Fuel Prices To Get Worse For Summer

Gas pumps

If you think we're out of the woods when it comes to high gas prices, think again. Prices at the pump, which have risen 19 cents over the past four weeks, are predicted to jump by another 60 cents before summer, according to USA Today.

That would mean an average price of about $4.05 a gallon, up from the current average of $3.48. The spike is largely due to seasonal changes in gasoline use. People typically use more gas in the summer, causing demand to rise and prices to move with it. Differences in seasonal formulas to meet environmental standards can also tack on another 15 cents, sources speaking with USA Today said. It was also noted that since refinery constraints are still the main issue regarding diesel fuel production, consequent pricing could (in some areas of the country) jump even higher than gaoline prices. 

Paying $4.00 per gallon seems to be the most American motorists are willing suffer; gas prices peaked at $4.11 per gallon in the summer of 2008, leading up to the big recession. Such a high national average, of course, means prices in historically expensive places like Chicago, Los Angeles and New York could average as much as $4.60 per gallon or higher, analysts speaking with USA Today said.


Obama 2012.

@spark300c and Dean
I am a African American who loves PRESIDENT OBAMA, its amazing to me people want to blame him for all of our problems, yet the republicans were at the helm from 2002 -2008 as president and 2004 -2008 in congress. We had a 500 billion dollar surplus and no deficit as of 2002, what the hell happen Bush gave tax break to the wealthy, I didn't see a damn penny. 2 wars the first no WOMD(Weapons of Massive Destruction) were NEVER found and neither paid for. As I recall the DOW in 2008 had plummed to 6,000 point and on its way to a complete collapse another GREAT DEPRESSION LOOMING STOCKET MARKET HAS ZERO VALUE. Now its at well over 12,000 points and gaining. Due to deraileration bank went wild with fraudelent loans (Variable Interest rate) raping the U. S. public. Due to the depth of the problem create by the people that you voted in, it will take years for the economy to completely recover.

@spark300c and Dean
Oh, and by the way I am one of Million of American who lost there jobs because of the economic collapse. PRESIDENT OBAMA said IT MAY TAKE MY THE ENTIRE 4YEARS OR MORE TO CORRECT THE DAMAGE THAT HAS BEEN DONE. People want to complain about the deficit were was everbody when Bush created it. I guess I will never understand how people can vote for human beings (republicans) that can't even see the world on their level. All these people care about is wealth, power, and greed. With the oil prices going up that's what happens when you start problems in the part of the world were you are a depended on their resources.

@latwoods- Your lack of knowledge on the subject is typical. Your left wing crying is a broken record, and this coming from an idependent. At the beginning of obama's term he said if he didnt right the ship it would be a one term proposition. Guess what? Its time for someone else. Put your racist views and left wing agenda aside and maybe you will see what a failure he is

Yeah I guess your right, lets put a person in the presidency who has the same beliefs and policies that created this mess. Since I am completely wrong about what cause the GREAT RECESSION educate my on the true cause. I guess being a supporter of PRESIDENT OBAMA make me a racist, EVEN THOUGHT BEING A AFRICAN AMERICAN FROM THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI I HAVE EXPERIENCED TRUE RACISM. I GUESS ITS WAS A LEFT WING AGENDA THAT CREATED THIS MESS.

Benchimus, Kihei is on the island of Maui, part of the State of Hawaii, you uneducated twit!

And air travel costs me $10 every time I hop a Space-A military flight to get me to and from. This trip I flew aboard C-130s, a C-17 and a C-9 that belonged to the Reserves, the Air National Guard or the Regular Air Force to get me where I was going. Plenty of seating on military flights if you don't mind cargo aircraft. Beats paying commercial prices.

And about the price of gas: it doesn't matter what gas costs now or in the future because it is a bargain at any price! No one has yet quit buying gas because they ran out of money.

They rearranged their spending habits in order to have money to buy the gas. There is plenty of gas to go around, and people may bitch about the price of gas, but they will buy it no matter what it costs because they want to drive.

latwoods, if you are doing great with Obama then you are doing better than most of us and you should vote to get him to run things for four more years! The rest of us will work around him like we do now, looking out for ourselves, preserving what we have.

I'm an Independent and I can't imagine any Independent or Republican voting to give Obama another four years of the misery he has put us taxpayers through for the past three years.

Up to now Carter was the worst president we had since 1945, but Obama is an even worse president than Carter was on his worst day. America richly deserved what we got when we elected Obama. He won fair and square. America lost.

