On Our Way to the Work Truck Show

The Work Truck Show has been a regular stop on our must-see trucks shows for several years. As the truck segment has become more and more competitive over the years, it's become more important for each of the truck makers to offer something new and functional to this very important segment of the commercial market. And in many cases, the products and technology here, eventually make it into the regular consumer products once the all the strengths and bugs have been explored. 

The National Truck Equipment Association, the governing body that puts on the Work Truck Show, has become very involved with alternative fuels and propultion systems with their growing Green Truck Summit, which occurs right before the trade show. And, as you might imagine, that same technology that becomes very attractive to a fleet serviceman when calculating dozens or hundreds of trucks from a cost of ownership point of view, can eventually become cheaper to make and incorporated into our own new pickup trucks.

In addition, it's also a great place to see real truck guys making problem-solving products for work trucks. We'll bring all the announcements and new products to you as they hit over the next several days. Stay tuned.



You need to go to the GM booth and ask those clowns if they are going to get serious about commercial trucks again.

hopefully we get a chance to preview the new van offerings a little. Some more info about the Transit, Ducato, Doblo and possibility of the Daily would be swell.

Can you find out if they are going to make any changes to the Express? Thank-you

Bigbob, I assume you are Team Ford and haven't looked into offerings from GM. It's only been out a couple years, so you may have missed the cargo management system for GM pickups and vans. These are not aftermarket piece-mill parts slammed together to appear like they are making an effort to solve the working man's stowage problems. All GM trucks have the mounting points in the back that make a varity of configs. easy to install. As a business owner,(I had to show my DBA) they gave me my choice of several systems for the price of installation. I don't see the other guys doing this.
That's $1750 worth of equipment for $250.! I do blame GM for not promoting this more but they can't be making any profit if they are giving it away.
They did me a solid. Thanks GM! Keep the inovations coming.
I love my sliding toolbox that slides from the backglass to the tailgate for better access/weight distribution and traction.

P.S. Don't tell me the saddlebag bed rail storage on Ram trucks is aimed at the working man. Too small to get the job done and prevents other equipment from beng installed.

that transit van is really feminine looking.

No, Steve, I was not talking about accessories. Yes, GM does have some nice programs for commercial van and pickup buyers, no question. What I am talking about are real commercial trucks. A wider variety of cab/chassis models with higher GVW's and a return to medium duty. GM is really missing the boat. Their last medium duty program was horribly miss-managed.

I see. I 'm thinking "Commercial" is a very broad catagory. I don't do any heavy hauling. If I have large amounts of rubble to get rid of, I get a dumpster.
I think the problem here is that they make much more profit off the loaded up family haulers. Maybe $5 a gallon gas will change that.
Hell, I wouldn't even drive a truck if I didn't have to. If I want style I'll take the Vette.

I wish Chevy built commercial trucks again. Something with a real front axle would kick serious ass. I'd also like to know about the Express vans. We run 23 of them at work and wouldn't use anything else but a Chevy Express. They do need better seats though. Our seats have been on the junky side. The interior plastics have been a tad junky as well. They run flawlessly though.

Yeah, we changed from E-350's to Express 3500's at work too. The Chevy van is better than the Ford, more insde room, lower floor, and the back doors open much wider. Rides and handles better too. The 6.0L has a lot more power than the 5.4L (2 valve in the vans) and gets better milege. It is ture, the interior quality of the Chevy van is not as good as the Ford.

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