What We're Driving Out of Chicago

F-150 HD 2

Can't think of a better way to finish the 2012 Chicago Auto Show than with a trip up Interstate 94 to Milwaukee, headed for the Harley-Davidson Museum in a Harley-Davidson F-150.

We'll be the first folks to get behind the wheel for any extended time, and we'll give our driving impressions in the not-too-distant future. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the weather holds out and we can get a couple of good photos. 

More to report down the road, so stay tuned. We'll have a full write-up and most likely a quick travel log of what it's like behind the scenes at one of the most iconic U.S. motorcycle production facilities and museums around. 

F-150 HD II


Ford builds the best looking trucks on the road with the classiest interiors to go with it. That King Ranch and Platinum are to die for. I've never seen the Harley one in person though. Being it's a Ford I'm sure it's over the top. Either the F-150 or 250SD is For Sure my next truck! When my spring bonus is here I'm trading the Bowtie for a Blue Oval. It's true what they say, Ford's are just plain nicer than Chevy's now. Next up, trade the Camaro in on a Mustang to match. They have nicer interiors too. It sucks but what can ya do? So long Chevrolet...

Gorgeous truck! Next up would be the Dodge Ram. Not much else I can think of that really compares to either. I gotta give the edge to Ford though (barely).

New Harley Davidson model F-150's look pretty slick. Not really my cup of tea though...That's why I went with a 2011 5.0L FX4!

For Sure my next truck! When my spring bonus is here I'm trading the Bowtie for a Blue Oval. It's true what they say, Ford's are just plain nicer than Chevy's now.

@Rick, you won't regret it. Week two now in my new Platinum F-150 and loving it! With a new Fusion on the way as well. I drove Chevrolet's for decades but you're right, they're not as nice as the Ford's now. The clean looks of the Ford's and the interiors are superb. No more Malibu's/Impala's, no more Silverado's, no more Chevrolet's.. I'll always love old Chevrolet's but I'm a converted Ford man now and enjoying it immensely!

Sadly, GM really did let Chevrolet go to the dog's... Damn GMC. And I do like this F-150 but agree with Nate. I'm not really feeling the whole Harley thing. I fell in love with the King Ranch though. The Ford dealer wasn't going to give me crap for trade in on my 2010 Silverado LTZ so I'm going to try selling my truck outright and saving a few grand. I don't know why dealers always try to rip people off on trade ins. A King Ranch F-150 will sit where 4 Silverado's have sat before it soon though. I'm over it.

I want to see some videos of the Ram trucks and the corse they had please and thank you.

I still think the f150's r ugly.

gm have older model,,,ford is the same ,same truck.same bull..and the reason people get a ford now the price very cheap 29,000 fx4 no tax,,,crew ,,,cab...full..you can have a small car for the same price..wy pay 50,000 if you get cheaper in December nothing change same truck..same bull.and the Harley truck is a jock ,,

What am I supposed to take away from this article? PUTC unless their has been some powertrain or other major change that you have not mentioned it will probably be like the 2011 which was pretty well covered last year http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2010/08/first-look-2011-ford-harley-davidson-f150-62-v8.html and http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2011/07/road-test-review-2011-ford-harley-davidson-f-150.html.

Personally, I preferred some of the previous Harley Davidson model's where the truck was lowered for a proper "sport" look. Would be interesting to see if they bring back the supercharged option. Or an ecoboost 5.0 to really turn heads!

The 2012 has a new snakeskin interior and some new features. I have read that even the scuff plate features brushed aluminum with snakeskin texture. It's this attention to detail that makes the Harley one of my favorite packages. I hope the 2013 Super Duty gets the Harley package. There hasn't been a Harley Super Duty edition in awhile.

I think Ford did a poor job styling this gen of F150, it looks like an update from the "ugly truck" era. How could they have screwed up what was a decent styling job of the '04-09 truck?

Otherwise, drivetrain is a different story, they did great here, but bring back some good styling on the next gen please!

Not a big fan of the Fords shobox styling. I do like the interiors.

It seems that for a long time, the styling of Ford pickups goes "up and down" as far as looks. The 67-72 looked really good, the 73-79 ok, 80-86 good, 87-91 bad, 92-96 good, 97-03 bad, 04-08 good, 09-current bad. Just my opinion.

I am a big fan of the Chevy Silverado styling. I like the Silverado interiors, too, with low step in height for easy access.

I always though co-branding their trucks, especially with such loyal customers as Harley fans, was very clever.

Other automakers should try that.

But this is an expensive truck. And While it make be ideal for squeezing in a motorcycle (not even sure one will fit in that short box), it's time that trucks are design for practicality and economy in mind if they ever expect to sell me one again.

I know that ford is sort of doing that but I'd like to see more developments in making trucks that do more, hold more and cost less to own and operate. I can probably go to the local Harley dealership and buy a large decal to add to any truck. This is yet another truck for the wealthy.

So we have a 55k+ F150, for POSERS. My bodyshop guy has an 11, he paid out the door 49 with Tax on a 55k, 6.2, 4 door. It is a nice looking truck, inside and out and it has the better tail lights, the other f150's tail lights are a major fail.

I still don't see 23 grand difference price paid between my 11 Silverado LT and his truck and mine is rated to TOW more and HAUL more, for that kind of money I'd go with a Ram HD or Chevy SD with Diesels.

If I had a ford I'd park it on the ice and prey for an early spring.

Love those power running boards. Makes for such a clean looking truck when they're retracted.

