Ford Teases Us With a New Truck?

Super Duty Teaser II

The PR machine at Ford is at full strength, preparing to string out a series of images, we're guessing, of a new truck or trim package or both. We just received these and on the off chance that one of our readers can see something that we can't, we decided to post it. 

This isn't the first time a car or truck company has put out pieces or drawings or partial photos of something they've wanted to promote, and it won't likely be the last. We suspect there will be more, and you can expect us to see if we can't find out what it is for an early look. If we're lucky, we'll try to get our cameras inside. For now, this will have to do. 

Super Duty tease grille

Super Duty rear

Super Duty tight


It looks like they have an Explorer type grill. The crossbars aren't solid but have those perforations in them. I wonder if we'll see active aerodynamics? For example: shuttered grill openings.

Let the Haters begin 3.2.1. go .

F150? Super Duty, probably? something else....RANGER!!!, no its to big to be a Ranger, oh man the suspense is killing me, screw you Ford for teasing us, that's just Falcon mean!!!

Other sites have said the whole truck will be unveiled Friday March 9.
They are saying it is an all new model.
Some sites are saying a plug-in extended-range hybrid with four 1.0-liter EcoBoost three-cylinders generating electricity for a 35-kWh battery pack.
Maybe a pre-emptive strike aimed at the GMC All Terrain concept truck?
A Raptor SD? Boss Hoss maybe?
Ford is more likely taking aim at the Ram Longhorn or Laramie Limited since they are supposed to be nicer than the King Ranch.
Platinum F350??
Other sites have raised the same comments.
This is where the reveal will be (according to MotorTrend):
"Ford plans to unveil the 2013 F-Series Super Duty in partnership with the Professional Bull Riders; Ford sponsors the organization’s Built Ford Tough Series that is effectively the “major league” of bull riding. You can watch the truck’s reveal next Friday at 10 a.m. Eastern / 7 a.m. Pacific via a special webcast.

No doubt about it. Harley Davidson Edition Super Duty. Background seems perfect to match a Harley Edition for the picture taken.

@ Lou -- Great intell. We can only hope. I'll be in Detroit on March 9 for the press event so we should have all the info up pretty soon after that. I like all the ideas you've passed along, but the Raptor SD doesn't sit well. And not sure about a Harley Edition SD. I think the Platinum SD makes a lot of sense with all the attention Denali and Laramie Limited has been getting. More to come, for sure.

@Mark Williams - thanks. The perforated grill looked "Raptorish", I think more like the Explorer though. THe truck looks stock as far as ride height so that would kill the Raptor angle. I don't think it will be a Harley SD because they said"new". Harley SD's aren't new, but who knows?
I doubt the SD hybrid will be it as the plan was to release an F550 first then release smaller HD variations.
I bet it will be a Platinum or similar truck. They might have another "branded" truck associated with the Pro Bull Riders.
I was looking at the Bull Rider's site and Ford sponsors "Team Invasion". That might be a cool Limited Edition name for a Super Duty.
Invasion Super Duty.
Looks like you can enter to win a Raptor. (If you are a USA resident).

If it's a new Harley Super Duty they have at least one sale .
I've been witing since 2009 for a good one .

Look at the f150, perforated grill = platinum

All I know is that Ford is making LED door handles for F150's right now for a upcoming refreshed F150.
My guess for this is that this is a small refresh featuring some of the LED's the F150 will get and this will get active grill shutters with a styling change.

Hope it something all new not to be a prick, but the super duty 1999 bodys are old and the f150 is ugly as sin to me. Would like to see something new and different.

Front looks like a superduty, but looks to short to be one, also windshield is very swept back which is probably not something you'd see on a super duty.

Whoa!? I wonder what this could be? I bet it's the coolest truck ever. :-)

smack Mike Levine, spill your guts! what is it!!!! lol
got my interest...

Looks like a Platinum edition Super Duty to me.

Most likely it is a Super Dooty with a new grille. Ford will pull off the tarp and tell the public that it is all new, and the Ford loyalists will keep drinking the kool-aid and fall for it hook line and sinker. Frank will be the first blogger to say how much he loves it.

