Upcoming Ram Ad Takes a Swipe at F-150


By Dave Lee

In the dog-eat-dog world of pickup truck one-upmanship, you certainly can beat a truckmaker while it’s down. Not long after GM aired its Super Bowl XLVI commercial that challenged Ford’s dependability, Chrysler is now taking a shot at the Blue Oval.

According to Ad Age, an upcoming national spot features a grizzled voice that asks: “What if you were to take away horsepower, torque and warranty coverage from a Ram? You’d end up with a Ford F-150.”

News of the commercial comes only a few weeks after GM’s Super Bowl spot, which touted the Chevy Silverado as “the longest lasting, most dependable truck on the road” at Ford’s expense.

The day before the big game, a lawyer for Ford sent a letter to GM asking not to air the ad and to “cease and desist from making any unsubstantiated and disparaging claims regarding Ford's pickups.” GM stood by its claim and pointed out the over-the-top nature of the commercial, cheekily pointing out: “People who are really worried about the Mayan calendar coming true should buy a Silverado right away.”

Ford did get a chance to defend its durability record, saying it has more trucks on the road with at least 250,000 miles on their odometers.

But let’s not forget that Ford pulled its own punch last year when it aired a commercial featuring a “real Ford owner” who preferred not to buy a car from an automaker that was bailed out.

The ad was eventually pulled, but it’s not known whether it was because of backlash, poor taste or a result of a suggestion from the White House. Regardless, we don't expect this to be the last time any of the big truck makers take a swing at each other. We just hope they keep making them entertaining. Below is one of our favorite "versus" commercials, this time between Dodge and Ford. 



LMAO! This and the Chinese F-150

i like the ford ad!! and i got to say it makes me proud to be a ford owner.

Good commercials! Its good to see that when you are the best, the second and third banana's will always try anything and everything just to get you to take at they're products, even though these commercials just turn out to be jokes.

The Dodge, er, Ram commercial was a joke. Why didn't they compare the Hemi to the Ecoboost or the 6.2? Why didn't they compare their 4.7 V8 to Ford's 5.0? Oh that's right, those are all LOSING comparisons.

Maybe Ford should shoot back with an ad highlighting how their 3.5L V6 ecoboost beats Ram's bigger 3.9L V6 and GM's bigger 4.3L V6. Yeah, it would be stupid too.

Everyone guns for the top dog... the Chinese just copy it. This is all actually funny.

Ford's ads are usually in poor taste. I have never cared for their style of marketing.

I'll give it to the Durango. I don't buy SUV's but if I did, only the Durango would be sitting in my driveway. The Explorer while very nice is still just a Taurus in suv disguise. The Durango is old school true suv with a frame and an optional V8. Chevy doesn't even have anything and their last 'Trailblazer' couldn't blaze a trail if it's life depended on it.

And while I'll never trade my King Ranch SD in on anything but another one, I'll give Dodge credit here too. They will become the #2 selling truck/suv line within a year no doubt. Chevy lost it's way a long long time ago and that's why I left. They're still screwing around with 2 truck lines trying to split things up with that crap gmc truck and you just can't do that if you want to be #1. They'll never have any credibility in the 2500 and up market because of their low slung frame and lack of a SFA. They'll never have any credibility in the 1500 market because the mags will tear them to shreds that the new Chevy won't compete equally with Ford and Dodge with interior packages. Dodge will run away further with the 2500 market and pick up the 1500 customers which will help fuel their cars sales as well when customer loyalty is established. They'll take Chevrolet down easily. They'll never take down Ford however. If there's 1 company in the world that will not give up their trucking crown it's Ford. Expect the next generation of Ford trucks to put a nail in Chevrolet's coffin (sorry Chevy guys, blame GM not me) and expect Ford to keep Dodge where they belong in that #2 spot.

Fiat lies. People die.

They compare Ram's top engine to Ford's middle engine.

What about Ford's top two engines?

Let me be honest here. I like Ford's ads. I wish GM would do ads like that.

Durango's of the past were gas pigs, has that improved?

The one thing we probably agree upon I dont like Fords marketing commercials either. I like the Mike Rowe commercials and I dont care about the one above but the commercials like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qfjaFtsjUM or this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQI_jiNnEgs&feature=related irk the hell out of me. I dont know why I hate them but I do.

@ FordTrucks1
"They'll never have any credibility in the 1500 market because the mags will tear them to shreds that the new Chevy won't compete equally with Ford and Dodge with interior packages"

Do you realize that GM even without what you call "competing interior packages" in 1500 market still outsells Ford by about 100K units a year?

