2013 Ford Transit to Get EcoBoost

Transit EcoBoost art II

The coming 2013 Ford E-Series van replacement, to be called Transit, will be offered with the same EcoBoost engine offered in the current F-150. 

The 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 with direct injection seems like the perfect choice for the big-box hauler, and it is reported to offer at least 25 percent better fuel economy than the current E-Series models, largely due to smart weight savings that trim at least 300 pounds from the coming Transit when compared to a similar E-Series van. That means customers could save thousands of dollars in operating costs from fuel savings over the life of the vehicle.

The current-generation Transit van is the best-selling van in Europe, and Ford has sold more than 6 million Transits across five continents since its original launch in 1965. The Transit is currently offered to global customers in a variety of cargo, passenger and chassis cab configurations with a choice of efficient diesel engines. To date, there is no word on what powertrains or cab configurations we’ll get in the U.S. beyond the EcoBoost.  In 2010, the 6-millionth Transit rolled off the production line in Turkey.

To get ready for U.S. production by 2013, Ford is investing $1.1 billion in its Kansas City Assembly Plant, where the Transit will be built alongside the current F-150.

Transit Van EcoBoost II


@Mark Williams from that announcement , you will not be getting a diesel version of the Transit. Seeing Ford is not offering smaller diesel versions for pickups in the US.

Heaven forbid they just use the same 50mpg diesel engines they use on every other continent on the planet.

Good looking van though.
Look's like the Pickers' van.

Would look good with a six inch lift and 35's.

Looks like the Sprinter van and front wheel drive.

The drawing on top looks different than the picture. Top's axles are straight, the bottom's back axle appears curved so I'm assuming front wheel drive?

The drawing is the new version which has not been revealed. The pic is the old Euro model.

I think they offer fwd, awd and rwd for the Transit.

@ken- the current Transit comes as both front and rear wheel drive. We're getting only the rwd transit. Ford recently showed a midsize concept (same size as the VW T5) so I would guess the next transit will be rwd only,

I'd rather have the diesel.

Will they finally put it in the expedition too? I'm getting 12 mpg in my 3/4 suburban with far less power.

@paul810 I would rather have diesel too. But I think it's clear now that Ford isn't sending one our way anytime soon.

That thing is gonna fly! Hopefully it is not going to be detuned!

Euro MPG's are different from ours, we wont get the same 50 mpg rating, plus our emissions are tougher on diesels, Ford is probably trying to avoid another 6.0 powerstroke disaster (euro diesel with too much emissions on it).

WTF !!

The Econoline is going to be replaced by this ugly European thing !!!

My next van will be a Chevrolet Express or GMC Savana !!

FYI ,Dodge did this replaced their very good selling full size b-series Ram van with the Sprinter in 2004 and sales fell from 8,000 per month to 300 per month !! Guess Ford wants to go bankrupt !

I know many Dodge guys who owned the Ram B-Series full size vans they loved them and run forever (even better than most Ford's) but once they needed a new van if a good used on didnt turn up,they bought a Ford over the GM vans at a rate of 7:1 ,with my anecdotal findings also coincide with the increase in sales Ford got with the Econoline when the Ram b series van went out of production for the 2004 model year !

I know many fleets are now buying GM full size as the Fords are disapearing,who wants to fall in love with a good workhorse knowing you cant replace it with the same model,all you can get with a Ford replacement would be a inferior import,Non- American Ford weak weird van !!

I am a Ford guy but I know many die hard Ford people will bash me for saying this Ford is horrible,but I dont drink the kool aid,If I see a dud,I will call them out on it !!

@Ford Guy

Just to clarify, that picture is of the current European model Transit. We have no idea as to what the new Transit for the North American market will look like.

Ford won't offer it in a diesel here because there is no demand for a diesel, apart from the people who'll never buy it, i.e. your average internet commenter. Business owners shopping for a work van with EcoBoost can get all the power they need, with better fuel economy and and without spending $8,000 on an engine.

As a business owner here are some points we consider before making a purchase for a work van.

Purchase price: EB winner

Power/Torque: split decision

Fuel cost: EB winner

Economy: diesel winner but diesel costs 20% more. split decision.

Fuel availability: EB winner

Short term maintenance: EB winner

Long term maintenance: diesel winner but the average van will be traded in before needing serious attention. split decision.

Cold weather operation: EB winner


Who says the diesel option will be $8,000? That's the price for the 6.7L diesel, not for the ~3.0L diesels they would put in this style van.

