Is This the 2014 GMC Canyon?

2014 GMC Canyon

Illustration Copyright: Theophilus Chin/Chris Doane Automotive

One of our spy-photo colleagues sent us this artist's illustration of what a GMC Canyon might look like if GM ever announced that it would build this midsize pickup.

GM had announced a $380 million investment in the Wentzville, Mo., plant that will produce the next-generation Chevy Colorado, but no announcement was made that the Canyon will be produced there as well. Common sense says GM will continue to produce the GMC variant out of the same plant (just as it does with the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra, Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon, and Chevy Equinox and GMC Terrain), but one has to wonder why GM hasn't made the announcement yet.

Some sources have predicted there will be more model and styling differentiation between all Chevy and GMC vehicles going forward, so we may see more diverse powertrain offerings for future GMC products. That could explain the delay in an announcement, but we cannont get any of our sources either to confirm or deny the suggestion. 

No doubt we'll hear some kind of announcement as we get closer to the Colorado plant opening date.

2014 GMC Canyon II


Diesel? Please?

Now put the Malibu 2.5 liter engine in this truck, 197HP, 191 Torque, 6 Speed Auto, (28MPG Highway) offer the Cruze Diesel (38MPG Highway) and the new 5.0 V-8, 325HP (23MPG Highway)

Hot dang! That is one sweet rig! The Collie looks good but the Canyon looks great...I do like the grille/bumper combo better on the Canyon. I just hope there are massive differences in the design rather that the scenario of a Chevrolet Colorado wearing an Isuzu I-Series grille and a GMC Canyon logo on the tailgate. I thought the Isuzu came in regular cab, but I know it didn't...not from the factory! That's freaking insane!

There is a lot to like about this truck. that blue, the hot body and those wheels to start. Now how long will it take the Heartbeat to get a pulse and deliver .. something.

Also.. ideally, I'd like this truck with a bigger cab / slightly smaller bed with a midgate and big/deep wheel well storage like the Rambox. A hard surface bed, not a plastic bedliner.

Not hating on Ford, just saying at least the talk of a new Chevrolet Colorado and now a GMC Canyon should have Ford peeing their pants for not bring over the new Ranger.

@Mr. Obvious Throw in a 3.6L V6 ~290hp (gets 16C/24H MPG in the Traverse)...the V8 is unlikely at this point. If the V8 does show I will be surprised.

I hope this somewhat pays homage to the Hummer H3T but without all the pretense big price, expensive gear, etc. Aside from that, the H3T was the last great Hummer built In my opinion.

I don't understand the love for midgates. I'd never want 90% of the stuff I put in the box I wouldn't want inside my truck. I've ruined a few minivans trying lol. I've also never owned a vehicle with a Midgate so that could be the reason I don't get it.

This truck looks pretty good. I'm die hard mopar and don't usually get excited about GM trucks, but this has some potential.
Much better then the Chevy versions I've seen posted on here.

I'm 2 or 3 years away from replacing my beloved Dakota, and watching the new trucks with great interest. I like the towing numbers for the 1500 RAMs cause I'd like to buy a travel trailer too, but like the smaller size of my current truck. It'd break my heart to leave the mopar fold but... I'd rather have the right truck for my everyday needs and a half ton is a bit to much truck for me on a daily basis. (if gas were cheaper I'd be in a HEMI Ram for sure!)

If all trucks start looking like Ridgelines, I'll go back to driving a car.

Why is Ford being brought into this? The new Ranger is 90% of the size of the F-150 and won't work here.

Definitely looks more like a truck than the Colorado. I bet they'd sell a ton of these too.
Please GMC, update us on what's coming!

Pretty nice. I doubt the 20 inch wheels though but maybe something with similar style and 18 inches is more likely.

I'll concur with "please put a small diesel in it" comments but even a nicely powered 3.0L V-6 with 240 hp and probably the same torque would probably work quite nicely. Maybe even the 2.0 turbo. It will have more torque than the V-6's and available over a much broader range. I like the idea of a diesel but when it costs $.80-1.00 more than 87 octane the fuel efficiency savings go right out the window and we all know that the turbo motor is cheaper to produce for GM.

The big nose reminds me of the Tacoma, so who is copying who...

Looks are for women, looks are irrelevant it's what's underneath that counts...

Okay, let me begin by saying I'm no doubt a Ford truck man. I would buy this new GMC Canyon in a skinny minute over an F-150. No more full size trucks for me (I'm currently driving a 2002 F-150 Lariat SuperCrew). Even if the new global Ranger were to come to North America, I would seriously consider this Canyon. GM has the right idea giving North America two great mid-sized trucks as gas approaches $4 per gallon. Ford, are you listening?

