Spied! 2013 Super Duty With New Grille

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Michigan weather usually is never good this time of year, but one positive thing for our spy shooters is that the windy weather can blow the covers right off any prototypes that might be running around the bad weather. That's what happened with this Ford F-250 prototype.

It appears the Super Duty will get a modest update to the front fascia with a new grille, grille inserts and trim. Although it doesn't show here, this truck's tailgate was camouflaged, too.

We suspect the Super Duty may be playing with some aero changes in the rear, and possibly open/close louvres in the grille. We've heard that Cadillac and certain Chrysler vehicles have been testing at both ends with electronically controlled shutters and wind deflectors to help improve airflow and engine efficiency. 

We're guessing you'll see the official debut of this new Super Duty at the 2012 State Fair of Texas.

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There is something to say about a basic design that can evolve over time versus a design that has to be completely scrapped and you have to start over from scratch. In the race to stay ahead of the game Ford has added a lot of new features and styling changes. When you factor in the problems auto makers were having over the last couple years (you might think of a couple BAILOUTS) I think you can appreciate how well executed Ford trucks really are and the Super Duty is a great exaple.


Ram is taking down Ford in 2012!!!

I don't think the Super Duty has evolved all that much. I have driven many of them since they came out in late 1998, and they really all drive about the same. Yes, the coil spring 4X4's ride slightly better and turn sharper then the leaf spring models, but not a big difference. The 6.2L runs a little better than the 3 valve V-10, but gives up quite a bit of torque. The best thing you can say about the 6.7L is that it's a lot more reliable than the junk 6.0l and 6.4L's, but the new transmission sucks up so much power a Duramax will still out run and out pull a Ford. The biggest 'improvement' is that the grille has gotten larger and larger over time. Some evolution.

2013 ford f150 changes please showsome pictures soon

@Nate M

wow, another super duty with another new grille, but still no new truck. why am i not surprised.

To everyone commenting on "no new truck design" from Ford... why would they? They make gradual changes and continue to keep the line relatively fresh, and continue to sell more than all their competitors combined. Why would they scrap that design? You couldn't ask for a better business model.
That is the opposite of what Chevy is about to do with their 1/2 tons. They will be introducing a completely new truck, with new engines, and probably new tranny's. The ulitmate risk.


" It is part of Ford's standards and core belief in CANI - constant and never-ending improvement."

"2015 will be the all new model"

So maybe Ford will finally get there "CANI" on and redesign the Super Duty for the first time since 1999. If by constant you mean every 14 years then yes you are absolutely right! Lol

When is Ford going to give us a REAL new Super Duty

More like when is Chevy going to give Me a REAL Super Duty competitor. I've been waiting for one for oh, over 20 years now. Real Chevy 2500/3500 trucks disappeared from the face of the earth when I was finishing up highschool. Now I have 2 kids of my own graduating highschool this year and we still have nothing. Where's My SFA? Where's My frame that is tucked up high into the body for unmatched ground clearance and good looks? Chevy's frame is an eyesore. I don't care if it's boxed or not. It's Ugly! Where's My Chevy that actually Looks good? Our body designs have been pure garbage to look at since the 1990's. I'd take the Super Duty body design Any day over what the Silverado has looked like in the last 15 years. Where's My round wheel wells? I'll take Ford's CANI approach to trucks anyday over a truck manufacturer that never gets it right and keeps changing body and suspension designs.

I'm about over my love for Chevrolet. I'll still follow their racing and still love their Old cars and Old trucks but save for the Corvette and new Camaro, (maybe the new Impala and next Cruze-we'll see) there's nothing to love or get behind anymore. And Gm's new found love affair with that Gmc truck is about enough to make me just be done with Chevrolet anyhow. Unbelievable what I've read they're going to do. No King Ranch or Platinum's for Chevy? Seriously GM? And you can't figure out why the world is buying Ford trucks instead of Chevrolet's anymore... I just listed nearly every reason. Get a clue.

CANI for Ford =

Never ending

I find it really odd that eveyone bashes GM on their 5yr old body design saying its outdated while Ford has been using the same sheetmetal on the SD's since 1999! Do the numbers... Sorry but a front end facelift every other year does not consititue a new body style. The SD are geeting long in the tooth and if any truck is in need of a major body redesign it is this one...

Does having to pump out 3 entirely different Diesel motor designs in 10years constitute "constant and never ending improvments"??? Keep drinkin the cool-aid...

Not to mention GM has the best suspension and the strongest chassis by far in the HD pickup field. I am waiting for Ford's response. Hope we are not getting a 'beefed up' F-150 in 2015.

Not to mention GM has the best suspension and the strongest chassis by far in the HD pickup field.

