Recall Alert: 2011-12 Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline 5
Our friends at are reporting that Honda is recalling 206 Ridgeline pickup trucks because they may be equipped with the wrong type of spare tire, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In the affected vehicles, may be equipped with a full-size tire instead of a temporary spare tire. In these cases, the tire specifications listed on a placard affixed to the vehicle — listing the size and recommended cold inflation pressure for a temporary tire — are not correctly displayed. Owners can call Honda at 800-999-1009 or NHTSA’s hotline at 888-327-4236 for more info.


The Toughest Truck is getting recalled?? WTF!

I wonder if they are offering loaner vehicles like GM did with the Volt?

I'm wondering if they were equipped with the wrong type spare, or the wrong placard. I would be upset if they took my full sized spare and gave me the temp spare. Seems like they should just change the stickers.

So they are recalling all of the cars that were sold!

I am still waiting to see a picture of a honda truck.. All I see above is a deformed minivan.

Really, making them recall for this! Seriously, this is what our govt. considers a serious matter.... they may actually have a full-sized spare therefore the placard may not be correct?
Read the darn sidewall of the tire! Won't the TPS monitor also alert the owner if the pressure is dangerously off?

Either the govt. is drastically reaching at straws to be relevant, thinks people are really stupid, or people really are!

No Biggie! Good catch!

This is news?

@fear the voices - blame lawyers and people trying to make a buck any way they can. This is no different than MacDonalds having to fork over a million dollars because some idiot burned their crotch on a cup of coffee. There was no safety label on the cup.

This thing is a serious threat to dethrone the Super Duty as the best selling HD truck with its new "toughest truck" designation. Ford fans should be afraid.......very afraid.

To recall for a spare tire being the wrong size compared to some of the things the detroit brands have been recalled for....

At least they still give a spare tire and not a can of fix-a-flat.

well most smaller spares are inflated a fair amount above a fullsize would be, so if I read it right the recall is to ensure a tire doesn't explode in someone's face when inflating a fullsize spare to a smaller spare's psi rating.

@Lou although i think suing over a cup of coffee is dumb, you know that lawsuit actually had to do with mcdonald's purposefully heating there coffee to scalding temperatures, rather than the spill itself, in order to reduce the number of in-store refills. during that time it was free refills, so mcdonalds heated their coffee way too hot so you drink it slower while eating.

@Zach J - interesting point, but still a frivolous law suite. I've been in court several times as part of my job. Lawyers will dig for any little detail to win. It is no longer about right or wrong, true or false, or about justice being served. It is about winning and loosing. Just like sports, the more money you pour onto the playing field, the more likely you will win. The general public has bought into that form of "justice".

@Lou I agree 100%, people are too opt to dig for money, even at the expense of their dignity or common sense. And sometimes, people are too opt to slam other truck brands, even at the expense of sounding rational. I think we've seen a few of them around here....

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