Chevy Silverado Survives The Apocalypse

Chevy SB comm 2

If you haven't seen it yet (and I know many have already), you'll see the Chevy Silverado Super Bowl commercial pretty early on during the festivities on big-game Sunday.

For what it's worth, we predict it will get the most attention during the Big Game for not being the one that tries to look like last year's Darth Vader Mini-Me or any of the several 30- or 60-second spots using animals doing stupid human tricks.

"The Apocalypse" has the Chevy Silverado busting out of the rubble of a collapsed civilization, surviving the resulting Armageddon-like destruction like a well-protected armored tank. In fact, as the driver and his dog drive throgh the catastrophic landscape, we learn the only survivors at the end of the world look to be both old and new Chevy pickup drivers, leaving Ford guys out of luck.

If this were a boxing match, there is a point in the latter stages of the commercial where Chevy takes a roundhouse swing at Ford and lands it cleanly on the chin. It's one thing to imply a smack-down at your competition; it's something else to directly call them out. It should be interesting to see how Ford responds. 

The spot ends with an implied good news/bad news message: Sure, you made the right truck choice to survive The Apocalypse; unfortunately, it doesn't look like many women made the same choice in pickup trucks you did. 



GM made a pretty big play at the 2012 Super Bowl. Chevy had this high-dollar/high-tech commercial while GMC is the title sponsor for the huge-tent NFL Experience for attending fans in Indianapolis. For more info, click here.  


Lol @ twinkies

The Government must have saved the bow tie when the world ended...The nerve of these idiots is amazing- I proud to say I am an ex Chevy man..Ford or Yota from here on out for me..

Well I guess they got thier market right. Not many women drive Chevys.

They don't like outdated things that look bad. They certainly don't like cheap looking things either. Not the good ones anyway.

I'm pretty sure that most chevy guys aren't into women as this commercial implies. Its the end of the world and you got your dog in the truck?

I'll never be able to look at a chevy driver the same again LOL. Maybe the new models will have a rainbow paint option?

Frank didn't make it. He drove a ford :( lol

This commercial is just dumb. That's not a brand bias thing because I'm not brand loyal. I do find the twinkie association ironic considering they're filing for bankruptcy... Maybe the message is the apocalypse was us bailing these companies out to our own eventual destruction.

The gay remarks/insinuations are stupid. Some Chevy truck owners are gay men or lesbians. Just as some Ford, some Toyota, some Ram, some (insert brand here) owners are gay men or lesbians. So what.

I think it was funny when I watched it on TV the other day....funny is a good thing in commercial land.

In marketing, a company will always compare itself to the top dog. A sign of inferiority. I drive a FORD. The best never rests.

They better start marketing the Chevrolet Silverado big time and quit wasting their money on that stupid Sierra. Once Israel strikes Iran the oil markets will be a disaster. Trucks will no longer be a priority if at all and Chevrolet is about the only brand GM has I can see surviving another economic downturn and world war. Tensions in China and Europe will rise making Opel a dead horse not worth beating for the sake of a few Buick's. GM needs to wisen up like Ford did with the One Ford strategy. Only Chevrolet and Ford could last what I feel is about to come.


Well said.

Ford doesnt need special effects lmao.

@Nate the dog,
All the women were with the guys jumping raptors over teh debris, they couldnt be bothered with the boys playing with their little toy trucks!

Yeap, cheeby last about as long as that twinkie! How stupid!!!!

Hey Government Motors....if you are listening, we want our $7 million dollars back....and the rest of our money while you are at it.....

If GM put as much effort in to making good products as its advertising agency does at producing TV commercials, GM would be on to something that matters.

