Fuel Prices To Get Worse For Summer

Gas pumps

If you think we're out of the woods when it comes to high gas prices, think again. Prices at the pump, which have risen 19 cents over the past four weeks, are predicted to jump by another 60 cents before summer, according to USA Today.

That would mean an average price of about $4.05 a gallon, up from the current average of $3.48. The spike is largely due to seasonal changes in gasoline use. People typically use more gas in the summer, causing demand to rise and prices to move with it. Differences in seasonal formulas to meet environmental standards can also tack on another 15 cents, sources speaking with USA Today said. It was also noted that since refinery constraints are still the main issue regarding diesel fuel production, consequent pricing could (in some areas of the country) jump even higher than gaoline prices. 

Paying $4.00 per gallon seems to be the most American motorists are willing suffer; gas prices peaked at $4.11 per gallon in the summer of 2008, leading up to the big recession. Such a high national average, of course, means prices in historically expensive places like Chicago, Los Angeles and New York could average as much as $4.60 per gallon or higher, analysts speaking with USA Today said.


I live in Indiana and its going down here gas was 3.98 but now its 3.20, and diesel is only 3.70 a gallon

People typically use more gas in the summer, causing demand to rise and prices to move with it.

what a load of BS it all comes down to greed

It is greed that makes it go up as high as it is. Hedge funds and until that group is regulated and forced to actually buy the oil that they pretend to buy it will continue.

Hedge fund people do not buy to sell oil. They don't move a commodity.

We will be hit with another slow down soon. Till after 2013. Vote!

You can't predict fuel prices, yes they will more then likly go up this summer but nobody can predict how much or if they will at all. This is a tactic used to scare people by the media.

I just filled up last night at $3.019 per gallon. Usually Idaho is above the national average (we have zero refineries so it is all piped in)

The simple fact is prices don't need to go up, or even be as high as they are now. There is no logical reason why they are high. The US has made claims before about foreign oil prices affecting it when in all truth, the US doesn't need foreign oil. We have enough here, so much that in fact over 50% of the US oil is being exported to foreign country's for no good reason. Oil companies are the real criminals here and I truly believe it should be made a felony to do what they are doing, and they are making billions in profit because of it. The price each year goes up high in summer then drops in the fall. The thing is when demand drops, fuel should drop back to the price it previously was. They think that if they keep increasing it gradually each year then dropping it to a price that was previously considered high, people will think that that is now reasonable. Then next year same story, but higher than the year before. If the county would make a government agency to monitor and investigate the oil companies (maybe there already is, but if so they are not doing a good job at all), that would be something that almost everyone would support. A useful government agency (although some of you are against government growing in any way) to try and solve this problem. Fuel prices go down, causing everything to go down because of it. That's my thoughts, anyone agree?

Last time they peaked this high was during the 2008 collapse...

Interesting that we are facing another collapse soon this year likewise...

Trouble with the Eurozone and that stupid and unecessary war that will be started by the West in either Syria and Iran will be the final nail in the coffin to the bubble that is the West's way of life, more debt upon more debt...

Well, if it does happen it won't be the first time. I think the truck market will shrink again and attention will be refocused by the public to cars like the Volt-Prius-Leaf. Of course, the prices will eventually once again drop and truck sales may climb just like they did 4-5 years ago. Unless Israel and Iran go to war that is. World War 3 will be in full force then. All bets are off if/when that happens because market speculation will drive gas far above 5 and 6 dollars a gallon in the US. Then the whole world market will crash anyway. I'd buy energy stocks while you can and cash out. Chevrolet, Ford and Chrysler need to streamline like mad to prepare for this to survive. I don't think WW3 is a matter of if but a matter of when.

I can only run premium so this is bad news.

We're told diesel prices go up in the winter because of all the heating oil demand and because refineries have to add additives to handle the cold weather. And now we're told that summer demand and additives will cause a rise in price? Shouldn't diesel demand be lower in summer when there is little need for heating oil? And when winter additive packages are not needed? And then, of course, we'll hear about the once again record profits in the oil industry. Greed is correct.

I'd hate to own a big, fat SUV right about now!

Greed Greed Greed..its all it is...Its so friggen irritating! We have a Congress that doesn't give a s**t about the American People...totally unsupportive, a fed that seems deaf to the needs of the country..its busy trying to keep the country floating above water for all the big banks ripping us off for the last 4 years.. and a president that gets hobbled by congress if he so much as even sneezes the wrong way and oh yeah, what about the PAC money that buys every congressmans vote for the big corporations? We're in a fine mess i'm telling ya...It seems that nobody cares about the people any more. the Surpreme Court just lets big business keep ripping us off more and more,,gas prices being one example and don't get me started on healthcare....Its is a monumental fleecing of America on a scale never before seen and with an audacity that would not have been believed a decade ago. Enjoy your pickup trucks guys. Greed will soon drive you out of those as well when it cost 300 bucks per fill up...

