The Next Dodge Dakota: More Intel From Chrysler CEO

Dakota Rampage
By Patrick Olsen
In a group interview this afternoon at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne said the next-generation Dodge Dakota (really its replacement) has a “better than 50 percent chance of being a unibody truck.” 

As many will recall, the last Dakota came off the Warren, Mich., assembly line in August. Ford, likewise, stopped production of its Ranger just last month.

Reports have been circulating about Dodge re-entering the small-truck segment with a more modern, Honda Ridgeline-like replacement (a la the Rampage concept, shown several years ago), while Jeep could return to the segment with a more rugged, frame-based truck. 
In addition to his chassis comments, Marchionne said there is a good chance there will be a diesel-engine variant available as well. “Right now we’re struggling with getting the capabilities of the vehicle right,” he said. When asked to elaborate, Marchionne noted that pickup owners have very specific demands for payload and towing, and the unibody approach can make getting the recipe just right somewhat difficult.
Asked when shoppers might see the next Dakota, Marchionne just raised his eyebrows.


It was good to read the comments of the "Dodge Truck Loyalists", but I also like Ford and Chevy. It's been said that the Japanese are "good copycats", and then they make their product better than the original. Take heed American car builders!

We want a real small pickup like the second gen Dakota like chevy is building.not every one wants a monster truck.And the v6 diesel would be nice

I traded my 2011 Dakota in on a 13 Nissan Frontier. What a disappoint. The Dakota was a great truck,fit in my garage,towed my boat and looked cool. Dodge was nuts for dropping it and should bring it back. The honda look alike will never make it. After 2 months in this Frontier I hope i never own another v-6 truck of any kind. The thing will get 23 mpg at 50 mph and 18 at 70 mpg and 14 around town. My V-8 Dakota would get 22 mpg at 70 mph and 16 around town. The Dakota was a way better truck for the same money. Dodge needs to rethink the midsize market. There's definatily room fro another Dakota and i'd buy it in a heartbeat, it just has to look like a truck. I know I'll never buy another Frontier.

Haha, dodge you have 100% went down the toilet, i would rather eat a jar of rusty nickels before you see me in such a disgrace. I personally think dodge should have been shut down, instead of fiat turning them into a joke, at least go out with some dignity

As the owner of a 2001 Dakota Sport they can't do much to improve on the old style ,power and usefulness of that truck. I bought it new and it still looks, drives and works like new. I have a 7.5 ft. long steel snowplow on it and it never once had a problem pushing 3 ft. deep snow. You just take of the truck and it will last forever. Works better than my brothers f250 ford cause it is just as strong yet fits in tight places. Dodge stoped making then cause they were too good. They last forever with a little TLC. 4.7 lt. w/ 4x4 and you will push/pull or out run any other truck in its class.

it looks like a troll, i have a few ideas. like idk you can have a solid frame have a range of motors like maybe a 3.9l, or a 5.2l lets just call those motors magnums, then it could have solid rear axle 4 wheel drive and base the look of the truck after a big rig like you did before. is it just me or were the rams from 94-01 the best looking things in the world, your thinking to hard on this new truck just goo old school

well im glad they never made that ugly ass junk. i just wish they would bring back the design of the late 90's early 00's.

who ever designed the dakota for its last few years needs to have his fingers removed.

I would like to see a new Dakota but not a unibody like the ridgeline we want a real truck like the 2nd gen Dakota with diesel avalibility

So what happened to the concept of the ram model, just smaller. Think about all the possibilities as to why it was bought in the late 90's and early 00's. Hmmmm. Get back to it.

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