Frank does for Ford trucks as you do for Chevy/GMC trucks!
You two are so much alike that neither one of you can stand it!

I wish somebody would wrap Bob up in that tarp so he,she, or it cant type.

It looks like it has a rear spoiler.

It looks like a Platinum grill to me. Another fresh choice. Let the haters ridicule Ford for giving it's shoppers so many choices in such a diverse range or trucks. Those haters are just jealous their favorite brand doesn't offer them the variety that Ford does. Ford is a marketing machine right now! Maybe GM should have used the multi millions of dollars on some R&D rather than superbowl commercials.

No Ranger, no care.

This might be in time for me to trade up if Mike L will personally deliver.

My 08F250 is close to 100K now and new capabilites are always nice

Looks like the grille is extending out past the headlights quite a bit, or they moved the headlights back from the front for aero purposes. Maybe to look more like the 2012 Tacoma's front end which is ugly.

I am not a Ford guy nor will I be jealous of one but I do hope it is a new Harley Super Duty as I thought those looked very nice the last time we saw them.

No way it is a Harley. That is too obvious. It has to be something never seen before.

@Scott: If you buy it, I promise to personally deliver it.

It's a new F-150 with a superduty style grill.

@Lou & Dave,

If you think it is anything OTHER THAN a Harley you will be SEVERELY dissapointed! It's a rootin tootin Harley.

GM wins and Mike Levine loses again!

Chevrolet Silverado - Redesigned interiors

It is an All-Terrain HD.

Kyle, I think it's too early to unveil new F-150, I think they will want to do that at next year's Detroit or Chicago auto show.

Lou, is new F-150 for a '14 or 15?

I can tell from the Wagon Queen stacked headlights, the enormous side mirrors and the grill, that this is yet another super doodie.

Like we have a shortage of huge trucks that people can't afford to fuel up.

@GM Bob
Loose Howie...Bring back Bob seger!!

the reason for the tarp is probably for the purpose of not scaring the american public to death with an uglier than sin truck. at least ford is being merciful in that respect.

My guess would be a "BOSS HOSS" edition Superduty which would be like a FORD powerwagon but better.

man i hope not that thing is ugly

It could have Super Chief styling since they are still using the concept vehicle at auto shows that I have seen. Super Chief is better looking in person.

I think it looks awesome, Super Chief just doesn't sound right. It reminds me of Food Network. The headlights and top part of the grill remind me of my Silverado a lot.

I'm not seeing anything other than a redressd SD with Denalli type grill bars. The body lines are from the current models. Definately not a F-150.

Looking at the proportions of everything around it and the size of headlight to grill ratio, I think its a Ranger with a SD appearance.

That would rock!

I hope it's a Platinum trim style SuperDuty. Been thinking for a few years that the Platinum trim would be a great addition to the SuperDuty line, and I think it'll sell quite a few

I was hoping it was the new Ranger replacement but it looks to Superdutyish to me..

Guys, I was wrong. It is not a Harley. It is actually a top secret project Ford has been working on. Sources say that it is a special Howie Long edition Super Duty. This has not been confirmed, but is Howie working for Ford now? Who would have thunk it! Please stay tuned as news develops.

x007, you want to give Ford guys a nervous breakdown? Lincoln pickup!? Two truck lines?
I don't think Ford wants to go that route again.

Its a Raptor Super Duty, it has the super duty front end, shorter wheelbase, and it sits high, the foglights are three feet off the ground.

The more and more I look at it, it does look like a 1999 superduty the way the hood and lights look.t That could be because that haven't change in 13 years.

We can only wish for a new body, new frame, 8 speed auto. Tweak the 6.7 to 450 HP/1000 lb-ft and offer a 5.0 EcoBoost with 550 HP/650 lb-ft

Dear Ford,

Please stop embarrassing GM even more. You already smoke us 2:1 in the HD market, no need to stomp on our throats any more!


*that has not change* My bad for the typo.

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