You're right about HD market It's Ford's at this time, but in half-ton market it's the Ford that has some catching up to do. Unlike you, GM doesn't care if Chevy outsells Ford, at the end of the day it's Chevy and GMC together that form a number one seller in half-ton segment for them. Remember, all profits from Silverado and Sierra go to one and same pocket.

The Ram commercials have been running in Houston for a couple of weeks. I am surprised to see it take this long for GM and Chrysler to take shots at the F-sieres. Ford opens the door by constantly reporting they are the best selling truck brand. Only fair to report were other differences are.

ram truck ads are better glad they r not dodge anymore

was a hemi or a pentastar?

@5.3L LOL
I agree with you about those Ford's commercials. As soon as I see one on TV I'm switching the channel right away. On the other hand most of Mike Rowe's commercials are cool, I'll watch it, no problem.

Re: Ram's ad


You ever wonder why Ford didn't show the Ecoboost vs the Tundra in the Davis Dam hill climb? But they showed the Hemi. As much as I like my smooth shifting Dodge 545 5/6 speed thats more reliable than a Ford 6 speed, I'll admit the ratios aren't perfect for racing up a mountain with 9500 pound trailers. Of course Ford didn't want the commercial to show a Tundra beating an Ecoboost up the hill, they pick and choose what they want to show. And yeah if the Hemi had a lower geared transmission and gears spaced better, it woulda made up that 3.2 seconds, or whatever it was. Gears won that, and the Dodge wont always have the same transmission. Heck if it had the one the 2500 Hemi now has, it woulda made a big differance. But all you Ford lovers are just excited cause in the half ton class they finally have two engines that have some guts. After years of getting spanked by Hemis and the 5.9. The 6.2? That's not that big a deal. Just a big heavy engine thats got to be revved up. The Ecoboost? I like the idea, we will see what you have to do to maintain it once it gets high miles on it. I don't see it getting that great of highway mileage @70 + mph with 3.73 and the Wrangler AT/S tires. But i like the thought of low speed torque. The 5.0? Decent engine. Still has to be revved up, but I guess that hard shifting into 1st gear 6 speed makes up for it. I think Motor Trend used the word "strained" to describe it's accelation with a load? The 3.7? Bout time there is a stout V-6 non turbo for those that don't haul very heavy.


You sound like a broken record....the same crap over and over again. No King Ranch, low slung frame, no SFA, etc. etc.
It appears that you just copy and paste your old posts over and over again. It's just the same old recycled garbage. Try to come up with some new material from time to time. You bore me.

@TRX4 Tommy
Do you have reliablity data on the transmissions? Like #of failures, failure modes, root cause analysis of failure types? Did you read the MFGs FMEA reports on transmission durability? Or Design criteria?

Didnt think so because Ford and Fiat will not publish that data. Before anyone quotes "Reliability" besides "I know a guy who... or I have a link..." Its all BS because only the MFGs know the relability. The only small data that could be quoted are TSAs/TSBs/Recall

Not trying to be ""ick, but understand the word "Reliability" should not be thrown around without data. Be objective in making assessments.

This commercial has been airing here in St. Louis for the last few days, old news, and Fordtrucks1, they stopped making the old school Durango in 2009. The new school Durango is a Grand Cherokee lengthened. Can still get it with a hemi though....

@Supercrew02: to say Durangos of the past were gas hogs (weather they were or not, they also had alot more power then Explorers did, pretty much every year.) I could also say "does the Explorer transmission still break as bad as they did?" My step brother makes a good living rebuilding Explorer transmissions (he calls them Exploders) Chevy 4 speed autos, some of the 10 ish year old Dodge van ones, and early Dodge truck overdrives. Thats comparing real old with new. I have no idea how the Explorer transmission is now. But yes, the new Durangos will do alot better on gas. Even the Hemi one does better, if you CHOOSE to buy a big heavy 7 passenger suv that will out tow an Explorer.

haha this is funny!!

@Gmzel: just google Ford F-150 6 speed transmission problem, that'll keep you busy. Dodge sorted theirs out. It may not be perfect, but it doesn't dump fluid, shutter, stall at the intersection. It doesn't slam into first when comming to a stop, like Fords great creation. Some folks are sheep.

