First Drive: 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ

Silverado LTZ 1 II

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Review: 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ Crew Cab 4x4

Price Sheet: 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ Crew Cab 4x4


Mark, the engine picture in your review is incorrect that picture is from a GMT-800 truck

My kind of pickup. I love my 07 4x4 ext cab Silverado. And would buy a 2012 if I only had the money. But please GM bring back green, my last three pickups have been green.

Thanks for the story Mark...

I laugh at the new commercials daring Ford owners to drive a Silverado. Boneheaded advertising, if you want to push an inferior product you DON'T want someone to be comparing it to their other options!

I like the body colored grill reminds me of my suburban z71

I like the way you are formatting the website.

But if anybody followed my posts on the Harley Ford post, the same frustration is pooring out of me.

Mike, nice review in every aspect. Looks like the "toycrusher" did not read the review as his diatribe has nothing to do with it.

@dafish - yeah, just commenting from underneath my bridge...

But after reading the article there really isn't much to say. Nothing new till 2013 or 2014. Still nothing to offer that compares with the Ford or Dodge, if that's what they really want people to do.

And to everyone else crying about how ugly the Silverado is compared to the Sierra, get over it. They really are nearly identical and the "uglier" Silverado still looks WAY better than a Tundra or Titan.

I wasn't exspecting this review because not much has changed except some small apperance item's. Don't get me wrong I like chevy but they need to get the new silverado out and quick. I can't wait to see what they have coming out. They should have a high output motor thats high volume as well because that 5.3 just dosn't compeat in power with the others. Well will see it should be good.

" The electronic locking differential was helpful, but the traction control interfered too often, so it was turned off in loose dirt and deep sand situations."
Wouldn't this be a mechanical governer style locker?? one of GMs best patents in my opinion, a close second would be the oil life monitoring system. also, hold that tc button down for 5 seconds and you can drive sideways for unlimited distances....I do that habitually upon starting my engine. Fords, and prob everybodys tc and stability control work the same way. GM and Ford for sure tho.



Just push the TC button on dash and its off, no need to hold it. You can drive with it off as long as you want if you can stand the TC off light. lol

Yikes, that was a tepid review. If after reading that review, anyone says "yes I want one", you must be a true Chevy fan. I felt like I was reading about everything it lacks rather than what it does well. If you want a real truck, buy a GMC.

If you press the "button" it only shuts off the traction contol. Press and hold as Tundra-LOL pointed out shuts off all of the nannies. I find these sytems too intrusive for most offroad use. A little wheel spin is a good thing in mud.
I like the monochromatic front end on the Chevy. It makes the nose seem more "complete".
I've never been a fan of those grey/silver interiors especially in leather. (regardless of brand).
It would be nice if GM comes out with a 6.5 box in the crewcab.
Is there anything new to report?
I have to agree with SanFord - I'd be more interested in a test of Ram's new HD 6 speed that a test of a Harley, or Chevy truck that has only changed a few items.

I find the GM trucks better looking than the Ford trucks.
The 5.3 gets better gas mileage than the eco boost (I really hate that name eco)

This will be the review of the Ram 6 speed. New six-speed automatic transmission. It is nice to see that after the Fiat takeover, Ram is joining the 21st century.

@Toyota=Lemon - you sound like Bob.
The answer is no.
The 4x2 with 5.3 is rated 16/22.
The EB 3.5 4x2 is also 16/22.
A 4x4 5.3 is rated at 15/21.
The EB 3.5 in 4x4 is also 15/21.
Those numbers are right out of the 2012 EPA guidebook.
Real world?
Look at the under 30K shootout.
The Chevy didn't do too well.
The hybrid Chevy with a truck full of expensive batteries gets 20/23. 10,000 dollars worth of batteries gives you 1 extra mpg on highway but that aint the 5.3.

You have some errors in your figures.