@Henry, that's the first thing that came to my mind when reading the thread title. I was watching that whole Israel/Iran thing on the news today. It's like Chevrolet surviving in this commercial is a self fulfilling prophecy or something. Wars, rumors of war, the whole mayan 2012 thing and the Bible predictions on Israels rebirth in 48. Pretty insane stuff. I hope the commercial is true though, at least we'll have Chevy. I don't care for any other of the GM brands so it wouldn't bother me. Maybe keep a Cadillac going and I'd like to have Ford around to keep it fun. I figured if Jesus is coming back he'll want to drive a Chevrolet too so.. A friend of mine joked at church once saying the Bible said Jesus would return on a white horse, being he's a car guy like myself and a Ford guy he's pretty insistant that meant he'll be driving a white Ford Mustang. I'm thinking God would want a Chevrolet Corvette and a new Silverado with the new Gen5 SBC's.. :)

All of the Ford and Ram guys were offroading. The Chevy's were left driving the streets ;)

They even have a video game

You get to the end and the mother ship is an F450. LOL


GM (Chevy/GMC) - TOTAL SD/HD Sales = 564K
FORD = 561k

Since Ford isn't going to make Midsize trucks anymore and ARE NOT PART OF THE F-SERIES, I'm not going to talk about those numbers. People like rangers...whatever.

FORD FAIL. New half tons with all this hype since 09 and wahoo they STILL CAN'T OUTSELL GM HALF TONS? HAHAHAHAAHA

FORD FAIL = they outsell GM heavy duty and they have to make medium dutys GM doesn't make to do it. (GM HAS NO F-450 thru F-750)

PATHETIC. Oh and BTW Ford Posers. The myth that ford didn't go bankrupt is old. They took private loans to stay afloat and had to sell their stakes in MAZDA, RANGE ROVER, ASTON MARTIN, JAGUAR, AND VOLVO, and shutter MERCURY to survive. It's not trolling folks, IT'S FACTS!


@ Bob - you change your name to Zach?

You totals do not tell the whole story.

HD sales
GM - 31,646
Chev - 83,025
combined - 114,671
Ram - 93,809
Ford - 202,759

Ford sales of trucks greater than F350 are roughly 10% of sales.
This is from a 2010 story on sales -
"J.D. Power removes the Ford F-450/F-550 commercial trucks from the tallies, so chassis cab versions aren't included. They do, however, report Ram 4500/5500 chassis sales. GM doesn't sell trucks in these classes. So, to make this fair, we're presenting Ford's full-size truck data with and without chassis cabs, of which 21,134 were sold, according to J.D. Power."

If you remove 20,000 units from the tally that still is 180,000 HD's.
How ever you slice it, the Ford HD's outsell Chevy, or GM alone or combined.

The only place GM retains a lead is in the 1/2 ton ranks but only if you combine sales. GM Corporation considers Sierra and Silverado separate brands. You ever wonder why GM Corp has never legally been able to claim sales supremacy by combining sales?

F150 - 358, 762
Chevy - 332, 105
GM - 117, 105
Combined - 449,210

GM corp sells 90,448 more 1/2 tons (if you combine).

Please read through all of the threads over the last month. There is a large number of Chevy guys that DO NOT consider Sierra a viable alternative to the Chevy.

Ford sold all of those companies, borrowed money, and yes got loans from the government.
GMC on the other declared bankruptcy. The courts seperated GMC into "old" GM and 'new" GM. Old GMC was killed with 100 billion in debt. New GMC still needed roughly 60 billion in government loans and stock purchase to stay alive.

Which is worse - selling companies to stay afloat or defaulting on 100 billion? and still needing government money?

Please tell me again who wins?

PATHETIC. Oh and BTW Ford Posers. The myth that ford didn't go bankrupt is old. They took private loans to stay afloat and had to sell their stakes in MAZDA, RANGE ROVER, ASTON MARTIN, JAGUAR, AND VOLVO, and shutter MERCURY to survive. It's not trolling folks, IT'S FACTS!

--you do understand how different this is than a BAILOUT right?
Apocalypse came and GM was not ready for it, they needed a handout to survive...Ford was prepared and didn't need it..

@ steve Ford was so prepared that they havn't paid taxes since 2005. HA Ford what a joke!

When Ford removes the allowance from its balance sheet, it will record the accounting move as a “special item for the quarter” to avoid “a large negative effective tax rate,” it said in its filing. Without the allowance, The Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker said it would “experience more normal effective tax rates, approaching the U.S. statutory rate of 35 percent.”