Also, there are plenty of fleet owners who still want diesel. Myself included. I've got a bunch of 7.3L E350s that will need replacing soon and I will not be looking at gas engine vans.

@ Ford Guy. I don't like them either but here in Asheboro NC these little things are everywhere. They have wraps on them but can they do the heavy duty work that the old vans can do? No. Just have to wait and play this one out.

@don, Paul810 - most European diesels curently available in North American vehicles (mostly luxury SUV's) sport a 3,500 average price range. Most of them have similar performance levels to their gas siblings but with better mpg.

"I will not be looking at gas engine vans."


If you don't want to make more money that is your perogative. I want to make money and will be buying an EB van. I will save the enthusist preferences for my personal vehicle. This van is a tool.


I save money by having my own diesel pumps at my yard allowing me to buy diesel fuel in bulk. Works out great since all our larger trucks are diesel as well.

We used to have gas pumps as well, but they're a nightmare compared to diesel pumps. Wasn't worth it to keep them anymore.

The closest diesel SUV to the size of a van is this 2012 Mercedes-Benz R350.

It has a 3.0 L, 6 cyl, Automatic 7-spd, diesel

Fuel econ is 18 city 23 hwy


None of the diesel SUV's in the US get any better than 28 mpg.

@Lou, it seems that your comments on an earlier post RE: putting the EB in more vehicles is happening now.

@Don - say what you will, but you can't argue with the fact that diesel engines are more efficient and better suited for work. It's just too bad the government doesn't support diesel, rather than some particularly over-subsidized ventures like hybrids or ethanol.

Is the Expedition going to die?????

I hope they give it a little diesel too, like the Sprinters. All the guys I talk to with them seem to average 20-23 mpg in mixed driving. By comparison, pickups with the Ecoboost seem to be doing around 15-17 at best.

So Jimmy, for $4.10, you can drive the diesel for 20 miles, or for $4.10, you can drive the EcoBoost for 20 miles, but pay less up front, and have a more powerful vehicle... Hmmm let's see which is the better vehicle.

Lou is right
The SUV you pointed out is close in size but the engine isn't. There is no way they would put 3L engine in this van. There is no need for such big engine. European Transits run on 2.2L TDCI engines and here is what they get:
* 33-36mpg for a FWD van
* 30-32mpg for a RWD van
* 28 mpg for a AWD van.
Mileage varies depanding on engine output power, size of the van and max. payload
Output ranges from 100-155HP and 230-284ft.lbs
Max. payload ranges from 2100lbs to 5500lbs
And there are 4 different variations/sizes of the van, 4 different lenghts and 3 different heights.
It would be a great idea to bring a diesel variation to US. But they always find a way not to. They hide it behind premium price tags or whatever. In Europe diesel equipped vehicles also cost more but it doesn't stop people from buying them. They know that over the lifetime of the vehicle they will get that money back.

Alex, ecoboost won't come even close to the mileage you would get from diesel.

@UncleBud. I would guess there will NEVER be a small diesel option

@Lou the diesel.markup for 3 Litre diesels is not that great compared to the Petrol(Gas ) engine.

@Don what the power/torque for a Van as compared to a F150 is going to be interesting

@Keith they have the payload, but the towing capacity of the Triton V10 for instance..good question.

Alex: I don't know where you live but where I live the difference between a gallon of regular gas and a gallon of diesel is currently about 4 cents.

While the diesel might not work for you, it would work for me.

It's not like the Ecoboost is a cheap option either at around $2095 over the 3.7l v6 and $1095 over the 5.0L. Wouldn't surprise me if a small diesel cost about the same as the Ecoboost option.

@Jimmy68 It would , now getting a lot of USLD nationwide is more of a problem.

@Jimmy, Idaho Falls here. Diesel @ $4.10, unleaded @ $3.35

I was basing the hypothetical mileage with EcoBoost @ 16 mpg, diesel @ 20 mpg. In fairness, I think the Duratorq diesel would be closer to 25 mpg. But nowhere near as nice to drive.

"European Transits run on 2.2L TDCI engines and here is what they get:"

Greg, Thanks but what the Transit van gets in Europe is not of any value. Europe has a different way of calculating the fuel economy and the engines are not legal here.

