Spied! Ford Looking Into LED Bed Lighting

F-150 spy bed II

It looks like Ford is preparing a new LED package for its revamped F-150, complete with LED light bars under the lip of the truck bed, as evidenced by this prototype caught by one of our spy shooters taking a break from a testing run.

The LED package on the F-150 Platinum remained lit for a few minutes, giving them just enough time to grab a few nighttime shots of the illuminated bed. The LED system also includes diode strips on the side mirrors. One word of caution to the Ford guys: Don't go overboard like Audi has been doing recently.

As Chevy prepares for an all-new Silverado for the 2014 model year, Ford's F-150 overhaul program is becoming more important by the day. Thoughtful, new details and updates like this LED truck bed lighting are the types of things that Ford planners can use in a cost-effective way until an all-new F-150 arrives; we're hearing for the 2015 model year.

Although we haven't seen any evidence of the LED-lit truck bed on Ford's revamped Super Duty, we would expect the system to be available on the heavy-duty models soon after they debut on the half-tons.

F-150 spy bed 2 II

F-150 spy mirror II


GM will need to bring it !

The F150 and the RAM is selling like crazy.

Smart move Ford, way to bring more technology to truck buyers.

One word: USELESS

@Greg J - One word: HATER

For the Truck buyers that will be putting Toppers/Caps and Tonneau Covers on there beds these lights are a really nice option. The aftermarket already has these. Light is a great thing when the moon is black and you have no headlamp. Yes the rear dome lamp on these trucks work pretty good... But again once you install a Cap or Cover that light up high is worthless.

Great Idea Ford!

i thought ford was going refresh there 2013 f-150with a 2 bar grille and new lights

I dont see this as a big deal just a nice feature.

How about electric locking tailgate that locks when you lock the doors and unlocks when all doors are unlocked? Already have wires going to tailgates for cameras and/or lights.

Dear Ford,

I like what I see and hope these LED's are on the 2013's with the new headlights and grilles.

Thank you for the awesome trucks you provide.

@ Jay
We're on it, sir.


looks like a copy of the GMC All Terrain

@ Brian
They should put some LED lighting on man step so you don't miss a step steping down out of the bed of you truck!

Hey Greg J yes you are right lights in the box of a truck are useless. I hate being able to see what and where things are when it is dark out.

GM dropped the ball on the GM All Terrain. GM is watching the parade go by.

Yeah, Bed lighting is nice, but how about smarter bed storage like the Ram Box and a large, deep under bed trunk like the Ridgeline???? If a truck had these two features it would move to the front of the line for me. Tool boxes are ugly and take up way too much of the bed space - besides IMO a square bed look better and makes great use wasted space.

@Greg J - Wait until your old, you'll appreciate the man step.

The first thing I did to my Dakota after a dark camping trip was glue some led lights from the dollar store inside my bed. I have a tonnoe cover that makes it extra dark at night and these lights are great for helping me find my gear.

That said, this "option" only cost me around 5$ for the lights and glue and a few minutes of my time. Wouldn't spend 100$ to have this done from a dealer.

To all the Ford haters, if gm had came up with this idea you guys would be bragging and saying its the best thing since sliced bread. Sorry but Ford wins and gm loses again!!!!!!!!!

that feature will be handy for when the truck is broken down on the side of the road. leave it to Ferd to think of it.

i wish i had this on my truck from the git go, i have a Tonneau Cover i would be nice when i go hunting in the early morning i could find all my stuff with out a flashlight

5th wheel or gooseneck camera to see in the bed of the truck would be most useful

Good idea as long as it's not bundled with a $1000 package of some kind.

Hey Greg J yes you are right lights in the box of a truck are useless. I hate being able to see what and where things are when it is dark out.

Posted by: mike | Feb 13, 2012 10:56:50 PM

Well first factory assembled pickup truck was sold in 1925, the question is now, how have all these poor bastards live without bed LED lighting for the last 87 YEARS?!!!

Hey Mike, and one more suggestion: CLEAN UP and ORGANIZE. It will help you know "WHAT" you have in there since you're having hard time seeing.
Or maybe lasik or cataract procedure is in line.

Chevy has had a bed light in the Avalanche since 2002.

@Greg J. Soooo airbags weren't always around, do you think they're useless as well? How about power windows or locks? Anti lock brakes? The ability to pick the color of your vehicle? Just because something is new, doesn't mean it's useless. Say i'm working at night, and I have my tonneau cover on my truck. Rather than get a flashflight and pan around the bed to find a shovel, I can just flip on the led bed lights, not drain my battery, and find what I need. Yeah you're right, that just sounds ridiculous. hater.

Just more stuff to break.