However, fear not, because Obama has this coming election sewed up and will handily win another four years because the Republicans do not have any candidate that a majority will rally behind. Not Republicans, and no Independents.

What we will see in Nov is a lot of Republicans and Independents staying home and not voting at all. So enjoy your welfare and food stamps while it lasts. Even fewer of us will pay taxes this year to feed this socialist welfare government that bails out failed businesses.

PRESIDENT OBAMA SAID NUMEROUS TIMES THAT DUE TO THE DEPTH OF THE ECONOMIC PROBLEM IT MAY TAKE MORE THAT 4YEARS TO CORRECT THE DAMAGE. LEFT WING CRYING well I suppose I should be happy about losing my job because of the economic downturn that was overseen by the republicans. I see you know very little about how a economy works.



You guys realize THEY ARE THE SAME!

The same circus and nothing gets done but bickering of who gets the campaign contributions or cash for voting a certain way...


First of all I DO NOT get Food stamps or any government help, I own rental properties, and a small business. I have a 6 figure income. Typical stereotype President Obama supporters are poor I guess like Opray Winfrey. I hate to say this, but if you cannot understand what President Obama has accomplish by keeping our economy from going off of a cliff, then you are truly igorant or stupid. People like you weren't saying a damn thing while Bush and Republicans were running this country into the ground. Now you are upset because our current President can't get the problems that he did not create turn around fast enough CRAZY LOGIC. Do you remember the DOW plumming? (6,000 points and dropping do you know or understand how or what that mean at the time even President Bush had to do something like the bank baleouts which help stop the market slid.

oxi, right on the money! That's why elections hang in the balance with the Independents - those who can vote for the best candidate regardless of party affiliation.

Democrats vote for Democrats. Republicans vote for Republicans, and neither can get a majority without the Independents.

A lot of people had high hopes for Obama. Even more were disappointed. Talk is cheap when you are unemployed and living off a government hand out. Gas consumption is down because fewer people have to commute to work because they don't have a job. Like maybe 16 million people do not have a job at all and need to work!

Unless the Republicans can field a candidate who will rally a majority like Obama rallied a majority in 2008, Obama will easily beat whoever will be the Republican nominee. This pessimism will exert its own effect on gas prices as they keep getting higher and higher.

Also keep in mind that more than 10,000 people each and every day voluntarily bail out of the work force and choose to go on social security retirement instead of paying into this bottomless financial pit. No one is forcing them to quit, but they do so voluntarily. What were contributing tax payers become takers. Not a good thing.

latwoods, if you are happy with the current jobs crisis and economic situation in America, that's cool! If you are doing better with Obama than you were during Clinton or Bush, that is even more amazing. I don't know anyone who is doing better now. Certainly not me, and none of my neighbors.

Maybe you should send more of your six-figure income to the US Treasury as a gift toward the national debt. We thank you in advance.

For those of us who can, we have bailed out of contributing and taken the money and ran. My brothers sold their new car dealerships in CA, AZ, TX, and AL and took the money and ran. My wife and her family sold their real-estate business and took the money and ran.

And what did the new owners do on the first day of taking over those businesses? They fired a bunch of long-time employees because the new owners were not beholden to the hired help like the old owners were.

That's quite a few more people looking for a job, not needing to buy gas because they're not going anywhere.

Those of us over age 62 got on social security retirement while the getting was still good, at the rate of more than 10,000 each and every day. My daughter works for the SSA.

Don't worry, Obama will easily get re-elected! And you get to enjoy more good times ahead. Enjoy!

in montreal the current regular price is 1.33$ / l
its about 5$ a gallon

@latwoods- Your stupidity amazes me. Its either that or you just that blinded by your love for socialism. Wake up and see what he is doing to this country

I'm not getting into the Obama thing. I didn't vote for the guy but he's done some good things for our country. He's also done some pretty damn stupid things while he was at it. I think he's Pres. Bush part two who I did vote for twice. He as well did some great things and some really damn stupid things too.

My comments are solely on this tar sands pipeline. I don't like the feds getting in my business. There were govt. surveyors on MY land for nearly a month. They were going to seize nearly 100 acres of MY land to put their pipeline there. I had no choice in the matter. I tell you what, I'm for energy independence as much as the next guy but this pipeline was going straight south to tankers to get shipped over to China first and foremost and then to supply world oil markets. If they were going to steal 100 acres of my land to set up a refinery on that land that put gasoline in local gas pumps, I would have Gave them the land. As is, a bunch of agents from the government were just going to take my land, (give me a little money that wasn't worth it) just to line the pockets of Canadians to supply China and the rest of the world. I've never hated the Federal Govt. so much in my life. I'm glad the President killed that thing. I don't need more government taking over my life.

