Quick Update: Hot Rod U Project a Success

Hot Rod U II

Remember the pile of rusted parts and half-chewed body panels we showed you when we introduced the Hot Rod U 1935 Dodge pickup project vehicle? We wanted to show you a few of the most recent shots sent to us from the floor of the Detroit Autorama, where students supported by the Jackson Area Manufacturing Association got to display their pride and joy.

The project is far from complete, and we're told the vehicle does not exactly run just yet, but it continues to provide the class with invaluable hands-on custom restoration experience. We're guessing it won't be too long before we'll see this winning a best-in-show ribbon at one of the many car shows around Ann Arbor, Mich. Regardless, we know there will be several proud students and teachers standing behind the classic Dodge no matter where it ends up. Great job, team.

Our only piece of advice is that when that truck really starts to look good, you guys might want get a professional photographer to take a few sunrise, sunset and action shots. We'll keep in touch.

For more info about the program or JAMA, contact Olivia Firmingham at 517-782-8268 or ofirmingham@enterprisegroup.org.




Is it done?

i bet it kinda sucks to find replacement parts for this beast?

it's a dodge it will never be worth a duck if you get what im saying but still better then any ford.

@johnny doe, ok johnny doe go set down be4 you spill your beer or knock your chevy off its bricks in your front yard so you can make shure no one takes the engines over by the neighbors yard on bricks. your little 10 hp chevy can tow 10000000lbs i bet, see you dont like people making fun of your truck, if you even own one. So dont say anything about others, they worked hard on this i bet. Chevy can't make a drive shaft dont see me crying about that do ya? dodge fixed there problem long time ago i never see a 2004 or newer dodge in shop ever, and i live in columbus indiana were cummins is made just stop judging they all have there pros and cons all of them do. even mr mighty FORD does but there still a good truck gets you from point A to point B dont it? they all do there job thats good enough for me should be good enough for you. My dad owns a construction company and my uncle a logging, they only Run CUMMINs cuz the others aren't good enough. all have well over 500K miles and still start in the cold and tow over 40K. we got cupple Fords no chevys idk how many Dodge i know my uncle has 5 2011 POWER WAGONS there great trucks. dad just got 2 new Ram 3500's not counting the new ones he got last year and we have alot older ones ranging from 92-2012 we have all kinds cummins there great so just stop telling lies cuz your dodge wasnt good enough i know we take cear of ours change oil and everything and we have no problems with them except diesel is goin up thats it. you take cear of it it takes cear of you. I know every DODGE we got still runs fine stock trany and all. probly to long for you to read doe huh johnny doe. Ijust tired people hateing on Dodge cuz there past look at FOrds past the first Ford had a chrysler engine?????????????? chevy uses ford and dodge parts all the time dodge dont have a hybrid car and still gets 30m.p.g, my old 91 Ram 150 gets 18-20. Dodge is a good truck and ill lay it all on the line i am telling the truth too there great well took cear of to. so leave dodge alone us dodge fans arent always saying ford sucks chevy sucks if they are its just little kids or ungrown men guys grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ram::: I couldn't have said it any better, I might have spelled it better, but not said it any better ;)... I realy wish some of the people here would just grow up, and come to the facts that all of the new trucks, (American) trucks, are all good, some have a few ideas that are better than others, but they all have been producing great trucks for a good many years now. Please, some of you don't take offence about the American trucks line, I just have a realy strong and loyal devotion to all things American!! Land of the Free Home of the Brave. Where you work and pay taxes, or don't and live off the sweat an or goodness of others.

Candy Apple red with orange flames would have given it the "retro" look!

@johnny doe: I don't guess rat rods are worth big dollars if you took them to say Barret Jackson auction, atleast compared to classics. It is more so building what you want and expressing your opinion. But the Dodge complete classics will fetch pretty high dollars. Look up max wedge. Most anything hemi. 6 pack 440.

That wasn't me some d bag is useing my name. I like dodges lot better then ford so I don't knock on dodges to much, but yes ram I got a truck the photos are on photobucket with a lou and frank the troll sign. So never mind the first johnny doe post. http://s1055.photobucket.com/albums/s520/chevydiesel350015/

@johnny doe - that old Dodge looks about as beat up as a 3 year old Chevy that has been used for work.

Back on topic - I hope they don't go the rat rod route with it. I've seen too many and the fad is wearing thin.

maybe in you're dreams lou lol

@johnny doe - I don't have any Chevy's in my dreams. Unless it happens to be any Covette 1967 or older and maybe a '55 Bel Air.

Automobile safety must be always first in our priority. That is why we should buy cars that has improved automobile designs that would help a lot to reduce injuries and death rates.

These young people should be commended for undertaking this project. This will be a great learning experience for them and I think their old truck will look great and I hope it brings lots of dollars to keep this project part of the school's curriculum. Great project for teaching younger people and something they will always remember and cherish. The old Dodges were great trucks. My granddad always had a Dodge truck up until his last truck which he bought new a 1963 IH which was also a great truck.

Mark thanks again for articles like this. Also Mark if you could do a followup on this truck with pictures of completed truck I would greatly appreciate it.

PS. My grandad had a 53 dark green Dodge pickup, a 53 Dodge flatbed, and a 58 black Dodge pickup all with manual transmissions which he all bought new (they were great trucks). The last truck he had was a light metallic blue stepside IH with three on the tree which I learned to drive and owned up until 16 years ago (and which I regret ever selling--it was in all most perfect shape all original down to the IH hubcaps).

students and teachers standing behind the classic Dodge no matter where it ends up. Great job, team.

Looking forward to see cool stuff from you guys!

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