@ MAX.... you are so wrong about the new "global" Rangers size... Get the facts first. This new Ranger is much closer to the outgoing Ranger than a new F-150. This global Ranger has a wheel base of 126.8 inches, which is only an inch more than the current Ranger's (SuperCab) 125.9 wheelbase. Also, the overall length has only grown from 203.6 (2011 SuperCab) inches to 211 for the global Ranger. 7.4 inches is really not that big of a difference, especially when comparing to the F-150. The current F-150 (SuperCrew w/ 5.5ft bed) is now 231.9 inches in length with a 145 inch wheel base. Comparing that to the new Global Ranger, that's a difference of 18.2 inches in wheelbase and 20.9 inches in overall length. Enough said.

Ford needs to bring the new Ranger over here, yes it is 90% of an F-150, but 10% is a big differance when talking vehicles. I'm sure this new Canyon will weigh close to 90% of a silverado.

Ford is worried about hurting F-Series sales here, but all they would have to do is call it the F-100 and then include it with everything else.

I think what people want are small trucks like the 1990's models of S-10,Ranger and Dakota and even Toyota and Nissan trucks,seems diesels are popular,but is the demand there ? Probably not.

Today we have 4cyl gas engines with 170-200 hp non turbo,300 hp V-6's those would get the job done for a basic low rent truck,people want a base model that they can get the job done,most people dont even need a half ton's capacity.I didnt mention a diesel as it would cost more and would exceed the cost of a full size half ton.

Now that being said,I personally dont like small trucks or small cars but it seems there might be a demand for them and nobody makes a small truck.I am not sure what the demand is really like as small cars dont sell very well,I would guess small trucks dont sell either(the reason the companies dont build small trucks is the cost of engineering them and then if its a flop no demand they wasted billions of dollars and the safety regulations may not allow manufacturers to make a small truck).As the price off a small truck most likely will overlap with the fullsize as GM/Ford trucks are $15,000 starting prices today local paper adds running for over 2 years,so I guess it their starting point now..(Dodge trucks are low 20's),I couldnt see a small truck sales being popular unless they could be had for cheaper,but then we might need another bailout for the auto manufacturers as they wont make money on them,yep even if Toyota needed one, the Japanese government is broke,so no help for them (Japanese funded hybrids and gave tax payer monies to Japans auto manufacturers over the years FYI)

Another thing,having a small truck would take sales away from the half tons,and lets say Ford has a hot small truck and then the F-150 would no longer be a sales leader,the Ram 1500 would be the best selling truck in the best case I hope Ford makes a small truck and we can see less F-150's on the road,that my friend would be a good day for everyone !!Lets all hope for that change !!!

Personally,I just want a new Ram SRT-10 Viper Powered truck,a 392 Hemi Ram(6.4L) or the rumors of the 5.7 going to 6.2 !!

With the comfort room,performance of todays half ton,I just cant see the return of the small truck.People can use their half ton for work,then clean it up and go out on the weekend and in between use it as a family hauler,things not possible in a small truck ! I gotta run now as my coffee is running low !!

that looks badass

wats up with teh crossover front?

so a chevrolet colorado should look the same? but with bowtie? right?

@Brian . Wrong there, the Ranger is 90% of the base F150, I can physically compare where I live. Its GVWR is over 7000lbs No correlation to the small Ranger you had in the US.

@BigG Correct there all about the same size now.

@xs29l The "Big Three" want you to buy the full size varieties they make vastly more on each vehicle.and in today's economic climate that keeps the companies going.

It looks like the GMC and Colorado will start in 2015, in the US. High probability NO Diesel version.

Where in the world is this truck at? As a Dakota,frontier man,this truck sure has my attention.You pass a VW dealer they seem to have plenty of Diesels available,why cant I get a mini truck with a diesel?-Kevin

@Kevin Should add 1/2 ton with a diesel.?
Mini truck ? this is also 90% of the F150, 7,700lb towing.

@ Kevin

Because VW sells 20 million 2.0L diesel motors a year so when the development costs are spread we only have to pay a premium of $1000-1500 which is pretty reasonable. GM does have some scale with small diesels in European cars and CUV's but not nearly to the same scale and the diesels they are using are about a generation behind in refinement (coming straight from auto reviewers in Europe, not my opinion) and would cost significnatly more to sell in the US.

The only thing that gives me some hope is that the Cruise is getting a 2.0 diesel next year so they will already have to federalize one motor although in a beefier (heavier) truck it would probably need SCR to pass EPA's T2B5 which would be new engineering and therefore more cost.

@mhowarth Right about being a generation behind, that would one benefit of a tie up with PSA.

This looks fantastic. Make sure it has the 2.5 diesel and 6 speed manual transmission available with Z-71 off-road package.

Looks better than that ugly Colorado. I still wouldn't buy a GMC though. When the hell is Chevy going going to get off their ass and design a real truck?

The big nose reminds me of the Tacoma, so who is copying who...

Looks are for women, looks are irrelevant it's what's underneath that counts...