Ram compaired the 5.7 hemi because its stock engine you dont have to pay more money like you do for the eco boost. just like cummins comes stock on the Ram 3500 ford makes you spend more money just to get a diesel. ford lies alot to they say there f350 can tow 24,600lbs but if you go to your dealer it says 17,500lbs max. i have checked it out before i have owned all i must say Ram and chevy work harder then any ford i every seen. we own a logging company and we use ford to get to our 4 dodge power wagons then we use them to get to the woods and tow and haul all our stuff. ford gets better m.p.g thats about it dodge chevy are the best but i think 2 3 more years Ram trucks will pas chevy in sales and f ford keps having recalls every mounth there goin to get passed by dodge and chevy jut saying ill stick with my cummins and hemi we have had our Ram1500 at 106 towng 10,000lbs and on fords website in the video the eco boost just leaves the dodge but i know that hemi can out run that eco boost no prblem and we get about 22 to 23 m..g with the hemi anout 19 while towng we own alot of ram trucks and cummins and hemi's in them they woork great we had to tow a 57,000lb machine out the woods with our ram 3500 no problem Ram and chevy all the way ford sucks sorry if i miss spelled anything this labtop has small bottons

Ecoboost was solely compared to High Volume selling trucks. 5.7 Hemi, Silverado 5.3L. The Tundra 5.7L does nothing to Fords sales, thus, brushed it off.

thats retarded. they didnt even try to beat the dodge, all they did was step on the breaks. doesnt matter any way. dodge will still always be an ugly car.

so what all you guys are saying is, you all have preferred truck brands, and you say they all have problems, they all do about the same thing, they all have about the same HP, TQ, and they all get about the same MPG's, give or take a little
WOW i am confused which one is the best, or maybe they are all junk

Will Never Buy a Ford. Another fantastic reason is that ad. It got pulled because Ford forgot one key lie in their statement. America is about not leaving your friend, the auto industry, out in the cold when they need you the most. America doesn't forget that GM and Chrysler helped build this country, and built that helped us fight in the World Wars. Ford may have too, but they have clearly forgotten who was right there with them. Ford is just a sorry company overall, they build cars with absolutely no appeal. GM had to revamp their management to get the government loan and now within 6 months will be independent and the taxpayers will get their money back. That's called good faith my friends. GM went bankrupt and is still No. 1 selling automaker in the World. Ford's coffin is buried.

GM had to revamp their management to get the government loan and now within 6 months will be independent and the taxpayers will get their money back. That's called good faith my friends. GM went bankrupt and is still No. 1 selling automaker in the World. Ford's coffin is buried.
Posted by: Zach | Feb 22, 2012 1:04:42 PM

yea right GM to pay back taxpayers LMFAO, are you kidding me, we will never see the amount of money they took back, you rag on Ford at least they did not have to file for bankruptcy

Hemi 5.7 does cost more. For instance on the Outdoorsman I just built it is a $1300 option. Standard is the 4.7. Some configurations will have a 5.7 standard but the price is increased accordingly.

On Ram's website Ram is making a similar claim to this ad but they are comparing "standard" horsepower and torque.

What does standard mean? On the website they are comparing Ram's mid range 4.7 against a Ford's base 3.7. Why not compare 3.7 to 3.7 if you are going to use Ford's base?

When they talk mpg they only mention 20 mpg and Ford's 5.0 which gets 19. What Ram does not mention that Ford gets 22 mpg in EB and 23 in the 3.7.

Read the fine print.

@TRX4 Tommy

Google search does not constitute reliability data. If they were so bad, you'd find a recall, TSB, etc. Im not saying that they are bulletproof. Hell I like Rams, but I have never owned one, nor have I owned a 2012 6sp F150. I have no basis to make a sound judgement on reliability. There is lots of hype out there, but I do know people with GM, Ford and Dodges that have 100+k miles on them with no real problems. So they all look reasonably reliable to me. I'd be pretty pissed if I bought an F150 and its tranny took a crap. You would think if it was such a big problem, it would be more apparent, based on hundreds of thousands sold? I guess there are alot of mindless people wasting millions of their hard earned cash buying F150s.

I saw on fords website that they have that truth about trucks guy back and in one of the videos the copare the tundra with the 5.7. They drove the tundra till it maxed out on the hill with a trailer and they said the ecoboot could keep going and even upshift. I dont know how accurate the test was but they did compare them. Maybe the test was at elivation and thats why the Iforce couldn't keep going like the ecoboost.

Another claim Ram is trying to ram down our throats is how they are the ONLY one with the RamBox and the storage space. But they don't mention it is a $2000+ option and it takes away storage space from the bed. If I was a Ram guy I wouldn't take a RamBox even if it was free.

About the only claim Ram makes a valid point on is the warranty. Ram is longer but limited to the powertrain. Out of all of my trucks I have never had to use the powertrain warranty. Not once.

I guess this goes to show what years of frustration will do. If you want a RamBox and 40k more on a warranty, go buy a Ram. But if it is America's best truck, buy a Ford F-150.