@Don - you can predict prices. A friend of mine makes a very wealthy living from day trading. He always invests in he seasonal variations in oil prices. He says it always has been one of his sure fire investments.
I do agree that oil companies use the whole Middle East as an excuse to raise prices. In actual fact the majority of imported USA oil comes from Canada and Mexico. I guess you can thank Obama and Robert Redford for shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline. Why get oil from USA friendly Canada when you can get it from the Middle East. The war industry prefers the Middle East.
@Oxi - you may be right.
I'm currently paying 1.19 litre or 4.50 gallon (US)

@dan- Its people like you who spread your poison to other people along with the mainstream media that are ruining this country. Shut up, Im tired of you progressive-liberals talking about corporate greed. Capitalisim works. It has chelp create the most powerful nation in the world, and the most free nation. Well that is until obama took over. When will you see that we lose more of our freedom everyday, the latest is telling the catholic church to F off . People like you suck.

Still waiting for efficient vehicles.
Still waiting for an energy policy.
Still waiting for change.

NEWSFLASH! There is no such thing as a perfect country or world, but the U.S. is as close as gets. How did we get there? its called small government, and capitalism! There is no such thing as a utopia! You stupid liberals are the demise of a once proud country. The sooner we get them out of office the better for everyone. GREED GREED GREED! WAH WAH WAH! Freaking crybabies, dont like it? Go out and make more money so you will stop bitching. YOU PEOPLE SICKEN ME. I dont make alot of money, actually its only alittle above 50 grand a year but I earn every bit of it they evryday. I dont cry about millionaires making so much while enjoy the finer things in life, while I grind it out everyday pouring concrete. I keep working , trying to achieve the american dream. You leftist have all but crushed the AMERICAN DREAM!

@ Jake
Hey Jake, listen up. I am as much a capitalist as you my friend. I invest in the Markets on a weekly basis, I am also a Republican. I believe in the capitalist system as much as every American should. What Ia m saying is an opinion. Not poison. You don't have to agree with it if you don't want to. I say is as I see it. Its also ignorance to blame Obama for the trouble this country is in as it started long before he got into office. You are undereducated and short sighted my friend. So Jake there is no corporate greed? Ok, no prob. You keep paying $4 bucks a gallon. I will keep investing my "Progressive liberal" behind in the markets and make money off of you. thanks Jake!
Your alright!

@ Dan- I never blamed obama for the mess were in. Its his policies that are putting us futher in the hole. Lets keep growing government and keep borrowing money from china . Lets divide the nation with class warfare to get re-elected. And if you mean uneducated as me not not going to college and getting a degree, well then your right. It doesnt make me uneducated. And thats the great thing about this country, I make my living one way working hard, and you makes yours " making money off me". Thats whats its all about. Just for the record I know that no one side always right or always does the right thing. But what the left is doing to this the past three years is criminal

The best cure for high gas prices, are high gas prices. Get by with the least you can buy. They have got it to sell, not to sit in storage tanks. I traded in the 2011 ecoboost that sucked at mpg. Got a 2012 Tacoma that actually does better than the 21 highway on the sticker.

@ Jake- Im there with you, there are more people like us than you know. Dan sure sounds like a crazy liberal to me. Oh and DAN I am educated . Graduated from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY just so you know. You seem like a class act POS,

I hop it goes to 5 bucks a gallon, I'm plan on buying a new truck this summer, and dealers will have to slash prices drastically to move new trucks which will be good for me.

@dan- Do you have a problem with uneducated people? Not all of us can be "educated", some of us actually use our hands for a living. Just saying

@dan- yes there is corporate greed, however it was the government who got us into this by forcing banks to finance undeserving people into houses, because" everyone deserves a house". Bullshit. Sure your not bob

Someone invent a time machine, go back and makes sure Bush LOSES to Gore. Then our country would still have a balanced budget like it did before Bush, and none of us would be having this argument!

If only it was possible.

@DerrekLouis and Lou,

I agree on the WWIII bit...

We have a steady stream of cargo flights across the Sinai, reports of U.S. troops massing on the islands of Socatra off Yemen and Manshi (sp?) of Oman...

USS Lincoln and USS Carl Vinson strike groups in theatre with many warships in support including nuclear subs like the USS Annapolis that just arrived recently...

