Chevy Silverado Survives The Apocalypse

Chevy SB comm 2

If you haven't seen it yet (and I know many have already), you'll see the Chevy Silverado Super Bowl commercial pretty early on during the festivities on big-game Sunday.

For what it's worth, we predict it will get the most attention during the Big Game for not being the one that tries to look like last year's Darth Vader Mini-Me or any of the several 30- or 60-second spots using animals doing stupid human tricks.

"The Apocalypse" has the Chevy Silverado busting out of the rubble of a collapsed civilization, surviving the resulting Armageddon-like destruction like a well-protected armored tank. In fact, as the driver and his dog drive throgh the catastrophic landscape, we learn the only survivors at the end of the world look to be both old and new Chevy pickup drivers, leaving Ford guys out of luck.

If this were a boxing match, there is a point in the latter stages of the commercial where Chevy takes a roundhouse swing at Ford and lands it cleanly on the chin. It's one thing to imply a smack-down at your competition; it's something else to directly call them out. It should be interesting to see how Ford responds. 

The spot ends with an implied good news/bad news message: Sure, you made the right truck choice to survive The Apocalypse; unfortunately, it doesn't look like many women made the same choice in pickup trucks you did. 



GM made a pretty big play at the 2012 Super Bowl. Chevy had this high-dollar/high-tech commercial while GMC is the title sponsor for the huge-tent NFL Experience for attending fans in Indianapolis. For more info, click here.  


Now if only they could survive the breakdown of the stock market as well.

Also, while I'd probably never buy a Chev, since they're lagging pretty far behind Ford and Ram on quality and value, they are the best-looking out there, IMO.

@johnny doe

Lol already resorting to your mom jokes? I expected more from you...You disapoint me!

By the way...Resorting to personal insults only proves that you are acknowledging that you are wrong.

Howie wouldn't know how to drive the truck if he was hauling scrap metal! He's not a truck person! He's just somebody doing commercials! $$$$$

Ford going to sue GM over a commerical, aww, they must be sad after JOB 10 Super Dumpy got stomped by Allison and Durmax.

Ford spokesman Mike Levine tells Motoramic Ford did send a letter to Chevy asking the ad be pulled, saying Ford disagreed with several of GM's claims, "particularly around durability." Levine also said GM's "longest-lasting" claims were belied by Ford having more trucks on the road with 250,000 miles or more than any other make.

"Claims are made in advertising frequently by every auto manufacturer," Levine said. "This type of ad protest happens from time to time...We'll always defend our products."

Levine added that any decision about what to do after the ad airs would be left to Ford's legal team.

The reply also came as Ford marketing chief Jim Farley told reporters in Las Vegas that he regretted not joining the 11 other automakers in building a big ad around the game -- but that even if Ford had done so, it wouldn't have bought ad time.

Just as lame as the other Super Bowl commercials !!

I just cant understand why people bash Christmas because they say Christmas is too commercialized,yet the Super Bowl is beyond commercialization and they lap it up !!! Odd when people actually like commecials,no wonder the Chinese are going to take over,Americans are too stuck in non-reality !!!

@Jeff - just pointing out facts in regard to the bailout that someone else brought up.I wouldn't want to see GMCorp fail because it would hurt the whole industry, but from a free market, and free trade, and capitalistic perspective, even Darwin's theory of Natural Selection stated - only the strong survive.
Would it hurt short and mid term?
and Long term?
Maybe, maybe not.
The industry overall would be stronger for it.
Most expers feel there is a global 25% (minimum) over-capacity.
Without the bailout, GMC as a large single corporation would not of survived.
But most of it would of survived in chunks.
Cadillac would most likely be bought by the Arabs or Indians.
The Chinese would buy Oldsmobile.
Silverado would of been bought by someone. Same goes for the SUV's.
The Indians and Chinese are currently the only ones with money, well, the Arabs too.

They may fail anyway.
Problem is.... big government really weakened thenselves by bailing everyone out. If things go bad again, even the government won't have the money to save even itself.

