We're At The 2012 Chicago Auto Show

Chicago Auto Show II

We'll be at the Chicago Auto Show for the next few days, looking forward to cornering as many product planners and pickup engineers to squeeze them for information. From what we've heard, there won't be much truck news at this show but that doesn't mean we won't be ready just in case anyone tries to throw in a surprise or two.  

Of special note this year, this will be the 20th anniversary of Ford's SVT program. The official launch of SVT came during the 1992 Chicago Auto Show with the unveiling of the 1993 SVT Mustang Cobra and breakout SVT F-150 Lightning. Now, we're told, Ford will be celebrating the event by showing off some of its past and present vehicles, as well as giving us a look to the future with the reveal of the 2013 Shelby GT500 convertible. But no new Lightning. 

We'll be digging for news and looking for interesting vehicles on the show floor and posting updates. More reports to follow. Happy 20th Birthday SVT. 

Lighting Ford 1993 II

Lightning concept 2003



Do your best convincing Ford to offer that 650 HP 5.8 in the raptor! Who doesn't need a 200 mph Baja truck?

sounds super epic wish i could go!!!

See if you can find anything out about putting the Eco-Boost in the Expedition.

Sure would like to be there to prod the planners and engineers for info. I hate waiting to hear what's in the works -- it's bad enough waiting for the actual vehicle once you hear it's coming.....

What does Toyota have up it's sleeve to get better fuel economy out of the Tacoma in the near future? The F150 EcoBoost is rated almost the same as a V6 Tacoma for fuel economy! When will we see direct injection, 6sp-8sp auto, electric power steering? Twin turbos like other manufactures are turning to?

Thank you and good luck with your info search, enjoy the show. I wish I could be there.

This new GMC is probably in line with what the new Sierra will look like

The new GMC Acadia

I agree with UncleBud......see if you can find out what the future hold's for Ford's Expedition and for GM's full size SUVs.

Will the Expedition get an engine other than the 5.4L? Will GM still offer a 2500 Suburban/Yukon XL? Can we finally get the Duramax in the 2500 class SUVs?

It seems like they've totally left us in the dark when it comes to future full size SUVs.

Hey guys,
While you are at the show, would you do me a favor and take an interior shot of the Acadia? More specfically, from the drivers seat looking back. I want to see how the new window design helps visibility. I think I read it has the wrap around design, but is that just be because of the black pillar or is it more glass.


I think we're definitely going to see the daytime running lights from GM like those on Audi's, which are the wrap around (the headlights) LED's. GM was the first to come out with daytime running lights, and now every carmaker is getting into it with LED's, mostly because it looks cool. The 2013 GMC Acadia looks like that's what it has.

@ Chris,

No,GM wasnt the first to have daytime running lights...

Europe had them in the 80's or so,then us Canadians in 1990 had them on all new cars from the factory.

I dont like daytime running lights,never did,just like the 3rd brake light,useless ! If you cant see a car coming in the daytime,you shouldnt be driving !! Daytime running lights are useless ! Lots of people dis connect them if we can,thank God they never mandated older cars to get them installed.

I love that F150 Lightning Concept that never made it to production.

I love that F150 Lightning Concept that never made it to production.

Posted by: Frank | Feb 8, 2012 11:33:11 AM

The Explorer front clip on that thing looks super cheezy. At least they showed mercy on the American public and didn't produce it.

Duh. That was released almost 10 years ago. Styling and tastes have changed.

and 10 years later it still looks better than any of the current Chevy trucks.

See if any of the SVT people will dish on the possibility of putting the 3.5 EB in the Raptor. I know people have been clamoring about the poor gas mileage with the 6.2.

Yeah, ask what happened with that EB survey.

@Canadian Ram owner - I disagree. 3rd brake lights and daytime running lights reduce accidents. I think that mirror pod turn signals should be mandatory as well.
I think that Ford should put the EB3.5 in other Ford vehicles like the big SUV's and even the Raptor.
I'm looking foreward to seeing the SVT display.
I'd rather have the Laguna Seca Boss 302 than a GT500.

DRLs do not reduce accidents. They just shift them from one group to another.
The CHMSL was a good idea, because manufacturers were (and still are) too cheap to use absolutely signaling [on-off, no other function] brakes lights. This combination tail/brake is a such a relic from the 1940's.

This new GMC is probably in line with what the new Sierra will look like

GMC sucks man. Why can't GM just let go? Long live real brands like Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge and Toyota!

@Lou - I second your comment RE: the EcoBoost!

I am glad Lou and may others are now for the EB V6 in a Raptor. At first many were against it being the Raptor. Now most are for it.

@Dave - what sold me on the EB 3.5 for the Raptor was the custom truck that a rival magazine built for a tough truck challenge. It had a EB 3.5. The video clips were impressive. Also, I was talking to a buddy who has a friend with an EB 3.5. He said it was an impressive engine. This is from a guy who owns a 2010 Cummins Ram.
If the EB 3.5 finds its way into the Raptor, it needs to be tuned by SVT for more performance.

Im sorry to break up the EB for the raptor love bu im going to stick with a turbocharged 5.0L because the Raptor aint all bite its needs a bark too. I would still want it to sound something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WA7lh371DI that almost made me want one. I also think it needs 500-550hp under 6,000 rpm and 475-500lb ft under 3,000 rpm and all of that would probably still net better mpg's than the 6.2L.

GM isn't doing a girlie man V6 egoboost for the next gen 2014 trucks. GM is doing straight up V6 and V8 with DI and some othe technologies. This is the way to do it!

@5.3L LOL - I see you point.

Pretty sweet body kits if I do say so myself

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