The 4x2 with 5.3 is rated 15/21 (15/22 with XFE).
The EB 3.5 4x2 is 16/22.
A 4x4 5.3 is rated at 15/21.
The EB 3.5 in 4x4 is also 15/21.

Now look at the realworld fuel econ in this first drive test.
16.5 mpg average
The low end was 15.5 mpg, and the high end was 18.3 mpg.
And this is with a 3.08 axle.
Total MSRP, including $995 destination, was $48,419. That's more than a better equipped 4x4 Lariat with EB.


It takes GM a motor that is 8% larger, only has 3% more power, and gets 11% worse FE to finally beat a Hemi (even with its "ancient" 5 speed.)

Jason and Lou,
You're still comparing a V8 to V6!
A V8 matches your V6 in fuel economy, are you really some much proud of your V6? Didn't Ford drop that engine in there to sell you on improved fuel economy of their cars and trucks? Don't they call them "ECO" because of their fuel efficiency?
When Chevy comes out with new more fuel efficient V8 engine next year what is Ford going to do to match them? Drop an ECO I4 in there?
Come on guys! I think your barking at a wrong tree here.

When is gm gonna center the steering wheel to the driver seat? I would never buy a vehicle with a steering wheel off to side.

Greg J

The Ford guys are going to point out that it takes a GM V8 that is 43% larger to equal the power of it's V6. Plus that V8 gets about 22% worse FE.

If you want a real truck, buy a GMC.

Ha! You couldn't give me a Government Motors Corp truck if it was free. Not only do it's initials represent everything I disagree with, it's also the biggest gay bling girly truck on planet earth. Gmc's are for suburbanite women who sell Avon and Mary Kay cosmetics. They got blessed with better sheetmetal stampings this last go round and that's where it ends. Those Chevy guys got the shaft. If you want a Real mans truck you buy a Dodge, Ford or an old Chevy pre-1999. By the way, your sissy Gmc truck has been Chevrolet powered as long as I've been alive.

I understand that. But let's take a 5.3L, which is rated at 315HP. What is less hp going to prevent anybody from doing in their daily line of work? We're not talking about HD trucks here, which are really build for hard work.
Isn't 315hp and 330 enough for anybody?
For years Ford stuck their 5.4L in there and it was fine, right?
All of you were still buying them trucks, didn't you!? They did the job for you, right? If you needed more power and/or torque you would go with bigger engine to satify you needs.
And were does the 43% and 22% come from?

@greg J - I'm well aware of the fact that it is a V6. Did you miss the post from Toyota=lemon? He said = quote "The 5.3 gets better gas mileage than the eco boost (I really hate that name eco)".
I was replying to his post.
If you want to compare V8's then that would be the 5.0 versus the 5.3.
Ford 5.0 4x2 = 15/21
Ford 5.0 4x4 = 14/19
HP = 360 @ 5,500
lb.ft = 380 @ 4,250

Chev 5.3 4x2 = 15/21
Chev 5.3 4x4 = 15/21
HP = 315 @ 5,200
lb.ft = 335 @ 4,200

Do we need to bring up the "30K" shootout to discuss the 5.3 versus the 5.0?
Real world - the 5.0 got 21.2 (that would be bang on compared to the EPA)
Real world - the 5.3 got 18.7 which is considerably less than the 15/21 Epa results.

@Jason - I double checked the 2012 specs. I don't think I got them whrong. Here is the link.

sung to the tune of:
Bob Seger - Still the Same.

