New GMC Heritage Edition Ready to Debut

Heritage Sierra II
At the New York International Auto Show next week, GMC will reveal its new special-edition Heritage package on select pickup and full-size SUV models, to celebrate their 100-year anniversary.

The 2012 Heritage Edition will be offered on the GMC Sierra 1500 crew cab, GMC Yukon and Yukon XL models in SLT trim.Three colors will be available: Heritage Blue White Diamond and Onyx Black. Interior colors for Yukons are ebony and light tan.

Heritage badge dh
Options for the half-ton crew cab include:

  • Unique "Heritage Edition" exterior badges
  • Embroidered front floormats
  • Embroidered front headrests
  • Chrome door handles, mirror caps and door moldings
  • 20-inch chrome aluminum wheels
  • Convenience Package with rear-park assist, adjustable pedals, Universal Home Remote, EZ-Lift locking tailgate and rear wheelhouse liners
  • Backup camera

The special package costs $2,645, but premium colors will cost extra ($195 for Heritage Blue and $995 for White Diamond).

"The GMC brand always looks forward, but this day provides an opportunity to celebrate 100 years of the proud GMC name," said Tony DiSalle, U.S. vice president of GMC Marketing. "Sierra and Yukon are two of our longest-running and most-respected nameplates, so it makes sense to use them to represent our heritage."

1912 5-ton GMC Dump Truck

Heritage Sierra 1912 5 ton

Heritage GMC 5 ton II


@BigBob - I know what you mean about the new chemical liquid de-icers. Every time it gets mild enough they use those de-icers in my town. My truck and my wife's van gets an odour of burnt brakes. Seems to be more noticible in my truck. I had both vehicles checked and both dealerships said it was the chemicals on the road that do that. Nasty stuff.

@Lou-BigBob. I agree with you guys on that liquid salt. Terribly corrosive. I rinse that stuff right off with the garden hose in my garage every night when I get home and had to drive through it. If you don't you'll have holes in no time. I too feel the sheet metal and bumpers seem the thinnest on GM's. If you look at the metal in the right light the bodies are really wavy. Look at the Silverado over the rear wheels sometime. It's extremely noticable there. My 2012 SD seems Alot thinner though than my old 2001 SD did. I'm not all that happy about it either. You can tell the bumpers are not as sturdy as they once were as well. Maybe not quite GM thin but not as good as the old stuff.

I agree, that new Silverado design isn't much different than the current one. GM is not helping themselves much (if any) with it. Speaking of the GMC, it does look much better than the Silverado. You could always get one and slap a big ole bowtie emblem over the GMC logo. :)

Slapping a badge on a GM product or offering a commemorative package is not what GM needs. GM needs to rethink much of their outdated vehicles and that includes the pickups from GMC with their push-rod engines from the last century.

Like Kirk said in the first post, a boost in hp or an upgraded engine to at least match Ford, Toyota and Nissan would have gone a lot further than a Heritage package.

If GM really wants to shine and sell a bunch of product, let them reverse-engineer the best selling F150 and the best selling Camry. and then maybe they should copy the current Jeep Grand Cherokee to better their Acadia, Enclave and Traverse.

GM is really lagging behind the pack. Dead last! Even Chrysler is putting out better stuff now, although that was because of Daimler.

@FordTrucks1 - I guess that unless you are Alaskan or have been through that part of the world, one would think "Denali" wasn't a very tough name. Mount McKinley is the "new" name for the Denali Mountain. I'm assuming that is where GMC got the name. I'm not sure where they got the Sierra name. Considering they probably have a "theme" going on - it must be from the Sierra Mountains. GMC Sierra and Sierra club. Too close for comfort form me. LOL. Silverado? Again the mountain and prospecting theme. Maybe where they got the " Like a Rock" idea?

@Peter - maybe your friends would rather let you burn all the fuel.

@Evan K - really. Must be a design flaw unique to the 2011 Ford trucks. My 2010 SuperCrew doesn't have that problem.

I don't see what is so fancy. I get get an SLT Ram to have the power adjustable pedals, home remote, rear wheelwall liners (isn't that on all 1500 Rams?) 20" wheels, and I never thought my tailgate was heavy? The park assist? Back-up Camera, that might not be available on SLTs but it's on most Larimies. In my opinion, it would look alot better too!

LOL!!!! Maybe you guys that keep saying how much better Dodge is than any GM product should own one for a while and you will never buy anther one. I had an 09 4x4 Dodge, the front bumper was replace twice and the rear bumber once, because of rust. I had the drivers side window, tail lights, antanna, front wheel bearing all replace before 36,000 miles. They still hadn't fixed the 2 large hazy areas in the paint and I fought with Dodge about the "Rail Dust"on the paint for over six nmonths before they did anything about it. Dodge is also having drive shats fall out, rear ends break, ecm you want to go on....
There is one good thing I can say about the truck.....It had a 110 outlet in the dash.
Needless to say I will never own another dogde truck.

