2012 Ford F-650 V-10 Is Ready to Haul

Ford F-650 Photos by Wes Allison

Ever wonder what it's like to drive a medium-duty dump truck from Los Angeles to Las Vegas? That's what our friends at Truck Trend Magazine used to think about until they got the chance to live out their fantasy with Ford's new F-650 6.8-liter V-10 dumper. 

This is probably the slowest and heaviest pickup that Truck Trend has ever tested. It goes from zero to 60 mph in 17.6 seconds, and its 60-to-zero braking distance is 160 feet. And with an average fuel economy of 5.7 mpg, you can bet it costs a good amount of cash to fill the tank.

There is not a lot of insight as to how this dump truck performs in relation to other vehicles in its category, but Truck Trend did get to play with it in the dirt all day.

The F-650 will be available at a lower price now that the base engine is a three-valve V-10 making 362 horsepower and 457 pounds-feet of torque. Base price for the F-650 V-10 chassis cab is $61,000, but you can expect that number to jump quickly with available options. Check out the Truck Trend story by clicking here.

Ford F-650


Trolls are mad because GM can not compete.

It's ok now, TROLLS.

Kudos to Ford, for stepping up to the plate and installing the V10 in the F650. The V10 is out of the best gas engines ever made, I've seen them go over a Million miles without pulling the valve covers. Since I've switched to V10's 6 years ago, my engine problems are over. No more diesel junk for me. Prior to 06, I had diesels for 10 years. Never had less problems than I do now. Good luck getting a modern diesel in a class 2-5 to out live a V10.

Even at 5 MPG running on $2 compressed Natural gas or LNG, the truck will be much less expensive to run than any diesel!

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