New GMC Heritage Edition Ready to Debut

Heritage Sierra II
At the New York International Auto Show next week, GMC will reveal its new special-edition Heritage package on select pickup and full-size SUV models, to celebrate their 100-year anniversary.

The 2012 Heritage Edition will be offered on the GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab, GMC Yukon and Yukon XL models in SLT trim.Three colors will be available: Heritage Blue White Diamond and Onyx Black. Interior colors for Yukons are ebony and light tan.

Heritage badge dh
Options for the half-ton crew cab include:

  • Unique "Heritage Edition" exterior badges
  • Embroidered front floormats
  • Embroidered front headrests
  • Chrome door handles, mirror caps and door moldings
  • 20-inch chrome aluminum wheels
  • Convenience Package with rear-park assist, adjustable pedals, Universal Home Remote, EZ-Lift locking tailgate and rear wheelhouse liners
  • Backup camera

The special package costs $2,645, but premium colors will cost extra ($195 for Heritage Blue and $995 for White Diamond).

"The GMC brand always looks forward, but this day provides an opportunity to celebrate 100 years of the proud GMC name," said Tony DiSalle, U.S. vice president of GMC Marketing. "Sierra and Yukon are two of our longest-running and most-respected nameplates, so it makes sense to use them to represent our heritage."

1912 5-ton GMC Dump Truck

Heritage Sierra 1912 5 ton

Heritage GMC 5 ton II


WOW! What a disapointment....should have at least added 100 ponies to the engine in the Heritage package. I'm reallylooking forward to the new body style, I hope it isn't a let down too.

The truck looks nice, but I want to read and see more pick up truck history!

More badges all over with the Govt.MoCo logo? This body design is much better looking than the Silverado IMO but I'd have to de-badge it to drive it. I just can't deal with those initials anymore. Either way this package is rather pointless. GMC trucks lost any sense of their real heritage over a half century ago. When you have 50+ years of continual brand damage it's time to call it a day. Selling blingy Denali's to hoodrats does the old brand no justice whatsoever. This dump truck in the picture was a Rapid truck anyway. Just rebadged for their launch as General Motors Co. truck in 1912. I was a GMC nutswinger in my 20's. Now, not so much. I do like that blue color though. I'd just rather remember the truck for what it was in the 1915-1920's era. That's when it was real. It's an empty shell of a nameplate now. Like every other brand GM ever had, it's ruined beyond repair.

Eh, not much of a GMC guy but the color is cool. I'm sure they'll like this. I'll wait a few years for Chevrolet's 100 truck years anniversary model to come out. A killer Model T 1 ton truck to crush the Ford Super Duty is what I'm hoping for. Just 1 damn truck for the anniversary with a SFA again and I'll be all over it.

Here ya go Oxy..

I would of thought they would of done more than add a few emblems and piece together some options. The White Diamond, and Onyx Black are colours available on other trucks. The first thing I thought of when I heard the "Heritage Edition" is that Ford had done it when they changed models back in 2004 - 2005.

Love the that dump truck

I like that blue and the old school writting on the emblem. While Im thinking of it heres yahoo's photo they posted of the 2014 chevy truck. I hope it got more change then the photo shows body wise, but still good looking to me either way.

Lame. This brand needs to go already if this is all they can do to celebrate 100 years. A color option and some logos? Why even bother.

Been a GM pickup fan all my life, but yes not much effort to mark 100 years. More power, special leather, tonnea cover, 20 inch wheels, all black. That would be cool.

That Yahoo link cannot be the new style, that pickup looks just like the one I drive today, just a little different around the front bumper.

