March Sales Predicted To Be Strong

Sales Growth chart II
New vehicle sales are looking very strong for this month, as several research firms are predicting between 6 and 14 percent increases in sales when compared to March, 2011. 

Experts such as J.D. Power and Associates and Kelley Blue Book seem to be quite optimistic, according to a story in Automotive News (subscription may be necessary to view), about the fact that all the early indicators are pointing to an annually adjusted sales rate for 2012 falling somewhere in the 14 to 14.5 million vehicle sales rate, up substantially from last year's 12.8 million units. 

Some of the big sales winners are likely to be in the small and compact car segement (a natural extention of rising fuel prices), but some are also predicting full-size pickup trucks to deliver a strong showing when the final March sales numbers are in next week. 

As always, will have a list of the top-selling pickups sold in the U.S. early next week. 


"(a natural extention of rising fuel prices)" extention=/=extension. Anyway, good to see they at least believe sales will still be strong despite what has been said about future gas prices.

hell yeah!!

then watch the pick up truck sales go down faster..LOL

Ford just lost a good population base. The largest Ford dealer bought out a smaller dealer so there would not be any competion in 40 miles and the small dealers loyal customers say they are going to buy Chevy and Dodges now.

What do u all think..........should I buy a chevy silverado 1500 2 W.D. 4.8 4 speed auto (or) a Nissan Frontier 4X4 4.0king cab????

@Tom - stay away from the 4.8 ,4 speed Chevy. They don't have much power and are hard of fuel. If you want a Chevy get one with the 5.3 and 6 speed. You'll be much happier. Better power, towing, MPG etc. I know a few guys with the 4.8 and they all wish they would of bought the 5.3. My brother's company has a fleet of 4x4 reg cab 4.8 ,4 speed trucks. They can't pull or haul and the tranny's won't hold together doing any tough work.

The 4.8s are pretty economical, plus the 6 speed upgrade is worth it as its not just 2 extra gears but a heavier 80 series (as opposed to 60 series) trans.

@Tom, I wouldn't buy one of those 4.8s if you plan to tow anything or live in a hilly area. I've had the 5.3 with a 4 speed in a hilly area, it wasn't fun. The 4.8 is the lowest performing entry level v-8 on the market, whole lot less torque then a Toyota 4.6, a Ram for 4.7, and not even close to the 5.0 Ford. When you put the fact that the peak torque is at 4600 or 4800 rpm with just a 4 speed, you will be seeing lots of shifts from overdrive to 2nd gear, nothing smooth about it. All those other engines will get better mileage, including the 5.3 and the 5.7 Ram. There's a reason why a 4.8 can be had so easy.

Only you can decide if a Frontier is big enough enough for you. If it is, it's a good midsize truck.

Wow I didn't even know GM still made the 4.8, why would anybody buy it over a 5.3 with a 6 speed? Not that its a power house either but mpg's is probably better and it does have more power.

Tom - If you are going to buy new, just wait for the new model with the new V6 and 6 speeds across the board next year. I will also be FAIR AND BALANCED say check out some of the Fords as well. Rams I never liked.

Rumor has it that Chevy sales will start going up this moth.

@Sierra: lol, you will be fair and balanced and say check out the Fords as well? Then you say "I" have never liked Rams. Wow, you sound pretty "balaced" lol! If Tom likes the Ram well gee, he's gonna look at, weather YOU like Rams or not. You kinda missed the point, it might be Tom may not want to buy the newest thing, he might be comparing the lower costing 4.8 vs. a lower cost of a midsize.

But should he decide a new V-6 is the thing, (if he likes Rams) he can shop those v-6, 8 speed trucks too. He can shop whatever! When GM gets 8 speeds the 4 speed will be gone, and the 6 speeds will used with v-6s. So by the time the 6 speed backs the GM v-6, it will be behind already! Yay, go GM! lol!

Whatever rumor you are trying to make fly about CHEVY sales, the general rumor is they are going downhill.

Whatever rumor you are trying to make fly about CHEVY sales, the general rumor is they are going downhill.

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