See Ram Trucks in Action in Chicago

Ram Course II

Ram Truck is doing something new at this year's Chicago Auto Show. In addition to giving us a first look at the new Laramie Limited package, Ram is offering a rather rugged and extensive ride-and-drive event.

Show-goers can ride along (no unauthorized personnel behind the wheel) as the Ram 1500 hauls, climbs, navigates and out-punishes a series of closed-course obstacles. Some of the trucks are empty, while others are carrying more than 1,000 pounds in the bed. This is a first for Ram, though Jeep has been doing this type of indoor course for several years. 

The gloss black Laramie Limited 1500 seemed to draw a lot of attention, but we couldn't tell if the truck itself had anything to do with it. If you recognize the model below (she didn't remember us), it's because she's been with the Ram display for the past several months, answering questions about Ram trucks at auto shows in Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia and soon Cincinnati.

Ram Model II

The Laramie Limited is the only model in the lineup that doesn't have any Ram 1500 badging or trim package labeling on the side of the truck. We like the cleaner look. The first Laramie Limited models will come off the line by mid-April as 2013 models and will come standard with the spray-in bedliner. 

The Laramie Limited package is the only "non-western" premium option package offered on more than a half-ton (assuming you don't count the Denali). The King Ranch interior is the only Ford premium interior offered on the Super Duty; it does not offer the Platinum Package on anything above the F-150. However, if the take rate continues to climb for these types of packages, we assume it's only a matter of time before we see change. 

As a final note — and at the risk of spreading untruths —  we hear there might be something coming from Ram Truck at the New York International Auto Show in April. We'd guess this might be the last we see of a Dodge logo (shown below on a Mossy Oak edition) on a Ram truck.

Ram Dodge II


ram and chevy the 2 best trucks out their trust me don't buy from the company that circles its problems *cough cough* fords junk


yes frank you are a troll glad you finally admit to it, now go troll on a how to fix a ford gutless v10 form

"this might be the last we see of a Dodge logo "

Dodge, May you rest in peace.

@bob junior - go play with your imaginary truck.

Nice seat cover next to the black truck.

Will it be Fiat Ram?

@lou the troll lmao *imaginary truck?* guess i have to make a sign saying frank and lou the pickuptuck website trolls and take pictures of my awsome chevy truck to prove i have it and to make you trolls look like the fools you are haha this will be funny no wonder why you two own fords you're to dumb for you're own good

@johnny dose - calling someone dumb is funny considering the fact that you do not know the mileage of your truck or the fact that OnStar runs out once the "free" period is over.

It don't run out if you pay for it. Like i said its not a ford. I don't have to worry bout miles cause it'll keep on running and running.

johnny doe thinks he knows about computers too, like he thinks he knows about trucks. He is just another snack time basement troll. He needs a junk truck to haul off all the junk computer he tries to build.

Ram is really starting to shine and I look forward to the changes.

Every fan boi says the same thing. "My (Brand) truck never has issues and never breaks down. My friends trucks (brand) always has issues and is in the shop." Bottom Line every pickup truck these days are built pretty dang good and are close in capability and performance. Every year one truck ups their drivetrain and capability to claim the best that year and wins Motor Trend trucks of the year. all the manufature's do this and mostly its GM and Ford because they build the most configurations period to satisify all customers. And yes i am a fanboi too but dont go around saying how mines the best and yours is not.Proud 2005 lifted F150 FX4 owner :)


Funny, I immediately thought of lou and frank when you said "basement troll"

x007 Where did I ever say anything bout computers? Cause as far as I know I didn't? I honest don't know much about computers and have never claim to. basement troll? hardly Never said I knew every thing about trucks. I do how ever know fords are junk, had 3 of them. Had two chevy and so far they have been problem free.

Mikes FX4.......I couldnt have said it better myself. it doesnt matter what article is posted on this website all the comments are the same. Wow it gets old. My Fords better,,no my chevys better,,,no my dodge is the best.....All 3 brands have their strengths and weekness' and none are leaps and bounds ahead of the other. So everyone get over yourselves. That is all!!!

@ mikes fx4

amen brother

See RAM hard at work? Right... Specially that second picture ah? :)


I have already called on GM to pay back all of the bailout money still owed to the taxpayers.

To be fair, I am also calling on Fiat-Chrsyler to pay back the $1.3 billion you still owe to the taxpayers from the bailout and pay it off with interest.

Fiat-Chrysler never paid back all of the bailout money. you still owe $1.3 BILLION TO THE TAX PAYERS. Please don't think you can get out of paying because Obama said it was paid in full when it wasn't.

Where I come from you borrow money, you pay it back!

Do the right thing. Pay back the $1.3 billion you still owe the taxyers. Fiat, are you listening?

