2013 Ford Super Duty Goes Platinum

Platinum ext
You knew it was going to happen. It was only a matter of time. The 2013 Ford Super Duty will get same high-level Platinum trim package that the Ford F-150 has been getting since the 2009 model year. And, we're told, this will be Ford's top-level trim package for Super Duty. 

The package will work with and provide a choice to the Super Duty's other premium trim package, the King Ranch, but it will allow big-truck buyers to choose between the cowboy or stylish themes. Ford assures us — as difficult as it might be for some who think everyone who drives a pickup wants to be a cowboy — there are quite a few buyers interested in a luxury package without all the saddlebag and ranch-lifestyle details. 

Among the new package's features is the new MyFord Touch (the first application for the multimedia system), a new grille, specially designed wheels, more stylized lighting details throughout the cab and bed, and a unique tailgate design. If you want to see video of what the new Platinum F-250 looks like, be sure to check out our video of the MyFord Touch system. We got an early look of the infotainment system installed in a new Platinum. 

Pricing has not been announced, but you can expect these vehicles to make it to dealerships by the end of this year. We'd expect more pricing details to be released prior to deliveries. Expect the Platinum to compete with GMC's Denali packages as well as Ram HD's new Laramie Limited, and if you'd like to read the Ford press release, feel free to download the Super Duty Platinum release here.  

Platinum int

Platinum int 2

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Let the hating begin.

And the best truck in the world, just got better.. This is my next truck. What a glorious machine! Sorry Chevy guys, you're not allowed to have have stuff this nice. GM said so.

I can already see these things parked in front of peoples single wides.

I love our new Platinum F-150. This looks to be inline with that. It's good to offer the cowboy type trim and the stylish type trims both. I actually loved the King Ranch we were looking at but the Platinum they had on the lot I much preferred the color of. So that's what we went with. I still couldn't be happier in my new Ford truck!

@FordTrucks1, I don't understand that either. I never did and I still don't. I drove Chevrolet trucks for 30+ years. If they hadn't gone into the crapper I'd still be driving one. I wouldn't buy one without this nice interior though. I wouldn't drive anything that said GM-C on it. They're really limiting their potential sales for the Silverado and entire Chevrolet line here. Typical GM though..

This just proves that the Dodge RAM is the best looking truck around !!!!

This Ford has a face only a kool-aid drinking Ford fan boy could love !! Those headlights lights are just toooo big,and the grill is hideous! Though ,that being said, it still is better looking than the F-150 ! The 2005 /06 or so Ford heavy duty was an all around good looking truck,they just kept wrecking it after that.

I just noticed,this truck has 1972-1980 Dodge truck tail lights !! Looks like an old Dodge from the back ! Much improved Ford,much improved !! Now work on the front !!

Wow,I like the tail lights reminds me of my dads 78 Dodge Adventurer he had when I was a kid !!

Love the new superduty color scheme and grille is nice. Now ford can compete with the denali. Do wish it gave more revamped hp or torque as an upgrade. One thing i would love to see on this truck iscHID headlights, come on ford we in 2012 those stardard yellow lights are 1990's, even kia small cars had HID. Also lets change the brake lights to LED.

This is the antithesis of what I think a truck should be--WAY too expensive with tons of foo-foo nonsense.

But, I am sure that it is pure profit for Ford, and as I learned in marketing 101, if you think a product is really dumb, you are not the target audience.

Same problem Denali has... awful wood trim!

Okay where do I begin here Ford. Valiant effort at best but the Laramie Limited Ram puts this garbage to shame. It's almost pathetic how much of an afterthought add on everything looks like. From the new myfordtouch screen to the horrid looking silver plate on the tailgate. What's so luxurious about this trim? There is no leather wrapped dash and it looks like a lot of really cheap plastic everywhere.the whole exterior design of the truck looks chopped up. Ram Laramie Limited > Ford Platinum. It's not even close.

