2011 Pickup Truck Sales Recap

2011 Sales chart II

We know, we know. It's already February, and we haven't gotten around to wrapping up the 2011 sales numbers. Here's the complete breakdown of pickup truck sales, truck by truck, in the U.S. (Sorry, Canada.)

We've broken down the three segments — midsize, half-ton and heavy-duty — and shown exactly how their sales numbers compare. We should note we have not made this a "light-truck" sales data report but instead kept it as pure as possible, listing only registered and recorded pickup truck sales. Also, we've tallied the total sales of pickups by each parent company to see who was the pickup truck champ of 2011. Here's  a hint: no real surprises.



The half-ton winner was the Ford F-150 by just over 25,000 units. GM fans will note that if GMC and Chevy sales numbers were combined, the outcome would be considered quite a smack-down. Of special note, the F-150 sold well more than half of its light-duty trucks with a V-6 engine and most of that was the premium-priced EcoBoost 3.5-liter twin-turbo. Clearly, having a good selection of powerful, fuel-efficient engines helped Ford sales.



The heavy-duty segment — which includes three-quarter-ton, 1-ton, and Class 4 and 5 chassis cab sales — wasn't even a contest this year. Super Dutys dominated again. Of course, GM trucks don't have a medium-duty competitor against Ram HD and Super Duty, but that could change in the future. Of note, whereas Ford and GM HD trucks still sold a good number of their vehicles with the gas engine, Ram HD buyers are practically all opting for the Cummins.



No real surprises here, either. With the Ford Ranger gone for 2012 and a new Chevy Colorado (and most likely a new GMC Canyon) on the way to U.S. shores, there is bound to be a nasty fight for incremental sales among the remaining midsize trucks. But there is no doubt about who dominated the segment, especially after we just tested all the new ones in our Midsize Shootout. Tacoma is king.



Of all the manufucturers that make pickup trucks — not just light trucks, but actual pickup trucks — Ford just edged out GM by less than 1 percent of total sales.


you ford guys getting scared yet? all new engines, all the marketing, all the bad pub on gm everywhere you look and still you guys cant dominate. its going to be crazy when the chevy 2014's comeout. sales are gonna go through the roof. Im actually surprised the f150 didnt do better. sad really . the silverado is at its weakest and ford could not capitalize. scared?

I could care less if I drive the best selling truck, I'd rather drive something differant then every other truck out thier anyway.

Ford is the only one to gain market share since the bankruptcy/bailouts of GM and Chrysler. Ford has gained 6% market share since 2007. Both Ram and Chevy went down.

2007 Full-size market
Ford 33.3%
Chevy 29.8
Ram 17.2

2011 Full-size market
Ford 39%
Chevy 28.1%
Ram 16.5%

A brand new Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra in 2007 did not knock Ford off the top and neither will the next one.

i very happy with these sales numbers it seems the economy is making a turn for the better, we all have some great choices right now and competition is good for all of us no matter what brand you want, i to am surprised Ford is not breaking away from the rest, if guys are like me it will be a while before i buy one of these new engines i want to see more miles on the new Ford trucks diesel and gas alike

The company that should be scared is Tundra. Selling less than half they did in 2007 and still falling.

The article says:

"Of note, whereas Ford and GM HD trucks still sold a good number of their vehicles with the gas engine, Ram HD buyers are practically all opting for the Cummins."

Can you show the readers the data to support that? No doubt it is true, I would just like to see the breakdown in numbers.

Great recap!

I really hate the fact that I am about to fan the flames here... Still...As the Ford guy I am, I was actually really surprised when I saw that GM and GMC combined outsold the F-150 because for the moment, I forgot that monthly sales combine 1/2 ton and HD trucks.

However, Lets face it, I can talk to anyone here and say how great the F-150. But if your a GM guy, its not gonna matter and your going to buy what you want. I think the more telling numbers here are the HD breakdowns. These are trucks that do work. And with a new frame and GM's push about the duramax and allison team, i really expected GM to do better. They didn't. So bash all you want, but apparently the people who use their trucks apparently choose Ford with an almost 2:1 ratio.

And sure there's the argument about fleet sales. Here's the thing about that. If I owned a Fleet (I don't), and my trucks kept breaking, I really don't care how much of a discount I get. Its not worth the money up front when you factor the cost of having the fleet down.

So on that note, I say Nice work for all three Manufacturers. The more they duke it out, the better the trucks will be. Lets see what happens when GM finally unveils its new half ton.... eventually.... Until then Congrats Ford.