@Johnny Doe, I'm a Chevy guy but this current truck has been a disappointment since day 1. If that's the new model, I'm sorry but in my opinion it only got worse. I don't like it at all. They need to hire back some of their old designers out of retirement for the new Silverado because these last couple of Silverado's have strayed way too far off course. Go back and revisit the 67-72 models. Revisit the C/K's from the 70's and 80's. Revisit the Task Force trucks. Revisit the GMT-400's... Since the 03 Silverado came out I haven't stepped foot in a new Silverado. Nearly 10 solid years of UGLY. And they wonder why Ford is kicking their butt and Dodge is breathing down their back.. It seems pretty obvious to me. Those trucks look 10x's better and have far better interiors. This Sierra looks far better as well. Problem is for me it's not a Chevy. I'll stick to driving my 2002 Silverado until GM ups it's design mojo for the Silverado. That 2014 is horrible.

not much of a celebration I'd say.

Oh please.
We all know what "heritage" the buyers of these are going to be buying it for.

It's got nothing to do with pickup trucks.

@ Peter
@ Dennis
Yeah not saying that what it will really look like that, I should of been more clear. No one but GM knows what it will look like still. It's just what they had up there I figure I'd share the photo. I like this 07-12 body style all in the eye of the be holder. I've had the 09 it was a good truck gave me no problems with the 100,000- 120,000 miles I put on it. I got my 2011 almost 30,000 miles with no problems yet. They been good trucks to me and look good to me.


even with all the bling and cheap chrome, this truck still falls short to what FORD and DODGE/FIAT/RAM have to Offer.

Pretty color.

That's about the only good thing I can think of to say about this.

@Big Roy,
What's cheap chrome? Why is the chrome better on Ford or Ram?

America's first truck!

On the subject of cheep chrome. All of the new trucks regardless of badge have poor quality chrome on them. I'm amazed to see newer trucks with specks of surface rust showing. My tow hooks are bad for that, and I've noticed Chevy's, Rams, and Toyota's with similar issues. It all buffs out easy but it ain't what it used to be. My 1990 had zero rust on the chrome after 15 years.

Wow watching paint dry is about as exiting as this truck.

America's first truck to fail!


exacly i own a 1994 chevrolet k2500 and the bumpers are still chromed and shiny.

@ Gregory J.

what i am trying to say is that i could easely take a 1500 cre cab sierra then order me some chrome stuff from LMC

they should of put more efford into this truck it is supposed to represent what the GMC brand stands for.

@Lou. Nail meets Head! Man I thought I was the only one who noticed this. I swear all of the Big 3 went in together and got a bulk discount on bumpers from the underground pits of China. I have an 08 Sierra I bought new. Not only are the bumpers like tin but there's rust starting to form all along the edges where the metal goes to plastic and there's surface spots of rust I've had to buff out popping up everywhere. This thing is a pile of garbage and a disgrace to what America used to build. My old 96 Silvy was built like a damn tank and never had this rust issue. These new trucks are Disposables! Even look at those GMT-800's. Pure rust buckets but at least the metal was slightly more durable than these junk 900's. Now I see the 04-08 Fords cab corners all rotting right through and the 09's and up are tin foil just like the GM's. Dodge is no better. The new ones are tin and the last models are rotting out over the wheels all over the city. You can just Look at the bumpers from the 80's-90's from Any make and compare them to the new stuff on the lots and get disgusted. The chrome finishes Look cheap! There's almost a 'tinny' look to the new trucks now.

@Gary, actually Oldsmobile built America's first (what you would call) truck. I remember seeing a picture of it years ago with the founder (Ransom?) sitting in the drivers seat. It was a really nice looking wood box on a beefed up chassis. There's no doubt in my mind that Max grabowski copied it when I saw pictures of the first Rapid truck. Till this day I've always considered Oldsmobile America's first car and truck company. They just went into the toilet about 40 years ago unfortunately. Then came Ford, Then came Chevrolet. Then came Dodge. To my understanding the Dodge Bros. actually supplied many of the parts to earlier Ford's. Heck, Chrysler himself worked for GM at one point. Modern history (from the 1950's up) has really picked the 3 winners though in Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge. In 08 I had to go with the GMC though. The Silverado was just too damn ugly.