@ Ram-Man
i was thinking the same it looks like all cheap plastic. i hate all wood grain no matter what truck its in, it just don't look like wood to me.

So I will be fair and say, this is a lame effort.

F-150 best half-ton overall
Silverado HD - best 3/4-1 tonne overall
Ram - best styling
Allison- best tranny
6.7 Powerstroke - best diesel
Chevy HD - best frame
F150 and Ram - best interiors
EcoBoost V6 - best half-ton engine

It would be great if we could mix and match to make the best truck possible.

Ford has taken the design of this truck as far as they can take it. It is to the point now where it is looking tacky. The Ford fans call it continuous improvement. I say it is stalling so you won't have to pay the development costs to create a completely new truck. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid Ford fans. Gobble them up like they are going out of style and Ford will keep this design around another 13 years. LMAO.

WOWEE what a nice American truck!!! lets stop all the hate and negative coments, I like Chevy, Dodge and Ford. I prefer to spend my $$$ on a new Chevy, big deal, I got the best deal on the Chevy, and I put my $$$ where my heart and mouth is. Just as long as you support an American Comp. THAT is all that matters. It is all a matter of tastes THATS IT!! and if you prefer to drive some forein make, that is your right, but do0not complain when you or you neighbor are laid off, what goes around comes around, and don't give me that crap about American Made. if the profits go out of the country they are gone,never to return again, stop fooling yourself. If there were and Amaerican company made truck or car in every drivway we would not be in this mess. It is a shame that the gov. had to step in to help out these good American comp. be cause of our fellow Americans falling for the PR BS from all the Imports. Granted that the unions have gottin out of control, but do we all want to cut our noses off in spit of our faces? About the only thing we can thank the Imports foris the srise in quality that the American comp. had to implement to stay compeditive, now look at were we are at, the cars and trucks are better than ever and some of the people are stuck in the past. It's a shame....it is the trade imbalance that is the problem, and I will give you one guess as to how that is happening (petrol. imports and made in China ect)

6.7 Powerstroke - best diesel

Posted by: Alex | Mar 9, 2012 10:49:52 AM

Really? What is the basis for your claim?

This is the best luxury package in a Heavy Duty truck. The only thing that may top it is the 2014 GM (doubtful) or the 2016 all new Super Duty. I love that MFT is going to be in all of Ford's trucks. That's nice.

Yea there all good, but I think the Duramax and the Cummins are the most time tested diesel engines out there right now, and the Hemi and the 4.8, 5.3, 6.0 are the most time tested gas engines out there for now, that could change after time. Notice I said nothing about powerfull, I said time tested.

You know I think this truck looks pretty nice, love the color. Wish my Silverado had seats like that, but hey I have the work truck interior anyways so no leather.

But remember Ford and Dodge people millions and million of happy Chevy owners are driving down the road right this minute. And also millions and millions of happy Dodge and Ford owners. Not going to mention any others, I like my pickups from the so called big three. But getting hard to call them that anymore.

DARE TO COMPARE against Silverado!!!

Or not...

Don't care for the tail gate. I would have preferred recessed letters with the word FORD centered in it.

I love this.


Great job on the video!

@ alex YOU wrote

"So I will be fair and say, this is a lame effort.

F-150 best half-ton overall
Silverado HD - best 3/4-1 tonne overall
Ram - best styling
Allison- best tranny
6.7 Powerstroke - best diesel
Chevy HD - best frame
F150 and Ram - best interiors
EcoBoost V6 - best half-ton engine"

It would be great if we could mix and match to make the best truck possible.

MY RESPONSE: i would agree about the GM HD's and allison trans. and thats all. the Duramax is the best diesel, the powerstroke has ALWAYS been the worst, i'd much rather have a cummins than a powerstoke and the duramax has the best blend of the diesels.

Rams styling does look good, thats where it ends.