According to this the actual amount owed is $8.3 billion. Surprisingly Obama fails to count $7 billion of cancelled debt that they agreed to waive.

I don't understand. Why can't Chrysler continue to pay the $1.3 billion until all of the money plus all interest is repaid to the US taxpayers?

Where is our 1.3 Billion dollars? Chrysler, I will never purchase another one. We want our money back!


I couldn't have said it better myself. If Chrysler is back doing all of the shows with models, ride and rive events, and Super Bowl ads, great. Then why can't they repay the $1.3 billion?

By the way, the auto companies could have accomplished the same goal by filing Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 saving us all billions of dollars. If that isn't a smoking gun proving that the unions were bought and paid to vote democratic I don't know what is. I note in passing that Ford and cars from Germany, Japan and Korea didn't need a bailout. I doubt if they would have been offered one anyway from this administration.

@ Johnny Doe, you say: "no wonder why you two own fords you're to dumb for YOU'RE own good"

You're = YOU ARE......Guess YOU'RE the dumb one. Troll.

I've owned both Ford and GM trucks, as have my friends. I've also worked both Ford and GM dealerships. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, and they all seem to appeal to different people for different reasons, and at different times.
There are things I liked more in the Ford F150, handling, ride, dash board materials. There are also things I like more in my GMC over the Ford, like the 5.3L blows the 4.6L clean away, and still pulls a bit better mileage while doing it. I like the seats and seat materials more in the GMC too -- tap water doesn't stain the seat cloth.

We all have our preferences, and what you may like in your truck, I may not. So keep bickering about which is better.... In the big scheme of things it only makes you look trivial and immature.

according to ""

chrysler group LLC does not owe any money to the goverment.

and actually there is 1.3 billion missing so it is actually CERBERUS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT that owes the money

the halftime advertisement was not made using taxpayer money.

unlike GM chrysler is finally making some profit...

@ billiejoe,

You are 100% right !!

@ billiejoe,

You are 100% right !!

@ Michigan Man,

@ JasonH,

Chrysler Group does not owe the government any money. Chrysler Group repaid all the money it received from the U.S. and Canadian governments, with interest, last May. The $1.8 billion is actually $1.3 billion and it was not loaned to Chrysler Group LLC; it was loaned to the former Chrysler LLC, owned by Cerberus Capital Management, a fact that was overlooked or omitted along with the fact that that money was loaned to Cerberus by the Bush Administration before President Obama took office. That debt went into liquidation with the rest of the former company.

Since Chrysler does not owe the government any money, the company clearly is not using taxpayer money for its advertising.

Love the lovely lady in front of the truck. It would be even better seeing her behind the wheel of an equally beautiful Ram Limited.

Those 55 gallon drums have to be empty in the back of that truck, or it woudl be squatting like crazy. I know a guy that has one of these trucks and says he can't put over 500 pounds in the bed without it sqautting. I don't think this coil sprung rear is as strong as a leaf spring design.

@ Lou,

Actually Ferrari Ram,actually they said the Ram is and always be a Dodge,just not advertised as a Dodge,and will always have Dodge somewhere on the truck..its vin is still a Dodge,as is the window sticker from the factory says 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 or 2500 or 3500 depending on the model.

Nice truck's ! Chrysler makes the best trucks around !

i drive a 2011 ram 1500 and the exhaust smells like rancid farts. the dealer has been no help in figuring out the problem. anyone else having this issue?


Rancid fart smell (rotten egg) is usually caused by the high amount of sulfur in the gasoline being used. This usually happens at cold-start. I suggest trying a different type of fuel.

one of my Dodge Rams did that too, in my case it was the catalytic converter.

thanks for the advice. it might be the cheap walmart fuel. maybe i will try mobil or exxon

@ Bobbie Joe: of course it's not as strong as the leafs, SO FAR. They never said it was. But there are some trucks running around that claim a MUCH higher payload, and they don't really perform so well at that level. Turns are spooky, and poor stopping.The 2008 light duty shootout on here had a squat test. 650 pounds almost a foot past the bumper. Not the same at all as 650 in the bed. The Tundra and Titan faired the best or actually the least drop, lets see how they stop with that load? Both gained gained alot when stopping in the 30,000 shootout, while the Ram barely gained. I understand that's two differant tests tho, with differant trucks. Wow, the Chevy with it's higher payload in the 2008 only an 1/8 inch less drop, then the GMC and then the F-150 only 3/8" less, with it's higher payload. FWIW, I have airbags on my mine it holds a load just fine, less then $90 worth. Sure, it can be loaded way over GVWR, but with a little more stuff, so can the others. I agree Ram needs to up the LEGAL payloads, as they are low. What was written on the internet descrition of my truck for max payload is way over what it actually is. They know how the truck is built so, so they need to do that after the truck is weighed to get the exact number. I can see them doing progressive coils, aftermarket has it out, and an airbag system that is monitored through the Electronic Vehicle Information Center between the speedo and tach. Complete with an air compressor.

uunsatisfied, I had the same with the Q-trip fuel in OK.
switched to chevron and got better milage to boot.
That model would have looked better next to a new diesel 4X4 Dakota!

