Spied! Dual-Exhaust Ford-F-150 FX2

Photo by KGP Photography

We just received these from Glenn Paulina, who says one of his guys caught an odd-looking Ford F-150 FX2 running around the streets of Michigan. Here's what he said:

"We caught a Ford F-150 test truck rocking a set of dual exhaust pipes unlike anything in Ford's current truck lineup. During the chase to grab some photos for closer study, the truck mule headed straight to the SVT/Roush development complex responsible for Ford's hottest products, including the SVT Raptor and a range of Mustang special projects. We're now wondering if a new version of Ford's F-150 Lightning could be in the works.

"The exhaust tips stick straight out the back, which seriously affects departure angles, so it would appear that off-roading is not the main focus of this pickup. Based on the F-150's FX2 Sport package (at least according to the graphic package and largely supported by the stance of this particular truck), it looks like this pickup is being designed to master the tarmac, leaving the Raptor to bash the back roads and two-tracks.

"The truck does have an EcoBoost badge, but that is likely to be nothing more than a remnant of the donor truck, modified with a new engine setup, creating the early test mule you see roaming the streets of Dearborn. We asked a Ford insider what was going on with this latest test truck, and he merely grinned, telling us nothing, but definitely piquing our interest. We'll remain on the case on this one, looking for more details, and perhaps some audio to get a better idea of what's going on under the skin of the F-150."

We're not sold on the notion the Lightning is coming back, but we did notice a thick tube wrapped behind the rear diff that seems oddly out of place. That would not be a good way to route the exhaust and it doesn't look rigid enough to be any kind of stablility-enhancing device. For now, it will have to remain a mystery. 

F-150 Lightning rear


What a SISSY LOOKING TRUCK! TWO WHEEL DRIVE ARE FOR PU..IES! It's like the difference between a V6 Camaro vs a V8 Camaro, NO COMARISON! PU..y truck vs a MAN TRUCK!

Ford isnt putting it on their trucks..all it is for is test fitting a roush exhaust for an ecoboost..i have the same exhaust on my f150

They shoulda tuck it in like the Dodge cars.

They tried to copy the Ram but did a poor job at it. At least Ram was smart and has nice looking bumper cut-outs on an awesome looking truck, that Ford looks like a crappy rip off try that fails miserabley

Nobody is copying a third place truck.

This is a mule for testing or someone's (either a person or a company) truck.

5.0L "Ecoboost" could be the new GT500 engine. They are rumored to be working on a boosted Coyote to replace the 5.4L supercharged engine they use now.

It's kinda cool the third place truck is kikin ass

Hey guys, the truck that you are looking at will be an SVT F-150. I saw a 4-door SVT F-150 at Troyer Performance, Inc. today. It looks like it's ready to go on a dealer's lot right now. I know what motor is in it and what's on it, and I have pictures to prove this, but I cannot give that information. Mike Troyer gave me specific guidelines about what I can talk about. I'm guessing that it is capable of 500-650 hp easily.

Oh ,By the way , The truck you see in this picture above looks nothing like what I saw today. Anyone who thinks the SVT will look like this is high on crack!!!!

That can't be factory, the right tailpipe hangs lower than the the left one. Ford would take the time to make sure everything is symmetrical. Not some hack job by a cheesy muffler shop. Especially the way the tailpipe runs right by the differential. It's definitely the exhaust. This is not some factory 2013 or 14 f-150 thats been spied.

If Ford decides to build a Lightning, it will be unbeatable - just like the last generation Lightning. Ford has made no bones about having its sights on being the #1 domestic manufacturer. Look at the 2013 GT500. GM rolls out the 580hp ZL1 Camaro & Ford literally farts in their face with the 650hp GT500 before the ZL1 even has a chance to realize its 15 minutes of fame. To top it off, the Ford has more HP & no gas guzzler tax like the ZL1 does.

No bail out, better products & more innovation - that's an American car company I can get behind.

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Beautiful truck! I wonder if it runs good as it looks. We'll definitely have this is my list to buy!

max...stop being a typical liberal fanboy. it's ok to be jealous that a small v-6 with tiny turbos can outtow and outperform your giant v-8's :)...oh and the blinding fact that no matter how high you go on the trim level on a chevy...they are still bleak and LACKING inside the cabin. no comfort AT ALL...kinda like a dodge. enjoy your nerdrage

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