pix of the Silverado, undergoing winter-tests deep in the Northern Territories, reveal the truck in what appears to be its Extended Cab form, while earlier photos caught the Crew Cab version.  Both variants show larger greenhouses than their respective outgoing models, with new interplay between the door cut-lines and the B- and C-pillars.  

We continue to hear of efforts to greatly reduce weight in the next-gen Silverado, with weight-loss numbers of 500 pounds being bandied about.  We are now hearing of similar plans on the 2014 F-150, with rumors reporting that Ford will switch to aluminum body panels instead of traditional stamped steel.  Once again, weight reduction goals of 500- to 700-pounds are being reported.  While our spy photos always highlight the shape, size, and styling of a given model, the anatomical makeup of the materials that make up those shapes may be as large a part of the story, especially on large gas hogs like the American full-size pickup.

  ChevySilverado.c02.KGP.ed II

ChevySilverado.c06.KGP.ed II

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I just hope GM brings back the two-tone color option with these new trucks. It sucks that the current Silverado and Sierra don't offer it like Ford and Ram.

@Michigan/Detriot Bob (Whatever it happens to be when you read this.): Have you ever had to take a nap or whatever in the back of one of those extended cabs? Crawl your arse back there then shut the back door, then the first. Sure you can do it, it's a pain. It's also alot weaker to have the two doors with no pillar in between. My 06 extended cab had a whole lot of rattle over bumps and alot of wind noise. You can have it, the super cab Ford, and the what is King Cab Nissan? Course I will warn you, if you had the supercab Ford you can also get alot more torque then a 5.3 with two smaller engines, a turbo and a 5.0 and both can outtow a 5.3, and stop better too! Sure the 5.3 might get 21 MPG (RATED-LOL) But it just doesn't have the capacity in the hills for pulling a trailer. Good grocery getter I guess.

*should say "shut the back door then the FRONT"*

Most of these anti GM truck posts sound like they have been written by the same person using different names. They say basically the same thing and use very similar writing styles. It looks like some Ford fanboi has too much time on his hands.

i have to agree bob these ford fanny girls must of got tired of working on their broken furds and found it was easy to changes names and bash gm haha

As much as I like solid front axles on the Ford and Ram HDs, the independent front suspension kinda grew on me since GM offers full-time 4WD available...I just freaking hope they change those awful trailer mirrors...but then again, Dodge/Ram had theirs for three generations too.

If you squint hard it looks like the rear wheels are larger than the front...UGH! WE'RE NOT RACING, PEOPLE!

Not hating on GM or Ford, but if GM want to blow Ford out of the water, then they'd better bring back the half-ton diesel in lieu of the slow-selling hybrid, a Camaro-like V6 for the base engine with a 6-speed auto, (8-speed preferred), 4-wheel disc brakes STANDARD, a more-powerful V8, and better styling, else they're going to fall hard. I used to like Chevrolet slogan "Like a Rock"... If Chevrolet is like a rock, then GM should promote this Silverado to the fullest and hurl it at Ford and put a big dent in the sales. Otherwise GM is letting Ford enjoy all the loot.

Seriously, why do some of you feel the need to "insult" others by calling them women/girls? Just in case y'all need a reality check, women are not inferior to men. And FYI, some women love trucks and read this forum as well, including me

But Chevy doesn't want to push the Silverado too far either.

@M Bob. Really? Is this what GM thinks? If so, it's no wonder Chevrolet truck guys hate GM anymore. It's also no wonder they're leaving one by one over to Ford trucks instead. You'd Never hear Ford say "We don't want to push our F-Series too far". Give me a break.. No Real truck company would say that. This is why nobody takes Chevy seriously anymore. They have an artificial glass ceiling forced down on them by GM for the sake of GMC.

@Gene. Spot on! This is Exactly why us Chevy guys dislike GM and Exactly why we're talking our business to real truck companies like Ford and Dodge. Take Tony's comment about the cooled seats. GM would say "Oh, Chevy can't have that, we 'Have' to give that to GMC". Well, why would those construction guys want a Chevy truck? If it's hot as hell outside I can see why everyone wants to take the breaks in the Ford. The King Ranch leather I see Everywhere on work sites. It's Far more durable quality material. It's not Just about looking good it's also about quality and durability. Yet GM says "Oh, Chevy can't have that, we 'Have' to give that to GMC".