They ought to do away with extras like this and in turn lower to price to reflect lower incomes, rising costs of living and fuel and lack of credit (or so I hear)

I especially don't like the third brake light in the tailgate.
Haven't any of these truck designers ever owned a truck and used it for work before?

Every truck I've had has needed to go through multiple tailgates. This is just an added expense, something else to break, get smashed, have the bulbs stolen from, get a ticket for etc.

How about offering a factory spray on bed liner, now that would be useful.

Awesome. I wonder if the "cargo box lights" on either side of the high brake light will be going out of style. The Honda Ridgeline truck has cargo light on the inside of the C-pillar...can't exactly describe the angle..the back window sides as well as some bed lights.

I hope they are waterproof and padded with a lot of plastic (I mean inset) in case folks decide to load the truck with lots of stuff. Those things stick out like acne they will break or fall off and people will be replacing those things like mad.

The LED lights in the bed make more sense than the cargo light on the back of the cab. This should have been a feature a long time ago.

Love the ecoboost, but LED lighting is their BIG idea? Really?
Wake me when Ford has an 8spd automatic transmission.

Nice Idea. But looks like its either going to be part of a high cost option package/trim level or be a high cost option( Vinyl stickers on the raptor.....)

Why do all you people fight with each other over brand here? I mean all FSP's do the job well Pick the right truck for you and shut up. I got a Silverado cheaper than a comparable Ford I sure don't think Fords are Junk, I did shop them I just didn't see 3 grand more value there. Stop Being SHEEP. Yeah F Series sells more than Ram or Silverado or Sierra but GM Sells more Trucks as a company. Ford has a nicer truck and they should It's NEWER GM is going to one up them with their next redesign then Ford will, then GM will and Dodge will throw some in the fight as well.... The only ones not trying are the Import brands (not a bash on them they are nice) So get the F*** Over it. a truck is a truck.

Hey Greg J does lasik or a cataract procedure give you night vision????? Maybe its just me but if I am wearing glasses or not I can't see when its dark out. That's why they invented flash lights. Maybe that's why ford is putting lights in the box of the truck?
Don't be a hater, its a good idea. If you don't like it buy a Chevy which comes with lets see no options to help the working man.

@ Zach J
You're comparing airbags and anti-lock breaks to LED bed lighting? REALLY?!
And you need a flashlight to find a f@#$%g SHOVEL in the bed of you truck? REALLY?!
I don't hate ford, I just don't care for their existance.
Read max's, Don's or neil's comments. They have little more clue about trucks than you do.
Some already said it but I'll say it again. This option will be bungled with some other pretty much USELESS garbage costing hundreds of $$$.

GM Sells more Trucks as a company

You might care if you give a rat's behind about the GM company. Most Chevrolet guys I know just wish GM would set us free and go away. No more Govt. Motors stigma and no more having to deal with GMC concerning our trucks and we'd no longer share anything in common with the Govt.MotorsCo. truckline badge. Chevy guys are for all things Chevrolet, not GM.

GMC is the Sole reason I will not own stock in GM. It devalues Chevrolet and given that the Bowtie would pay dividends, I won't do it. Ford is a far more sound investment for this Chevy guy. 1 truck line, 1 main brand + Lincoln. No devaluing, no trying to split things up or make room for GMC or Buick. Only the best. Frankly the same is coming true for the other auto stocks out there. GM is the only one that is and will continue to we worthless. Outside of my ranching operations I deal in the market quite a bit. Until GMC goes (and Buick goes) thus elevating Chevrolet and making my shares worth a darn, I'm not buying. I've always said I'll only own Peterbilts and Chevrolets but even that may be about to change for me. It may be Peterbilts and Fords next year. I've about had it with GM and their 2 truck lines. I want the world's best trucks to match my 6 Peterbilts and I'd probably buy 3-4 of them right off the bat. If those won't wear a Bowtie, GM can keep their other truck and I'm going elsewhere. I don't do second best and I don't do Sierra's or anything that says GMC.

More Ford innovation... I couldn't even get decent leather in my 09 Silverado and the build quality seems to be worse than my 02 and I didn't even think that was possible. After owning this pos for a few years I'm finding out it is. I'm really thinking my years at Chevy are over. My trucks have turned to crap, my cars have turned to crap as well. For decades I've been a Chevy guy but I'd about hop in a F-150 and do a Mike Rowe commercial today about the Chevy guy switching to Ford's. Where's my Platinum? Where's my King Ranch? We don't have anything as nice as what Ford does. And I'm with Redman, I don't want a GMC, I want a Chevy. This whole thing sucks.. Further proof Ford gets it and is turning out to be the real trucking company while Chevy just dinks around with half assed efforts and Parts Bin rear brakes that I've had nothing but issues with. I'm about over it. Just give me Ford trucks and cars or maybe even Dodge trucks and cars be done with it.

