Chinese Automaker JAC Likes F-150

JAC F-150 front 2

State-owned Chinese auto manufacturer JAC is looking to produce a pickup truck that looks similar — some say too similar — to Ford's F-150. 

JAC, which stands for Jianghuai Automobile Co., is also reported to be on track to debut the new product, called the 4R3, at the Bejing International Auto Exhibition near the end of April. From the grainy spy photos that have shown up all over the internet of an early production unit, the front end shows a strong resemblance to the current full-size F-150, especially in the grille and headlight shapes and designs.

Although no chassis specifications are available, early reports say the JAC 4R3 will house a small four-cylinder diesel under the hood, which suggests the vehicle may not be anywhere near the size of a full-size pickup truck.

For those who keep track of such things, this "borrowing" of certain design cues for a "new" vehicle is common in the Chinese marketplace. In fact, the guys at note seeing quite a few "twins" at the 2011 Shanghai auto show and even suggest that our own free-market economy may be to blame: 

"Truth be told, Chinese copies of popular cars and trucks are nothing new. ...The bigger question is this: Are Americans to blame for the ripoffs? In our never-ending quest to save money, we all continue to support Chinese manufacturing every time we visit a store. Products made in China are nearly unavoidable. Even 'American' products, such as many Ford vehicles, are assembled with parts made in the People’s Republic. According to Reuters, only now are lawmakers beginning to press the Obama administration to restrict imports of Chinese-made auto parts, which have surged almost 900 percent since 2001 and contributed to the loss of about 400,000 domestic jobs."

Ford is aware of the JAC vehicle and is investigating. "We're just trying to get an idea of what's going on with the vehicle and haven't decided what our next steps might be," Ford spokesman, Mike Levine said.

State-owned JAC is based in Hefei, in east China's Anhui province. Last year, the company sold 425,505 passenger vehicles and commercial trucks, according to LMC Automotive.

JAC F-150 tailgate

JAC-F-150 side

JAC F-150 nose

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Trying to immitate the leader... just like all others but this ones is scarry. It didn't take long for the Ferrari F150 to be renamed lol.

Personally I think Ford should have let the F150 issues with Ferrari go. Is it a good thing to think of Ford and Ferrari in the same sentence? Ford couldn't have bought as good of press that would have come from the assocaition.

I know, I know if they didn't press the issue they can lose their trademark rights.

The front looks like a F150 and the side view looks alot like a small titan or frontier.

I love bed bars like that.. had to make my own for my 2010 Ram cause nobody in the states makes or sells them like that. Not sure why but all the trucks I see outside of the US always have them. I find them to be extremely functional and good looking.

What BS the Chinese are. They are going to reverse engineer everything America has then sell it for half the price because they can't come up with any good ideas themselfs. What an embarrasing counrty.

Also the tailgate is pretty close to a copy to the titan and frontier's bib tailgate style

I'll bet it does not have all the safety and electric gizmo's our cars and trucks have to have. A four cylinder diesel makes plenty of torque and great fuel mileage. Of course the U.S. has epa,dot etc,not to mention bluetooth,Iphone,Ipad,Ipod and mp3. What would we do without our toys, drive safely maybe?

Ahhh, I remember the T-150 at the Chicago Auto Show awhile back...

Ford whined like a little baby but Toyota was brilliant because the sheeple equated the T-150 to the F-150 thus Toyota won before they introduced their first Tundra...

Clever marketing...

The tailgate is a copy of the Nissan Titan. The wheels look like copies of GM trucks.

I agree with oxi.

Toyota buyers like oxi are sheeple who fall to clever marketing.


What do you drive?

You are the one the sheeple!

You like the rest of the sheep buy what you are told to buy and can't think for yourself...

I knew Chinese automaker have copy and counterfeit to BMW X5. I dont like JAC is copied to Ford F150. It is illegal.

You would think that they would have tried to imitate a better product. I though the Chinese were smarter than that...guess not.


The Chinese are sheeple...

That an ugly ass truck
I like the f150 that's here way more

I don't know what there symbol is but that big blue oval on the grill seems like a copy.

It has the Raptor Grille. - didn't know that you would allow so many racist remarks to publish on your website. Are you promoting hatred towards other ethnic people by allowing these comments to be posted?

If the parts they used to build it are anything like the parts we receive at our auto parts stores, I bet the brakes pulsate from the factory and half the items on the truck don't work and the rest are made from toxic materials.

You can already see that the tailgate doesn't line up correctly.