The UK's HMS Daring has arrived in the region also, a new Type 45 destroyer...

2 X-Band radar's are operational, one in Turkey and one in Israel...

Bold Alligator war games are continuing off the east coast involving 20,000 sailors and Marines including the USS Enterprise strike group, all 3 Marine carriers, USS Searge, USS Boxer and USS Wasp conducting amphibuous landings...

USS Enterprise is scheduled to deploy off Iran in the next month or so. That would be 3 carrier strike groups in theatre by late spring...

Ongoing problems with Syria...

Russia has activated yet another early warning radar system to combat duty. Russian strategic nuclear bombers spotted off Norway and recently Japan prompting the scrambling of fighters to intercept them...

Russia further announced they will resume nuclear boomer patrols beginning this June, not seen since the cold war and both new Borey class boomers are set to go on patrol this summer likewise, they carry 16 SSBN's each...

The war is upon us folks, get ready!

Representative Democracy has FAILED!

Get over it folks, our government is corrupt and no longer works, they cannot even balance a simple budget...

They are ruled by greed period. Washignton DC is clueless to how we live when half of Congress are millionairs by itself...

It's about money and where it comes from. They no longer vote on what's right, moral and proper, they vote to get money and send normal folks sons and daughters into combat when they sacrifice nothing themselves!

We have become a bank colony, no longer are we a sovereign nation...

The government didn't "force" banks to make bad loans.
This nation is ran by the bankers and subprime loans
for the short term were very profitable. And when the
loans went sour we the sheeple had to bail out the banks.
4 words are going to be the death of our economy,

And Scott, I agree with you 100%, the hedge funds and
speculators should be required to take delivery and
have storage facilities available if they want to play
the oil market.

Bigger Bob, Dude what you been smoking? I live in Tennessee with algore. You would be driving a Yugo and living in a cave. With solar heat of course! All the time algore would be living in his 10 million Malibu Mansion flying his private jet, waiting for the oceans to rise 10 feet so he could file a FEMA Flood claim.

You are so smoked up living in the algore worship club!!!!


By the way forget FL, He couldn't even win his home state in the election! No president has ever be elected without winning their home state.


wow you americans have alot of baggage lol, does anyone in the US like Obama? dont think I have ever heard anyone say something positive about the man. How the hell did he get voted in? the lesser of two evils or what?
the comment about the US being the closest thing to a perfect country sure made me laugh....

anyways it sucks about the gas prices :(

@Greg maybe I worded that a little wrong. What I was getting at is Bush was the wrong answer to the country. Before him look how our country was running. He cuts so many taxes without realizing that some of those might have been necessary to keep the country going. Take away a main source of income and something bad is going to happen unless you have another method of getting that money. I'm not saying Gore would've been the answer, I'm just saying that Bush was not. He started this whole deal, and now people blame Obama for it. When in all reality he is trying, but our Congress is so determined to get him out of office, they are making matters worse. Nobody there can undo any of Bush's policy's because simply they got used to them, even tho they are digging us into a deeper hole.


Obama was elected by the electoral college, the popular vote does not elect the President...

It's not that we like or not like Obama, the problem is both democrats and republicans are the same clowns that operate the same circus...

Both parties are ran by the Federal Reserve central (aka communist/fascist) banking system that holds the true power in this nation or dare I say bank colony...

They are now calling the Constitution irrelevant for today's lifestyle. In reality I think they fear what the Constitution states like we the people have the Constitutional right to remove the government in power peacefully or by force, it is our right and the clowns in control fear this from their well armed citizens, so watch what they will do in the coming months and years against this clause...

obama is trying but he made huge mess. It going to get real nasty by the end of 2012. Obama is ten time worst than bush.
@dean ever American see America dieing. really alot them were fool to vote Obama think he would end our reckless foreign policy be he did not. Every one should for Ron Paul in primaries to get him elected. I think Americas reckless foreign going get America invaded by the end of the decade unless we wake up to it and change and has to be a moral change.

Lets make one thing clear, they said the seasonal summer increase in gasoline is what is causing a 40 cents plus increase in price......who do they think they are fooling...

Here demand is down everywhere because of the ecomony...we have had summers when gasoline prices when down...remember the oil spill in the gulf a few years back?

Fuel prices decreased or level the whole time the oil was spilling...now that leak is fixed and bill is in, we get to pay for it!

Its high time that 'true demand" not the work of 'Speculators in concert with the oil companies controling the price...Gasoline and Diesel should be at a all time low...they now use the media, weather news to do the advertising for creating fear to drive up prices...true demand is having nothing to do with it...

in sweden its 9 usd a gallon for regular gas

This should increase the sales of the most fuel efficient trucks out there, the GM hybrids.