They do? Ohhh. I know what you're talking about now. They boxed their frame so nothing can be bolted to it easily.. The same mistake Dodge made years ago. Let's see, Ford will either A)Box their frame. Or B) make a stronger C channel... How about You decide Bob? Ford doesn't care either way. We'll just make them stronger either way then exactly what do you have? SFA? Nope. A nice and high tucked up frame?? Nope.. You don't have that either. How about a better riding truck? Surely you'll win there with the IFS and all?? Ooohhh. Nope. Your truck rides like crap now with those thicker torsion bars that are non progressive unlike coils. What is it you say? GM wins again or something like that? You may want to rethink your slogan.


Oh you want to play that game huh? Ok.

(F-150 5.0L vs Hemi)

(F-150 5.0L vs Hemi)

(F-150 5.0L vs Hemi)

(F-150 5.0L vs Tuned Cummins)

(F-150 Eco vs Hemi)

(F-150 Eco vs Hemi)

(F-150 Eco vs Hemi)

(F-150 Eco vs Tuned Cummins)

(F-150 5.0L vs Tuned Cummins)

For your information, mr. FordTrucks1, the chassis-cab versions of the 2011-up GM HD's do use a C-channel frame behind the cab to make aftermarket vocational body mounting easier. As for ride and hadling, I drive both every day, and the GM's ride and handle better, no question. Yes, the 2011 HD's are a bit stiffer than the 2010's, but still still better than the Fords. The GM trucks do not have the bump-steer or shimmy issues that are so common with the Fords. Sure, the 2010 and earlier GM HD's did have weak front ends, but that has changed. Dramatically. As far as the comments about progressive springs, GM uses progressive bump stops (4 of them) which does allow a progressive spring rate with torsion bars. Ford's coils are not that progressive anyway (you did notice the coil spacing, right?). 'GM Wins' is not my slogan, youb are probably confusing me with someone else. I am the guy with 30 years experince in the field, not some kid who's daddy just bought a new King Ranch. BTW- I recently bought a new GM HD. I took a good hard look at a comparable Ford too, but the GM is a superior truck this time. I'll look again when Ford comes out with a TRULY new Super Duty, I assure you.

still looks the same. ugly and outdated. that cab,door handles etc has been round for over 10 years

You Know What is Wrong With All These Truck Companies Today!!! Like Toyota Here...They want to all make their trucks WAY TOO D#@B BIG, FUTURISTIC & PLASTIC LIKE. These Truck Companies (Toyota, Ford, Dodge & Chevy) Needs to focus on keeping things Simple & Stylish...No it is Way Different than Futuristic...
I will explain, for Example, They need to go back to their Original Basics of what makes a Great Truck...A Great Truck, and that is Not layering more plastic on the truck, or making it bigger, and making a copy of what you just made from the previous year..or trying make the truck look like it should be from the Year 2543.
I remember how Toyota's were like back in the 1980's everyone died to have one..first of all they were cute, small, compatible, priced affordable, stylish & simple..they had originality for every year the Toyota Tacoma came out. Even after watching the first Back to the Future Movie..I came out of the movie wanting a Toyota truck, but today they look like these Huge Machines of Industry...rather than made for the American Family.
As a guy I even feel intimidated when I see a Tacoma or Tundra at a Grocery Store parking lot..and I ask myself "What Ever Happened Too You Toyota!!!???" maybe you guys listened to too many Steroid Body Builders or Ballerinas...I Don't Know, But I Do Know This, You Guys Need To Change Fast, Before Being Left In the Dust...Thanks for Reading, J. :(

Im just going to say this..... a f150 with a 3.5L V6 ecoboost walked the dog on a dodge v8 about an hour ago..... how do I know? Well I just happen to own a 2012 ecoboost

This is a photo of the newly unveiled Super Duty Platinum edition. If you look closely, you will see the mesh in the grille. Then combined the fact that the front bumper is painted to match the truck and that the tailgate was covered and voilĂ ; the Super Duty Platinum.

Don't understand what the [ ] lend to the grill. The 2010 Super Duty grill compilmented the truck, this current grill is ridiculous looking besides being butt ugly. I love Fords but of the Big 3 the Fords lose hands down on their grills. Come on Ford what happened to " The Better Idea" ?

In case anybody is still reading this, you can tell from the chrome tow hooks, the covered grille, and covered tailgate that this was a pre-production 2013 SD Platinum.

No grille change for the basic super duties.

Is that a pigs nose?????? Nope it's a ford. Talk about being stuck in the mud........ I work in the auto body businesses if you took the cab and bed off of the big three and actually looked at the frame and drive train on all the trucks you would be at a Chevy/gmc dealer and trading in your peice of sh-t in. I have replaced more ford frames than any other manufacturer.

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