"LOL!!!! Maybe you guys that keep saying how much better Dodge is than any GM product should own one for a while and you will never buy anther one.

Posted by: Kirk | Mar 31, 2012 4:26:14 AM"

as a matter of fact i do own a 2006 dodge ram 1500 bighorn edition.
problems with this truck? none just regular mainteneance.

@Kirk: maybe the key word here is Ram "had" those problems and recovered from them? I googled and found these, first thing I looked at. I am sure theres more. But looks like this is GMs issue now. And they all have issues.

I can go on and on, want me to? Yeah, some people had pinion problems. I believe most were 2009 trucks. Heck, GM had bearing problems in their transmissions. I am quite sure they had a few ECMs changed out. My 2006 Chevy was poorly painted, and they left a sharp spot on the inside of the bed lip, where the bed rails mount. Good enough to cut me. My interior was poorly assembled. The headliner sagged where you open the back door from day one. The dealership said it would be fixed, they changed it out and come to find the replacement was just as bad. The doors rattled a bit on a rough paved road. At the same time the plastic made alot of noise. The tach made a gringing noise. As soon as the trans (the old 4 speed GM was using while Dodge actually had a 6 speed) started making making a clunk when shifted under light load, I figured I had enough. No more extended cab trucks for me!
Recently my wife rode about 4 hours in her friends 2011 GMC. Her friend kinda told her she's not too impressed with it. Yeah, she ALSO didn't like that there was no 115 power!

Kirk, for the record, about 31,000 miles and my truck needed the ITBC wired in because it was a very early 2010 build, before the wiring harnesses was totally ready for the ITBC. It works great now, but I guess for maybe the 1st month of 2010 production they were not a direct wire in. My electric locks can be a little slow to unlock, but never left me stranded. Not sure I like their stock programming of tow haul. Otherwise, great truck! I had no worries driving on my own from Arkansas to Washington and I brought back a bed and trailer load of racecar parts, along with the racecar itself, from Colorado. Check fluids, check air pressure, gas it and go!

All this talk about GMC and Chevy. GMC is the same truck as Chevy with the same drivetrains. I like Chevys but a GMC is the same. I could just as soon have a GMC as a Chevy. As for sheet metal they all use the same gauge sheet metal regardless of brand and regardless of size. The chrome is the same too. All the manufacturers have lessened the gauge of the steel and have put thinner chrome plate on as well. Where they can trim costs they will continue to until the consumer complains and stops buying their products. This not only goes for cars and trucks but all consumer items. A few cents or dollars saved amounts to large savings when you are making thousands or millions of items. Sometimes they get by with it until they go too far and the customer complains.

This is true also with the hard plastic door panels. When people complained about them in Chrysler then Chrysler put soft panels on the doors. Now Toyota has stuck some hard plastic door panels as well. GM has the same issue. Hopefully GM will get the message on their new redesigned trucks and put soft door panels on as well. Keep blogging and complaining about these things and maybe the manufacturers might get the message. The manufacturers will keep cheapening things until the consumer in large numbers complains.

As for sheet metal they all use the same gauge sheet metal regardless of brand and regardless of size.

@Jeff, not true. GM is indeed the thinnest. Ford and Dodge have gotten thinner since their last body updates. Notice how the F-150 has more creases and stretch-bends in the body design.. The Dodge has more creases and stretch-bends in the design as well. They're trying to stretch the metal as much as possible to strengthen it while still keeping an eye pleasing design. GM is still to date, the thinnest and flimsiest of the Big 3. In fact they started this trend with the GMT800. Our body shop does more repair work on GM trucks than any other brand over what I'd consider normal wear and tear. Normal work does serious damage to GM bodies and bumpers. We've replaced to date over 100 GMT900 bumpers. I can bend them by hand. Take hold of a corner sometime while the bumper is still mounted on the truck. Use gloves. You can bend it back fairly easy.

Either way, I'm still a Chevrolet man... but I'll stick with my 97 Silverado until Chevy comes up with a better built truck. My racecars are all Chevrolet. I just couldn't imagine pulling them to the tracks with a Ford. I will say though, It has become a popular trend to do so within the last 6-8 years. Chevrolet has been losing alot of once lifelong customers to Ford over their poorly constructed trucks of the last 12 years. I see it all the time. I can't really say I have much interest in a GMC. I like the Dodge but would still probably go with the Ford if not for Chevrolet.

These pick up be more nice if installed a tool boxes..

Badges? We don't need no steenking badges!

GM didn't make it to 100 years. The company that would have celebrated 100 years no longer exists because it went belly up. The current GM is actually an entirely different company.

Not sure what the point of the celebration is about.

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