Back on topic.
It was a funny commercial, with great CGI, but does little to build the image of Chevy.

@Curt - interesting post. I think it is just posturing on Ford's part. Not much they can do over a one day add. Ford had to pull its "bailout" add. Both companies make claims that they can prove or disprove because of how vague the data is. GMC says longest lasting trucks based on registration data. All that shows is if your truck is licenced for the road. It doesn't capture repairs and maintenance costs. Ram is making similar claims in Canada based on registration data.
I bet that somewhere in that Apocalypse Add there is fine print saying what Chevy bases its claim upon. For the legal types out their, that usually covers the bases.
Caviet Emptor - buyer beware.

I just relooked at the add - 41 seconds in, the disclaimer pops up on the screen when the older fellow in the red shirt starts to speek.

Dependability based on longevity: 1981 - July 2011 full - size pickup registrations.

One thing I thought was funny when re-looking at the add; did you notice the dog?
It had one of those safety harnesses that clip into the seatbelt.
The world ends and he takes the time to seatbelt his dog?


@ Lou,

Didnt know you were a far left guy,quoting Darwin !!

Darwin is for Dolts !!

Next you will be saying how good Comunism is !!

lmao this is so funny, world wont end, and fords are the longest lasting, trucks on the road. chevys are soft

Nate.M no i was just looking for my high horse you said i had? still aint found it but what ever

@you tube haul king fords are the least lasting trucks ever put on the road in USA history even dodge's make it longer then fords. Chevy and Ram FTW!!!!

Ford going to sue GM over a commerical lmao they just air this on tv. i guess ford girls are gonna sue now cause the man step let them down lmao

@Not a Lefty - I didn't know Darwin was a Democrat.
My bad. LOL

@Lou -- post at 2:17 is right on I agree

@johnny doe - its not a man step, its a built in push bar to protect the tinfoil tailgate (that buckles when its on a little bump)
see HD vs HD

I agree with a few others here on Chevrolet's image. The only way they can build it though is to get rid of GMC for trucks and Buick for cars in North America. Chevrolet's problem is they haven't been nice enough. Chevrolet doesn't have a Denali for example in the Silverado or Traverse. Ford has those nice luxury and cowboy trims and it's Chevrolet's equal at GM but it sure doesn't look so equal to me. How can you build the image you need when GM inc won't let you build it because of another brand nameplate??? The answer is you cant. This is the same problem Chevrolet has with it's cars. They can't make them as nice as Ford's or Hyundai's because of Buick. The always gotta make room for Buick. GMC and Buick in America will be Chevrolet's demise because it cannot compete in the way it must. When Chevrolet is gone so too will GM be. The Chinese will buy what's left of Buick for themselves and it's over.

GM made a huge mistake not giving Chevrolet ALL of the goods and marketing it will need to compete with current and future Ford products. Not to mention brands like Hyundai, next gen Toyota, Italian inspired Dodge products etc. It inspires no confidence in me to invest a penny into GM. You do not do this to Chevrolet. It would pay my dividends if it was a world killer. Mark Reuss himself said it would not be and GMC would be instead. This means more long term Chevrolet brand damage and dilution yet again. And that means I get no return on my investment because Chevrolet's image will suffer and the brand that pays will fail. Bottom line is GM board members are fools to let this happen. Chevrolet should be number one in all things other than Cadillac. GMC should have been folded. Buick should remain in China. I fully agree with others who have posted this same thing. It's called logic.

This ad is the lamest truck commercial ever for any brand. I mean come on man cardboard covering the truck in dust give me a break.

The best ad goes to the Chrysler commercial featuring Clint Eastwood.

I love my F-150. Had it for going on 15 yrs. No problems. She's still my baby but when it comes to needing a truck I don't care what it says on the tailgate,just load what ever I need moved and get it outta here. I have friends wanting a truck all the time and they call me wanting mine, so they don't care what it says in the tailgate. I don't either but when it comes to a nice truck i'll take my old F-150 any day.