Yay. Another Obamamobile. Never will I drive anything that says "GMC" on it after what has happened. It's too embarassing. GM can keep this pile.


even with all the bling and cheap chrome, this truck still falls short to what FORD and DODGE/FIAT/RAM have to Offer.

@BigRoy- Truer words have never been spoken. GM trucks are a joke.

@BrianJensen- The sheetmetal is thinner now thanks to the feds. Rust is bound to come through quicker than any old truck. I don't like it any more than you do. At least Ford and Dodge offer you up a real chassis that's at least painted. With GM you get a cheap chassis with a cheap wax coating. GM's slogan should be "We'll give you anything, as long as it's Cheap". I'd also argue the point that Ford or even Dodge have as Chintzy of a sheetmetal and bumper set up as the GM's do. They may be thinner but they aren't That thin. GM's are built out of tinfoil and pop rivets anymore.

@JeffB38-Agreed. I'd never drive anything with those letters either. GMC is about as embarassing now as one could get. I'll take a Ford or Dodge any day. I'd even take a Chevy over it. Not that I'd buy a GM truck anyhow.

LOL.. "Heritage". What heritage? That redundant brand hasn't had heritage for 80 years. Does it come with a "Chevrolet Powered" logo too? Give me a break.

Who drives GM'c's anymore? Left coast 2wd'er liberal types and white wannabe gutter trash rolling in their rapper Denali's is all I've ever seen. Yuck. This truck is everything that's wrong with America. ObamaMobile is dead on. I'll take a Ford, Chevy or Dodge anyday over this shameful pile of garbage.

I was hoping to see GM's new stuff in NY. Not re-badged old stuff.

GMC- The choice of White Trash everywhere.

@Jim - I do think the metal in the bumpers and sheet metal seem more flimsy on the Chevy/GM twins. Almost every work truck I see has a dinged, warped or bent bumper. Johnnie Dose showed a pic of an F150 that tagged a deer. My brother's company Chevy looked similar when the guy who first had my brother's truck rubbed up against a snow bank at 2 mph in -35 C weather.
My brother "inherited" another Chevy crew cab from another division and the thing rattled like crazy and the VHF antenna on the right fender wagged like a dog. He pulled over and popped the hood and noticed many of the fender brackets were broke or cracked. The truck was a few years old.

@Johnny dose - the pic of the 2014 is interesting but I hope that Chevy does more to the Silverado than that. The bumper does look better and more complete. The old bumper and fascia looked like a rummage through the "left overs" parts bin.

What a celebration... This brand is Long past it's expiration date. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if this was the last hurrah. It's just been a rebadged Chevrolet as long as I can remember. We always used to laugh at these trucks when they came through the shop. Still do as a matter of fact.. Just for different reasons.

@Lou, there's no doubt in my mind the GM truck sheetmetal and bumpers are thinner than the Ford and Dodge's. I see easily a dozen of these so called 'trucks' every day. It literally IS built of tinfoil as others have mentioned. There are so many dent's, dings and bends on even the most meticulously cared for trucks it's unreal. GM must have been dying to meet CAFE or they simply got cheap. I'd guess the latter. Pure junk. The first one's came out in 2007 as I recall. You'd hard pressed to find a decent 07 on the road in 2017 unless it was a garage baby. In that case it wasn't a truck to begin with. Just a car with a tin bed. And you're right on the parts bin comment. The Silverado design was Laughable. "How many ways can we stretch this tinfoil to make it a little sturdier" was obviously the mantra when making these piles of garbage. Profession Grade my ass. Complete Joke is more like it.

GMC went bankrupt a few years ago and didn't quite make it to 100 years.

GM or not I'd take the Chevrolet over this Government truck any day of the week. It's disgraceful to me that my tax dollars paid for two unnecessary truck lines. Not that it matters I suppose. If Chevrolet doesn't step up and take on Ford I won't be purchasing that truck any longer either. 100 years? It should be Happy Birthday and Goodbye. Good riddance.