@high desert- I dont go to Hawaii or anywhere outside of Illinois really so I couldnt care less where most anything else is. I take back what I said about the vacation and travel prices. I was unaware you could fly like that to save money. Good deal I suppose if you like to fly (which I dont). I dont buy gas because I WANT to drive, I buy it because I HAVE to. 36 miles to work is a looooong walk. Id love to live closer to work but the town I work in is the only one nearby besides the one I live in, and it is sh17 hole full of minorities that Id rather not be around. I shouldnt have to rearrange my spending habits to buy more gas if there is plenty to go around. Already I dont go out very often, spend very little when I do, and am going to run my truck til the wheels fall off rather than spend the money on a new one. It is not a bargain, it is a rip off.

I have to agree with latwoods in the aspect that the current mess wasn't created by Obama (Some of it but not all of it). He sure is getting blamed for it. Funny how some of his reforms in healthcare are getting labled as socialist. Great way to kill what he is working on. I don't think Obama is the best leader for these troubled times.
I also have to agree with oxi as well. Both parties have thier own ideologies but basically they want power and prestige. Both paties take credit for the good times and blame someone else for the bad times. Partisan beliefs and politics are what kill a country (any country). These stupid politicians need to do what is best for a country. PERIOD. but they make the mistake of doing what they think is best based on their doctrine.
Go with what actually works. In many cases,a blend of conservative and liberal beliefs would work better than ideology purely from the left or the right.
Highdesertcat - is see your point as well. That is another problem with partisan politics - they are devisive. It is a popular strategy in war and in peace - keep the factions fighting each other and they will be too busy to realize who the real culprits are.
I always liked John MaCain. Here was a guy who is a true patriot. He was a POW, and he as always put his country first. He would not blindly follow his party. I think he would of been better to run the USA than Obama.

@ Redman - most of the big companes in the Alberta Tar Sands are from the USA. Sure there is Chinese interest in those tar sands, but building an oil pipeline through the US heartland to the gulf of Mexico is the long way to China. Tankers would have to head south through the Panama Canal. There are already plans to build a pipeline to the Canadian NorthWest Coast for shipping oil to China. The Keystone XL line wasn't being built with China in mind.
That is unfortunate that the government would screw you out of your land.

Back on topic:
I think most people will do what ever is necessary to keep driving until they can no longer accomodate higher prices for gasoline.
Right now, no one knows what the price threshold is for fuel. When will people stop buying fuel and driving?
The last huge spike did see truck sales fall off dramatically. The image lifestyle types dropped trucks first. Next would be recreational lifestyle people. Finally those who need trucks based on where they live. Work guys will bite the bullet to the bitter end, but they will eventually pass those higher prices onto the rest of us or go broke.

The problems is that installed base of vehicles are gas guzzlers. The median age is over 10 years old.

So unless people get themselves into debt, there will no 'inrush' of super efficient vehicles at the top, to raise up the bottom from retiring the super old guzzlers from the '90s.

The US NEVER had a budget surplus at the end of the Clinton regime. It was fraud. They accomplished this by moving the Social Security Fund & Native American Trust Fund to the general revenues. See testimony from Alan Grenspan in front of a congressional panel.

Barrack Obama is the worst president, which is an accomplishment to achieve in such a short amount of time, considering the double term of Cheney/Bush.
If suggest every American of any race, color, creed see the documentary Obama Deception.
People voting for Obama were expressing their disdain, rightfully so, against the utterly criminal Cheney/Bush regime.
I wish they would have been more sophisticated, and look at the alleged history of a candidate.
They should have voted for a candidate with 35+ years of proven dependability.

OK people. Let's go back. Bush didn't put us in this mess. The Community Reinvestmnt Act did. Which I might add was created by Democrats and liberals. Let's stop blaming Bush for spending 4 trillion in 8 years and start blaming Obama who already spent 5 TRILLION in 3. But I guess those are facts you dont want to recognize? Obama is not going to investigate gas prices. Obama wants gas prices to go up so he can push green energy and pay off companies like Solyndra through crony capitalism which will make donations to his campagin. If you want gas prices to go down we need to drill here and drill now and get prices back down to less than $2 which will happen with the right solutions with an all of the above approach.

@RamMan - I looked up the act you mentioned. It came into being in 1977. There was a transition from Gerald Ford to Jimmie Carter. Some of my research mentions Bill Clinton also being responsible for changing the CRA.
It appears that George W Bush Junior was also at the helm when lending rules through the CRA were further relaxed.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek and several other sources stated the CRA had little to nothing to do with the mortgage and bank collapse.