Ford, which hasn’t paid U.S. taxes since 2005, may not pay federal taxes until the end of the decade because it still would have tax-loss benefits on its books from $31.4 billion in operating losses sustained from 2005 to 2009, said Brian Johnson, a Chicago-based analyst with Barclays Capital Management

They might as well put Obama behind the wheel in the ad... I can't wait till November...

Ford is just as bad as GM so will you guy stop talking the same old thing its only been 3 4 years now it really gets freaking old add on them ford loans to and so on blah blah blah god damn you guys love drama

@johnny doe

Dude get off your high horse...You are responsible for just as much if not more drama around here than three quarters of the people who have already posted.

it is what it is-----
who has an "intrest" in GM? answer US government among others..what about Ram?? Fiat, because they were basically given to them by the US government..
Now who runs Ford and calls the shots??? The same people for the last century or so..the Ford family and it's shareholders..
Give it up- I too used to be a Chevy guy, no more-

@@johnny doe - you sound like a GMC executive. Unable to count or remember numbers. In GM's case money, in your case odometer readings.

Your post is nothing new. Executives and big business do not pay full taxes.
Warren Buffett has a lower tax rate than his secretary.

Zach said "They took private loans to stay afloat and had to sell their stakes in MAZDA, RANGE ROVER, ASTON MARTIN, JAGUAR, AND VOLVO, and shutter MERCURY to survive. It's not trolling folks, IT'S FACTS!"

That does make Ford better than GMC.
They saw the carpocalypse coming and avoided it.
It is called good business.

Bad business ends in bankruptcy.
Big business then gets saved by the plutocracy's version of socialism.
State owned business.
Big government saves big business.
By the rich for the rich.
It was supposed to be "by the people, for the people".

Greatest film ever made, and look they did not need a SFA pickup.

But no woman and no gas in that future, and who wants twinkies.

Nate.M you're mom's a high horse? my bad better go ride lou's wife, oh thats right lou gay so better hit up franks bean counter girl

This commercial fails.

I can't believe Chevrolet is showing people the horrible interior and dated exterior of their pickups in their Super Bowl commercial. They should have made a Super Bowl ad for some other Chevrolet vehicle, something not outdated in every way.

Is anyone going to remember that this is for Chevy? The only brand mentioned by the actors is FORD. And it's bleak, depressing, long, and features a Barry Manilow song.

When they say Dave was in a Ford. I picture Dave in a F-150 or Raptor and he evacuated.

What part of this commercial builds the value of the Chevrolet brand? The central message is one Chevy's been searching for for years.

Really, these Super Bowl commercials aren't even about the general public half the time. It's one crop of admen trying to impress another crop, and forget about the public!

How true, Chevy smokes ford and slaps ford truck owners as the girlie girls they are. GM and Chrysler manned up about taking government loans and paid it back in full but the sissies at ford and toyota won't admit they took billions in government loans and never paid it back. Real American drive Chevy trucks, sissies drive ford trucks

With the lack of sufficient approach/departure/break-over angles to even surviving cutting across a simple golf course and lack of sufficient ground clearance for the weight, this commercial is what it is, typical Hollywood and their bag of lies...

One question, where is howie at the end of the commercial? I guess he must have jumped ship over to Ford too...

I love chevy trucks!

Dang, lighten up people--its a commercial meant to be funny. If George Strait, Toby Keith, or Sam Elliot started advertising Ridgelines would you all run out and buy one.

Grab some beer and snacks and enjoy the day watching the Super Bowl with your family and friends... .

I've noticed it's always #2 with the negative ads. Number 1 just touts their advantages. I guess when #2 doesn't have anything but disadvantages it's either go negative or do no ads at all.

I find it humorous that they depict the Silverado as a "tank" when it's pretty much common knowledge that the GMT900s have the thinnest tin-foil sheet metal. I mean, c'mon, these guys are getting dents from their fingers when closing the hood!

all trucks have thin sheetmetal if you havn't notice duh

All these Chevys in one place, and not one with a bent frame? I see alot of bent frame Chevys on the road. And thats not after jumping stuff either. My old 2006 Chevy extended cab didn't sit level after putting two Dodge 360 blocks with only the cranks, no heads, in the bed. Bushings between the cab and frame broke, without even off roading. Everytime I turned right right I heard a pop! That was just 5 monthes after I bought it, not YEARS! Go on a 1600 mile trip and then it makes noise! That's real tough! Atleast my coil spring truck sits level and I can say I've had more then 3 times the weight of those two 360s in my truck, for a longer period of time. Hope GM improved on that!

