2013 Ram to Get New V-6, Eight-Speed Transmission

2012_Ram II

Next year's new Ram 1500 will get the new Pentastar V-6 and an eight-speed transmission, and it will no doubt deliver vastly improved fuel economy compared with this year's model.

Automotive News reports that Chrysler filed a voluntary report with the Securities and Exchange Commision (it's voluntary because Chrysler is a privately held company) that discloses some of the coming changes to the next-generation Ram 1500.

The new eight-speed transmission "reduces fuel consumption by up to 12 percent over our current five-speed transmissions" such as the one in the current Ram, the filing says.

The report also says that this year Chrysler "will add the Ram pickup to the list of our vehicles that offer the Pentastar V-6." Ram currently offers a 3.7-liter V-6 that makes 215 horsepower. The new 3.6-liter Pentastar delivers 290 hp and 260 pounds-feet of torque in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The report also revealed Chrysler's use of new lightweight axles.

Automotive News says Chrysler has been tight-lipped about details of the upcoming Ram, so these revelations in a corporate filing seemed to surprise a company spokesman, who declined to comment.




This is good news, if this is the case I may be waiting to buy a 2013.

Ram is really trying to take out chevy i bet they do it in 2-4 years most likly less

I have been waiting patiently for this truck. Once it's on the lot I will be one of the first to ask for a test drive.

I wonder what the markup on these trucks will be?

I want a Gray Mega Cab with the Rambox, Spray on bed and the new V6... but I don't want to pay eager beaver prices.. will wait until people get tired of buying them.

The big question is will the v6 be available in the configuration YOU want.

Usually the smaller engines are only available on regular cabs or short box, low level trim models.

They'd probably get teh same mpg just offering a stick shift, something most truckers want anyway.

So is the new 8-speed just for the V6? If it is this so not a big deal unless you were going to buy a work truck. I just want to say if the Hemi gets this new 8-speed Ram will be the best truck and my favorite truck again I grew up with Ram being my favorite (Tundra wasn't around then).

I think (hope) we will see a 290hp 18mpg city v6 in the mega cab. i think we will.

And I think I read we will see the Ram Box in the regular Cab, short bed v6 in 2013.-

The V6/8-spd combo I already knew was coming, but the lightweight axles have me curious. How do you make a lightweight axle? Reduce the size, use more aluminum? Does it reduce strength? I'd like to hear more about that one.

good news but light weight axles kinda scares me...

Chevy Trucks are done for. The Silverado is doomed with the new features of the Dodge, the New Dodge that will come out shortly after the new Chevy and the New Ford that will come out shortly after the Chevy. Chevrolet needed a Solid 3 years in the spotlight with Superior product for their Silverado to regain lost credibility and lost customers to the higher class, higher quality, better looking Ford and Dodge. They won't get but 6-12 months tops. It's not long enough to save them.

Ooops. This has got to hurt. Ram is taking out nobody in 2012.

good question cyberpine....however, yesterday-I saw a crew cab F-150 Platinum 4X4 with the EcoBoost V6 tag on the side. I'm sure Ram will take aim at Ford and not limit their offerings of the Pentastar V6. Can't wait to see pickuptrucks.com do a comparitive testing of the F-150 Platinum 4X4 (Crew Cab)/EcoBoost V6 vs. Ram 1500 Laramie Limited 4X4 (Crew Cab)/Pentastr V6. GM has a lot at stake with their new lineup on the horizon. Toyota is even further behind in the game. Nissan--nonexistent.

If dodge will ever "take out" Chevy, Which has me laughing just typing it, they will first have to shed their horrible reputation for being very unreliable

Chevy Trucks are done for

@DodgeGuy, they've been done for. The next generation was doomed when Chevrolet guys found out the Govt.MoCo Sierra was getting all of the goods to compete with Ford and Dodge. The outrage across the net and among the Chevrolet truck drivers I know was insane. That company is run by clueless fools. Might as well stick a fork in em.

Ram-Man, this Penstar sounds like it's more comparible to Fords entry level 6 which has 302hp and 278lbs.
The EcoBoost has 365hp and 420lbs. The 8 speed tranny will help some, but I don't think it will be close to the EcoBoost. Now if they put the 8 speed in the Hemi's, that would be another story!
I'd bet the light weight axles will only be used with this entry level engine to get the higher MPGs for marketing.

