MyFord Touch Gets Needed Upgrades

Ford is giving its MyFord Touch multimedia interface some much-needed improvements to help with speed, visibility and user friendliness. And we got to see the new system on a brand new Super Duty Platinum with the newly redesigned interior.

We've seen the big media outlets hammer the previous generation of the system, and we followed along as Ford dropped like a rock in J.D. Power and Associates' initial quality survey largely because of MyFord Touch's steep learning curve.

But Ford tells us all that's fixed now. Thumb drives containing the software update went out this week to new-vehicle owners, and dealerships are standing at the ready to upload the new version to any Ford or Linclon models that have the old system, which is just 18 months old.

The upgraded system will make its way into the Ford F-150, F-250 and F-350. We recently had a chance to see and use the new MyFord Touch on a new Platinum Super Duty. Check out the video below.


It's a software upgrade for existing models, and the new system will be an option for those who have to have the latest and greatest tech features. The new MyFord Touch will be available on Lariat and higher trim packages, with pricing dependent on the package. 


The best gets better!

WEAK. I drive a 2011 Super Duty F-350 and love it but what a weak update. PLEASE FULLY BOX YOUR FRAME FORD!

Where did the video go?

guess that was the secret unveiling talked about earlier, platinum super duty !

@Jeremiah, I agree. I would like to see an all-new Super Duty, with new boxed frame. Land Rover had a fully boxed frame back in the 70s.

Dashes are getting too busy and crowded,looks horrible !

How will it look on my 2011 F150
I already did a new radio with gps

it looks they jump back in year's on the dash kinda looked like my 06 and 08 f150 but with superduty heat/a/c vents and add some more buttons

I agree with Carter. Those dash's just do not look like they belong in a working pickup. Do these designer watch too much Sci Fi?

Nice, just too bad you have to spend all that $$$ to get all the toys, it would be nice to get all the toys ala-cart. WEven though Ford has been pretty good about getting the work station stuf in the XL.

I am not too keen on the radio stuff being so high in the center stack. I would hate to loose the center recessed area I have now on my 08. Handy place for log books and gloves and such.

It looks good. I love kool-aid!!!!!

Well I'm a techie so bring it on. Love my trucks and love the technology that comes with it.

This is why GM trucks are ugly and boring.

Nice dash. Luxury, but still very truck-ish. A lot like the dash layout you see in class 8 over-the-road trucks.

The pop up dash glove box is cool idea. All these gizmo's can be a huge distraction while driving. I find my more "simple" Sirius satellite with singer/song display a distraction. I can imagine what all this might be like.

It's less distracting because you can do everything through voice and the controls are bigger so you can use them even when you have gloves on. Bob is sure to love that feature.

wow ford technology is so advance...loll

@Dave - it still is a bit of a distraction. Reaching for a button or even talking to your voice control can be distracting. I have Sync and it can distract. It is less of a problem than having to look at a key pad.

Then anything can be a bit distracting. We have MFT in another vehicle. You don't have to look at the screen if you don't want to. It still has controls so you can control everything without the touch pad or use voice. I can control the whole vehicle with my voice. with just Sync you cannot. It some ways it can be distracting if you are just looking at the screen but if you are using it properly it is not.

@Dave - The screen is too big!!! Next thing you know they are going to be installing a 55' HD TV in there. I prefer to use the knobs and the more manageable Ram system.

How many of each have you tried? None? The screen is 8", the same as the F-150 nav. 8" is better than Ram's 6" as everything is clearer to see on a larger screen. Use the knobs if you don't like the touch screen. They include both!


Do you know how to read a compass or use a map?

People who need nav don't know how to read a map or use a compass...

oxi carries both in his truck and does NOT need nav or fancy gimmicks!

If your truck breaks down or the nav malfunctions what are you going to do?

Good luck finding your way home in the middle of no-where and you don't have a compass and a map...

For the amount of $$$ you spend on this system oxi can buy a lifetime supply of maps and compasses and have plenty of money to invest in mods that matter like skid plate protection underneath and eat a stake dinner every night...

Google NOAA Weather Radio.

Thanks for the irrelevent comments jay. what if its raining and your map gets wet and the compass doesnt work. just because its not electronic doesnt mean it will always work. Compasses can be unreliable around magnetic fields. In such case gps or navigation is much better.

Also stop speaking for oxi, you and team oxi go take a hike!

They sell laminated maps and you can use the sun, the stars and the moon to tell direction...But of course it is better to carry a compass!

@Jay - I know you are just trolling with the comments: "If your truck breaks down or the nav malfunctions what are you going to do? Good luck finding your way home in the middle of no-where and you don't have a compass and a map...", well dumb ass, a truck can go much further than a person can walk. How long do you plan on walking? Therefore you plan on spending the night if you break and are alone. 2 cardinal rules of offroading is that you go with a buddy and let people know where you have gone. If you drove out into the "middle of nowhere" you just come out the same way you came. I've been doing that with trucks, quads, dirtbikes, sleds, skis, and boots for all of my life. A compass and map is nice (manditory if you don't know the terrain), but maps can be wrong (especially Rand McNaly and other commercial maps), and GPS can be wrong. You go out into the bush, you need to pay attention. Being a fan of Oxi shows that you are incapable of paying attention.

