Automotive News' Editor Calls Out China

JAC F150 Shot 1

The news last week about the copycat Ford F-150 has drawn the attention of Automotive News' editor-in-chief.

In his most recent editorial, Keith Crain calls on China to play fair and follow the rules. He explains this isn't the first time it has happened and likely won't be the last, but he does offer some professional advice regarding future designs, as well as a call to change the global attitude.

"Creativity is a vital part of every successful vehicle manufacturer. Yet the global governing bodies seem either unable or unwilling to enforce basic rules of conduct when they deal with the Chinese," Crain writes. "It's time to discourage the ripping off of successful global designs of vehicles."

As we move closer to a more linked global economy, some common practices will need some kind of enforcement, but what that looks like is anyone's guess. Any automotive manufacturer will tell you that intellectual property is hard to protect, especially when no specific governing body can enforce various laws that don't always cross borders. Whether this editorial will be a catalyst for change or not, we're guessing all manfuacturers see the attention as a good thing.

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Curious on what the vehicle dimensions are for the Chinese F-150.

I would be much more worried about China then any other country in the world.

But guessing no one in Washington wants to call them out.

I try my best not to buy items from China, but pretty hard to do.

This is why the Chinese will NEVER be on top. They have ZERO innovation of their own, they feel the need to copy everyone else...

@Peter-You are right it is pretty hard to avoid buying Chinese products. You coffee maker, your toaster, your cell phone, your clothes, your wrist watch, your TV, your DVD player, and the list goes on. I agree with you I am extremely worried about China.

@cyberpine-You are right as well. Low labor costs, little or no labor protection, little Healthcare, no product safety laws, and a currency kept artificially low in order to compete in the world market. No joke "we will be riding the bikes and watching our standard of living diminish." Product piracy is a huge problem and our government will do little to protect us from it because they do not want to offend China, the awakening World Tiger.

I think I just ordered my last sweet and sour chicken ball .
This is BS .

The worst part is, this thing actually looks better than the real one.

@cyberpine - the Chinese middle class is growing at an exponential rate. Their middle class is bigger than the population of the USA. You can thank big business, big labour, and big government for killing the domestic middle class. It is Western technology and expertise that set up the infrastructure in China to build cheep products for us. It was all done in the name of big profits for our companies. It is backfiring because they have money and we don't.

The USA and many Western countries turn a blind eye because of the wealth that is available in China. Canada used to cry foul about Chinese human rights infringements (to use the term loosely), but now our politicians are kissing their asses due to the money to be made. For example: the crippled USA housing market normally would spell disaster to the Canadian softwood lumber industry, but not this time around. British Columbia has been exporting more wood to China than to the USA.
The USA politicians that killed the Keystone XL pipeline are idiots because there is a plan to build a pipeline to the NorthWest coast of Canada to ship oil to China. If you don't want our oil China will buy it.
Human rights (including proprietary or intellectual property) don't matter when profits or politics are involved.
Ford can sue Ferrari for the F150 name, but they won't get too far with litigation against a Chinese company for worse offences.

Awful, shameless rip off/imitation of a U.S. company product. And did anyone notice it even has a Blue Oval of all things? The biggest economic battle in our history is upon us and we and the idiots/crooks in Washington are inviting it happen. My family and my company buy American first - any and every time there is availability. Period. No matter the price difference. If Americans in numbers would stand up and say enough with our wallets, then the whole game would be over. Why have we let this happen to the greatest country on Earth? Who was and is pulling the strings to see this would happen to us? We can start the shift right now. My family already has. Are enough of us willing to do the same? And remember – start asking your candidates what they intend to do about it. November will be here before you know it.

Its our complaining that drives our cost so high, we suffer from our own. I want this, i want that, etc....

Good read Lou, agree :)

Before Word War 2, the European countries took up "appeasing" the Nazi regime and traded with them. They also looked the other way when it came to human rights abuses. History has a way of repeating itself.

Perhaps biking to work and eating less fried food is exactly what we need right now. :)

The wheels are in motion already. Have a plan.

@ mr jo

you need to stop going to walmart and when you buy something always buy the most expensive brand on the shelf, thats what it would take to cut into chinese products, but you and me and most people are always looking for a deal and the higher priced stuff which is made by high waged american workers can't compete with the cheap chinese stuff and the comsumer need to buy cheap!

@Robert Ryan - I hope this isn't a case of history repeating itself.

@Canadian Dodge RAM Owner - not everyone choses to live a few hours out from their place of work. Large metropolitan centres have become very expensive to live so many people have moved way out into the suburbs. It doesn't make sense to me to have a thirsty big pickup for that commute to work. It must be expensive to pay for parking ontop of the fuel costs.
"People who are fat have no pride in themselves"" - Totally disagree in most cases. Obesity is considerably more complex than too much food and not enough exercise.

I do agree that as the Chinese middle class grows, they will put more pressure on the political system for better work standards, better wages, and better environmental conditions. That will cut into profits for companies doing business in China. The system will eventually ballance itself out. Hopefully without armed conflict.

@Johnny - people should be lobbying politicians, but I hope that there isn't a push for huge protectionistic barriers being put in place. There are proponents for it, but it most likely would make everything worse. Some believe those kind of measures made the great depression worse.

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