Spied! 2013 Super Duty With New Grille

Super Duty spy 2013 copy

Michigan weather usually is never good this time of year, but one positive thing for our spy shooters is that the windy weather can blow the covers right off any prototypes that might be running around the bad weather. That's what happened with this Ford F-250 prototype.

It appears the Super Duty will get a modest update to the front fascia with a new grille, grille inserts and trim. Although it doesn't show here, this truck's tailgate was camouflaged, too.

We suspect the Super Duty may be playing with some aero changes in the rear, and possibly open/close louvres in the grille. We've heard that Cadillac and certain Chrysler vehicles have been testing at both ends with electronically controlled shutters and wind deflectors to help improve airflow and engine efficiency. 

We're guessing you'll see the official debut of this new Super Duty at the 2012 State Fair of Texas.

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It wouldn't be a new SD if Ford didn't change the grill. Of course, the rest of the body is boringly the same.

"blow the covers right off" "That's what happened with this Ford F-250 prototype"
I must be blind because i sure don't see the covers blown off this grill.

Still looks like the Griswold's Wagon Queen Family Truckster with those stacked headlights.

And about as aerodynamic as a brick wall.

I guess the name of the game isn't innovation. It's just one-upping the competitor and looking more and more beefy and chromy and masculine. Except when it comes to gas mileage.

Unfortunately, it seems like GM is trying to chase Ford in this race of monster grills. Apparently it works since ford kicks our butt in sales of 2500+ sized trucks. And from a previous spy shot article that did show some grill on an F150, it looks like Ford plans to offer at least one package in the light trucks with a slimmed down version of their SD grill. I hope GM doesn't try to copy that trend too. Sometimes less is more.

Is it looking any different? I can't really say.

How about getting real headlights? Not some POS H13 dual beams that are straight off a $12K car.

Everybody copied the Dodge Ram with its grill ! And none look as good !

Those huge lights look hideous !!

Hey Max, you are funny. It does look like the Griswold's Wagon Queen. Now if only that wagon had a SFA they would have made it to Wally World in time for it to still be open.

That was such a funny movie.

I'm ok with most of the design of that SD, but those SD dullies do have some strange fenders.

Changing the big 2 bar grill with the huge Pizza size Ford emblem is a good idea just now do something about the hideous dually fender flares. The Ford Super Duty was good looking truck before the last update.

Oh, come on guys, in fords case, add, subtract, bend, press, crease, fold, whatever..... if ford does it, it's considered a new truck. we all know, who wouldn't, get with the program. The ranger was new every few yrs, same with the sd and the f150. u guys just mad bcuz ur brand didnt consider ur midyr revise a "new" truck. :)

Looks like they are going with those ugly [ and ]'s on the grill for almost everything. Really, it looks like this [=o=]

Lmfao! Oh wow don't get your panties in a bunch ford fans. Sad that you get excited for a new grille yet the rest of the truck has been almost exactly the same since the 99 model. Might I mention the same year they copied the Ram's grille. Get on Ram's level Ford. You provide zero innovation to this industry. Without your mindless minion sheeps you'd be screwed.

"Get on Ram's level Ford." -RamMan

Fords response; no thanks! They want to progress, not regress.

Does it really matter that the side of the truck has not been updated. I am running the same old model with the V10, SFA, with no problems. Love my truck! However, currently, they do look awkward.

Most of the updates have been internal.

Just saying!

Yes it does really matter. I realize most of their updates have been internal but it's getting a little ridiculous at this point...just saying!

Obviously Dodge Ram copied the grill of early big rigs that had a big grill with small head lights.
Dodge also copied Mercedes Benz by making an gasoline powered carriage thats now commonly referred to as an 'automobile'. Just a bunch of copy cats I tell you.....


Ford still outsells both GM and Dodge in the heavy duty segment despite the Superdutys lack of exterior updates.

Honeslty I think Superdutys look just fine the grill back. (Don't particularly care for the horozontally challanged headlights, or the in your face grille)

However the rest of the truck looks just fine. Besides a Superduty is like a tool in a toolbox above all other things...No one complains because Screwdrivers or Crecent Wrenches have kept the same inital appearance for the past 75 years or more, yet for some reason its an issue with the Superduty?