Posted by: oxi | Mar 19, 2012 11:26:57
You smokeing crack? The GMC and Chevy look nothing like a pos toyota taco. They look better then a toyota taco.

And why would I pick that over better looking more reliable Tacoma?

ford just dont give a s,,,,about you because people get a ranger dont get the f150,,,,heyyy they just want look good year end sales....

Funny enough, I saw a Colorado on the way home, headed the other way on 23. It was a white Z71 Crew Cab. Looked e dry bit as big as a Tacoma, maybe a taller roof line.

I agree with most of the posters this at least looks like more of a truck than a car like the chevy version. Like the new grille, can't wait to see it on a fullsize!

More Chevrolet Truck brand dilution I see. This company will never learn.

Yay.. Just what the world needs. Another GovtMoCo truck. What a disgusting waste of taxpayer money.

If this is close to the real deal - nice work GM.
If the Chevy version is like their drawings - not good work Chevy. Oh, and where is Ford, hello.

I see Ford bringing over their Ranger and calling it the F-100 as others have said. That's a great looking Ranger! There's no chance of this truck ever making it if that happens. I like the pics of the possible new Dakota (or whatever that Dodge was) as well. Given the Tacoma's dominance in this segment, Ford's dominance in the entire truck market, Dodge's push to take out Chevy and gain the #2 spot in sales over the Silverado and all things Chevrolet, I just don't see this truck doing much of anything.

GMC blows. I'd rather have the Tacoma anyday. Or even the Colorado if they fix the horrible Equinox grille. I too like the Ranger Ford is supposedly not bringing over as well.

The ass end of these Thai trucks look like they just took a dump. UGLY. The front end of this thing looks like a mutt.

blah.. redundant. We already have the Chevy. Where's the new Taco? That's what I want to see!

Guys, have you noticed that out of 37 comments posted here so far about 27 are from the same guy?

For once I'd have to agree with Johnnie Doe (when does the Mayan callendar say the world will end? LOL)
This doesnt look like a pug dog that ran full speed into a hydrant. . (New Tacoma with BNG = Bold New Grill). I don't see Toyota in this at all. My first thought was Ford Super Duty grill.... cough.... gasp....hack but prettier.
It looks like the concept Sierra HD offroader.
This is a cool rendering.
As previously mentioned, GMC seems to be hell bent on having the GM'c' side of the equation having the nicer looking, and better optioned trucks. Professional grade versus high school drop out.

Fingers crossed for a work-truck version of yet another quad-cab car..I mean "truck."

But here's a winning formula for this truck owner:

This size truck + real bed + small diesel = sale for GM

For those of us who want capable small trucks, higher gasoline prices might help us get our wish again.

It's ok at best. Take that ugly GMC badge off of there and it would look better. I don't like the Colorado either though.

For me the midgate would
a) provide for a stealth camper,
b) let me handle the infrequent large/long load,
c) avoid most needs for larger truck, racks, etc.,
d) while still providing the dirty open back box.

Granted, GMC could still hose it up - probably by making it non-cap-able, but midgate availability would definitely alter my buying algorithm. Less than 48" between the wheel wells is also a deal-killer.

Now your talkin!!! That's real nice! Great approach angle!!!

What's with the Black-Eye look? I've seen this on several new design ideas. Is it an anti-glare agent like in football?

"we may see more diverse powertrain offerings for future GMC products"

This is true. GM will have the better offerings, better styling and better powertrains. Sorry, Chevy fans. GMC wins again.

This is true. GM will have the better offerings, better styling and better powertrains. Sorry, Chevy fans. GMC wins again.

@Sierra, GMC sucks. Always has, always will. Nothing but a rebadge that never even had it's own powertrain. It had to steal from Chevrolet and Pontiac to go anywhere. Surely there's some sort of powder puff website you girls can go have a cup of tea and gossip about the latest in feminine hygiene and 'Sierra' news?. Chat about the newest bling bling Denali like the jewelry you just bought.. Real men drive Ford, Chevy and Dodge. With a gun to my head I'd have to take the lesser of two evils and go with the Colorado. Neither one is that great.

"Nothing but a rebadge"

That was then. This is now. For 2014, Chevy will be one kind of truck, more vanilla. GM will be very different, more diverse.

What's with the Black-Eye look? I've seen this on several new design ideas. Is it an anti-glare agent like in football?

@Steve, I noticed that also. The 03-05 Silverado called and wants it's slant eyed headlights back too. It's like an Asian football player.. lol. This thing is freaking ugly. They need to dump that whole brand into a Canyon and bury it.

If the next GM trucks gets the better equipment and powertrains wouldn't Chevy be the rebadge? The answer is yes.

GM = original best truck

Chevy = rebadge base truck

Chevys are good for people who don't care about trucks and bargain hunters. GM is for real truck buyers and people who have $ to spend.

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