Nissan Tried to Lure Manning to Tennessee Titans

 Nissan Titan Pro 4X

Never one to miss a chance to shamelessly plug their products, the marketing gurus at Nissan sent an open letter to Peyton Manning, the NFL quarterback who worked out with the Tennessee Titans over the weekend.

In the letter, Nissan — whose North American headquarters are in Franklin, Tenn. — promised to throw in a 2012 Nissan Titan Pro 4X (among other things) in an attempt to entice Manning to join the Titans. However, Manning is expected to join the Denver Broncos. 

Manning does have Tennessee roots. Before joining the NFL, he played at the University of Tennessee. 

Even though Manning appears to be Denver-bound, Nissan's offer could be the start of a new negotiating strategy for future professional athletes and the states and fans they might locate to (though Nissan did say it would build Manning a Titan no matter where he ended up).

Nissan's letter, dated March 17, is below.

An Open Letter to Peyton Manning 

Dear Peyton,

We hope it's okay to be informal and call you Peyton. You've been like one of the family to sports fans, especially Tennesseans, since your record-setting college days at the University of Tennessee.

Like you, we at Nissan North America were not all born to Rocky Top. But it is now home to our corporate headquarters and three manufacturing facilities employing more than 6,000 Tennesseans.

At Nissan, we too have fans all over the U.S.A. and we appreciate them all. And like all of your fans, we're awaiting your decision on where to play next season. While we are in no position to sign you to any particular NFL franchise, we at Nissan North America want to make you a Titan — a 2012 Nissan Titan — as a gesture of gratitude recognizing your great accomplishments and philanthropic contributions to our national community.

We extend this offer on behalf of a nation of football fans and Nissan fans, not necessary to influence your decision. So next time you're in Nashville, give us a call and we'll bring the keys.


Nissan North America



For a titan? How about a one-off GT-R?

Now we know why he is going to Denver.

I'd rather drive a Bronco than a Titan too.

The best QB in the league and reining MVP drives a Toyota Tundra!

Aaron Rodgers...

I was gonna say... not a GTr?

Those cheapskates.

I will say that they deserve to be able to boast about their hiring of American workers. More than I can say for one bailed out automaker.

Too bad they aren't making their NV200 NYC taxi vans here too.

i'd rather drive a titan than a bronco.......

Not even a full size truck...and they thought that would work.

Bronco over Titan....

Brilliant Marketing ... This might have been brought on by the increase in searches for "Titans" in google over the last month.

For maximum exposure they should consider changing the model name.. how about :

Nissan Kardashian 4x4
Nissan Jersey Shore
Nissan Does my butt look big in this

Bronco over Titan any day.

Oh now I get it.
Titans is the name of the team.

Broncos is the name of a team.

GTR is not the name of a team. It took a while but it's a Monday.


Actually I meant Ford Bronco over Nissan Titan. Don't care for football personally.

I thought Denver Bronco's not Ford Bronco. The Ford Bronco has been dead for a real long time.
Interesting advertising ploy.

Since Peyton is going to Denver, Colorado, I'd take a Chevrolet Colorado over a Nissan Titan LOL. The (Ford) Broncos were awesome back in the day.

I would definatly take a Titan over a Tundra,
Titans have a real 4x4 pakage with a electronic locking rear diff. At a reasonable price compared to the overinflated garbage that toyota makes. Im sorry Tundra Fans but i want the bed of my truck to remain intact after i go off road. I have seen tundras with warped beds and want no part of that pos

Yeah, I wouldn't have taken it either. You'd think there would be more to that truck for Peyton.

@Scott... the Titan is a full size truck...

That's laughable, Manning was known to drive an Denali here in Indy and to trade that for a truck almost as crappy as a toyota tundra was an insult to him, hence, he went to Denver.

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