I'm flat out sick and tired of GM (Big Brother) saying Chevrolet can't have this or that! To hell with the whole company if that's how they want to do business in the trucking world. These aren't cars. If Chevrolet was an independant company there wouldn't be this issue. I'd never buy GM anything again. Only Chevrolet's.

@Gene, that's precisely why I left Chevrolet years ago for Ford instead. Not just the trucks (although that was the main reason), but the cars as well have that glass ceiling put on them by GM to make room for Buick now and back then Pontiac and Saturn. You don't have to worry about that with Ford, or Hyundai or Dodge or Toyota or Honda or Anyone except for Chevrolet. GM has just Ruined the Chevrolet brand by doing this.


Kudos! The Chevy Trolls are a funny bunch!

You guys commenting on the glass ceiling stuff hit the nail on the head for me. It's exactly why I don't drive Chevrolet trucks anymore either. For that matter since I've switched to Ford trucks we also bought a new Taurus. Chevrolet did indeed lose twice. You look at the way Ford or Dodge do things and then you look at the way GM does things and it just makes you shake your head in shame. I too hate the fact my tax dollars went to subsidize a second truck line and for what exactly?? If they would have just made the Silverado's nicer in the first place I wouldn't have switched to Ford trucks. That's how stupid those people are running GM.

But Chevy doesn't want to push the Silverado too far either.

@M Bob. Gene is right. Why Wouldn't GM want to push Chevy trucks as far as a truck can go? It's completely stupid. If they want to keep a nice Sierra on Buick lots fine by me but don't ruin Chevy trucks just for the sake of doing that. What a piss poor business model.. I sure won't be buying a new Chevy truck now and I sure as hell would never buy a Sierra so what exactly is GM hoping to accomplish? Drive all of their Chevrolet customers off?? That's real brilliant.

@ Frank, Bob's a GM troll. He sure doesn't represent me. From reading through this and the other articles and comments it doesn't look like he represents any of the other Chevy guys either. Ford and Dodge take 1 truck and make it look great. Then they take that great looking truck and offer it in a stripped down base form for those who want that. OR they offer that same truck with world class interiors and every option under the sun. The customer gets to choose what he/she wants in their truck. This is exaclty how a properly run truck company runs their truck line. Others are right. GM is trying to run Chevrolet trucks like they do their cars and this is just all wrong. You don't force people to choose like this and you don't dumb down your #1 selling truck. It's appaling to me what GM is doing here.

You're welcome GM for the help. Thanks alot for taking that money to prop up GMC.. I won't be buying another Chevrolet product again because of it. I've always hated that redundant GMC brand and always will. After reading that GMI post you've lost my business and more importantly my respect. I waited in great anticipation for the new Silverado.. What a waste of time.

I too hope this styling is more like the 67-72's meets the GMT-400. I'd much prefer Round wheel openings though... Square wheel openings are awful. Even Dodge has ditched them now. Poor tire clearance and the space around the wheel just looks empty and out of sorts. That's why I never cared for the 73-87's. Everything about those trucks was perfect Except for the square wheel openings. At least with the 400's they softened those openings a bit. Chevy should have always stuck with the 67-72 overall truck design though. In these pics the tires look tiny so I hope that's not a production tire/wheel size. I'm let down by the GMI commentary as well though. I just can't make payments on a 'second best' truck either so I hope that guy who posted that stuff is misinformed. I have no interest whatsoever in a Sierra. I was hoping like the rest that this was the Chevy truck that finally took down Ford. Without the 'best looking' looks and the high dollar interior options like Ford gives you, it's not going to happen. I sure won't be buying one I can promise GM that. As much as I love Chevrolet I'd rather just switch to Ford's and be done with it. Oh well.. 'What could have been' I suppose.