On a different note, it seems to me that most of the commercial GPS systems including the ones in trucks don't give a description of back roads and trails.
@Dave - since you have one, will the truck's nav system plot and remember your course into "the bush". My brother in law (has a Platinum) didn't seem to think that his was useful offroad. Mind you a Platinum isn't a real offroader.

We just have MFT by itself without nav.


oxi's tips to Navigate By The Stars and Sun

There are times when on a trip it’s a good idea to be able to fall back on traditional navigation techniques...

Modern maps, compasses and especially GPS units are great. But you can lose your maps, break your compass and run low on batteries! Also, GPS units don’t always work – sometimes the signal gets blocked by, of all things, trees. Well, there tend to be a lot of trees around in hiking areas. As the military and Boy Scouts say, be prepared!

The best way to be prepared is simply to have some basic navigational knowledge that doesn’t depend on anything more than your eyes and intelligence! Fortunately, that knowledge is super easy to obtain and use!

Most people learn early in life that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. And that’s approximately true. But being away from the equator, or somewhere near midday, makes it sometimes a little harder to judge...

In the Northern Hemisphere, at noon the sun will be south of you. If you wait an hour, it will have moved enough to judge it’s general direction easily. It’s always better to take multiple measurements when trying to judge direction!

Take note of the landmarks around you and look at your watch to note the time! Take note of the sun’s position at half-hourly intervals and keep a mental graph of the line along which it moves! That will give you a natural East-West line...

Once you know that, finding North and South is easy. North is 90 degrees ‘to the right’ of West, South is 90 degrees ‘to the left’...

At night you have a potential problem. The sun, obviously, isn’t there to guide you. But, you can still navigate well by the stars! After all, humans have done so for thousands of years. Heavy rain or fog, or even trees, can make that difficult, though. Sometimes you just have to wait until you get a clearer view!

When you can see the stars they’re often very bright. Most hiking areas are far away from city lights. It should be relatively easy, then, to pick out some major constellations to use as guides...

Around 8 p.m. look straight up then around in a small circle! Before long you should be able to locate the Big Dipper. That’s the group of stars that looks like a cooking ladle. The two stars at the end of the ‘scoop’ form a line that points to the North Star!

Another easy to spot constellation is Orion’s Belt. That’s a series of three stars that form part of the Orion group. They’re almost straight across east to west looking roughly south about 9 p.m. at night...

Naturally, the constellations will be in different positions at different times of the night. But the Big Dipper’s scoop stars will still point toward the North Star, and Orion’s belt – so long as it is still visible – will still be in roughly the same orientation and direction...

When you plan any trip become familiar with the positions of some of the major constellations! Even a day trip can turn into an overnight stay unexpectedly! You’ll be very glad to have that knowledge if that happens!


Toyota has had Entune since 2012!

@George - oxi can get into trouble all on his own without outside help.
If you are going to cut and past, at least have the decency to post the link. was where you plagiarized your post.

What do you do if it is cloudy, raining, snowing, or all the big bad critters of the night come out to play?

Somehow, I suspect that you could not find your way out of a wet paper bag even with the most modern of navigation aids.

Does anyone own a truck with a Nav system?
I'd like to know how they work once one leaves the main roads.
On the subject of naviation with a map and compass - I have a Silva Ranger compass. That is what all of the timber cruisers and Foresters used to use before GPS got really good. You can't go wrong with one of those in your pocket. I also have a base model Magellan hand held. The only time I've found "road map" style automotive GPS to be handy is in the big city.

that fake wood trim looks about as cheap as the laminate on my old entertainment center down in my basement. seems out of place in such an expensive truck. ford FAILS again.

@Lou I've got a small Garmin unit. When you leave the road era base it say shows you the direction you are traveling and if it's set to record where you've been you could use it to get back to where you started but I'd never take it with me quading. I've got a proper gps for that.


my dad has a platinum F150 with the full nav system and like mentioned by some one else it can be voice controlled to minimize distraction but the safety thing i noticed on the F150 system (i'm sure they all do it though) is you have to be stopped to access the controls like the GPS, first time i drove his truck i thought it was broken because the touch screen buttons were all greyed out, after playing with it and almost taking out half the traffic i pulled over to see what was wrong, as soon as my speedometer hit zero all the buttons lite up and i was able to program my destination and proceed, hope this helps on your questions...your right ultimately anything you do is a distraction but at least this helps to minimize it somewhat

Thanks guys for the GPS info.

Funny how peeps always bring up the work truck angle. This dash belongs to the Platinum and other high end version of the Super Duty. These upgrades are NOT meant for work trucks and are for trucks that tow expensive toys and trailers.

No one wants to drive long distances in a work truck. The dash looks good and very easy to figure out for anyone that can actually afford these

a real man dont use glove inside a truck...lolll

Hi there,
i have a 2012 Ford focus with my ford touch i just upgrade to the new system and i notice in the home screen the the compass reads W-S and E-N instead of S-W and N-E ,also when trying to edit and add a name for your favourite locations the space button is not available is there anyone out there with the same problem?

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