If only 18 mpgs are to be had then it will have almost no take rate. It needs to get mid 20's to be competitive

@EvanK- my Dodge trucks have always been reliable. Save fore the transmission issue in the 1990's, Dodge trucks are built to last in my experience. Very sturdy and very reliable. I've turned many of my friends who owned Chevrolet's into Dodge guys now. The piston slap combined with very poor interior-exterior build quality in these last couple of SIlverado's did serious damage to the Chevrolet brand. I've witnessed it first hand. None of these guys have gone back to Chevrolet. It's all Dodge trucks and cars now.

12% increase in MPG in just the transmission. That's not including the new Pentastar V6 upgrade and all the other little things they are doing to get better mileage out of this truck. I say Dodge gets 24-25 Highway miles to the gallon.
I'm also excited to see the new upgraded interior and gadgets that will also make their way into the Ram. I've heard lots of good things. April can't come soon enough.

the light weight axles are already being used in the 2011+ trucks. They are made by ZF and are 40 pounds lighter than the previous axles

Nice Truck! Way to go Ram.

I love Ram Trucks!

However, they will not outsell the Silverado, ever!

Evan K......All of my dodge Trucks (5 of em) have been extremely reliable dont know if your basing your info off personal experience but i have never had bad luck with mine.......88 D250 ..... 88 W350 ..... 98 2500 (300k) 04 2500 QC 4x4 LB. All awesome trucks

Where's the turbo and direct injection?

This is a great move forward, but they're going to need to get their turbos and DI going if they really want to take a swipe at Ford. By the time Ram gets these two technologies out Ford will have had 3-4 years of Ecoboosting it and working the kinks out of the system. That'll be a long way for Ram to catch up.

Chrysler now known as Fiat has always had nice looking vehicle...but the reliability has always been absolutely horrible...there are actual "hate" sites against this company!! Maybe Fiat will be a good thing for ram, Dodge and Chrysler

IMO it will have to AT LEAST equal the fuel economy numbers of the base F-150 to be competitive. If it can better or equal those numbers and can be had for less $$ I think Ram can take a big bite out of Ford's fleet sales.

I've driven Fords for years, but competition improves the breed.

This will be very interesting. I know with the base v6 in the F-150 you can get an XLT extended cab 4x4. That would be ok for the average person. The MPG that it will return in 16/21( based on cars.com results). The Ram will return about the same but i think a little less but its a good step in the right direction for them.
Chevy on the other hand has to do something to get the trucks on par with Ford and Ram.

@paul810 - I'm curious about light weight axles too. If they use better quality materials they can make them just as strong as conventional ones. It can improve mpg, and give a better ride by reducing unsprung weight.
@Ram-man - I have to agree with Ford850. The Pentastar V6 is comparable to Ford's 3.7 but should have an advantage due to the 8 speed.

@ Evan K,

There are sites for any auto manufacturer such as I hate my Toyota,Ford,GM ect....

Chrysler is still known as Chrysler,Ram is not a Fiat Ram,remember since 1998 Chrysler was owned by Mercedes and people didnt call the Dodge Ram a Mercedes Ram,I am tired of the uneducated people on this site,just aweful !By the way the Ram trucks are still called a Dodge Ram on the window sticker and vin !

I doubt RAM will offer the V6/8-speed combination with the MegaCab, unless Fiat (along with RAM Executives) decides that the market wants the 1/2-ton MegaCab again. More then likely it will be a higher horsepower/higher torque rating V6 to compete with the EcoBoost V6 in the Ford F150. Probably offered in Regular cab (short bed, long bed), Quad Cab (Short Bed) and Crew Cab (Short Bed) Configurations.

I'm guessing the new Pentastar V6 will have anywhere between 320 to 360hp and produce in excess of 400 to 425 lb-ft of torque. I expect it to have Fiat's Multi-Air, Direct Injection, Dual-Overhead Cam, and Variable Valve Cam timing.

If RAM wants to compete with the F150 in this new 1/2 ton V6 segmant, then they have to step up to the plate and offer more HP/Torque and better towing capacities if they want to compete. 5-Link rear-end is nice (comfortable ride) but you sacrafice payload and towing capacity.

Also, Allpar.com is showing a concept 2013 RAM that has a much different front end (more like 2500,3500 RAM's). New Possible interior feature's might include 8.4" Touchscreen display and possible start/stop system.

I'm a Dodge/Ram man through and through, and this is good news anyway you look at it.

"I'm a Dodge/Ram man through and through"

Who would have guessed?

The Ford camp will have this out to compete with Ram's 8 speed auto.

Split Cooling 8 Speed Auto


Hopefully the GM twinkies will get it by 2014.