Innovation? Are you kidding me. Ford slaps on some 50 cent LEDs straight out of China and you call that innovation? Some consumers are so easy to wow over all you have to do is hang some cool looking lights on your ride and people will gobble it up. How Sad...

My 2013 predictions:

Ford will remain #1 and continue to take Chevrolet truck and car customers from GM because of GMC and Buick. GM will eventually be left for dead in NA..

Dodge will take over the #2 spot in truck sales (maybe even cars if their new trucks are good enough) as disenfranchised Chevrolet guys who don't want Ford's will gravitate towards the Dodge truck and car brand.

Toyota is watching what Ford and Dodge are doing closely and will attempt to break back into the fullsize market and capture the #3 spot which will further their car sales efforts getting people into the Toyota brand.

Chevrolet will continue to lose it's base to Ford and Dodge (probably not Toyota though) and will fight it out for #4 position with the up and coming Nissan.

GMC will be #5 and continue to remain the most hated brand in the world by Chevrolet enthusiasts.

@ Mike,
Hey working man, do you work nights?

Avalanche has had bed lighting since 02 or something like that. Do you want to know what's my opinion on that? USELESS.
Is it always Chevy vs. Ford for you fanboys?
And I don't need to buy a Chevy. I already own one and I'm doing just fine without LED bed lighting.
But since new f150 is still 2-3 years away I guess Ford needs to keep you urban cowboys interest high. And what else will do the job right than something flashy

The Avalanch doesn't count as a pickup, its a suburban with an open truck.

Innovation? Are you kidding me. Ford slaps on some 50 cent LEDs straight out of China and you call that innovation? Some consumers are so easy to wow over all you have to do is hang some cool looking lights on your ride and people will gobble it up. How Sad...

@Sandman, Ford actually is constantly thinking about their truck customers needs and wants. Lighting in a bed is brilliant. Look at their King Ranch package. Unveiled in 1999 and still nothing from Chevrolet. It's true working mans leather. They listened to their customers like myself who wanted sturdy working grade leather that would take the abuse of a work enviroment instead of cheap cloth or pleather and they delivered. 12 years ago!! We have SFA's on our HD's. Ford saw what Chevy was doing yanking theirs out and LISTENED to the HD truck community who cried foul and Built a pupose built truck for us. Ford gave us the Platinum for guys who wanted a little more flash. Ford gives us good looks and Brand Prestige and Status that keeps our resale values through the roof. Everybody wants the best! Even if it's used. Ford OWNS Trucks. Dodge is coming on strong. Chevy blows now. I'd never own a foreign truck or anything that said GMC either.

I don't count it as a pickup either and I don't care for it much also. I just wanted to point out what some call it an "INNOVATION" has been around for about 10 years or so.

@ FordTrucks1
You call f150 a good looking truck?! Are you kidding me!
and as far as resale value goes, silverado holds it's value better than ford, it's a fact. look it up.

This is about as innovative as the "man step" is. *yawn*

Haul one good load of something heavy in the bed of that truck and see how long it takes those lights to get busted out. Good intentions...yes...but I do not think they thought this one all the way through. Just my opinion.

I think it is a good idea. If they are tucked up under the bedrails, I can't see much harm coming to them. If you feel that they will be a liability in the truck you use or own, simple - don't buy a truck with the box LED's. I have to say the same for those who think the man step is a dumb idea. At least 40% of Ford trucks are sold with them. If it is available you can chose to have it. Sure it is not inovative, but factory stuff often holds up better and integrates better than aftermarket.
It all boils down to choice.

The Ridgeline has had this for 7 years, it was a good idea then and it's a good idea now.

If you don't think so then I can only guess you don't use your truck at night.

What the f@%! do these little sh&# lights have to do with bashing GM because of GMC? How does that even come up in an article about a Ford with some wiener lights that anyone could put on and make look good themselves in about 20 minutes?? Not to bash the lights which I've already sort of done, but, seems a little odd that some retard would bring up that stupid argument on this thread.

The new F150 Gold edition will have spinner rims with LED, a gold front grill with real gold teeth, gold accent trim on the seats, mirrors, a huge clock from Flavor Fave come out of the dash and says Ya Boooy, two 20" 1000 watt sub-woofers in the bed of the truck, hydraulic bouncing shocks, fur covered dash and a folding record player to do mixing and DJ parties.

Ford Spokesman Mike Levine is quoted as saying " The F150 Gold Edition appeals to the urban youth and those DJ's that wish to bring the party anywhere at anytime, and with EGO boost technology you will beat any Chevrolet or Dodge while pumping out the beats."

when i need light in my bed i just hit the cargo lamp button in my cab. that is good enough for me.


When I lose electricity and I need a light I break out some candles or a flash light. That is good enough for most people. I don't need fancy.

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