Very interesting numbers. IMO thought the EXT and Avalanche should not be included in this. I view them as Suburban based not Pickups. And before you say anything I'm a Chevy fan.

How many different articles, posts, charts that show exactly the same thing?

How about making some phone calls to Nissan and asking them how their alleged partnership with Cummins is working out?

ford f150 finally out sold chevy half tons but with gmc gm still sold more lol

Good point Jack! They really aren't a tradition truck in the truest sense of a pick-up.

Give Ford some credit. Critics have long said Ford trucks are "the oldest". You know the drill: "SD is a '99" and "F-150 is an '04."

So despite all of that, Ford is still holding onto it's number one selling title. #1 half ton truck. #1 heavy-duty truck.

I don't combine Chevy and GMC and neither does GM. Chevy and GMC are separate companies, with different brands and different dealers. Why not combine Avalanche with Silverado while you're at it?

"ford f150 finally out sold chevy half tons"


F-150 313,393
Sivlerado 1500 296,108

Good job outselling Silverado HD's Ram!

Those are great sells numbers for both Ford and GM. The biggest reason for those sells are Ford and GM have big time brand loyalty. The other reason is Ford and Ram have really updated their product so their brand loyalist and owners of 2nd gen Tundra's and 1st gen Titan's are trading in their dated pickups for newer more updated ones. I would like to see what the sells numbers are like after the GM redsign.

The only info missing from here is how much of the sales are fleet customers. The reason I would like to know is here in San Antonio I noticed all of the utility companies and school districts are using Ford and GM pickups. I would think if they use Ford and GM pickups here in San Antonio how likely is it other cities are using Tundra's for fleet use.

I don't combine Chevy and GMC and neither does GM. Chevy and GMC are separate companies, with different brands and different dealers. Why not combine Avalanche with Silverado while you're at it?

Posted by: Dave | Feb 2, 2012 11:56:31 AM

GMC is not a separate company, it is a division of GM, as is Chevrolet.

How can the most unreliable truck continue to be the best selling truck. Just could never understand this. Im in concrete construction and in the ten years ive seen ford after ford break down on us . But the chevys and gmc's are still going strong. This is not a flame I just truly dont understand. And its just not the company i work for, I hear about it all the time that they are always having problems. marketing and looks is the only thing i can think of.

The Ford Super Duty put a KILLING on the competition, oh wait what competition, there isn't any.

@Rob, The Silverado needs a SFA and a straight frame that sits up high in the body. Ford would not own the HD market if Chevrolet didn't give those 2 things up back in the 1990's and that's a Fact. Even Dodge has taken over second place here for the Exact same reason. Just plain stupid what GM did back then. IFS does not belong on a HD truck and I own one. I also think if the 1500 Silverado had better looks and interiors it would have outsold Ford on it's own. As others have said, it should have looked like the Sierra or Tahoe and been given a Platinum/King Ranch equivalent trim.

I'm going on a non-stop rampage when the 2014 Chevys come out.


Go back and look at the sales numbers, my guess is you hear about it more because there are twice as many ford HD's sold than chevy HD's. Talk to way more people lately looking at and switching to Fords after the bailout. Have yet to hear one say they wish they had their chevy back. In fact a few have even said they can't believe they waited this long. Not gonna say Ford hasn't had it's share of problems, but chevy and dodge have their shortcomings as well. Time to stop bashing and realize they are all competetors making good products, competition only helps us all get better products and options.

How can the most unreliable truck continue to be the best selling truck. Just could never understand this. Im in concrete construction and in the ten years ive seen ford after ford break down on us . But the chevys and gmc's are still going strong. This is not a flame I just truly dont understand. And its just not the company i work for, I hear about it all the time that they are always having problems. marketing and looks is the only thing i can think of.
Posted by: truthabouttrucks | Feb 2, 2012 12:11:05 PM

that is something that has been going thru my head as well, i hear all the time how Ford's engines are not reliable, how great the GM Chevy powertrain and engine is, the cummins the best diesel motor ever some will say, i work for a company and have bought there trucks since '99 we have owned all the Ford motors except for the new 6.7 we have had our share of problems, the 7.3's never broke but it was always something else, 6.0's never had one towed but had injectors replaced, one had bad heads, from what i have heard we never had it that bad, and we never touched anything outside the trucks engine, trannys, ball joints, and our brakes we would average 60,000 to 70,000 miles on a set of brakes, every where our trucks go we tow 10,000 or better, to the 6.4's one never in the garage, the other just had a short block put in, the thing that keeps us going back is our dealership they very could care of us, all trucks had warranties and we do not spend money on our trucks repairing them it always came out of Ford's pocket, from what i have seen and heard for the Duramax and Cummin's is they have there problems just not as many problems with there engines, thats my $.02

I'll be honest with you,
GM half-ton vs. Ford's
450K to 358K units....I didn't think they were some much apart. I guess people still want V8s in their trucks.....
But like I said before OLD is not necessarly BAD. People like to know what they're buying.