A diesel in the 3 - 4.5 litre range costing $3,500 or so with similar power to the Euro luxury SUV's should sell. The EB 3.5 in an XL Reg cab is a $2,395 USA or 2,250 in Canada. The 5.0 is $1,000 in both countries. To get a 6.2 in a Lariet you are looking at $6,985 USA (I think that was a typo but that is what the US site stated). The 6.2 in Canada is $1,900 more in a Lariet. In a USA King Ranch the 6.2 is $3,225. The 6.2 not available in a Canadian King Ranch. I'd rather spend the extra money on a diesel than a 6.2. A diesel, other than longevity would be a tougher sell versus the EB 3.5. I can see why Ford wouldn't want a mid sized diesel engine in NA just like why they wouldn't want a global Ranger in NA. It would dilute sales and make it tougher to get a good return on investment. This van, on the other hand is a clean slate for NA. Ford's E series with a diesel was the mainstay of EMS. It doesn't make sense to only offer gassers (assuming that is their plan).

perfectly logical and good move for Ford I root for any of the big 3 to do well.

Am curious to to see if Ford will offer a stickshift or automatic. my guess, is that it'll be automatic.

we have a transit 01 with a 2.0 diesel and i´t gets 0.8 liter to 10 km or 30 mpg and it´s got plenty of power and now problem to cruse in 60 70 mph. but it aint a mustang.

live in Sweden and it´s now problem in winter time to get it started

The transit sportvan has a 2.2 diesel with 140 hp that van is cool

"live in Sweden"

Now take that 30 and take off 20% to translate to US standards and you get 24 mpg.

8 liter per 100 km is 29.4 mpg



8 liter per 100 km is 29.4 US mpg

24 US mpg is what i drive our chevy with 6.2 diesel


I currently own a sprinter. It's the larger ,taller model. it gets 20-24 mph loaded at 70 mph. It's a good ride and is comfortable. Now, the negative and more important information. It is the worst nightmare I have EVER owned both electrically and mechanically.I have spent around $15000 between 100000 and 150000 on many many electrical and mechanical problems not any being major like engine or tranny work. One third is misdiagnostic work. Basically, these vehicles are pieces of junk and I would never consider another Mercedes vehicle. I have a friend who just traded his old sprinter which was a nightmare in on a new one. At 3880 miles it blew a dod and needs a new engine. Mercedes is only standing by it's warranty to replace the engine, but will assume NResponsibility for anything else,ie rental breakdown expenses etc. They have become a pathetic company that builds vehicles for the filthy rich at ridiculous prices at ridiculous labor and parts prices. The new ford will see a mass exodus from sprinters unfortunately, without diesel options, they will indeed be making a Big mistake. In new York state the average cost of diesel ranges from around 25 to 40 cents difference. I would still prefer the smaller diesel options. Ford has come a long way but apparently still has a long way to go. I was an engineer for gm. They two would never listen and eventually got what they deserved.

that thing sure could use an ego boost as feminine as it is....

Lets see. Per the blog:"least 25 percent better fuel economy than the current E-Series models, largely due to smart weight savings that trim at least 300 pounds" Just think what your current vehicle would get if you cleaned out the junk in your vehicle and lost a few pounds?

They should've put the EcoBoost in the Ranger instead of discontinuing it

Those mpg's I put up there are direct calculations from L/100km.
And I didn't mention it but 2.2L Diesel is the only engine available in Transits. So if it were to come to US I'm guessing Ford would use the same engine. It would probably have lesser mpg do to the fact that they would have dummy it down ofcourse.
Anyhow, I think it would be a great option for those that like to keep their vehicles longer then average Joe.

Anybody who thinks there's no demand for diesel needs to take a look at how Sprinters have been selling like hotcakes. Selling so much that they're rebadged by 2 additional automakers.

Although I do confess there probably wont be as much demand if the price is $7k more than a gas engine, which is typically what it is for the emissions control system to make it compliant with the US regulations.

I can understand why Ford doesn't want their econoline replacement to be more expensive than GM's van.

Maybe Ford would be cooler if they used and promoted small fuel efficient twin turbo v-8s

I have a fleet of over 250 Sprinters in service. They seem to be no better or worse on reliability vs a Ford E series. Much better on fuel - about 50% improvement. Hoping to see a 4 cyl diesel in the Transit, but not holding my breath. What might push Ford to a 4 cyl is the upcoming Sprinter 4 cyl diesel engine for fall 2013.

"johnny s"

You are missing the point. You can't use the Euro numbers and simply convert to US gallons because the Euro numbers are rated differently by their government.

Just look how out of sync Canada's numbers are with the US. EB gets 29 mpg on the window stickers in Canada and only 22 mpg in the US. 7 mpg spread.

Also when they add all of the junk onto the diesels to comply with US regs they will be even more different.

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