@Chris, there's no way that stuff posted is real.. If it is GM is stupider than I thought. GMC is such a crap knockoff brand. No way is the new Chevrolet Silverado taking a backseat to Ford's F-Series. No freaking way... I'm not buying a new Silverado if it doesn't have a King Ranch option nor am I buying a truck uglier than a GMC. Heck, that's why I didn't buy this last Silverado. It's ugly as sin compared to the Sierra. I just didn't buy anything... If that stuff is true I'm just done with Chevrolet. I give up.

@NateJensen- I've all but given up as well. I've always bought Chevy trucks and cars but this GMC stuff is now getting old. I tolerated it before, I was upset by the Denali in the 90's but lived with it, I about had it when these 900's came out but still hung on, now I'm about to the point where my love for Chevrolet and GM period is over. I'll never buy anything that says GMC either. It's just cheap. And frankly I resent GM for ruining Chevrolet trucks and making them a 'less than' truck brand now. It really is time to cut the cord and just buy Ford or Dodge trucks and cars and be done with it.

I'll always despise GM for ruining the Bowtie truck line. They really can go to hell for it.

Yikes...GM as a corporation is really burning a hole in their ass with this one.

Kind of sad actually.

I am suprised at how many people believe what someone might have heard from someone. That is the bad thing about maybe knowing in advance. How about we wait until they come out? I know many Ford guys that wished they had a Chevy for the ride alone. I currently have a 2012 and have had 2 Ford guys say how much better it rides and looks than theirs.


Fords beat GM in pretty much everything now...The only place where GM has the edge over Ford is with their Duramax/Allison combo...Other than that though...Ford's the leader, not only in sales but everything else to.

I find these posts very interesting. In the past, any critique of GM/Chev by most of the regulars on this site where met with the rebuttal - Ford gurlymen, haters et al.
I'm amazed at the number of disgruntled Chevy guys posting their opinions.
I do believe Chev/GM has lost their way. A long time ago this site posted a survey on brand loyalty. The majority of Chevy guys would chose Ford or Ram over GM( Sierra).
Only Thirty-four percent would chose GMC.
66% would jump ship.
GM Corp is making a mistake by not taking those statistics into account.
I was planning on buying a Gm truck but the economic meltdown and bailouts soured me. I re-looked at the truck market, and when I looked at my purchase options again, Chevy was at the bottom of the list next to the Titan.
I have to agree with the Chevy guys.
Why spend hard earned money on an ugly truck, or a 2nd place truck, or 5th place truck, or one that doesn't give you what you want.
Until the government sends the police or military into my home, it is my money to spend on what I want or to spend where I want.
GMC doesn't get that.

@JimiJack, you're right. GM has a great engine and transmission combo. If I could get that if a Ford truck it would be perfect.
@Nate.M, you're right as well. GM is making a mistake they'll never be able to take back if they go and downgrade Chevrolet trucks like this. I'm in shock myself. No King Ranch competitor? Second rate looks compared to the Sierra? Really? This is Chevrolet we're talking about right? You know, the competitor to Ford and Ram?

@Jim, I understand what you're saying but most of this backlash is coming from GM's own inside news site. I read through it and I was left in a state of disbelief. Then I read through Mark Reuss's comments posted here on the 14th. He basically said the same thing. I still can't believe they'd do this to Chevy trucks. Making GMC second rate makes sense. It would be making them like they always were for decades on end. Just a second truck for other dealers to carry. To do this to the mighty Chevrolet is about suicidal though. Really, GM is just asking for hate mail, poor Silverado sales and a backlash from dealers and customers alike on a scale never seen before.

@Lou, you are right. It's very odd to me.. Pretty stupid as well. Chevrolet carries Far more brand loyalty than GMC and Chevrolet sells cars to boot. I've seen GMC guys point to the sales of this last Sierra or Acadia. Yet what they don't take into account is this last Sierra (and Acadia) simply looked better than their Chevrolet counterparts and offered a higher interior trim (Denali) just like Ford and Ram do with their Platinum, King Ranch or Laramie Longhorn. If the badges were switched far more Chevrolet's would have been sold. GM is losing more Chevy customers than they are retaining GMC customers over this.