@Corie The coil springs do lower payload, but my 2011 Ram Quad Cab 4x4 with 3.92 gears and 20" tires is rated 10,050 lbs. towing. BTW, my payload sticker on the door jamb says 1224 lbs. I believe this doesn't include the driver bc the brochure says payload is 1610 lbs.


That 8 speed is for FWD vehicles. Ford hasn't announced anything about an 8 speed for RWD yet.

The 8 speed auto will be a very good selling feature for RAM, and it's about time they get rid of the 3.7L V6 with something more advanced. The 8 speed auto with the Hemi will be killer! I read specs on that 8 speed auto when it was being developed. It has the torque input ability to handle the Hemi, but not the Cummins - at least it didn't a year or so ago.

I have my 05 halfton r/c lifted and still a work in progress for wheeling and was looking for a new daily drivers the debate will now be between a Dart a hemi 2wd 8speed Ramand a pentastar 2wd 8 speed Ram hmmmm

"However, they will not outsell the Silverado, ever!"

Exactly. In 2011 Ram some some increases but they were still below the 2008 pre-bankruptcy level.


The likely candidate will have to be the F150.


There are sites for any auto manufacturer such as I hate my Toyota,Ford,GM ect....

@Carter, Yes indeed... Here's a Famous GM one!http://www.pistonslap.com/

By the way, I'm Really liking this new Dodge Ram now. They finally went to the round wheelwells. I have always said this helped Ford. Tires are round, wheelwells should be round. Yet another point against Chevy trucks. I can see the Bowtie going down in flames already. GM has ruined Chevrolet and ticked off one too many of Chevy's loyal truck customer base they took for granted IMHO.

Here's a Famous GM one!http://www.pistonslap.com/

Typical GM. Cheap, Cheap Cheap!. We had an 05 Sierra (always drove Chevy's but that model Silverado was butt ugly) that did the same thing after about 50k. Traded it in on a Toyota and never looked back. Completely worthless company and total waste of taxpayer money. They ruined their reputation themselves all to save a buck. Never will I drive anything that says GM/GMC on it again.

Ram's 2013 models will be out this SUMMER or fall!

Ram is taking out Chevy in 2012 and Ford in 2013! You can take that to the bank.

@Frank & Dave - Ram's 2013 models will be out this SUMMER or in the FALL!!! Watch your backs.


In your dreams pal!

By the way, I'm Really liking this new Dodge Ram now. They finally went to the round wheelwells. I have always said this helped Ford. Tires are round, wheelwells should be round. Yet another point against Chevy trucks.

THIS x 10! This is what made the 1967-1972 Chevy's such a classic. They need to go back to round and leave that squared off stuff to that 'other' truck.

@MoparMember, they already took out Chevy in these parts. Good luck taking out Ford though.

@Dave, Are you freaking Kidding me?? Did anyone Read this crap? They introduced the LS motors in the 97 Vette for the love of pete. Here it is in 2012 after a solid Decade of issues and they Still haven't fixed this garbage? Seriously, this is a company that Deserves all of the hate it gets.



All I can do is laugh... It's hillarious to me that anyone buys their junk anymore.

I would love to see a Pentastar version of the EcoBoost with over 400 HP! Offer it in Ram, 300, Durango, Charger, Challenger, Grand Cherokee, and Wrangler!

If there is a big premium on this new V6 I would suggest you guys get your real MPG avg and yearly miles and google MPGHEAD

For me EPA MPG numbers on the MSRP are never correct. For over 10 years now.. If I take the City number and subtract 2, that is my REAL WORLD AVG. My 2010 Ram Dodge Hemi said 14/20.. I get 12 avg. My 2003 V6 chevy blazer said 14/19, I got 12 avg as well.

I don't drive that much.. Purchased in Oct 2010 and so far (Mar 2012) and I only have 14k miles. (that's about 10k miles a year)

If the new V6 is rated at 17/24 (not saying it is).. I will get 15mpg.

at $4.50 per gallon that's ONLY a savings of $1000 a year.

Considering I got my Hemi Quad for 30k OTD when the sticker said 38k it will likely be tough to justify trading up for Fuel savings alone especially if them trucks are going for sticker.

I'll take mine in Jet Black.

Dang, GM is still having issues with Engine Knock.

13 years and still knocking!


@cyberpine -try some hypermiling techniques. You might be surprised. I was. If I drive "norma', I'm hard pressed to get the 14/18 but if I use some hypermiling techniques I can get 15/20 farely consistently using "mild" techniques.

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