@Mike H
This is the video you must be reffering too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2b3yHRfHDk&feature=related The Ram guys keep saying that the Hemi has all the top end power of the 5.7L iforce which is true but one thing they dont tell you is the Hemi is a bigger bore smaller stroke 5.7L (which makes it suitable across the Chrysler lineup) and the 5.7L iforce is a longer stroke smaller bore 5.7L (which makes it suitable for Toyota trucks and large SUV's only). The Tundra in towing is the closet to the ecoboost due to lower axle ratio, better tranny gearing and the 5.7L iforce generates more torque below 2,500 rpm due to it being a longer stroke. The bottom line sums it http://www.ehow.com/facts_7218585_bore-vs_-stroke_-engine.html

I think you are 100% correct until Toyota moves more units Ford should ignore them.


I don't care what you say! I don't care what Frank says! I don't care what Lou says!

No fine print is needed. Here are the facts you can't deny:

1) Ram is the only pickup manufacturer to achieve 20 MPG HWY+ across its entire light-duty engine lineup

2) Ram Box can fit ice, drinks, power tools, a golf bag. Only haters could hate on this. Ford and Chevy have NO secure integrated storage.

3) Warranty: Ford 5 year 60,000 miles vs Ram 5 Year 100,000 MILES Limited Powertrain Warranty

4) 2012 RAM 1500 BEATS
both Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado 1500
in standard horsepower and torque.

5) 2012 RAM 1500 5-link Coil Rear Suspension
2012 FORD F-150
Leaf spring/solid rear axle suspension
2012 CHEVROLET 1500
Multi-Leaf rear suspension

Rams are better trucks and better deals!!!

You sound like a broken record....the same crap over and over again. No King Ranch, low slung frame, no SFA, etc. etc.
It appears that you just copy and paste your old posts over and over again. It's just the same old recycled garbage. Try to come up with some new material from time to time. You bore me.

@Bob. Hmmm. Sounds kind of like what you do every day. Oh you mix up your names here and there which is always entertaining. Yet still it's the same old GM talk. Name 1 thing I said that isn't a fact.. Their frames are low and they don't have SFA's which is precisely why they can't touch Ford or Dodge. It must suck to be a third rate truck brand lover behind Ford and Dodge. Oh wait, make that 4th rate. I forgot you like those girly GMC's.

Do you realize that GM even without what you call "competing interior packages" in 1500 market still outsells Ford by about 100K units a year?

@Greg. Not anymore they don't. GM also counts their truck sales seperate so I will too. They're seperate brands. And if you think Ford is the one that has catching up to do in the 1/2 ton segment your delusional. Ford OWNS the 1/2 ton segment with the F-150. GM trucks are dinosaurs with crap interiors to boot by comparison. I also find it funny you say GM doesn't care about Chevy outselling Ford here. Funny, in Every other segment they care ALOT. It's a big deal when the Malibu outsells the Fusion, The Cruze outsells the Focus or the Camaro outsells the Mustang. Yet the Silverado has not the glory to outsell the F-150 so you GM nutswingers try to downplay this one. Chevrolet will never beat us with the GMC leash around it's neck anyway. It's brand dilution and truck loyalty destruction at it's finest...

So after all this we all can't admit that we have one of the strongest truck markets with very competitive products. Is either on perfect.. Well yes in the eyes of their owners (I hope) or trade it for another. They all have their strong points and weak points. Yep the newest on the market is going to have cool gadgets and gizmos, while the oldest is going to be dated... It is what it is. On to the topic of Bailouts... How much money was dumped into Freddie and Fannie??? How much of that will be recouped?? Yes I drive GM's and enjoy them. But at least the auto bailout kept an industry of blue collar workers employed, while the mortgage bailout did what???
Ford did have a stronger financial footing when the other 2 filed only because they almost went under in 2005 and had already restructured and fixed some inefficiencies while the market was still pretty strong. Either way the market is strong with lots of innovative and "neat" stuff coming to market that is only making better products for the consumer... From each manufacturer. So while you may not like the other makes, you have to admit if it wasn’t for the very competitive nature of the truck market none of the manufactures would have the durability, interiors and capacities they have now. Who would have thought of towing 11,000 lbs with a half ton 15 years ago?
Keep up the thought provoking conversations, and I will continue to chuckle.