Numbers don't lie (not usually). Ford is top brand by far. GM is nearly there as a company but unless they can get their act together, none of their individual brands will get close to Ford anytime soon.

Ford is big winner in the work truck dept. GM is winner in 1/2 ton market which is probably primarily street-cruising duty...

I don't see anyone mentioning that GM is "channel stuffing".

Happy reading...

"General Motors (NYSE:GM), (TSE:GMM.U) posted very nice sales figures last month. But should you focus on the official sales numbers only? This is the question the controversial Zero Hedge (ZH) financial blog has been asking throughout the year. ZH brings up the phenomenon called ‘channel stuffing’. Since car sales are typically measured as deliveries to dealers, then what’s the easiest way to post impressive sales numbers? Well, to convince dealers to accept as much inventory as possible!"

Is GM doing ‘channel stuffing’?:
"This leads to various questions: Is Chevy Silverado REALLY making huge advances in the market as the monthly report suggested, or are they being dumped at massive year-end discounts to dealer showrooms?"

GM Channel Stuffing Surges To All Time Record (December):

GM Channel Stuffing Resumes, January Dealer Inventory Second Highest Ever:

"Zero Hedge doesn’t imply that channel stuffing would be illegal or that General Motors would be misleading investors. But it makes a good point: What really counts is a sale that happens between the dealer and the customer."

GM does not even combine those two brands, but the bozos fan bois love it. LMFAO!

Laughable at best!

The Ford HD out selling GM has a lot to do with fleet sales. Not that there is anything wrong with that, or that it says anything about Ford trucks being better. The fact is most fleets go with price especially in the public sector and the bigger the fleet the more price plays a roll.

Ford has historicaly played that business very well and more power to them. IMO what we're really seeing is aging fleets finally being replaced.


Fleet usually buy low cost maintenance trucks. They buy reliable and durable trucks that will not make them spends thousands on repairs. Thus, they choose the Ford. As mentioned, fleets love them.

@Jack - Ford may be selling fleet heavy, but they are making more profit than other companies without as much fleet sales. That means that these "other" companies are running discounts and incentives that are MORE expensive to the parent company than the Fleet buyers are to Ford.

Interestingly,what would Ford guys say if one day Chevy outsell Ford?

@ toycrusher84,
Ford is fleet heavy and discount heavy, without those two they would really fall on hard times.
I've read somewhere that 45% of Focus sales went to fleet last year, 32% of all Ford sales went to fleet sales last year and Ford was only behind Chrysler, Nissan and Suzuki with discounts in '11.
I guess as long as they make money off of their vehicles it's ok. For them anyway. It just sucks for Ford owners that will try to sell their cars and trucks in the future with market flooded with fleet vehicles at half the price.

@Frank "Fleet usually buy low cost maintenance trucks."

Big fleets aren't worried about the 'most reliable' it's 95% price. Besides the reliability argument is out the window anyway. All of the big 3's trucks from 1/2 ton to 1 ton are so overbuilt it doens't really matter who you go with.


Ford gives great deals along with great trucks, what are the others doing?

The fleet queen argument always surfaces. Does that mean Ford regular sales equals Chevy regular sales, and then sells that the rest of the HD's to fleets?
I don't think so.
I find that fleet sales are cyclical. Over the last few years in Northern BC (Canada), I've seen most fleets go to Chevy. Some years it is Ram other years it is ford. Guys can argue that fleets go with the most durable, but that all depends on the lifecycle they expect out of a truck. Most of the big fleets I know of do not keep their trucks very long. 3 years seems to be the maximum duty cycle. Some companies go with 6 month leases for peak season needs. Most of the construction work, reforestation, and forest firefighting is done in the summer so that is when they get the extra trucks. None of them care about long term durability because they know most drivers of fleet trucks don't give a s--t about what happens to the vehicles. Big fleets even wave the rights to base warranties to save even more money on purchace or lease costs.

@ truthabouttrucks - the Chevy/GM HD's have the newest frames and drivetrains and GM sells 1/2 of what Ford does. Does that mean Chevy fans should be scared?
GMC traditionally has had Silverado sales that were greater than Ford 1/2 ton sales. Now it is taking combined sales to beat Ford.
Does that mean Chevy fans should be scared?