If they insist on keeping both trucks, Both should come with great looks, Both should be available and stripped down models and Both should have premium interior packages. You just don't force people to choose like this. I never thought about this before but the more I analyze it I come to the conclusion that GMC really didn't make any sense to keep. They should have rolled it into Chevrolet last year and just made the Chevrolet's nicer to compete with Ford and Ram. If the Chevrolet's were nicer looking with high trim options more people would buy them. The reason they aren't right now is because Chevrolet does not compete with Ford and Ram. When you look at why that is, it's obvious. GMC... And there's where the hatred from Chevrolet guys comes in. I'd hate GM and GMC too if I were a Chevrolet guy.

Re: Scottsdale edition

In my opion, if there is a Scottsdale edition, it will compete with the 2012 F-150 Lariat. A 2014 Platinum it will not. Nothing will touch the high end 2014 Platinum or whatever else Ford decides to come up with for 2014 as the highest trim. Scottsdale = Lariat fighter.

OK, I read through everything. Mark Reuss says other brands don't have a 'luxury truck'. Well, I have a King Ranch that says different. And Dodge has a Lonhorn that would beg to differ as well. Add to it, When they come out with their 'luxury' truck, Ford and Dodge will just Add a higher luxury trim option over that of which they already have and Trump anything GM does. They don't even have to sell many. All they have to do if offer it as a status symbol. They will market the F-Series and Ram against the Silverado and the Silverado will look so bad it's not even funny. Chevrolet will once again be the laughing stock of the trucking community and it Will damage the nameplate even for the cars.

I Fully back the Chevy guys here. Them not having the top truck sucks as bad for this Ford man as it did when we didn't have the Camaro to compete against (stomp into the ground). GM is full of idiots but this decision is the ultimate in stupidity. For over 100 years Chevrolet by the hand of Louis/Durant and then by GM Purposely was Ford's equal enemy along with Dodge. Camaro,Mustang,Challenger- Corvette,Viper,GT- The list goes on and on. In the last 10 years Ford and Dodge have realized trucks are where the money is at and have taken theirs to the highest level in prestige in All areas. Chevrolet has not and Chevrolet truck guys of many generations have every right to be HOT about it. We're talking 100 years that GM is flipping upside down and saying screw you to Chevrolet truck customers. It's not right.

@Dan, Scottsdale competing against the Lariat is a joke and a flat out slap in the face to Silverado guys. The Lariat is like a Standard upgrade trim. Chevrolet should Already be that good with just the LTZ. Where's Chevrolet's Platinum? Where's their King Ranch?? I wouldn't buy a second best truck either. Are you telling me the second most loved truck and brand in the World cannot offer up a King Ranch equal interior? Seriously? They can't compete? Please.

The Chevy guys Should be mad and dealers should be flipping their lids right now! This is Absolute BS! For once I'm backing Chevrolet. You Bowtie men have this Ford mans support on this issue. What a crappy was to treat your loyal customers.

This the theme song GM will use in commercials for the 2014 GMC Sierra:

We Take Care Of Our Own - Bruce Springsteen


@everyone. Has anyone driven a Tundra, once you have and realized the power that the Japanese scientists incorporated there will no longer be care for talk about other trucks because all will be to busy enjoying the drive.

I think almost everybody agrees the current GMT900 is dated and probably wasn't GM's best effort to begin with. If I was buying a half ton today GM would probably be 4th on my list so I get that part.

What I don't get is the drama over trim packages that haven't been seen in a truck that hasn't been seen. The emotional trauma on here is like what I remember in junior high.

Having said that, trim packages sell and make money. Instead of badge and trim packages I think GM will be better served by designing a good interior that can be customized the same way as high end vehicles.

Example: I'd like an LTZ with two-tone titanium/black leather and carbon fibre panels. Mom and dad would probably like an LTZ with a classic beige leather and wood panles so it reminds them of the Buick. Have stainless panels and maybe even go back to blue or red seating materials like they used to have. The retro cars are doing this why not trucks?