Its like Frank said...The important thing is that all the changes made to the Superduty have been underneith, where it matters, and where it Currently beats the hell out of Dodge.

Why mess with sucess?

Lastly...Please think before you run your mouth...Otherwise you're just another Bob.

I don't see much of a difference in the grill but the painted bumber blends in to much. Usually it's onley painted on the kingranches with two tone paint I think. Anyway will see what they have coming.

Besides a Superduty is like a tool in a toolbox above all other things...

@Nate, And that is exactly why we've been using them since they came out. I run 23 Super Duty's and 12 F-150's for the lighter work. They are the Snap On/Mac tools of the trucking industry. I've done construction and snow removal for 37 years and have watched our industries switch slowly from predominately Chevrolet trucks over to Ford's. I started out with a small group of 3 Chevy truck's out of highschool. When they pulled their straight axle from the front in the early 90's we had no choice but to switch to a different truck company. We used Dodge's for 6 years and while they were a darn good truck, we just couldn't keep a transmission in them back then. I'm sure that stuff is ancient history now but once Ford came out with the Super Duty, we started buying them and never looked back. I have no reason to buy a Dodge again unless Ford stopped making the SD. And I personally Like the body. There's nothing they need to change. When you nail it, you nail it. Perfect cab, perfect bed, perfect frame height up high, nice round wheel arches. The truck can't be any better IMO. I do agree the big front grille is starting to get a tad out of hand though.

They are not stacked headlights,the top is a parking/turn signal the lower is the headlight. To bad they are not HID,my son converted my old 2002 SDto HID,what a difference. I like the look of my 2005 grille/lights/bumper better,but the new Powerstroke is a great truck. A neighbor hated the giant chrome grille on his '11 SD,so he had it removed,repainted to match bodywork and it looks great. The King Ranch model gave him the idea. I will say it looks good.

Ghost Ride the Ram.


Ford builds the best trucks. To this day, I can't understand how people go out and buy GMs! They obvioulsy don't know trucks or they haven't REALLY tested a Ford truck.

Thank you Ford. Love my Ford trucks!

I'll run my mouth all day son. I will smoke you with my facts. Problem is I don't have time to constantly respond to your laughable responses. Sales don't tell the whole story. Truck vs truck Ram wins. End of story. Done commenting on this post so whatever you say from here on out won't be heard. Winning.


Whatever helps you sleep at night, You just keep on telling yourself that your right and everyone else is wrong.

Dennys already summed up my point pretty damn good.

However I must admit, I find it quite funny that you claim you can ''smoke'' me with facts about how Dodge makes superior truck to Ford yet...Somehow you just can't seem to find the time to make the comment, probably because your ''facts'' are bullshit.

But since this comment will apparently fall on deaf ears I wont put forth any more effort to make look like any more of a colossal doche bag than you already made yourself look.


Thanks for the reply. I'm a Ford guy at heart myself...I just got a 2011 F-150 FX4 5.0L a few months ago and I love it! But like you I think the big 3 are all making good trucks.

Anything would be better then the ugly grill on the present super duty trucks.

Just a bunch of JKASS HATERS !!!!!!!!!

Been a Ford guy my whole life. Drive 2006 F350 now.
However, I must say, I think the 2011 -2012 Super Duty's are the ugliest trucks on the road. Inside and out.
I simply can't believe some "Board" said, "Yeah, that looks awesome! Build it!"
I'll hang on to my '06 as long as possible because I'll never buy a Dodge product or Government Motors.

Geez lots of hatred around here. I don't know why people freak out about this stuff. Chill out. I remember when dodge first came out with that big grille and everyone said it looked hideous. But we got used to it and now people seem to think those trucks look good. Ford has done some questionable things starting with the 08 headlight change. But it has grown on me and I really like them now. I like how ford makes these simple changes in the grille/headlights from time to time. You rarely see two ford trucks that look the same. Cant say that for chevy or dodge trucks. Ford IMO has had the best offerings for quite a while, but I support the big three.

Bring it In person douche.

