XPLORE Tacoma is Ready for Adventure

Venchurs Tacoma Tent II
You may remember Venchurs Inc. from our 2011 SEMA covervage where we highlighted the Red Jacket Firearms JK8 as one of our favorite vehicles of the show. Venchurs (also called VWerks) has been around  for almost 30 years in one way or another, but is just now getting into supplying different OEMs with various types of outdoor adventure packages.

Their most recent endeavor is the new XPLORE Toyota Tacoma that will be offered in four different, progressive stages, where each package increases the capability and fun-factor of the vehicle, as well as the price. These packages will be available at the dealerships nationwde, along with similar packages for the FJ and 4Runner. 

The packages include a Stage 1 setup that features a leather interior and various TRD parts and accessories. Stage 2 offers black aluminum wheels, BFG tires, Bilstein adjustable shocks, and a custom cat-back exhaust. Stage 3 is more serious with an ARB roof rack, roof-top tent, recovery gear and options like IPF lights and a Warn winch. Stage 4 is basically a built-to-order vehicle with everything and anything you want that needs to be built at either they're So. Cal or Michigan facilities. As you might imagine, pricing will vary depending how much and what you want, but expect Stage 1 to be a few thousand dollars, while Stage 3 and 4 can get well north of $10,000. 

Venchurs tacoma front
Each XPLORE vehicle comes with a one-year pass to the nation's National Parks and to they're quarterly lifestyle journal. We like the concept and it will be interesting to see if this gets popular or if it will stay a novelty. From some of the early production units we've seen, Venchurs does quality work but we're not sure how big the market is for more expensive specialty packages that you can only use when you have vacation time, assuming you're not a backcountry ranger.  

For more information on national parks, go to www.nps.gov. For information on Venchurs, go to their website. And for more information on the various types of XPLORE vehicles being offered, you can go to www.XPLOREvehicles.com

Venchurs Tacoma Int

Venchurs tacoma bumper

Venchurs Tacoma rear


Looks like a lift kit on the tacoma. Wonder if they will warranty driveline vibration and front differential bearing problems.

wonder how a person would feel up there in that tent during a windstorm..

Or... for the same price of a stage 4 you can get a more powerful more capable Raptor.

If it's a rockin, don't come a knockin...

Better not get into the tent while you are running the engine. Hope the 12V outlet works while the truck is off.

I love it.

I got a tent just like that on my ladder rack.
Except I've got it on a 1st gen Tundra that when new, cost about half the price of that tacoma with all the options.

I've decided that every truck should be painted with rhino lining.
I might seriously do that on my next truck. Or hell, even the ones I got now.

Sweet setup, i like that.

Cool! I like it!

Sounds like a copied press release. I guess no one proofed this?

"...and to they're quarterly lifestyle journal"
"...at either they're So. Cal or Michigan facilities."
they're == "they are"


@Mark Williams@ Scott @ Max. There are a lot of people doing not only tents like the above but unconventional truck Campers in Australia. My Listing of Conventional and Uncoventional Truck Campers I did for RV NET. It does not include Tents makers.

Does that Flat Black/Gray paint job come with one of the packages? That paint looks awesome!!


@ WhOUbU I agree. The paint/finish or whatever it is looks amazing.

I love the colour. Looks like a sensible, and capable offroader. I wouldn't want a tent like that. Where whould most guys carry their 12 ft aluminum boat or canoe? I guess the high up tent would keep the city slickers more happy and less paranoid about bears, wolverines and cougars. (All of which can climb and jump pretty high.). Just don't get too drunk and forget about the ladder ;)

These trucks should stay off the roads where they belong. I would have bought a small truck but I would have caused thousands of dollars worth of damage when I went to try to tow my car trailer. The posers I see who try to use small trucks like this to tow make me laugh. I have years of experience at the all American-Tow Off they hold in Indiana every year. NASA even called me in for advice on what kind of size ball-hitch they should put on the next shuttle.
Just the other day I was driving down the interstate in my all custom 1992 -------- 1/2 ton truck while pulling my home-made goose neck loaded with 12,000 lbs, when I looked to the lane next to me. There was some guy using a 2002 tacoma to pull a small trailer with a mower on it. Needles to say he lost control of it and careened out of control. My towing sense was tingling so I leapt out my window and through his open passenger window. I grabbed the wheel and got it under control. He then banished me to the negative zone and took my original name, so as only to masquerade as me tho telling the world the opposite as I would...

@ Nega-oxi you got me rolling on the floor thats funny as hell LOL

Nega-Oxi for the win!

@ Nega-oxi Can you look for Nega-bob while your stuck over there? We would probably like him a lot better than our bob.

Somebody check my pulse, I may have died laughing!

Nega-Oxi, as usual you're an ignorant tool. Other than that, this thing looks awesome.

I'm liking the Flat Black paint job.

@ Ryan, "Wonder if they will warranty driveline vibration and front differential bearing problems."
I installed a 3 inch lift on my Tacoma when it had 6,000 miles and I now have 200,000 miles on it with not one single problem.

@Dafish Which lift kit do you have? Is that on a 1st gen or 2nd gen?

You’d freeze your a** off in the tent up in the air like that.

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Great article. This car is definitely the one you'll need for going out on a trip! Looks wonderful! Nice photos by the way.

you people with money make me laugh.you want to go to the outdoors,with all the comforts of your home.you always want everything easy and cool looking.I wonder if a butler comes along with the purchase of this truck.now that would be really cool.

Looks like Xplore is out of business. :-(

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