Dealers don't try and rip you off. They need to buy low and sell high.

RickAmbrose, you're full of chit. Period. Post pictures of your Chevy truck and Camaro, then your new Fords. One thing I've found in common among Ford fan boys/girls is that they are the biggest liars and exaggerators out there. If you were truly a Chevy fan, you would never just walk away because of that junk that Ford is putting out. Please. The Ecoboost motor is way over-hyped, just do some research, if you even know what that means? Besides a new grille and tailights, what is new about the F-150's exterior? Nothing! It's still a box with wheels, and extremely ugly! Trade in a Camaro for a Mustang? Another idiot remark! The Camaro is the Sales King, and has been since it's introduction a few years ago, and for good reason! They look way better than the outdated, boring Mustang. Either you're an uneducated hillbilly moron (typical Ford Fan), or you're a liar and a moron. I think both. Suck it Ford homers.

@Chris - funny, when Ford sells more than Chevy the Big Mac argument is used. So you say the Camaro is better because it sells more? The F series sells more so they must be better too?

When it comes to muscle cars, personal preference comes to play. Have you ever been inside the new Camaro? have you driven one? The visibility sucks, you sit super low, there isn't much room inside. They do look killer on the outside. They go like stink, but why don't you read some tests. Which muscle car usually wins?

Why care if a Chevy guy jumps ship? That is what competition is all about. We vote with our wallets or ballet box. Do you have a better system in mind?

Back on topic:
I've never been a Harley fan or cared for black trucks but I do love the interior in these trucks. Nothing compares to it, unless you start looking at luxury cars. I've encountered many guys with Harley trucks who don't ride bikes. They just loved the looks and interior.
My favorites looks wise were the HD's with the flames along the lower side.

that thing looks like it came straight out of the ghetto!!! i'd be ashamed to drive one and would have to wear a paper bag over my head if i was forced to. that way no one would know that it was me driving it.

@freddy Mac
How is this truck ghetto? Do you mean it looks like it should be owned by minorities who have different culture than yours and live in impoverished inner cities, do you mean it looks like it is jerry-rigged (window busted out with plastic taped over it) or do you think it looks cheap (like a base model truck)?


Not feeling the cheesy graphics... come to think of it, the graphics on the Raptor are lame too. That is a bad trend.

You think real Harley guys need a manstep? The contradiction boggles the mind.

@Steve Harris - most new Harley owners are nicknamed "RUBS" Rich Urban Bikers. Most of these guys are in their 50's and older. Osteoarthritis starts to become a factor in that age group. The answer to your question would be - in many cases Yes.
You can make fun of the option, but at least it is an option available if you want to pay for it.
Those guys have money to spend. It is wise to cater to them. Harley is trying to appeal to younger riders because they know in the next 20 years that age group will no longer be buying 30,000 dollar bikes and 60,000 dollar trucks.

REAL Harley guys don't drive 60,000 dollar trucks. They live by the moto "Ride to Live, Live To Ride". or as one guy put it - "if you ever see my bike in the back of a pickup, call me and the cops! It means it was stolen."

On that note, I know guys that are just as hardcore riders as Harley guys (excluding biker gangs of course), and they ride other brands. Talk to some BMW guys. Some of those guys put 100,000 miles on their bikes in a very short time. I don't know any Harley riders doing that on the same bike.

Bad stripes. Really cheapens the truck.

Trucks shouldn't have low-profile car tires. It diminishes their utility.

@freddy Mac
How is this truck ghetto? Do you mean it looks like it should be owned by minorities who have different culture than yours and live in impoverished inner cities, do you mean it looks like it is jerry-rigged (window busted out with plastic taped over it) or do you think it looks cheap (like a base model truck)?

Posted by: 5.3L LOL | Feb 10, 2012 3:52:38 PM

It has a ghetto look to it, sort of like chromed out Escalade with 22" wheels.

That's not ghetto. That is street styling. The graphics were also intended to be reminiscent of the "speed scallops" used on hot rods. It has many features of the Platinum. However, this Harley went one step further by providing leather seating surfaces derived from authentic Harley biker-jacket materials, as well as the requisite exhaust tones, suspension and power to reach a top speed of 115 miles per hour and tow 9,300 lbs.

ugly side graphics, i hate the little drop in the headlights,dont like either of the grilles (bumber or grille)

The Lariet Limited borrows the F150 Harley grill and bumper but I think the LTD only came in white or while platinum.

@Jay - made from authentic Harley biker jacket materials? Do the seats smell of stale coffee, cigarettes,and spilled beer ?
The universal Harley dress code seems to be lineman boots, chaps, a leather vest, fingerless gloves, a bandana, and a black plastic bowl for a helmet.

Lou, You wish.

It's derived from, never said it was made from. You always have something negative to say about the brand. Did you have a bad experience with a Harley owner? I know you grew up with dirt bikes, but that is not reason to bash Harley F-150's.

@Jay - just making a joke. I'm not a fan of Harley Davidson or cruisers. Good looking bikes. Most of my friends own Harleys. They are too expensive for what you get. When it come to bikes, I'd rather put function before form. My brother just bought a full dress bagger. It cost him almost as much as my new pickup.
I like the interior on the Harley pickup. There isn't anything better out their even from the Ford lineup.

Too bad it can't be had witha long bed, so a biker can load a bike up to take to Bike Week in Daytona. But since they can afford this truck, the few dollars spent on a trailer would be no big deal. Nice, but you sure pay alot for a name.

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