We're In Detroit for the 2012 NAIAS

NAIAS 2012 Ext
It's that time of year again. We're in Detroit, Michigan, for the 2012 North American International Auto Show. Probably not a lot of pickup truck news this year but we'll be digging and checking in with a few of our "deep throat" connections. We'll see if we can't get a few of our informants to loosen their lips. 

Likewise, we'll be updating as much as we can and provide as many photos from the show floor as possible. Let us know what you want to see and it'll be like your right here with us, except you won't have to deal with the freezing cold. More to come. 


I am sure everything will be about the high and mighty Ferd Motor Co. Boooorrrinnnggggg..........

Would be interested in any truck news you can pry out of Toyota. New GM & Chevy trucks in the very near future, both midsize and full size. Ford has already stepped up their offering in the F150.

When will we see smaller displacement direct injection engines in the Tacoma and Tundra? Turbos?

Would like to know any info on Ram trucks. Present and future. And if theres any updating on the current model truck?

Any expected releases at the NAIAS? I was kinda hoping we would see at least a prototype/concept of Gm's GMT900 replacement.

@ Bob P,
What and where did Ford step up with 150? Did I miss something? They have NOT done anything major to it in a decade!!!!!!!!!!!! Other than new engines.

Excellent! Maybe a night out with a free drink or two will loosen some lips. The Japanese love their beer and sake. :)

@Brian 2013 will have a restyled front clip and the 3.6L Pentastar V6.

Ram's future is interesting, more interesting though would be if they'd finally release any information about their lifestyle truck. Dear God please don't let it be an expensive gas-guzzling car replacement like the Ridgeline.

I, personally, am also waiting for information about when they finally put the Multiair system into the Patriot.


They stepped up when they came out with class leading engines that stomped on the entire GM engine line.

Would be interesting to see any future prototypes that any of them have especially any that are compact to midsize. I would be interested to see if Hyundai and Kia have any models of future trucks since the US has negotiated a new trade deal with South Korea and since Ford has left the midsize and compact truck market in the US and Canada. They probably won't display those but I bet they have some prototypes made.

@ A.J

Are there any plans or rumors on future Ram trucks past the 2013 model year like a new model or engines?

I'd like to know what the auto makers are going to do to meet new mpg requirements.
I'm curious about the next get GM twins, and next gen Tundra. Those are the biggest unknowns right now.
Ford has played their cards already in the drivetrain arena, and Ram has let enough information leak that most truck guys have a good idea as to what they are planning.
Nissan is an unkown as well. They have been testing a Cummins 4 banger.
Ram or Nissan with a Cummins would be a next gen show stopper that would upstage anything from the competition.

Can you sniff around and tell us what GM truck engines are coming?

He said let him know what you want to SEE, ie pictures, not what you want to hear and all the impossible questions you want answered.

When is the new Expedition due?

On GM inside news they where saying there's suppose to be a Sliverado Concept

Yeah there is and as reported by Mark Williams and PUTC weeks ago!!!

GM - Give me something on the new K2 trucks. Can you put a world class interior in a 50K truck or will we continue to get leftover styling and materials?

Dodge - Exterior styling is great, interior is fantastic, Cummins is unequaled. Will you ever get a real transmission (Allison) for the Ram HD? Add that to the package and you can OWN the HD space.

Ford - 6.7 seems solid, PowerTorque is serving well. When is a real update to the Super Duty body coming? Did SuperChief just ride off and die?

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