GM's new frame?? FAIL FAIL FAIL Boxed frames are a STUPID idea at best. the Ford Super Duty has the better frame, again Rigidity doesnt equal durability.

Best half ton engine ecoboost?? the 5.7 i-force has it in spades over the ecoboost. ecoboost would be cool for a sport truck and really cool in the SHO........... NOT a truck you tow with, unless you like 7MPG. you can get 12MPG with 9k behind you in a tundra, and just shy of 20MPG empty on the highway so the ecoboost is about 15% better empty, but the Tundra is 70% better MPG with a trailer!!! thanks but i USE my truck and the ecoboost is NOT a good engine to work with.

Best half ton hands down is the Tundra..... period

interior looks are subjective, personally i think ford and rams interiors look really cheap with cheap switches and trim ect. i like the interior of the Tundra 100 times better but again thats simply subjective, to each their own.

GM's new frame?? FAIL FAIL FAIL Boxed frames are a STUPID idea at best. the Ford Super Duty has the better frame, again Rigidity doesnt equal durability.

Posted by: hemi lol | Mar 9, 2012 11:34:24 AM

I guess the boxed frame on the F-150 is a FAIL as well if what you say is true??

OMG...I am in LOVE! Pure FORD genius...IMHO. My next truck has just been announced! :)


so now you get a ford not because is the stronger truck,but because is dash board..so they do nothing on the frame,suspension wy this truck is build for,,,just the look is tough..but not the truck..

I'm really glad they went with a Platinum Super Duty trim. I've been wondering for the last couple years why they haven't had one. Nice upper level option above the Lariat for those that don't like the cowboy-style King Ranch. While it's not something I'd buy, it's always a good idea to give buyers more options, especially the ones with deep pockets. This will compete nicely against the GMC Denali and the Ram Limited.

next time y pass a ford y wave to him,,maybe your not the best puller,and dont have the best frame,,,but you look good ...y no if y need a strong pickup y get a Chevy or dodge..

@Hemi lol, I didn't include the Tundra, but I do like the 5.7 iForce, hate its frame, and I hate the interior because it reminds me of all other Toyota interiors. I do like the Tundra's styling, but on the DoubleCab only. I prefer boxed frames, I have heard the squeaks and rattles in the Super Duty because the frame does flex, leaving it to the body to support itself. My 05 fully-boxed F-150 with 96,000 miles has no squeaks or rattles. Older Silverados without the boxed frame also have loads of squeaks and rattles.

@Hemi lol: I agree with you with a few exceptions.

The EcoBoost is definitely not a work truck engine. It's more performance and efficient oriented. My opinion is that the Hemi 5.7 is the best halt ton engine but I'll admit that the I Force 5.7 is right on par with it. They both have immense power for work and performance but may not be quite as efficient as the Eco boost.

The Tundra is not even in contention for best half ton.

Lastly the Tundras interior are pretty bad. I just experienced all of them at my local auto show and honestly it was probrably the worst next to Chevy. The Ram takes the cake for the best interior hands down.

Id rather commit suicide than ride in something I-force powered - which reall, would prob yeild the same results.

Truck hasn't changed other then the grill and headlights since the mid ninties.

Truck hasn't changed other then the grill and headlights since the mid ninties.

but it is the biggest seller i can't figure it out

Love it.

Denali is Ford's XLT or Lariat at best. Not even close.

i would rather drive a rusted out AMC Pacer than drive this ugly thing....it is a two bagger for sure

Im sorry but i just wont listen to your denail about the tundra being the best anything. F150 with the 6.2, 3.73's, 18 or 20 inch wheels, and 2wd (i dont need 4x4) will spank anything with a jap logo on it. MPG's? Stop crying its a damn truck, its powerful, heavy, and is for work. none of those things are fuel efficient. Sorry but im not buying a truck from the company that brings you the prius. nuff said. Tudra=Fail. GM is a good truck. Its obvious its performance over the superduty comes from a lack of weight relative to the superduty. But hey it comes down to preference between the two. The Ford has more power but chevy/GMC has less weight. It comes down to interior. But dont bring up a jap pos please!

butt fugly period....