@Superduty37 - I just looked up the Chrysler add.
Inspiring without any bashing.
Ford and Chevy - look what Chrysler is doing!

"look what Chrysler is doing!" - Lou

FLASHBACK: Taxpayers lose $1.3 billion as govt exits CHRYSLER...

@MIke - I was talking about the commercial, but since you brought it up -
Most of the money that US taxpayers lost on Chrysler was due to devaluation of stock. Fiat bought out government shares early partially due to that devaluation, and due to the high interest rates the US government was charging them.
1.3 billion is chump change compared to GMC.

I could rehash everything about GM's debt if you want me to?

Back on topic -
the Top 10 superbowl commercials

PUTC sister site commercial was rated #10.
Honda CRV was rated #1
I love the one for the new Acura NSX.

I still say the Chrysler one is the best one as it has such a positive message.


Awesome? I thought it was outright offensive. It seemed like an Obama commercial. "Half way there." Awful. Clint Eastwood is still cool though.

“Seemed like an Obama commercial. Half way there. Awful.”

My thoughts exactly as I watched the Chrysler ad. It came across as a defense of Obama.

@Lou - I agree, it is half time! Four more years, Obama 2012! Thanks you, President Obama and Clint Eastwood!

Obama 2012!

It's a commercial, big deal. GM sure does love Twinkies, they even make two truck lines, hence the GM Twinkies!

Posted by: Frank | Feb 5, 2012 1:13:19 PM

Ford Motor Co. has Twinkies of its own Frankie. Lincoln and Ford. I guess if Buick and GMC need to go then so does Lincoln.

"Life's tough, it's even tougher if you're stupid!" John Wayne

I don't know much about much.

Where are the ladies and the other brand truck owners ?

They must have been Raptured away so who was left behind?

I just knew this was going to happen to me. Getting left behind with these guys ! OMG !

"Life's tough, it's even tougher if you're stupid!" J.W.

I've had both, F150 and Sierra... Good and bad about both. However, the 4.6L in the Ford couldn't outrun a snail, and last week I just blew off a Dodge w/ a hemi in my Sierra....
Handling in the Ford was a bit better though. Mileage is about the same too, maybe one up in the GMC. Dash finish was better in the Ford, but seats in the GMC are better and don't stain from a drop off water.

Ford: "we DEMAND that you refrain from running this commercial!!", or we will SUE you!!!
Chevy: WEHHH, WEHHHH......

So American........ 'I'll sue you' phrase is passed on with the genes I think

Ford Motor Co. has Twinkies of its own Frankie. Lincoln and Ford. I guess if Buick and GMC need to go then so does Lincoln.

Um, no. Ford and Lincoln = Chevrolet and Cadillac. The Buick and GM'c' crap serve no purpose but to devalue both Chevrolet and Cadillac.

Um, no. Ford and Lincoln = Chevrolet and Cadillac. The Buick and GM'c' crap serve no purpose but to devalue both Chevrolet and Cadillac.

Posted by: Jay | Feb 6, 2012 9:17:22 AM

Lincoln cars and SUVs are all clones of Ford cars and SUVs. Why not just get rid of Lincoln and concentrate on making all Ford cars and SUVs the best and most luxurious that they can be? All Caddy models with the exception of maybe two are exclusive to Caddy and are not shared with other GM divisions, unlike Lincoln.

ive worked in a ford dealer for going on 30 years 28 to be exact and we are constantly getting 2010-2011 fords in with major problems and the owners end up just trading them off because they were not worth fixing. thats why ford is out selling the compitition

@ Frank Is A Troll
"Why not just get rid of Lincoln and concentrate on making all Ford cars and SUVs the best and most luxurious that they can be?"
Posted by: Frank Is A Troll | Feb 6, 2012 9:22:20 AM