Two too many doors--again.

And that's not even mentioning its overall size--Road Whale. It's as big as that 1912 5-ton dumper.

GMC- The choice of White Trash everywhere.

--- It's funny you say that. I saw a Denali today with white girls chain smoking cigarettes in the front, rap music blaring out the window with their wannbe gangster boyfriends or whatever hanging out the window in the back. It made me sick. Denali and Escalade. Two names I'd rather not hear of for the rest of my life. At least the Escalade can be priced out of the ghetto reach if Cadillac gets it's act together. I'd rather be shot dead than be seen in a GMC anymore. These days you probably get one with the other.

a older model and ford have hard time to surpass the gm product ,,,,what is wrong in this picture..

Nice looking trucks, no question.

About rust issues on late model trucks: All manufacturers are having more rust issues these days, but it has nothing to do with the vehicles. It's the new liquid de-icers that most cities and towns in the snow belt are using these days. These chemicals are extremely corrosive, and they get EVERYWHERE. Nothing you can do except leave the vehicle indoors during winter or move. Not seeing any corrosion issues in states that don't use that stuff.

BTW- all the 'Big 3' use the same gauge sheetmetal. Some of the inner panels might be thicker for structural reasons, but if you think a Super Duty has thicker sheetmetal than a GM or Dodge, you are nuts. The Super Duty doors are so thin they wave when you shut the door! GM's and Ram's don't do that!

@lou Yeah I hope they do more body work/lines then yahoo's photo too, but I saw it and figure I share it. One more thing though, wished I would of took pictures of my 09 chevy right before I traded it in with 100,000 plus miles of being a work truck on dirt roads pretty much every day. Only two dent on that whole truck, where I had to blast into a frozen 3 ft high snow bank to turn around on a well location. The other dent where the fourwheeler repair shop guy about drove my fourwheeler into the cab cause the throttle hung wide open. The only kind of rust spot on the whole truck was the back bumper where the frozen snow bank dented it up. If I'd known this convo would of came up I would of took pictures to back my words, and when I trade the 2011 I will take pictures and prove my words. People talk a lot of smack with no photo's or video, and that's all I'm going to say

@ BigBob I know what you mean my 06 and 08 F150 you could look in the mirror going down the road and watch the side of the bed wave at you. The super duty I had 04 you could walk up and push one finger on the doors and watch the metal flex same with the bedsides and tailgate. There all kinda the same and more, you just get jacked up ford junkies talkin smack to cover their own truck's a$$.

"People talk a lot of smack with no photo's or video, and that's all I'm going to say" THE TROLL

Practice what you preach!

I see way too many inflammatory comments on here ex. "Left coast 2wd'er liberal types and white wannabe gutter trash" or "GMC- The choice of White Trash everywhere."

I don't like a lot of chrome and I had my chrome grill surround and chrome front bumper color matched to my truck but I am not going to make inflammatory comments about those who do like a lot of chrome. To me inflammatory comments do not reflect poorly on those you made the comment about but the person who said them as I wonder if your civilized #2 here

Learner's Dictionary definition of Civilized #2. Polite, reasonable, and respectful.

@ johnny doe

I love my 07 Silverado, only GM pickup I bought used. Always bought new, but my 03 had 200,000 and times are tough.

I do like that GMC above and waiting on the edge of my seat for the next one.

And for all the GM haters when I go places with friends that drive a Toyota Tundra of F150 we take my pickup every time. Why, better ride, quieter, better mpg. But it may also have something to do with 305/50/20 tires and a sweet sounding Magnaflow exhaust system.

Tell you one thing, those GM '800' series trucks (1999-2007) had a pretty flimsy cargo box. I have seen a lot of them develop cracks if they had tool boxes or ladder racks mounted on them. The 2007-up boxes are better, and I heard that the boxes on 2011-up HD's were reinforced further.