Have colors and materials that can be customized to your liking along with some lighting options trumps any type of high end trim/badge/sticker package.

Why do you want a Silverado King Ranch if you can build your trim to your own liking? King Ranch interior is outstanding but why can't I get it on my Lariat? Even if it costs $500 extra, no problem. Why do I have to pay for a bunch for badges and etchings to get this interior?

If GM doesn't go the customizing route somebody else should. This does show how important marketing is and how buyers are a bunch of barking seals. Give me something a bit different, put some options in it that are only avaible in that model, add some cool badges, add excesive cost then please let me pay for it!!! bark bark bark

I'd rather build my own trim and forget the KR, Longhorn and Denali.

130+ mostly stupid comments based on four pictures and a four paragraph article that don't tell or show us anything new.

I wouldn't want a custom interior. It would have poor resale value. It needs to be a package like my King Ranch is. Add to it, King Ranch makes the Ford name worth more money. Even if I didn't own a King Ranch, the fact that it existed in the same Ford line adds more value to my base truck. Chevrolet will be dead over this within a short period of time. Especially after seeing this new Dodge interior.

This is why they make trim packages. People think it makes the truck valuable and will pay more money for it. Residule value is residule value.

I don't buy my XLT thinking that the KR is making it more valuable.

Flooding the market with trim packages adds profit but you're fooling yourself if you thinking this enhances value to the lesser trucks. Have you seen the resale on a domestic half ton over the last few years?

" Mark Reuss says other brands don't have a luxury truck."

This goes to show how GM Corp is stuck under a rock!

F'ken clueless about products!

GM is well aware of the big gamble it has with the upcoming, 2014 Trucks, so far with the Equinox, theTerrain, the Lacrosse, the Camaro, the Cruze, and even still; the Cadillac CTS, those vehicles are getting high marks from consumers as compaerd with the GM vehicles from 2006 and earlier, so it's quite clear that the next Silverado and the Sierra won't dissapoint. Whether it be its looks, Towing and Payload Capacity and Body integrity, GM is also quite aware of the fact that it will once again have to compete with with an all new Tundra which is schedueled for a redisign that same model year. So if you can compare how bad in quality GM vehicles where not too long ago, we can all agree with some of the vehicles I just mentioned, they clearly have allowed GM to once again earn a good reputation, even with Consumer Reports.

Which would you rather have - a nice up-to-date interior with all the bells and whistles that lasts and lasts or a broken down beat up Chevy LTZ? The proof of this is in F-series being voted the best resale by KBB of on full-size truck.

The old Chevy Equinox wasn't very refined. The redesigned Equinox is decent but the higher trim models are NOTHING like a Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, Harley interior.

From CR:

at the 2:50 mark

All hard plastics, some pieces are lose, sharp edges, the buttons don't line up right, and other annoyances.

If the Equinox is the standard, you're not going to beat a King Ranch or Platinum or Harley with this.


Theres no doubt that the Ford F-Series has earned a good reputation with consumers but, don't count on me waisting my money on that truck in comparisson with what my "10" Sierra Denali has to offer!


One thing I hate about dash controls are buttons that don't line up.

GM got lazy on the design.


One thing I hate about dash controls are buttons that don't line up.

GM got lazy on the design.

Posted by: Frank | Jan 26, 2012 12:22:45 PM

I bought my wife a 2011 Equinox 1LT last summer. All of the buttons on the dash line up fine and all fit and finish details are very good. We couldn't say the same about the 2011 Escape that we looked at. One quick look at those was enough for us. We looked at an Edge, but it was bigger than what we wanted. Fit and finish on those were good, but I didn't think those vehicles had much personality. After 10,000 miles and nearly 7 months, the Equinox continues to impress us.

Chevy die-hards have every right to be pissed. The current Sierra is arguably one of the best looking trucks ever made while the Silverado belongs in the ugly Hall of Fame. The Silverado front end looks incomplete, like the designers ran out of time or something and the fender flares are just plain ridiculous. Fugly doesn't even begin to describe it.

