Nissan NV200 Looks to Challenge Class 1

Nissan NV200 II
Nissan introduced the NV200, a commercial player in a segment that includes the Ford Transit and Ram C/V. The little NV is already a solid player in the European and Japanese commercial market, but Nissan hopes to take advantage of an existing platform in a growing segment. In fact, Nissan predicts that over the next four years the number of commercial owners moving to smaller cargo vans will grow by four times what it is today. 

The NV200 will use an existing 2.0-liter dual-overhead-cam I-4 engine now used in the Nissan Sentra, with the production of the work van slated for Mexico, as soon as the plant gets reconfigured.

The front-wheel-drive NV200 will have a maximum payload close to 1,500 pounds and offer close to 123 cubic feet of cargo capacity. The platform is extended by eight inches to allow for more floor length, but we're told it still will not hold a 4-by-8-foot sheet of plywood with the offset rear doors closed. 

NV200 Comparo chart
The NV200's diminutive size does have its advantages, though. Nissan says the model will offer the "best possible fuel economy and an affordable price."

The final options list has not been finalized, but the model comes standard with dual sliding doors, 40/60-split rear doors, a six-way manual adjustable driver's seat, power windows, file hanging storage and 12-volt outlets on the instrument panel and rear console area.

Available features will likely include a navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, backup camera and a multimedia system. The model goes on sale in early in 2013. Exact pricing, fuel economy and performance specifications were not made available at its Chicago debut.

Nissan NV200 3 II


Nissan is concentrating on wrong market. There is no money there. Didn't they learn from their full size trucks sales?

RAM C/V wins by far !

RAM has the most power,more comfortable,less cramped,most capability,best looking and better fuel economy as it isnt hurting for power !

I must say this Nissan looks better than the Turkish Ford Transit ! But the RAM is 1000 times better looking/driving than this $**! Box !

offering the same for less $$ is a win for the fleet consumer

I think this is merely to spread out the cost of the platform since it is being used as NYC's taxi of the future. I don't think they plan on making money so much as breakeven on the platform so it can be used elsewhere.

Be careful with the Ford model names...
Ford Transit Connect = microvan in question
Ford Transit = full-size van coming to the US to replace the E-series

If I were a small time contractor or something, I;d prob try to carry my tools and hardware on the bus...

Hecho en Mexico.


I see a lot of transit-connects out there so maybe there is more demand for these minivans now that winter-time gas prices are $4+ a gallon and credit to buy fleet vehicles is tight.

They sure are popular in europe.

until RAM fixes their rear door to a split opening version (which allows for a forklift to load a pallet), RAM loses. once they do, RAM wins.

I'd prefer the bigger NV full-size van or the Dodge Ram CV.

I guess since Nissan wanted the NYC cab contract so badly, they might as well sell these mechanically identical vans right along side. Offering an engine with just a little more snort wouldnt hurt anyones feelings though. Same goes for the Transit Connect. They could have used the 2.5/6spd from the Escape and not used any more fuel. The RAM CV is a short-term product. Fiat has the Doblo van on its way here, with more payload. Then there's still the Scudo, which likely wont come here.
When they were available, ton of fleets used the commercial Astro and Aerostar vans.
Cargo vans are about utility and economy. The European vans have both in spades.

Will it have a manual transmission available? Will they have an automatic transmission or the miserable exploding CVT type that Nissan is putting in many of their vehicles?

The NV and TC cargo volumes are correct but the Ram CV *cough* Caravan, was measured including the front seats. It's dead obvious the TC is taller and, has a longer-inside area.

P.S. they have a NV400 in Europe which has even greater capacities than the NV''s sold in the U.S. (1500, 2500. 3500) albeit with a smaller engine.

Looks like a pretty decent van, though kinda plain. Do they have any plans to spruce it up a bit?

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