It has F-150 headlights, a Chevy horizontal chrome bar, Titan tailgate, and who knows how many immitation interior products. Wow, them Chinese are pretty original! Truth be known, Chinese are all about America/American products. Most want as much American as they can get a hold of, so it makes sense to copy American vehicles. What they don't realize is how stupid they look doing it. Cloning vehicles isn't the only thing they're good at, it can be seen in just about everything they produce over there, including music, drinks, food, and clothes. Most of their success comes from copying others and making huge profits from it.

Has Ford responded to this yet?

@Mark Williams a 4 cylinder diesel can't be a substantial motor. Check out what Cummins has.

Either way, people buy trucks for their reliability and Chinese products are notorious for being just the opposite. For that reason I don't expect this thing would have much success here even at half the cost of an F-150.

I meant to say a 4 cylinder diesel CAN be a substantial motor. More than enough for a full size truck even a HD.

They also have sweat shops and not any civil rights. They propably have 10 year old kids making the parts for it. That's not racist but a fact.

This company also has a copy the new Chevy Colorado coming according to Fox News.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I sure wish an automaker over here would do some imitating and copy their 4 cyl diesel.


If Ford introduced a new midsize car called the "Kamrie," rest assured Toyota would unleash their own team of lawyers.

I do not get it, St. Louis is trying to get a "China Hub" with direct flights of cargo planes to and from China, but yet the Government is chastizing China for thier military build up and helping Iran with a reactor....
If you ask me, who has always owned a truck, about the only difference on the outside of a truck is the grille. Now Ford or any other US maker may not want this truck in the global market but it would never make it to the US unless they put all the goverment mandated junk on it, cause the government is to lazy to enforce the driving laws....

Never did like the f150, it looked too chinese.... Lol!!!!!!

@Cyberpine Agree they do look neat. I find it strange that you do not find them in the US, those bars are everywhere here

@UncleBud That is very very true, they can be a very good engine. Chinese parts and cars are a real worry though.

@max I would say it is the “yellow” for local use only 2.8 Litre Cummins diesel.

@Dave I posted this about updates on the Colorado. We are only getting diesels no Gas engines.

Looks like all other Chinese knockoffs: Looks mostly like the real thing, but everything is a little off. This is the equivalent of a fake Chinese imitation designer bag.

@Jackalope - Ford would have a much harder time filing an infringement suite against China than they would against Ferrari. Ferrari/Fiat has to play by the rules, China as a country can make the rules up as they go along.
The truck does look like they stole designs from many trucks. The Nissan immediately comes to mind.

I'd have to say that big business is getting bit in the ass by their own greed. They went to China to get away from providing Canadians and Americans with fare wages, fare work conditions, and fare environmental practices. China got rich off of western corporate greed.
China is now wealthy enough to do what the f--k they want at our expense. Just thank the ruling elites whether they be Communist or Capitalist. Like the old saying goes : "In capitalism man exploits man. In communism, its the other way around".

@Cyberpine - I used to have a set of light bars that mounted on the rails like that but that was 20 odd years ago now (ouch). Here is a quick Google of some light bars:


Corporate Greed is a big left wing line,Corporations need to make money to hire people,pay tax,invest in their future growth ect...Remember when a corporation doesnt make enough money they go under,so they need a profit,I dont buy into the whole greedy idea many lefts have.You can say you are greedy when you go to work,you get a check to some that is greed.With Communism nobody gets rich but the Government,under Capitalism anybody can get rich,I did,I dont even have my grade 12 and I made it under Capitalism,under Comunism I would be starving and poor ,just like the educated in Comunism countries are all poor !

Companies move their operations to China,because its a world trade and if that said company would have factories in Canada/USA with the same item as the ones made in China nobody would buy the North American produced item because it would cost 10 times as much as the Chinese item,thats why companies move to Asia ,so they can exist !Look at Wal-Mart its prices are low giving the consumer great choices and a better life,without Chinese products we would have a lower quality of living,as items would cost an arm and a leg ! By the way,jobs always change in America production line warehouse type jobs are going away and more technical opportunities are opening up Americans just have to either educate themselves or be smart enough to start their own business such as I did !! Many Americans have become lazy and just want a check in the mail and sit around and do nothing but get fat !

The Chinese are just doing what the Japanese did with vehicles.

The Japanese started out by copying American vehicles,obviously scalled down but thats what they did !Bought American cars over,tore them down and copied them..

Nothing new here,the West built the world,sent people over to Asia and help build their countries infrastructure.I know to leftus they dont believe it,but its true,like the British that built India if it wasnt for the West Asian/African/Middle east would be nothing ! Some say we should have never of helped them,most of them turned on the west !

It is just as ugly as the Ford 150 and just as unreliable.


So I guess you were stupid enough to buy one of these JAC ''imitation'' trucks huh?

