Suzuki Equator Follows Nissan Frontier Recall

2011 Suzuki Equator

The same recall that affected late-model Nissan Frontiers we announced here just after Christmas will also require the Suzuki Equator to follow the same protocol, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. For those who may not know, the Suzuki Equator is a clone of the Nissan Frontier, rebadged with Suzuki logos and a few stylistic and packaging changes.

Suzuki is recalling a small number — 73, largely because not many new Equators have been sold in the past few months — of its 2011 and 2012 Equator pickups because of faulty bolts connecting the engine oil cooler and the engine oil filter to the engine. The same sensors and resulting problems could ensue.

Suzuki will notify owners by Jan. 19. The repair to the engine connector bolts will be covered by each owner's vehicle warranty, Suzuki says.

For more info, owners can call Suzuki at 714-996-7040 or NHTSA's vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236.


OUCH!!! Only 73 sold?

Too bad they don't sell too many of these. Nissan use to make one great small truck. For years Datsun (Nissan) lead the compact truck market. This truck is probably a pretty good truck despite this recall. It would be nice to see Nissan once again be competitive in the compact truck market and for Suzuki to develop their own small trucks. Hint downsize this to the Ranger size, price it lower, and increase the mpgs.

I didn't even know Suzuki sold a truck.

@Jeff. The Suzuki is not sold here either.

Where is the 2011 year-end sales total?


No 73 of the number of Equators sold were recalled.
Personally I have yet to see one in my area.

As in the late American Ranger. I'm wondering why they can't have a truck in (at least) three sizes like crossovers/SUVs and passenger cars... small, medium and large.

The Suzuki equator has two sizes crew cab and extended can what more do you want? If you want single go to Chevrolet gmc or Toyota. I have a Chevy Colorado and I just bought a Suzuki equator RMZ-4 2011. This truck Mudding does awesome! Drive it through a pond that's like thick clay. Locked up the rear axle drove right out of it!. Despite the fuel effiency it's not bad. Compared to a new Chevy Colorado the Suzuki wins no matter how many MPG-S it gets. The Colorado for $29,900 bucks you don't get a sport package as a matter a fact they don't have a sport package, doesn't come with a locking axle, hill descent, or the horsepower, unless you get the V-8 and it doesn't come with a 5 speed automatic! Their you go. Warranty is better also even if it's a Nissan rebadged!

This post is quite interesting and having a brief explanation on Sujuki Equator.

I have a 2012 suzuki equator and have had no problems with it.
However, I want to add speakers to it, and I'm being told the interior of the crew cab is different from the frontier. Look the same to me. Anyone know for a fact?

I own an Equator and all I can say is I LOVE MY TRUCK!!!Pulled out Jeep's, Chevy's and quite a few other unlucky souls. RMZ4 is the only vehicle I have ever seen that comes with factory lockers & 12 different 4x4 combos! Haven't seen a situation yet that's too tough for this truck to handle. I live on the border of WV & VA in the coal fields and we get plenty of snow. Snow has never stopped me from going anywhere. So I have to say to all out there.....try'll love this truck!!! Rock climbs, off roadin, mud, sand, snow, ice, whatever gets thrown my way this truck does it all. And as far as a day to day work vehicle it rides great on the highway and handles awesomely on these super curvy 2 lane back roads. All in all..........BEST TRUCK I'VE EVER OWNED!!

I have a 2011 Equator. It's an awesome truck, love it! But I didn't get a recall in the mail. And now Suzuki pulled out of the US. How can I find out if my truck is affected?

Hey all glad I found this site read all your comments and they are 99% positive. I've been looking for a mid size truck to replace my Ford F150 which is starting to nickle and dime me. So I went to a local dealer to see what he had in his inventory and noticed sitting in the corner of the lot this beautiful vibrant blue Suzuki Equator RMZ4, took it for a test drive and said to myself I want this truck. Has 29,000 miles on it and in excellent
condition. I'm picking it up tomorrow and can't wait to put my stamp on it.

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