If you look at all the commercials,they all say "we're the best". Kinda reminds me of the old ad"My dogs better than your dog 'cause he eats....." Ha,Ha,Ha.

Those of you carrying constantly on about Government Motors or Obama Motors is getting old. Your wish might come true. GM will probably not go out of business but will become headquartered in China. You won't have Chrysler to kick around in the future because the Chinese will buy RAM and Jeep and the rest of the company will fall by the wayside. Toyota and Ford will be struggling against the Chinese and Koreans. Yes GM could get rid of GMC and maybe Buick, but Buick is making some world class cars and Opel has some pretty darn good cars. You GM bashers and Chrysler haters might get your wish but what do you think will happen to Ford and Toyota if their suppliers don't make it without GM and Chrysler? And even if Ford did not take a government loan I would have favored Ford getting one rather than go out of business and add more workers to the unemployment ranks. I doubt we will see government loans again at least in the near future. What is done is done when it comes to government loans. I guess it is better to give City Bank and Chase a government loan and give tax breaks to Home Depot for importing Chinese made fans than to give American based car companies a loan and to keep American jobs. I want to see GM, Chrysler, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Hyandai, Kia, VW, and some of the others survive and prosper and expand their American manufacturing facilities and hire more workers.

I guess some of you bashers figure you have got yours and to hell with anyone else. If more of us take that attitude we will not survive much longer as a country or a people. Legitimate criticism about frames, suspension systems, and drivetrains is constructive but bashing and constantly carrying on about the past is destructive.

All the car companies seem to be doing pretty good at the present time much to the disappointment of some of you Ford loyalist.


Nah..... Howie was out selling all the broken down Fords to the scrap yard.

@Oxy, We bought 10 new Chevy trucks at our company and traded them off for Fords within 6 months. Our owner always drove Chevy's and we still have our Chevy cargo vans but the trucks had to go. Tin foil is right!! These are THE FLIMSIEST POS truck bodies ever constructed for a pickup. We loaded boards into these things and crushed the entire bedside on one. Dents everywhere from normal Light use, the paint would scratch right off it's so thin, wavy beds from loading Anything! Get a couple of guys standing on the rear bumper and IT WILL bend. I find it funny they have frogs falling on the hoods. In real life a frog would have smashed that tin foil like an astroid. These 900's were 100% pure garbage. Boss man now has a new King Ranch Superduty after years of driving Chevy's, we have 13 new F-150's now and an order of E-Series on the way to replace our 12 Chevy cargo vans. Chevrolet lost a Ton of brand loyalty after this pile of crap. It's no wonder they win these stupid drag race contests they always like to do. They're made of tin and don't weigh anything. That isn't a Real working mans truck. Even employees who drove Chevy trucks before are now buying new Ford's instead. And it's a double whammy for Chevrolet because they're buying new Ford suv's and stuff too instead of Chevrolet's like they used to..

@Derek, If God came back he Might drive a Corvette if it was a ZR1. I'll conceed it's the best American sportscar on the road and the big man doesn't do second best so.. On the flipside GM themselves said the new Silverado Will be a second best-second rate truck. Demoted solely for that taxpayer waste second truck line GMC. Maybe the Lord will fix that and close that redundant brand. So by the logic that God doesn't do second best, he surely won't drive a second rate Chevrolet. He'll drive a first best Ford... Heck, even humans are bright enough to drive the first best truck anymore. You also gotta figure, JC will need a high ground clearance frame, a SFA and some beefier tires to get through all the rubble. So he'll definately need a Super Duty. People will cheer "Here comes the Lord in his Ford"!

