Spied! Dual-Exhaust Ford-F-150 FX2

Photo by KGP Photography

We just received these from Glenn Paulina, who says one of his guys caught an odd-looking Ford F-150 FX2 running around the streets of Michigan. Here's what he said:

"We caught a Ford F-150 test truck rocking a set of dual exhaust pipes unlike anything in Ford's current truck lineup. During the chase to grab some photos for closer study, the truck mule headed straight to the SVT/Roush development complex responsible for Ford's hottest products, including the SVT Raptor and a range of Mustang special projects. We're now wondering if a new version of Ford's F-150 Lightning could be in the works.

"The exhaust tips stick straight out the back, which seriously affects departure angles, so it would appear that off-roading is not the main focus of this pickup. Based on the F-150's FX2 Sport package (at least according to the graphic package and largely supported by the stance of this particular truck), it looks like this pickup is being designed to master the tarmac, leaving the Raptor to bash the back roads and two-tracks.

"The truck does have an EcoBoost badge, but that is likely to be nothing more than a remnant of the donor truck, modified with a new engine setup, creating the early test mule you see roaming the streets of Dearborn. We asked a Ford insider what was going on with this latest test truck, and he merely grinned, telling us nothing, but definitely piquing our interest. We'll remain on the case on this one, looking for more details, and perhaps some audio to get a better idea of what's going on under the skin of the F-150."

We're not sold on the notion the Lightning is coming back, but we did notice a thick tube wrapped behind the rear diff that seems oddly out of place. That would not be a good way to route the exhaust and it doesn't look rigid enough to be any kind of stablility-enhancing device. For now, it will have to remain a mystery. 

F-150 Lightning rear


5.0 ecoboost. One of the Ford engineers made a comment about at a ride and drive I went to.

Hawt diggity dawg! Two tail pipes and a screamin' EcoBoost to make the Chevy kids cry!

Ford is copying Dodge

Umm... Any indication why this couldn't just be some redbird's aftermarket job??????

Nothing will ever top the 454 Chevy SS for me. Even if it's dog slow by todays standards. It's still my favorite of the 'Sport/Race' trucks. I wish Chevy would bring it back..

Leave it to Ford... AGAIN. Those guys have everything under the sun when it comes to trucks. The SFA Super Duty, E-boost F-150's, High dollar interiors, The Raptor and now the Lightning is back? I don't know why I bother being a Chevy guy any longer. I really don't.

Are we supposed to know who redbird is? I must have missed that.

If it has some weird factory numbers/lettering on it and if it pulled into the Ford SVT facility, it's not just somebody's aftermarket job.

No surprise, somebody on Fords special equipment team drives a Ford -150 FX2 with an exhaust on it.

Hey Lou, What's your take on the pipe shown on the last couple of pictures?

with indentifcation decals on the front and back window like that?

5.0 ecoboost Brian? Have mercy.

Bring back the Flarside/Stepside bed on it!

the current 3.5 Ecoboost can probably ring in at 140-150 hp/liter if Ford wanted to. if it was 150/L that would be 525 hp and they could probably get about that much torque too.

It would make a pretty decent Lightning although 5.0 Ecoboost would probably ring in around 600 hp and not require nearly the boost.

Ford will always be the best built truck ever made. Good job ford!!!

@MMP - interesting to say the least. Looking at the way it crosses over from the right, it doesn't make sense for anything other than looks. I would think that having the 2 pipes out the right side would be less restrictive.
One can speculate about engine configurations, but you can mount a catback exhaust system with dual tailpipes on anything.
I've never been a fan of exhaust pipes straight out the back. Like the story mentioned, it wrecks departure angles, and I can recall many times where I've backed my truck up to a dirt pile to unload quads or dirt bikes, or even to load up sand for my boy's sandbox. Those kind of pipes would get wrecked real easily for anyone who uses their trucks anywhere but the urban jungle.

Redbird is synonymous with Redneck. Sorry for the confusion. Still, I'm failing to follow the clues you guys apparently are from these shots to the prospect of a 5.0 EcoBoost lighting. Steeeeetch that imagination.

Splendid, this truck, and I'm on a date with a hot blonde right now.

Not sure why Ford would build a 5.0L Ecoboost for a Lightning. Not when they have the supercharged 5.8L thats going in the next Mustang GT 500. The exhaust on this truck screems aftermarket. If they are going to offer it from factory they have more work to do.

"Those kind of pipes would get wrecked real easily for anyone who uses their trucks anywhere but the urban jungle."

Ford loses and GM wins, again!

@Lou, yes interesting but it also looks somewhat sloppy. Can't figure out what ford is doing here. Thought you could help me make sense of it. Thanks.

Never seen spilt tailpipes on Ford Performance Vehicles products, they are usually siamesed. This is the supercharged
5 Litre V8 Ute. 450hp , 420lbs ft .

The Turbocharged Straight Six 415hp engine is the same 416lbs ft at 1950 rpm.