GM and Chevy,
You always won everytime you entered a shootout on yes
Your Silverado is still damn good
No one's gotten to the 5.3 V8 yet
Everytime Ford was sure they had you caught
The Silverado was more fuel efficient than Ford fans thought
You'd just turn your back and walk

You always said
The Unions would never do you wrong
The trick you said
Was never play the Obama game too long
Ford took secret bailout money too
The only risk that you would take
The only loss you could forsake
The only bluff Ford couldn't fake

And the Silverado is still the same
I caught up with the 2012 Silvy yesterday
Moving game to game
No rootin tootin F150 standing in your way
Turning on the Onstar
Long enough to get you back
You're still the same
You still aim high

There you stood
Everybody read the 2012 Silverado review
I just turned and walked away
I had nothing left to say
'Cause the 2012 Silvy is still the same
You're still the same
Winning shootout to shootout
Some things never change
You're still the same


The 5.4l Triton that ford stuck in there for years got 365 foot pounds of torque to the 5.3 330 ftlb, and could make 390 on e85. The 5.4 was SLOW and but it was a good pulling engine, and much better than the 5.3 in the GM twins. Just as the EB is a much better pulling engine that will get better mileage unloaded.

This isnt a knock on the 5.3, its a great engine, I love it in my fiances suburban, but I will never tow anything with it if I can use my f150.

You're not compaing 6.2L to ECO, are you?
If you are, than Ford should start putting 3.5ECO into their SD's since it can do the same work as a big V8.

Darn right MoparMan. In my 30+ years here our John Deere workers have drove nothing but Chevy trucks by the thousands. Over the last decade or so they've switched to Ford's because they got better looking and were given nicer interiors while the Chevrolet's went downhill lookswise and interiorwise.. Our parking lots are full of Ford King Ranch's and Platinums now when it used to be nothing but Loaded up Silverado's. People around here don't by those Sierra's. They buy (or used to buy) Silverado's and Corvette's. GMC is a joke in the Heartland. Always has been, always will be. If Chevrolet won't deliver the goods people go to Ford. If Ford didn't deliver the goods people would go to Dodge. The only thing a Sierra is good for is target practice or running over with a John Deere tractor.

Hello Lou,
You wrote that the Chevy 4x2 5.3 was 16/22.

The actual fuel econ for the Chevy 4x2 with 5.3 is rated 15/21 (15/22 with XFE).

Ford's EB with 4x2 is 1mpg higher in the city and 1 mpg higher on the highway (save for XFE).

You can double check your link to confirm it.

The 4x2 with 5.3 is rated 15/21 (15/22 with XFE).
The EB 3.5 4x2 is 16/22.
A 4x4 5.3 is rated at 15/21.
The EB 3.5 in 4x4 is also 15/21

Now look at the realworld fuel econ in this first drive test.
16.5 mpg average
The low end was 15.5 mpg, and the high end was 18.3 mpg.
And this is with a 3.08 axle.
Total MSRP, including $995 destination, was $48,419. That's more than a better equipped 4x4 Lariat with EB.

Greg J

Yes I am saying it takes a GM 6.2 liter V8 that is 77% larger (my numbers were wrong in my first post) to equal the power of Ford's V6. While getting much worse FE.



First I want to thank you for building America's longest lasting most dependable trucks. I like that the 2012 Silverado is still the same. No one's gotten to the 5.3 V8 yet. Everytime Ford was sure they had you caught, the Silverado was more fuel efficient than Ford fans thought.

Second there is a lot being said about the next gen 2014 trucks. Some good, some bad. I want to make it perfectly clear that I love the 2 truck strategy. I love having choice and I think most people do too! I love having a Sierra and a Silverado. But I espcially love that the next gen Sierra and Silverado are going to be two VERY DIFFERENT trucks. As you know from the REAL people who buy and drive Chevy and GM trucks that you have talked to have been requesting this for a very long time. Thank you for a making a true 2 truck line finally possible.

There are some imposters that are hating on this idea but most of them are from current Ford owners and a couple old Chevy buyers who post multiple times under the different names. The reason these buyers don't want real change between the Chevy and GMC trucks is because they don't want their old trucks to be oudated. You need to take these negative comments against GMC with a huge grain of salt. 99.999% of Chevy customers are behind what you are doing for the next gen 2014 trucks 110%.