My boss has 2011 Eco boost f-150 and when you shut the drivers door, you can watch the sheet metal in the middle of the door flex...he says it's embarrassing and he's been a ford guy all his life!!

Well, what can a dissapointed consumer say...If you caint Dodge it! Ram it! that's what I say to Chevrolet now!!!!!! Chrysler has a superior truck the tranny is smooth so you won't worry bout' repairing a GMT-900 gearbox in it's 7th or 8th year. Also, the coil suspension is better grade quality. Not the other way around like some people say...Chevy in 1973 dropped the rear coil springs so, it would cut costs because of the Oil monopoly (gas prices) as usual and of course washington (the political establishment beneficary) AKA United Nations sellouts =more war=debt=more taxes=depression=death to America!!!!! Do ya'll want fries with that? Freedom fries anyone? huh???

@Johnnie Dose - now I have to make a photo album to keep you happy? You been hanging out with Oxi?
The company my brother works for used to let the guys pick their own trucks. All of the field operations guys drove Ford and Dodge 3/4 tons. The office jockeys drove mostly Chevy trucks. Makes me wonder why the guys with mud on their boots and dirt under their finger nails drove the other 2 brands?
His company decided to change over completely to Chevy. A bean counter thought the Chevy's were more reliable based on maintenance data but never took into account which trucks were doing all of the dirty work. They also chose to extend the duty cycle to 80,000 miles or 5 years instead of 3 years 60,000 miles. They also cheeped out and went to 1/2 ton trucks. Guess what? They've seen a 5 times increase in maintenance and repair costs.
The Chevy's have been mostly regular cab 4.8 L 4 speed auto trucks. Some guys are allowed 3/4 ton extended or crew cab trucks. That is what my brother has been driving. He's seen 1/2 ton trucks killed in a summer. Mostly due to operator abuse.
No one who pays for their trucks out of their pockets use 1/2 ton trucks in logging, construction and mining in my area. The majority are Ford or Dodge. Canadian sales statistics show that in the HD ranks Ford and Ram outsell Chevy. USA statistics are posted elsewhere on this site. You may of had good luck with your trucks, but I don't see that kind of pattern in my neighbourhood.

@BigBob - I know what you mean about the new chemical liquid de-icers. Every time it gets mild enough they use those de-icers in my town. My truck and my wife's van gets an odour of burnt brakes. Seems to be more noticible in my truck. I had both vehicles checked and both dealerships said it was the chemicals on the road that do that. Nasty stuff.

At least the Escalade can be priced out of the ghetto reach if Cadillac gets it's act together. I'd rather be shot dead than be seen in a GMC anymore. These days you probably get one with the other.

@Ryan, I see the same scenario here. It's actually gone from Escalade to Denali (big time) now among certain groups. The #22 badge on a Denali is so popular I'm surprised it's not a factory GMC option now. I still don't know what the heck it even means? A basketball player maybe? I'd rather not get into it but there's no denying that there's some truth to it. It's the same as the Chryslers now. After the Eminem commercial I swear that car (especially the used ones) is the new thing to have. A Chrysler with the fake Bentley grille insert is the hot set up. It's just the sad state of American culture I suppose. I'm glad Cadillac and Lincoln didn't follow Chrysler there. They need to stay away from that image.

I'm a Ford man but if I wasn't I'd drive a Chevrolet or Dodge. I just like the names better. Ram sounds mean and tough. It will ram ya down if you cross it. Plus you got the tough Laramie Longhorn interior. Silverado sounds like a rough and tough western cowboy. It'll gun ya down if you cross it. (which by the way is still why I think there should be a Silverado Outlaw leather package like the King Ranch). My Super Duty sounds like a mean machine ready to work hard to me. I got the hard working King Ranch in it. Even the name F-Series sounds like it means business. Old names like the Task Force were kind of Super Duty'ish with that working machine feel to the name. Sierra on the other hand sounds too feminine to me and the Denali interior trim has too much bling connotation going on for my tastes. It's very suburbia..

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