F-150Man, If you don't like the TUndra don't by it, I don't have a Tundra but know a few people that do and they all love them. The Tundra is proven to have fewer issues that the other brands, number don't lie. Also what does Toyota building the Prius have anything to do with buying a Tundra? The Prius is a good vehicle for what it is, I'd never own one but its well built.

I didnt bring it up but since some have mentioned the 5.7L iforce the truth is the Supercharged 5.7L iforce is the best warrantied gas truck engine and not just my opinion http://www.motoiq.com/magazine_articles/id/2138/pageid/3645/project-toyota-tundra-installing-and-testing-the-trd-superchargercharger.aspx and no not even you ecoboost can match 550lb ft of twist.
We already know the 5.7L Tundra has the best fuel economy towing but the Supercharged 5.7L gets better fuel economy (about 1city/2hwy) loaded or unloaded than the NA if you drive normally but if you decide to ditch the better mpg and go WOT while towing (dont reccomend) like this guy did http://www.tundratalk.net/forums/tundra-towing-hauling/88427-my-towing-upgrade-ordered-trd-supercharger-5.html their is more power and performance than the ecoboost but probably simular fuel economy.

Whether you like the truck or not this is how you get mileage out of a platform.

I like the KR better but I certainly wouldn't spend the extra money on this package. It is a brilliant thing though because people want to spend money on trim packages plain and simple. Dodge gets it too and I'm sure the new GM will follow suit.

Just add some different trim, give it a cool name, charge more money for it then sit back and watch the trained seals bark lol

Good on them for properly exploiting the market. This is how companies succeed.

Ford has it all over Chevy anymore. :(

And I don't care about the Denali. Where's the Silverado trim to compete with this? It's getting old being a Bowtie guy anymore. Chevrolet's best days seem to be behind them after seeing all of these new Ford's and Dodge's.

Good posted comment as are usual miath! You was my best studint and I ams happy to see your typical well thout out posts. Y are truelee as asshat to this board!!

GM's problem is they are putting all their effort into cars now, and forgetting about trucks. It was the oppisite until a few years ago. Ford on the Other hand has put more effort back into cars but arn't leaving the trucks out in the wind either except for the Expedition.

Just give me a truck that can bang around with the best of them and does not have all these bells and whistles on it that will just break and cost too much to fix. I'm a nuts and bolts kind of guy that is not afraid to get muddy. I love to get out in the outdoors and leave the big city behind. A truck like this by any company is not a true truck. It is a look-at-me, I just paid 50k for a truck that would be lucky to see mud puddle or a broken in pair of boots. Pointless!

@ Ron

I remember reading that the Expedition and Navigator are going to get a redesign in the near future. They will be getting new engines for sure just as in the F-Series.

@Ron: Jim is retooling its plants to accommodate the new designs for the Silverado and Colorado. Don't expect the Colorado to be a workman's truck. It will be more for the DIY'er. The new Silverado will be interesting to see. I like how GM and Dodge are looking at Bi-Fuel trucks that run on diesel and natural gas. Now that I would be interested in.

Sorry, GM not Jim :) I don't even know how I typed that. lol

@ Ron

GM isn't forgetting about trucks and are designing a new one as we speak but I agree they've deffinately abandoned the current model with minimal updates. Maybe there would've been some extra $$$'s put into it if it weren't for the bankruptcy. It deffinately wouldn't have hurt them to do a bit more to keep the truck fresher.

The current GMT900 truck isn't on my radar but I'm anxious to see the new design next year. Ford and Dodge are pushing the competition right now.

Nice truck, wish I could afford one. Either way I only need a half ton. PS (Down with Toyota!)

Real burl walnut trim!

Nice truck!

Them Trolls are out to annihilate.

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