Ford asked Chevrolet to pull the commercial before it is shown during the super bowl. They are afraid of the truth coming out. Chevrolet has refused Ford's request. I saw another one ton Ford with the 6.0 along the road with the hood up. It was on route 301 in northern Florida pulling a fifth wheel. I guess the trailer was too much for it. I drove by pulling a 38 foot fifth wheel with my trust worthy Chevrolet HD.


Im still trying to figure out where GM said their new truck will be the second best????

There is a large number of Chevy guys that DO NOT consider Sierra a viable alternative to the Chevy.

@Lou, that's because it's not. In all of my years GMC was a rebadge brand not worthy of parking in my garage next to my Chevrolet's. It floors me what GM is now doing to Chevrolet to try and force GMC sales. If they would just build the best looking Chevrolet with different interior options for different types of customers they could actually Legitimately take on Ford. Ford sells so many trucks because they have different interior packages for office/realtor types to construction/blue collar types to real ranchers and cowboys. GM's 2 truck thing is a joke and just plain stupid. Use our taxpayer money just to make a second truck Just to offer a different interior and trim package? For the love of God just put it in the Chevrolet and be done with it. Raise the Chevrolet brand status back up to where it needs to be. There's a reason kids used to swap GMC grilles out and put the Chevrolet grille in it's place. GMC was a cheap knockoff and Chevrolet was the real deal. I view it this way, I've always viewed it this way, Thousands of Deere employees felt this way as our lots were 90% Chevy trucks once upon a time and now it's almost all Fords. I feel Chevrolet has gotten screwed recently and it looks like we're getting screwed again. It makes me regret ever bailing out GM to be honest. IMO we saved GM for Chevrolet and then possibly Cadillac once it got back on it's feet. Buick was a Chinese deal and it should have stayed that way. GMC should have been discontinued. I've read through the old threads here and been part of them. As a Chevrolet man I'm having a very hard time with this and really don't know that my loyalty will continue any further.

the ford girlie men are really pissed off at this ad. i like listen to them make up such b.s stories, can you say jealous CHEVY FTW!!

"What part of this commercial builds the value of the Chevrolet brand?"


@MikeWoods, are you serious? GM's president himself said the GMC will be the top line truck. It was all over that GM website. It's absolutely horrible what they are doing. This is one time I actually wish the feds Would do something since they (We) are the main shareholders. I'm sure not buying one. I refuse to support such a thing.. What a way to ruin the 1 brand (Chevrolet) that has a shot at a real future. What a way to ruin the 1 brand who's loyalty is only rivaled by that of Ford. What a way to ruin your #1 selling truck line. What a way to ruin the entire brand value and brand status of the Only brand that matters. What a way to take lifelong customers like me and literally Force them to buy a Ford. I'm not buying Anything that says GMC and they'll never make me. I'll just leave all things Chevrolet for good and be done with GM. It will be Ford's in my driveway from here on out.

@Jeff, I don't hear anyone bashing Dodge on this site. In fact, ever since that article on the Ram getting that new interior I've read nothing but Praise for Dodge. So Dodge is just fine. Ford get's the respect it does because they deserve it. GM, not so much. They're losing my respect over this Chevy/GMC thing that's for sure. I do not want GM to go under. I want them to prosper. I wholheartedly disagree and am totally against 2 taxpayer funded truck lines though. It's an absolute outrage to me and many others. Why not make 1 best Chevrolet truck with many trim options for different buyers as mentioned? Raise the Chevrolet brand status up to that of Ford and Dodge? I guess they'd rather push their Chevrolet truck and car customers away though and that's fine. They made their decision and left us. I likewise have no love lost and will buy Ford trucks and cars instead. Dodge is fine too. I will consider them as well. Neither of these companies do 'Second Best' trucks.

Good think it didn't really crash into something! Fake rocks on the hood! Chevy would be the worst in that, well Nissan too, when talking about frontal offset head ons, and the structure of the side (apparently they do good if you slide into a pole sideways), but yet somebody hets the doors, it has the most give, right there with the Nissan. The new ones will prob be alot better in 2014.

It's a commercial, big deal. GM sure does love Twinkies, they even make two truck lines, hence the GM Twinkies!

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