If you're Ecoqueet can make it that far...


I'll have plenty of time then.

Omg I'm bleeding with anticipation little scrawny boy.


Oooo Clever...Recycling my ''douche'' comment and then puffing your big bad internet chest out, I'm so scared!!! Haha.

Listen Mr. Internet Warrior, you've already made it readily apparent that your nothing more than a child and E-thug who isn't even remotly capable of having a normal conversation.

Go play some more Call of Duty child, and keep thinking your a badass because mommy says you are.

Also for the record, don't drive an Ecoqeet (Whatever the hell that is).

5.0L man myself here...Funny how Fords 5.0L beats the Hemi isn't it?

Guys, Can we please clean up the language here? Thank you.

5.7LHemi > 5.0 bitch....oh and let me know how much you bench world of warcatft. Hahaha wow oh man I
Can't wait. Makes me sick!

Pickuptrucks.com = biased towards Ford hence how
Mike Levine got a Job there. Get @ me everyone and Ram fans unite.

When you update your trucks for the first time since 99 then get @ me ford otherwise Stfu!!! Also the first time you copied Ram btw!!!

Ram is taking down Chevy and Ford in 2012!!!

@RamMan - what's with the hostility? Does it have something to do with Chrysler first being controlled by Germans, and now Italians? Looks like WWII all over again. Oh I forgot - Henry Ford was anti-semitic and something about the Dodge brothers working for Ford. Seems like Dodge has history of being owned by others ;) LOL
My apologies to all of the reasonable Ram owners out there :)

i do not own a ford i own a 2006 dodge ram

but i have to say that i like them superdutys i dont know

i have used them to haul firewood, cow manure and the such...

it seems like i could just hook a chain to anything and drag it around all day...lol


Dude you are a trip!

Dodge taking Ford and/or GM down in 2012? Keep dreaming!...Dodge has ALWAYS been number 3 of the big 3, Ford and GM are the one's always at each others throat for the number 1 spot, Dodge always sits in back.

P.S The 5.7L Hemi does not beat the 5.0L...I've seen 5.0 F-150's beat Hemi Rams...Want Proof?? Becaues UNLIKE you I can provide PROOF.



So there you have it.

And I'de like to close by saying if your a child...(Which I assume you are)...Please do us all a favor and go back to playing Call of Duty on Xbox and pwning noobs to help you with your obvious insecurity issues.

And if your an adult...Lay off the damn roids dude. Those things shrink your nuts.

You go billiejoe!!!!

New grill but the same weak frame.

grow up ram man. You're just like bob. And face the facts. Ford offers 3 engines in the f150 that are better than the hemi. And for the record I drive a 2010 dodge with the 5.7. Not to mention the ford has a way better interior. I only chose the dodge cause at the time ford hadn't come out with their new engines and I got a killer deal.

The Super Duty is not that great looking but it looks like the front might have improved. That being said the people that buy these don't necessarily buy them for the looks but for the truck itself and for the Powerstroke. They are still a good truck but they look more like a Tonka toy truck in appearance. If anything the bigger RAMS are probably the best looking. But again people don't buy heavy duties for the looks.

I hope GM doesn't BULK up their trucks to much. After awhile it it gets a little out of hand, over the top

Hard to say but doesn't look too much different. But honestly, this truck's basic design is ALMOST A DECADE OLDER than either GM or Ram. When is Ford going to give us a REAL new Super Duty???

@Nate M.- N00bs play CoD. Halo>CoD.

@Ram Man- Better question is how much do YOU bench? You brought it up. I eagerly await reading your false numbers.

Topic at Hand: Why constant grill changes? It isnt necessary. It looks fine the way it is. Not sure which year it was exactly but around 06 or so was the best looking.

Ford does changes every few years. It is part of Ford's standards and core belief in CANI - constant and never-ending improvement. It is the difference between an excellent truck (GM, Chevy, Ram) and truck excellence (Ford). Constant increases in quality. All of these constant incremental changes, all of these wonderful little changes accumulate to create momentum to make the best truck on the road today. We are either climbing or sliding. There is no in between. 2015 will be the all new model.

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