" USA Today said. It was also noted that since refinery constraints are still the main issue regarding diesel fuel production "
One reason the US sends mainly crude Oil to Europe. Another reason the manufacturers are holding off introducing more diesels to the US whether Car or Pickup.

Hey, do any of you guys remember a really cool website for truck enthusiats that had detailed articles and in-depth tests of all the latest and greatest in the truck world. It even let the public comment on the article and provide relavent opinions on the subject matter that was written about.

......I wish I could remember the name of that site because I sure miss it.

(where is my eye rolling smiley face when I need it)

mhowarth - maybe I should mention guns and religion? LOL

@ JohnnyS,
Sweden's gas may be twice the price of ours but Sweden also has cars that get twice the MPG. And everyone lives half the distance to their workplace that we do. And when you do need to travel from one city to the next you have really fast trains to take you there. And most of what you pay is for taxes where you actually get something in return like a functioning government, healthcare system and roads and bridges that aren't crumbling and collapsing.

@ Dean,

It may sound like nobody likes obama but plenty of corporations do. The banks, war industry, oil and health insurance cartels to name a few. The rich are getting richer under obama while the working class get to pay $4+ a gallon for gas. He's dissapointed a lot of people that voted for them, and about half the country never liked him to begin although they should like him now that he's done everything they wanted.

I live in northern Canada, all our prices are based on liters pumped. Currently at a local station here I just paid $1.279 for diesel fuel, and regular gasoline was a $1.20. Now I"m no math wiz, so if someone could help me out, but from what I figured what your predicting for price is already what we are currently paying here. So I don't know why guys are crying about fuel prices, come up here and pay for fuel. When you are filling up your truck, quad, sled, boat whatever it may be, it don't really matter. Cause if you want to play, you got to pay. I would welcome paying $3.00 a gallon, but I know that won't happen anytime soon!

any excuse is good to bring the gas price up.....cleaning a pipe line bring the price up....and is true..

Left wing agenda is raising fuel prices !!

F.Y.I ..Pres.Obama said under his plan he will sky rocket electricity rates....and he wants electric cars (that will cost $3000 a month to charge along with your home's electric bill)

Not letting the pipeline being built,another left wing agenda that is another reason the prices are going up..because speculators predict on the future,and my friends the future looks bad for oil in America !!

Get out of Opec and drill for oil in America !!

By the way there are hundreds of thousands of miles of pipeline already in America and even pipelines coming from Canada to America yet they make a big deal about the new one....yep,pipelines already exist in the so-called sensitive lands of Nebraska !!

All I know is I pay $4.40/gallon for regular unleaded on Maui. I almost guarantee I'll be paying $5/gallon come summer. Not much I can do since I need my vehicle to get around. It is what it is!!!!!

WhOUbU, we just spent 45 days on vacation in Kihei and we bought a lot of gas there for our rental Jeep Wrangler. The price of gas did not deter anyone from buying it, least of all us. It beat walking around the island.


Like I said, It is what it is. No matter how expensive it gets, we are still going to buy gas. I just hate seeing people complaining about how they are paying $3.50/gallon and how that is so expensive.

@whoubu- Of course were still going to buy gas no matter the price. You cant NOT buy it. How the hell would I get to work if me and the guy I ride with both decided to just not buy gas? Just because I keep buying it does NOT mean it doesnt cost too much. If all the food in the entire World suddenly tasted like sh!7 to you, would you continue to eat? Of course you would, youd have no other choice.

desert cat- If you can afford to waste money on vactions to countrys I have never heard of, you probably make enough money that gas prices dont bother you. As such, you opinion in this matter counts for nothing. If I had your money, gas prices wouldnt bother me either.

This is a good thing.

It's supply and demand. Now that China and India are demanding so much more, the only thing that has been keeping prices in check is the depressed world economy. When the economy kicks in again...gas prices WILL go up.

So will employment levels.

There are reasons why we export our oil and buy oil from other countries. It has a lot to do with trade. If we don't but a product, like oil, from another country, why would they buy products we make here in the good 'ol USA? This is beyond the greed of oil companies and congress. But the picture is much bigger than we think and there are reasons for everything, whether good or bad.

This just in:

The U.S. still cannot balance a budget!


Over $900 billion shortfall for 2013 on top of a $1.3 trillion shortfall for 2012 and projections to 2020 indicate only a drop to $700 billion-ish per year...

How pathetic is that!

Keep borrowing U.S., the danger is it will all end soon economically for the U.S., hint: Roman Empire...

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