Maybe future shootouts will have trucks weighted like the mid size shootout and then test braking, and what tires are on truck and the squat at max load.

All 3 domestics are required to have spring bars for anything over 500 lbs. tongue weight. If adjusted properly, all the trucks will sit level with equal weight on all 4 wheels regardless of the spring type (coil or leaf).

It would be a big mistake to ditch the Dodge logo. Dodge trucks and cars are about to cash in Big Time with former Chevrolet owners. They will be #2 right behind Ford with a year. Most Chevy guys I work with have switched to Ford's because of the Platinum and King Ranch's. I'm also dumping Chevrolet but for me my new home is Dodge.

@ TRX 4 Tom Do you have a link or any info on that airbag setup you mentioned. sounds like a great idea.

@Jordan L: mine is just a typical Air Lift air bag in coil only set up. But I think if the factory ever did it they would have to link it to the EVIC, and the air compressor, so you can drop the trailer and set it down to the minimal 5 psi. Crank it up to 35 max before hooking back up to the trailer, if that's what's needed. I brought back from over 700 miles away in Colorado what I figured to be about 7,000 pounds of racecar, extra engines, bed full of partsparts, and the trailer. I had the weight distributing hitch. Worked just fine, no drama. I could have drove 75 but that woulda sucked alot more gas, so 65-70 was fine.

dodge is a good truck ,,ford the cheaper truck no difference to a car for Sunday shopping,,engine not to bad,but the rest look good but cheap quality ,,,,dont forget people get a ford for the look not for work,,dodge and gm for working..

It seems that a lot have missed the point of the post: Ram put on an interactive show. Has a pickup manufacturer done this before ? Jeep, sure. But anyone else ? The Limited seems really good. But, I would have had the interior as an option on anything above, but including, the Express, rather than a complete new model .....

Funny thing happened today. I walked into a SW Missouri Ford dealership, I am a car/truck nut and I just like to compare and learn. Blow a little time. I am two years into a truck, it wouldn't make any sense to get something now. One salesman was FRIENDLY, however we stepped inside to warm up. I said my Dodge has some good things, Fords have good things too. I made the comment that Dodge needs to get on the (real) 6 speed or 8 speed. The second salesman proceeded to try to BS me. "Fiat will give them that. Ram's probably not gonna build trucks in 3 years. Right now, they are building them in Mexico" I said, "some are" and he said "most of the ones at (the dealership across town) were made in Mexico". I said "my Hemi was made in Mexico. The 2500s and maybe 3500s are. But fact is, Fords have about the highest non US/Canadian Mexico content. Fiestas are Mexican built." He didn't like that, and proceeded to say something about Jeeps interior. Well, so I drove cross town. Wouldn't you know it, most of those trucks were 1500s, made in the states. The cars were mostly made in the states, or Canada. I am all for North American built cars. What was his issue though? Ford builds in Canada, is that any better (or worse)? Heck if I know. But I think the big picture is that Ford does more in Mexico then Dodge, FWIW. The non North American content is more then Dodge. Thanks to this guy slinging mud at the dealership, I will most likely not consider even looking there when I buy another new truck. I guess he thought I was ignorant, and he could sway me. Who knows what else this guy would feed me.

Ford did this with the 2001 F-150 nothing new. It was at the Chicago auto show as well. It's nice to know Fiat can copy though.

"Chrysler Group does not owe the government any money. Chrysler Group repaid all the money it received from the U.S. and Canadian governments, with interest, last May."

Chrysler and Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne says:
But he said "it would be advisable" to repay the U.S. loans of $5.6 billion and Canada's $1.5 billion before attempting an IPO.

I had the opportunity to play around in all the trucks at the NAIAS and the Dodge (Looks awesome) is lacking in quality. The interior, although roomy, is cheaply appointed and cannot be compared to some of the higher end competitors. Now for the course of this discussion, would anyone be absolutely disgusted at driving around in this new limited edition, probably not; it just doesn't compare to the Denali or Platinum Editions out there. The doors are so thin and cheap, yet the Dodge paint quality is superb. I don't understand that either. Lots of leases and grocery getters. This truck would be awesome for that. Most 1/2 tons are now anyways. A testament to this is the death of the full size van. 17 - 18 inch wheels are better for towing, lighter, and provided better traction in adverse weather. I don't understand this fascination with 20's? Btw why isn't dodge using 6 lugs?

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