...How else would you know?

@ 4 on the floor - I don't buy into left or right doctrine. Greed is greed. I just look at what works, and what doesn't. A blend of overseas and domestic production is what is needed. It is heading towards import only, as you have pointed out - our wages cannot compete with their wages. Our wages in many sectors got way too high. That is/was part of the problem.
China's middle class is bigger than the population of the USA. That middle class will eventually push for better wages, work conditions, environmental conditions, and social conditions. It will eventually ballance out.
People would rather spend a dollar on Wallmart crap that they think they need, than 5 dollars on something domestic that they really need. Big business went there for big profit. Big business can get more profits by making workers work harder and faster, or by getting machines that work faster more cheeply. The other option is to go to developing countries to exploit their cheep labour, poor safety and environmental standards. That is what big business has done. The middle class in the USA and Canada is shrinking.They have to work longer and harder for the same lifestyle. That shrinking middle class and loss of income indirectly lead to the sub-prime banking mess. Banks and other fininacial institutions (in the name of profit) chose to loan more and more money to those who really couldn't afford it. If one removed borrowed money from the equation, any real economic growth in USA and Canada would be virtually zero over the last few decades. For many people, our wealth is borrowed wealth. People aren't financially conservative and they need to be.
Bottom line - If I don't have money in my wallet, I won't be able to afford Wallmart either. I read somewhere that something like 3% of the USA have 97% of the wealth. Is that any different than China?
Kudos to succeeding with your own business, especially without post secondary education.
My wife and I are both well educated and have great jobs, but it is getting tougher and tougher to make ends meet.

@Nate M.

Trolls know everything.

I tried to get more information on the jac dot cn website but it made my browser explode. Can anyone get their made-in-china, sold-at-walmart website to work?

I love it when people who claim to be "independant" speak like a communist when it comes to economics. It is not all about labor and greed. High taxes and regulations drove businesses overseas including having the 2nd highest corporate taxes in the world.

Allow a company to produce a product without interference from unions, the EPA, OSHA, or the army of blood sucking tort lawyers, but constrained by honor and decency and you would see more US made products compete world-wide.

@4 on the floor- Getting further education would be great if it were affordable.

@Max on the JAC site No details of the "F150 " exist but they do have details of the "Colorado" . As I thought a low power yellow block Cummins 2.8 Diesel.
JAC "Colorado"


That Colorado is a more direct rip off than the F-150 even. Horrible.. That said, the current Colorado always did look like a Chinese pos from day one. How they went from that those great looking S-10's of old to that thing is beyond my comprehension. Then they ruined the Silverado in 2003 to make it match the Chinese looking Colorado. I see the new Colorado looks just as sad. Hopefully they don't try and make the Silverado look like it as well.

@Nate - What you speak of is part of the picture. If you suspended all regulation for example EPA, and OSHA - you'd have conditions similar to China. Many trade unions started because of unsafe, and poor work conditions. A cetain amount of regulaton is neccessary. For example: Canadian financial institutions function under more stringent rules than their USA counterparts. Canadians have just as much personal debt as their USA bretheren but the Canadian system fared much better post financial meltdown.
It has to be a trade off.
Checks and ballances.
You can't trust big business to do the right thing, just like I wouldn't trust a Communist country to do the right thing.
"constrained by honor and decency" - I'd like to see examples of that.
There are those that will argue that over-regulation lead to our current mess, and some will argue the lack of regulation. There needs to be the right blend. We don't have it in North America and probably never will.
Honor and decency doesn't seem to be in much abundance in big business, big labour, and big government.
Those are noble sentiments and I agree that we'd be in much better shape if we saw constraints built on honour and decency.
We need to stop looking at things from a right or left approach. G.W. Bush Junior was at the helm leading into this, and Obama took over. Different doctrine, but same big f--ing mess.

@Robert Ryan - Who makes bars like that that hook into the rails for American trucks like Ford, Dodge and Chevy? I've only seen Rhino and they are not this nice.

Master counterfeiters China has no shame.

Lou: you are right, period. I agree with you fully. You have to excuse the fascist counterparts on here, they were trained by talk radio what to think, and know nothing else even if it is NOT in their best interest. I really feel bad for guys that cannot complete their OWN research, but have to listen to talk radio for their points, whether dem or repub. Sad society these days.

Nate, 4 on the floor: Get off of the repubs balls, ok. Talk radio has ya'll really trained on what to regurgitate. I am an independant that can see right thru the bullsh!t.

Today , I'll have to agree with you Lou. Big government, big corporations, & big labor have proven too many times they have little or no honor and decency.

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