Since you want to blame one political party over another - here are the presidents in power over the period of time the CRA existed.
Gerald Ford - Rep
Jimmy Carter - Dem
Ronald Reagan - Rep
George W Senior - Rep
Bill Clinton - Dem
Geroge W Junior - Rep
Barrack Obama - Dem

As we can see from the discussion, the current Obama administration has affected each one of us in a different way. So it all boils down to whether you are better off with Obama than you were under Clinton or Shrub.

Speaking only for myself, I long for the days of Shrub. I was doing very well then and so were a lot more people around me. My money actually had some value to it, and ditto under Clinton, and I spent a bunch of it.

With Obama I give a lot more of my money to the local Salvation Army Post to feed the people in need, and I haul a lot more of my old clothes and canned goods to the local Catholic parish.

And there are a lot more people in MY community in need of food and a job. It's heartbreaking to see young married couples with a baby stand in line to get a bag of food at the SA because neither can find a job.

Just saying, gang, it depends on what your own situation is like. From where I stand, Obama is even worse than Jimmy Carter was, and I voted for Carter.

The price of gas: if it keeps climbing a lot more people will eat out less often, or neglect routine car maintenance, or buy fewer cafe lattes, because they will divert their money to buy the gas they need to get around.

This will cause its own spin-off problems, like more people in service industries getting laid off. Imagine getting laid off from McDonalds or Burger King because their sales have dropped.

So, it is up to each of us voters, to decide which way we want to go. Four more years of Obama? Or trying it with someone new in the driver seat.

And since the Republicans don't have a candidate that most people will want to vote for, especially the Independents like me, we're all going to enjoy four more year of Obama's vision for America. And judging from the past three years, we're going to be in deep doo-doo.

Better brace yourselves. More Chevy Volts. More Solyndra. More food stamps. More QE3. More unemployment benefits. Deeper in debt with nothing to show for it except to kiss the collective asses of the Communist Chinese that hold our IOUs for all that borrowed money. Enjoy!

Little Humboldt County, in Northern California- gas is now 4.05 a gallon for regular- already there. Sucks.

i drive a tahoe and im still gonna drive it no matter what

The link to Bloomturd Business Week that Lou provides is is an apology piece, with several specious arguments. The CRA gave the green light to larger banks, and required them to lend to less qualified borrowers, even if normal standards had to be bent. Do you seriously believe that smaller mortgage companies would not be affected by such a policy (even if it did not, technically apply to them)? To compete, the smaller lenders would relax their standards - and then some. Also, you act as if nothing happened after 1977 until, suddenly in 2004, things went haywire. The link also leaves out the relaxation of standards pushed during the Clinton years. And, the statement that the Bush admin. weakened enforcement simply flies in the face of reality. In 2004 Bush and several Republicans, including McCain, pushed for tougher enforcement standards - against the opposition of Dems. You got nothing. Good day, sir!

@Ram Man - I was doing some research on something that as far as I was aware of - had little to do with the banking and industry collapse. I'd like o see your evidence. As far as I'm concerned, bad government is bad government. Both political parties have created and fostered it as well as brought bad government to new levels of stupitidity and mediocracy.
I do like to familiarize myself with socioeconomic and political issues that effect me, either directly and indirectly.
Thanks for your feedback.

(Lets discuss the middle east and the conflicts between Sunni and Shi'a Muslims and how this will shape the middle east? and its effects on the price of fuel..........kidding. LOL)

Steven Chu, the Secretary of Energy, stated just before he was appointed that "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe." Which was around $8 a gallon at that time.

Obama said exactly the same thing in 2008.

That's the Democratic energy policy right there. Carbon caps, higher oil company taxes, blocking pipelines, blocking refineries, blocking offshore drilling, blocking fracking, blocking ANWAR, those are the steps to achieve that goal.

Three years in, it's working. Gas prices have almost doubled. February 2009 was under $2 a gallon.

Thanks Obama.

@Dan- Oh come now Dan, being like Europe wouldnt be so bad. Think how awesome it would be to live in a congested ass city, next to another congested ass city. $8 a gallon gas wouldnt be so bad because you would drive a 38 hp Yugo and more often than not would just ride a train full of weirdos and other post-modern undesirables. If youre healthy, you could take solace in the fact that your high taxes pay for those who dont take care of themselves. Cheese and wine, Sausage and beer, tea and crumpets... Well I meant to put a negative spin on all that but Cheese, wine, Sausage, and beer DO sound good...

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