@ Fiat Mechanic
1. Wow by a whole whopping 1 or 2 mpg max. Nothing to brag about.
2. Just looks ugly with all the seams on the side of the bed.
3. Ya you can add like $600 bucks for the extended warranty on the Ford and the Ford will still be cheaper than the Ram
4.Who buys the standard engines? Most opt for the higher end engines which is obviously were Ford shines.
5. Ya that 5 link suspension gives the Ram the lowest payload too. These are trucks after all not Cadillacs. Guess you forgot to mention that.

@ Fiat Mechanic
What standard engine are you reffering to?
Ford 3.7 V6 vs Ram 3.7 V6 (Not even close to Ford HP/TQ)
Ford 5.0 V8 vs Ram 4.7 V8 (Again, No Contest)
Ford 3.5 TT vs Ram 5.7 Hemi (Nearly equaly HP/TQ, the big diff in the TT makes max TQ at nearly 2k less RPM)
Ford 6.2 V8 vs Ram 5.7 Hemi (close but no cigar)


You do realize, even though the Hemi does have a shorter stroke, the Hemi produces more torqe down low then the 5.7iForce, don't you?


I hope that link works like it should. I shows a graph of the EB, Hemi, and the iForce overlapping.

I will agree that, until the Ram gets the 8 speed, the Tundra is the better performer of the 2.

That is a better Dyno graph than the 2 I looked at because they measured power at the wheels so I stand corrected on that.


The Standard engine for the 1500 Tradesman is the Hemi. That is the engine they are using.

It has more standard tq and hp then the standard engine offered on all of the F150 models.

Chevrolet will never beat us with the GMC leash around it's neck anyway. It's brand dilution and truck loyalty destruction at it's finest...

@FordTrucks1, this is true. After 20 years I left the entire Chevrolet brand over it. I freaking hate GMC. However, being I'm a Mopar man now, we're coming after you too! :)

We're taking down Chevy in 2012 (well, they kind of have taken down themselves haven't they), but Dodge will finish them for good! Next up, Ford. And us Dodge guys DO have tucked up frames, SFA's, high end interiors, round wheel arches and sleek body designs unlike Chevy. We actually Have the capability to take Ford's crown. Chevrolet never did. All they've been living off of is ancient brand loyalist history. All I can say is Ford better be ready for a fight because us Mopar guys are ready to rumble. I'll put my Dodge Ram 2500 Laramie Longhorn up against your Ford Super Duty King Ranch any day. Interior quality, luxury, body quality, off road capability, engine durability, looks... The whole 9. A friendly fight it would be but a fight none the less.


This is really, really entertaining.
Commercials, advertisments etc. are all crap regardless of who runs them.
What do you expect?
Ram is going to run adds that make their trucks good. Ford does the same and so does GM/Chevy. They all do including Toyota and Nissan.
Technically - none of them lie, but they sure do bend the truth and play with the numbers. Most truck guys catch the BS right away.
Some of you are amazing by parotting and using brand advertising to prove your own points.
Some people do fall for the advertising.
As oxi would say - sheeple.(Never thought I'd be quoting him.LOL)
Sheeple bleeting to the music of their favorite bandmaster or should I say brandmaster.
That is scary considering a major election is coming.

^^^^ Ha what Lou says sums it right up..lol

@MoparMan - Bring it on Dodge boy. ;)

You mess with the best you'll die like the rest.. Ford is #1 and always will be. You're right, you do have everything to compete with us (At The Moment) that Chevrolet does not, nor will ever get. They're irrelevant now though so really, how hard is it to take Them out? Try a Real Mans truck. Not some 2 truck GM mess built by a bunch of yuppies and bean counters. You one up Ford, Ford will triple up on you. We Own trucks. Ford IS trucks. Get happy with second place because that's all you'll ever achieve. Nothing wrong with second place though. At least you won't be third anymore right? Chevy can hold third base now until Toyota knocks them down to 4th.

@ MoparMan
"We're taking down Chevy in 2012..."
HAHAHAHAHAHA......you only have 180,000 sales to go!
You will have to DOUBLE what Ram sold last year PLUS 30,000 units!!!
HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!!! Please send me some of the stuff you're smoking it must be amazing!!!

@you Ford and Dodge dorks, the mighty Chevrolet is coming for you. You guys got the upper hand now but wait until GMC is canned. Chevy will then come down on you like the hammer of God Almighty himself. We'll have 70% truck market share easily. You guys can fight amongst yourselves for the remaining 30%. You have to split that with Toyota and Nissan though. The time will come when the mighty Bowtie will rise from the ashes and return to it's former glory and return to it's trucking Throne. Enjoy your 15 minutes because time's about up for both of you.


Got me there. Looks like you can have a stripper tradesman with a Hemi for cheap money vs an XL F150 w/TTV6

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