I am also a big believer in the philosphy at Chevy. Some other companies are big on things like fancy suspensions and heated steering wheels! But I like that CHEVY IS DIFFERENT. I like the philosophy at Chevy that if it doesn't get used A LOT, which means daily, it does NOT belong on the truck. All that these fancy gimmicks do is weight down the truck and hurt THE FEATURES THAT MATTER like fuel economy and value for the money. Chevy trucks are for hauling and towing, not luxury.

I would also like to point out that I like the sound of the upgrades rumored to be known by my buddy Bvonscott on GMI...

All new GEN V small blocks
Frame tweeks/more high strength steel
Suspension tweeks
Efficiency upgrades and technologies
The touchscreen audio interface/new nav systems
All new interior
New off road capabilities
More towing capacity
Better ride and handling

He says your goal is to have the best half ton trucks just like you have the best HD's but you want to take it even farther. I like the sound of that! We loyal GM customers stand behind you 100%. Loyality is what it is all about and I am sure whatever you come up with for the next gen 2014 trucks will be a completely satisfactory to the real buyers.

Thank you and God Bless GM.

PS Please bring back Bob Seger and Like A Rock as a spokesperson and song.


At the same time you're saying that Ford's big V8's suck than, right? According to your line of thinking Ford should just slap 3.5eco into their SD's also since it has as much power as big V8!!
And what is that extra power doing for you in your eco?

Damn, the haters keep hating. Too bad they don't have their own version of TT V6 DI. Then they wouldn't be sounding so idiotic and stupid.


@Frank - Chevy does have a TTDI V6. They chose to put it in a car.

@Jason - my bad. Thanks for the catch.

For those of you that think that the GM 5.3 VS. the Ecoboost is not a fair mpg comparison you are right. The GM runs on 4 cylinder to get its EPA 15/21 mpg claim while the Ecoboost runs of 6 cylinders to get is EPA 16/22 mpg claim. So yes it is not fair that a gutless 3.08 drive ratio, oil consuming 4 banger is to be compared to a twin turbo v-6 engine.

Lou, I know what Toyota=lemon said, but do you guys have to catch everybody by thier tongue? He expressed his opinion. Don't you think it really depands on a driver on what fuel economy each of those engines will return?
I drive a 5.3L now, and on my last fishing trip (about 490 miles sample) I got 21.4 average there and back, 85% highway. Somebody else with heavier foot will do 18.

Now, 5.0 vs. 5.3
Here again you're compaing a 2011 engine vs. 1999 engine (older if you consider that it is a stroked version of 4.8L)
Latest technology, DOHC,4V per,Ti-VCT, all bells and wistles, vs. pushrod, OHC old work house.
Yes, 5.0 has more hp/tq, but at the same time those are two different engines.
You should compare 5.3 to 5.4 (how did that engine do on FE?)
Or wait for GM's new motors and then play with the numbers.

I understand the difference in hp/tq but in real life as you call it what real difference does it really make? My 5.3 will do the same work as 3.5, 5.0 with less hp and equal FE

There's a billboard on the site of their now shuttered plant in Atlanta that reads "Our country, Our truck".

I see that "our truck" is actually not made in "our country".


A $42,000, hecho en mexico P.O.S.
We bailed these turds out so they can use cheap labor in Mexico. And 34% foreign parts content.
Just sickening.

I'll stick with my Toyota, made two states away, in America.


Some light-duty Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierras are made in Silao, Mexico.

Greg J

Yes, Ford V8s do suck, but not quite as much as GM V8s.

@Greg J. - the 5.4 was rated at 14/18 by the EPA. I do agree that MPG is based on how you drive. I usually excede the EPA ratings with my 5.4 4x4 6.5 box 3.55 gears SuperCrew. My best trip average was 20.4 mpg. That was on a 200 mile round trip with the back full of gear for my son's class field trip.
The 5.3 and 5.4 are close in HP but the 5.4 does have a torque advantage and that is much lower in the RPM range.

