Dearborn Truck Plant on Ultimate Factories

UltimateFactories F-150 2
National Geographic Channel’s "Ultimate Factories" will feature the 2012 Ford F-150 and Dearborn Truck Plant. The episode, which will air at 8 p.m. EST Saturday, will cover the assembly and testing of an F-150 EcoBoost V-6 and the SVT Raptor. You see both trucks built from the frame up in high definition.

"Ultimate Factories" has aired since 2007. The program takes viewers inside factories worldwide, including those of Lego, Frito-Lay and Caterpillar. Each episode features the machines and people behind each factory's main product, featuring close-ups, breakdowns, interviews and side stories to show the sequence of events to build the product in the factory.

For more info (actually a commerical) about the episonde, click here

UltimateFactories F-150



Got this set for my DVR.

Would be cool if they also did the Silverado and Ram.

What's up with that cab configuration? It looks like there is a window behind the front door, but it doesn't look big enough to be a SuperCab. Do the Regular Cabs come with windows now?

Thats a shot from the previous model from 2 or 3 years ago
Time to put ultimate factories in the Netflix queue.

who in the world would want to watch someone build junk? yawn

@ johnny doe- Thats why they don't ever visit the gm plants. To much junk!

It did in 2004-2008 when it had little suicide doors. The 2009-present RC models do not come with suicide doors and have a blacked-out B-pillar in lieu of a window reminiscent of Japanese pickups of the 1980s and 90s.

Yawn!!!!!! Boring.

I'll be watching. The best built trucks on planet earth in HD? Heck yes. I'd like to see one of the mighty Super Duty!

Built without you TAX DOLLARS! Are you listening GM?

Ah, didn't realize the 04-08 had the little window, but then again, judging from the headlights, dashboard, and badge the truck in the photo is clearly an 09 or newer.

It's not a window. It's part of the pillars. See this pic with the door closed for the finished look.

Yeah Ford stuff everyone get pissed!

Its that ugly peice of black, and the fact Ford's regular cab models don't come with as may options as Chevy's, that I discounted buying an F-150.

Where's Dave? He Drove a Ford LMAO!

@Curt - that is a funny commercial. I noticed there is a video game with the same theme. Drive a Chevy and shoot down aliens. (Space aliens not Mexicans).
I would suspect that in reality, all of the Ford and Ram guys were out in bush offroad somewhere hunting and fishing instead of being parked on a city street ;)

Too bad its not on the Canadian National Geographic channel.

I like watching these shows no matter what they are building or producing. What really intrigues me is the technology used to create the machinery to build/produce stuff. I saw where Tootsie Rolls are coming off the assy line to the tune of 8.3 million per day. Finally, some one can roll more out the door than Henry could model "T's" back in the day.

I'll be watching......... you can always learn something new.

Just saw this, was very interesting, almost makes me want to go out and buy one.

they show the weakest link on the F-150, the trans! My trans might night have PERFECT ratios, but it doesn't puke fluid, shutter, kill the engine, and the check engine light has yet to come on!

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