Nobody will buy PREMIUM Ford. Ford would have to become like BMW or Mercedes. Look at it this way, will you pay $35K for Fusion? Or $45K for Taurus? Or $55K for Explorer?
Lincoln is garbage. The only reason they can still afford to keep it around is because all their models are based on Ford. They are basically rebadged Fords. And that's also a reason that nobody wants to buy them. People realize that and they don't want to pay premium for a Ford.
On the other hand Lincoln isn't making any money so it will not survive if they it has to develop everything just for its brand

because they only last a year

ive worked in a ford dealer for 28 years now.. used to love it but now its really just a job.. ive had both or should i say all three GM ford and dodge. my gm trucks seemed to out last( in nearly every way) ford. but i still drive ford because i get free service. and now dodge the only thing about dodge thats goood is the cummins and its not even dodges to claim. i think they all have good and bad but gm trucks were always better than my ford trucks and i drive a new f150 a new silverado and ive already rebuilt the f150s rear end at 23532 miles but no biggy

Holy shinto- It is a clever ad- end of story.

@fear the voices: So I take it either you have the 6.2 in your Sierra or you were up against somebody that didn't care much about beating you and they let you go by. The 6.2 might make higher numbers but it's not that great of an engine per inch, oh and it takes higher octane and is a gas hog. It would help you that you have a six speed, thats not GMs fault, it's Chryslers for not getting one. But the Ford and GM 6 speeds don't quite even have the ratios that the Tundra has. If you say you beat a Hemi with a 5.3, I will know that you are full of hot air. I had one of those, it didn't cut it in these hills, mine was one of the earlier aluminum block 310 hp I believe to go in trucks. It also would ping alot, my Hemi on the other hand does not and gets up the hills with ease, without drama and high rpm. But I really am not much on racing, really don't care much, more into actual pulling power. Hemis, Ecoboosts, Tundra 5.7s...

@cek: Really? You think a person would wear out and break a truck in half a year then go buy the same? Wow, I don't drink that cool aid.

@ trx4 tom: if you didnt see i work in ford dealer therefore i get a discount on EVERYTHING and the rear end was starting to whine thats why i rebuilt it not because it was broken yet

I agree with many here. GMC and Buick are ruining Chevrolet and Cadillac. Just a complete devaluing going on for both brands. Buick indeed should be left for the Chinese market (still owned by GM of course) and GMC should be rolled into Chevrolet so Chevrolet's brand value and status could climb up to where Ford is with those luxury trim options. It would cast a positive light on the Entire Chevrolet brand. GM isn't all that bright though.

Can anyone post a link where GM is quoted saying the GMC will be better looking and the Chevy just a work truck? or is this all specualtion. I understand the Denali is thee fanciest, but for the percentile who is stepping up to that level of luxury, there seems to be a lot of complaining about GM making the Chevy a work truck and the GMC better vehicle. I havent seen anything in the articles here, just in the blogs and I'm wondering if its Ford fans posting to stir the pot. Right now I think it is, until someone backs up these claims with evidence.....ANYBODY???

@Tundra- GM's North American president Mark Reuss said it and GM's own news website said it as well. What else are Chevrolet truck guys and investors supposed to go off of?? I'm no Ford man. I hate Ford's and would buy a Dodge first. However, I'd buy a Dodge before a Chevrolet now. GMC has been crowned the new king and I hate GMC as much as I hate Toyota. I'm a Chevrolet man till the end at heart but if GM isn't making Chevrolet trucks number one anymore, I have no interest in the Bowtie at all and surely won't give them my money. I don't do second best. I should be able to get a stripped down work truck Silverado or one that's decked out to the max. That's what Ford and Dodge both offer. Screw GMC for wrecking Chevrolet.

You still didn't post a link....seems like hearsay to me.

Honestly, the Kia 'Dream Car' commercial smoked any of the truck commercials. That was a funny one.

Hell if we are going to do away with GMC, Buick, and Lincoln....why not do away with Lexus, Acura, and Infinity?? Can anyone else think of anything that needs to be killed off??!

I like Chevy's but this ad was lame.

Unrelated Note
Texas ain't part of the South.
Texas is part of Mexico.
Stupid Texans.

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