You said "Here again you're compaing a 2011 engine vs. 1999 engine (older if you consider that it is a stroked version of 4.8L)".
Currently GMC/Chev has the 4.3, 4.8, 5.3 and 6.2.
Currently Ford has the 3.7, 5.0. 3.5 EB, and 6.2.
Those engines are compared to each other because what else is there from GM?
That is what they sell, and until they come up with other engines, that is all we can compare.

@Tundra what a Joke Says:

"Wouldn't this be a mechanical governer style locker?? one of GMs best patents in my opinion..."

You have GOT to be kidding. The G80 Gov-Lok "situational" locker??? (Better-known as the Gov-Bomb) These things have a pencheant for exploding. THe one in mine blew up last winter. Just driving down the road and BOOM! Plus the G80 chunks took out a few teeth on the ring gear. I had to install a whole new axle.

I'm not alone either. Google G80 some time and see what pops up...

Those things are utter JUNK.

"...315 HP/330 TQ, with a six speed and a 3.42:1 axle ratio would boost that number to 9,500 pounds."

There is no way that tow rating meets the J2807 standard.

Isn't GM the only manufacturer of 2 valve per cylinder truck engines now?

LJC, I think Ford's 6.2L is also a 2V per cylinder engine, but I'm not sure, Ford guys will correct me if I'm wrong :)

I just thought about that and I wish that Chevy, Ford and the rest would offer a manual trans on all engines and trims.


I have another idea for a campgin you might want to consider for the next gen 2014 trucks.

I call it the Stir it up campgain and features the song, Stir It Up by Patti Labelle.

I pick Stir it up because it has a great beat and the next gen 2014 trucks from GM are sure to STIR UP THE COMPETITION in the pickup truck market!

It goes like this...

Nerves jump off the pavement, passion hits the street
Angels cookin' in the city heat
World's too crazy, I can't take no more
I won't stay here locked behind the door
Baby, stir it up, got to break it up now
When I think about tomorrow, ooh, I can't wait to
Stir it up, got to shake it up now
If I have to beg or borrow, I'm not gonna take it anymore, mmm, mmm

Here are the details. The stir it up campaign should feature Howie Long driving a Silverado.

Nerves jump off the pavement, passion hits the street (this scene features Howie driving Silverado on the streets getting 26+ mpg - Howie smiles)
Angels cookin' in the city heat
World's too crazy, I can't take no more (Howie goes to Home Depot and loads up on some lumber in this scene to show the awesome payload capability)
I won't stay here locked behind the door (This is where Howie breaks loose and really STIRS IT UP and goes off-road)
Baby, stir it up, got to break it up now (this scene shows Howie tearing it up off-road goign through mud)
When I think about tomorrow, ooh, I can't wait to
Stir it up, got to shake it up now
If I have to beg or borrow, I'm not gonna take it anymore, mmm, mmm (video ends here with a shot of the all new 2014 Silverado here - and says Chevy is really stiring up the competition)


@Greg J - I occasionally miss having a manual transmission. I prefer the auto with kids. I don't need to worry about them knocking it out of gear, and a column shifter gives me 1 more passenger capacity.
You are correct that the 6.2 is only a 2 valve engine. It doesn't make sense to me that Ford would bother with 2V heads. It isn't like the 6.2 is a low RPM torque monster.
@LJC - I don't think many of the current trucks would meet J2807 standards. Mind you, if the Tundra is any indication, the heavier crewcab 4x4 trucks will be the ones taking the biggest hit.

@ Mark Williams - why don't you do your next shootout to J2807 standards ?

@Bob - the closing scene shows a guy with a Ford Raptor and a guy with a PowerWagon flipping a coin to see who helps get the stuck Chevy out of the mud hole. The coin falls in the mud and they laugh and wave to Howie as they both drive away. Fade to OnStar commercial of Howie calling for help. LOL

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