Personally, if I were in the market right now I would have no problem buying a GMC instead of a Chevy, the nameplate is just not that important to me. However, I sympathize with the bowtie brigade.

2011 Escape is based on a 2001. Try comparing the Equinox to the new 2013 Escape. There is no comparison in quality and fit and finish of new Ford products.

"Personally, if I were in the market right now I would have no problem buying a GMC instead of a Chevy..."

That's because the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado are very similar right now. Next year is what matters. When the new GMC Sierra gets the better looks, the luxury trim, and more features than the Chevy Silverado, Chevy buyers should have a problem with that. Why should you have to buy a truck that advertises Goverment Motors Company to get the better truck?

2011 Escape is based on a 2001. Try comparing the Equinox to the new 2013 Escape. There is no comparison in quality and fit and finish of new Ford products.

Posted by: Tim | Jan 26, 2012 1:36:20 PM

Yep. Ford does have a knack for keeping vehicles around for 10+ years before doing a complete redesign. This sort of philosophy sure saves a lot in development costs I suppose and increases profits. I can't think of any other manufacturer right now that is dragging out designs longer than Ford. Surely their philosophy on this has changed in the last year or so. Lord knows several of you have been critical of GM for keeping a design around for 4-5 years.

Yes. It would be must better to be like GM: spend gratuitously, file bankruptcy and ask for a bailout.

Yes. It would be must better to be like GM: spend gratuitously, file bankruptcy and ask for a bailout.

Posted by: Tom | Jan 26, 2012 1:52:38 PM

Fair enough. Ford did borrow their share of money in the last 4 years to dig themselves out of a major hole, including 5.9 billion from the US Gov to refurbish manufacturing plants and 15 billion to Ford Motor Credit to bail them out. I read recently that they got loans from the federal governmet at that time due to them being a class whatever it was credit risk. No lender was willing to do business with them during the recession period, it was noted.
The truth is, none of the Big Three are immune from criticism for greed and bad business decisions. This includes Ford. I am soured on all three of them, but I would rather do business with them to keep from buying a foreign nameplate and help out an American manufacturer.
I also believe that Ford fans shoudn't have a "Ford does no wrong mentality." I am seeing a lot of that on this forum, and I think it is plain foolish to be honest.

Yes. It would be must better to be like GM: spend gratuitously, file bankruptcy and ask for a bailout.

Posted by: Tom | Jan 26, 2012 1:52:38 PM

That is funny! I remember a time back in the 70s and 80s when Ford had a problem with cars and trucks popping out of park and rolling away. In some cases I think people were killed. Ford begged the government not to issue a recall as it would send them in to bankruptcy. Sounds pretty chicken Sh## to me. Please forgive me though because Ford is a changed company that loves and cares for the American people.

John, That is bunch of pious baloney. There was no recall becasue there was no defect. The problem was people not putting their vehicles in park. Back in those days there were trans gears that said park. Ford made a design change to remove the "ark" from the word Park to make sure people were going fully in park.

Government officials were aware of park-to-reverse complaints and accidents involving non-Ford vehicles. There was no defect. Ford could not find a defect. NHTSA could not find any defect. In Canada, Canada officials could not find a defect.

In the end it was determined that Ford would send a letter and label to instruct people to put their cars fully in park, set the e-brake and make sure the ignition is off.

This myth has already been shot down on this website and you can read about it here.



@SteveP - I do agree that all of the companies are guilty of bad decisions. Most of the bloggers feel that the high end GMC and Low end Chevy plan is a bad idea.
I personally don't care what the badge says, I'll buy what I think is the best truck, with the features that I like, for the cash I'm willing to spend.
I agree that the Escape is a dated and crappy small SUV. That is where buying based on brand bias can lead a person to a bad decision.
I may love my F150 but I sure as hell won't buy an Escape. The next gen may be different. Same goes for Chevy/GM.
If the next gen Chevy/Gm trucks are better than Ford, give me the features I want, for the price I'm willing to pay, I'll have no problems buying one. I'm not going to hold my breath or pass up a better product while I wait.

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