The only thing that should scare Ford is perhaps the loss of the Ranger.
Ford is waking away from truck sales domination by discontinuing the Ranger. (At least in the short term). It will be real interesting to see how sales stats are affected by the departing Ranger.

Ram better not let Fiat put one of their own diesels into the HD trucks. The Cummins engine alone sells trucks.

A Mark poined out - no real surprises. I was surprised that F150 outsold Silverado.

On this site we see truck guys that pay attention to details, and look at which truck does what better.
What about the general buying public?
Do they really look at tests and reports or just buy what they normally buy or what they fancy?

Ford sells to fleets (IE: Construction companies and Govt. agencies) because they're reliable and built to last. These aren't Avis rent a car Focus's guys. When companies spend big dollars on trucks they don't want chintzy body panels, fisher price plastic interiors and engines with piston slap. Ford gets every penny Chevy does out of fleet sales. Chevy is the Cheaper truck in these parts. You'll pay more for a Ford but you also get what you pay for. Needless to say, very few construction and plow companies buy Silverado's. They have a piss poor reputation for durability these days. They'll spend a few extra bucks on the Ford's.

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If I owned and operated a Construction company I know what brand to buy, it sure ain't no little bow tie!


No, he actually has a life. Unlike most of you.

What all you Ford Homers keep forgetting or don't know about because you can't read is that the GM trucks beat the Ford in a head t head competition. You can talk about IFS and all the crap all you want, but it's just showing your age. That's 80's crap talk. The Chevy and GMC HD trucks have a MUCH BETTER ride, on and off the pavement than Ford HD's. Not only that, the Ford's aren't any more capable or better than the suspension that GM is using! Give that stupid and old argument a rest, it's pretty annoying already. All the Ford loyalists/fan boys don't have a clue of what they're talking about. Most people who actually use their trucks for HD duties and have driven a GM HD know that they ride much better than Fords! And on top of that, they GM HD's are more powerful and can tow more, despite Fords claim to more HP and Torque! Suck it Ford fans, there are a lot of you red neck illiterate hillbillies that can't read and don't realize that the GM trucks are actually better built and more capable than your Fords. LOL!! Whatever man, GM isn't hurting and it's easier to distinguish you hillbillies with small man syndrome by the Ford trucks you drive! Ha Ha!


If I had a company, I know what kind of truck I would buy. And it certainly ain't no problem circled "blue anus".. I mean "blue oval"

a real zinger pedro. you win at life.

Oh yeah and for what it's worth. Ram was the #1 selling truck in Canada FYI.


Get a life!

Bob is working unlike most of you. He will be in to comment later this evening.

Stay tuned.


That was pathetic! Love it or hate it.......Ford wins the HD dept!

@Bob's hot girlfriend,

Pathetic! Bob, why do you change your name. We all know it's you. Bob loses, Frank wins!


There is no channel stuffing going on at GM!

What GM is doing is not illegal. Bob will be in to explain later this evening.

Stay tuned.

OK, I've been reading these pissing contests about whos better/stronger/faster, etc. Why don't you just buy what YOU like, and drive it proudly regardless of what this guy or that guy thinks. Who really gives a damn anyway? Its all about preference people. Nuff said.

The Chevy and GMC HD trucks have a MUCH BETTER ride, on and off the pavement than Ford HD's.

@Chris, no they don't. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind you haven't drove both the Super Duty and the Chevy HD. None. You could not honestly say that if you did. The old SFA with leafs sucked for ride quality. The new swing arm coil set up is very nice to drive. The old Chevy IFS has a fairly soft ride but then it was limited on what you could mount on the front end. The new HD rides rough. Significantly rougher than the Ford SD. They use such large torsion bars to handle the weight load that there is no 'spring' left to soften the ride. So yes, they handle more weight like a SFA now, but to do that they sacrificed their ride. The SD and RAM have always been able to handle the weight because of the beam. The ride is much improved now with softer progressive coils and swing arms. Add to it, you don't have the tire size limitations, tie rod issues or lower frame height with a SFA set up like you do an IFS.

This particular debate should not be a Ford-Chevy-Dodge one. It really should be focused solely on the true logic of both types of suspension set ups. For a 1500 IFS is the way to go no doubt. For a 2500 and up a SFA is the way to go.

@Chris- Go back and read old stories. Is that why the 3.7 whooped on the 4.3? Why the 5.0 demolished the 5.3? Why (in 3/4 tons) the 6.2 outright spanked the 6.0 in uphill towing?

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