Oops Should be for the Sedan.

They need to radius into the rear bumper like Dodge, looks cleaner and doesn't hurt clearance as much.

Would that smiling Ford insider's initials be ML?

I'm betting we'll be seeing a dual exhaust setup like Dodge on the 5.0L in the future. With EcoBoost dominating sales, 5.0L's aren't moving very well (5.0 get an extra $1000 rebate on 2011's due to excess inventory. The only reason to pick a 5.0 over an EcoBoost is to get the V8 sound, so adding dual exhaust and leveraging that would only make sense.

Tell ML to stop smiling and start spilling beans! :)

Looks like a Borla exhaust system. I've seen some of the 04-08 f150s with the Borla system that have pipe going across like that.

I'm actually a bit surprised that to date Dodge is the only truck that offers dual exhaust from factory.I think they all should,and maybe they will with the new laws on fuel economy coming.I think it's a great thing,more performance,better fuel economy(in some cases) depending on driving habits lol,and with all of the muffler options available you can get it to sound the way you like.

Dual exhaust on an EB F150? LOL Let's see, an engine with twin turbo chargers and dual exhaust oughta make this engine sound like crap. Maybe if Ford would try and put factory dual exhuast on an F150 equipped with the 5.0L V8.

Side exit is best for towing.

Side exit is also better if you have to stand behind the truck or load the bed while it is running.

That is just a Roush Dual Exhaust kit! I had one on my 2007! Whippe Do!

That was just RiseupCrewman. He hates anything new. Do you know what a mule is?

We can only hope for a 5.0 EcoBoost. Mercedes has a 4.6 V8 GTDI in its cars. I also prefer side exit exhausts when hitching and unhitching trailers while the engine is running.

The tag shows the truck is owned by the manufacturer. I seriously doubt they would put an aftermarket exhaust on the truck. It's a mule.

Nevermind departure angles, the first love tap you get from some uninsured motorist and your fancy tailpipes are scrap.

Dual exhaust is impractical work trucks anyway. Useless and it adds to the cost. Sucker born every minute.

Big deal. Duals on a truck that dates back to 2004...YAWN!!!
But the Ford fan girlies are having wet dreams over it....hilarious!! If Ford decided to put duals on its Expedition that dates back to 1997, that would be news worthy for this website, too. Ford LOSES AGAIN...AND AGAIN....AND AGAIN....AND AGAIN....AND AGAIN.....AND AGAIN

Looks like a cheap add on...

Dodge does it right with its exhaust on the RAM,through the bumper,looks like it belongs not like the Ford's cheap looking style,looks like a 16 year old slapped it on !!

A 5L Eco-Boost is on its way for 2014

@MMP - it doesn't look very tidy. Perhaps Roush/Ford is trying to "camo" an EB 3.5 performance package.
I am puzzled by the fact that the bozo's taking the pictures didn't roll down the windows to hear what the truck sounded like. A comment based on engine note would of answered more questions. Any guy familiar with trucks can do a good job of guesstimating what is under the hood by the exhaust note.

Just ford copying dodge again


Someone put dual exhaust on a Ford. WHO CARES! Don't post garbage like this!

I read an article awhile back that if you're one to do any kind of towing with a camper or similiar hookup, you don't want to have duals coming straight out (like Dodge) as you'll be blowing exhaust all over whatever you tow. Need to have rear side.

It depends on the setup. The ram from the factory isn't loud enough to generate much of an echo from say a toy hauler. However, if you open it up a bit with cat back or true duals then here is what's suggested for those who tow campers and box trailers, basically anything tall with a wall of the front of the trailer. Side or angled side exit or if rear is absolutely a must then put turndowns on. If you have a loud exhaust and have rear exit it becomes 10 times louder when towing with the exhaust gases bouncing off of it especially when your on the throttle.

Ford needs to make dual exhaust out the back a option!

Also need a V8 Ecoboost is needed!

@ supercrew02. Why would blowing exhaust on your camper be a problem? My 93 Cummins blows black smoke all over either of my holiday trailers (one was an "expandable" type with the front panel of the trailer folding down to a tent trailer style bed)and there is never any residue on it or smell in it. I can't see the exhaust from a new gas engine truck from any brand being a problem.

Being that this is a supercab to begin with, not a regular cab; and it is pretty much a stock looking FX2 ride height, wheels....; it doesn't lend too much to the rumor of this being a Lightning prototype. Unless this is just for dyno/tuning sessions with the chassis work being done on another mule.
My guess is that this could more likely be a test mule for a Harley edition than any Lightning.

License plate camo fail!

Nothing beats the thru-the-bumper dual rear exhaust of the current RAM. It's just done right

Roush/Magnaflow Exhaust kit in pre-production testing. Once completed they will add it to the Ford Racing catalog, and offer it at the dealer so it will be covered under warranty. Just manufacturers trying to capitalize on the aftermarket.

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