Pickup Truck Bigotry Is Alive and Well

Coral Gables Map II
Can you believe that in this day and age, there are communities with laws on the books that try to keep out certain undesirable elements off their streets and out of their neighborhoods? Sure sounds like prejudice and bigotry.

The city of Coral Gables, Fla., just south of Miami, can fine repeat offenders up to $500 under certain circumstances for parking a pickup truck out in the city, or even in a private driveway. According to a recent report from the Miami New Times, "supporters say the rule keeps the city looking classy and keeps property values up."

Recently, the city's zoning board had the opportunity to repeal an outdated law originally enacted in the '60s that prevents any pickups from being parked on city streets that aren't directly connected to some kind of construction project, but even those trucks are allowed outside from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

What may be even worse than the judgment of the city officials is the fact that the photo in the New Times story that was used to exemplify a classy pickup truck was the old-and-dead 2002 Lincoln Blackwood. This story stinks on all fronts.

Lincoln Blackwood



It's hard to believe these days. But Chicago suburbs are the same way though.

I've always heard this floating around. It's been a big deal for the past few years since it was surfaced up. Some homeowner moved in and filed a complaint about it. Honestly, it's not fair to people.

Hell, I have friends in neighborhoods who can't fit their trucks in their garages.

Bigotry sucks, and what's worse is that it exists outside of race.

I think Mike already covered this once before but oh well. As a community, they get to vote on that stuff. If the majority of people dont want trucks there than fine, those are the rules. What doesnt make any sense is WHY they wouldnt want them there in the first place. Trucks nowadays can be had just as nice as any caddy or lincoln car. Its probably an expensive ass neighborhood anyway so I doubt anybody that lives there is driving some rusted out 88 whatever. If they changed said rule the streets would probably be lined with Platinums, King Ranches, Laredo-Lariet-Western Star- whatever dodge is calling their trucks.

Unrelated but has anybody heard from Buy American lately?

I'd show by parking my truck in the garage and getting a 1988 Escort to let out in the driveway.

I too remeber this beign brought up about a year ago. I think this falls under the same stupid rules like the one about it beign illegal to have fun on a Sunday, requiring the rail lines for passengers to have a direct telegram machine to notify of delays or face mega penalties (real honest to god law that was just taken off of Idaho's books this year).

But ultimately democracy rules right? Anything else would be a socialist governemnt takeover. (sarcasm) If that is the will of the people don't buy a house there if you own a truck I guess. Hopefully you can buy a Ford Excursion diesel that can tow that big 5th wheel, oh wait they don't make it any more, no SUV left has that towing capacity and none can take a 5th wheel or goose neck.........my bad :)

I completely agree with Don; I would park my truck in the garage and keep my ugliest, most beat up, foulest smelling, oil burning, out of tune, not a single piece of straight sheet metal, every piece of glass busted or broken parked in the driveway for all to see with a sign attached to it that says: "My $53,000 truck is parked in my locked garage for nobody to see!"

I'll take the nice country side vs a yuppy materialistic subdivision anyday. This is my take on it, its people like this that can afford to live in a such a place that they don't need a truck anyway. They pay people with a truck to do there dirty work. Thats why trucks cost as much as they do - people who do not need them have them. It is also sad to see how looked down apon and belittled a person is for having a truck.

MHowarth... good luck getting an SUV to haul a goose neck or 5th wheel.

I can only assume that you A: have no idea what a 5th wheel or goose neck is
or B: don't have a clue about towing anything... C: Both A&B.

I hope the Ford-Toyota partnership didn't give him health problems.

The bigotry this article references isn't any different than the bigotry expressed in some of the comments posted on this site.

Unfortunately, bigotry is alive and well more than it should be.

So its safe to say there is absolutely no market for that Rolls Royce "truck"..........

I agree with Don, oh, and Kemo...


If I lived there,I would invite my truck buddies to come over for a PARTY !!!

I remember hearing about this before and it just sounds like a bunch of bs to me. If you have a modern clean truck I don't see why you should have a problem if a car in similar shape doesn't. Unreal the crap people come up with because they have nothing better to do.

Didn't have any trouble when we parked my Tundra on the street in front of my wife's brother's house in Coral Gables when we visited them in 2009.

Maybe it was the fact that I have California plates on that Tundra. Just visiting. Not staying.

They may have this law on the books but I don't think they enforce it. The family we visited had an F150 and it was parked in their driveway in front of their garage while we were there.

And I recall seeing several Silverado and RAM trucks parked around the neighborhood as well. They were too tall for the garages. This was a relatively new neighborhood with the oldest house being just five years old.

We did have some issues in Cutler Ridge, though. Seems that some hotels aren't fond of pickup trucks in their parking lots. Maybe my four door was too long to fit.

The hotel we stayed at in Cutler Ridge asked us to park the Tundra out back and out of sight behind the building, along with several other pickup trucks already there.

Worked out good for us since it was near an elevator that took us all the way up to the top floor where we were staying.

I say we all go wheeling get the truck muddy as possible go get trailers tow them and fill our beds with a yards of gravel and stage a protest outside city hall

Old news circa summer of 2011.

City spokeswoman Maria Rosa Higgins Fallon said she did not know how much the fines would be.
"Historically, Coral Gables has gone through great lengths to preserve its character through the enforcement of its zoning code, a reason why in a downward economy, property values in Coral Gables have fared better than in other neighboring communities."

I didn't know owning a pickup would lower your property values by affecting the character of your community.
Unless your home is on wheels and your truck is on blocks ;)

so it's ok to have an old Chevy Citation but not a Larimie or King Ranch, LTZ, or top of the Line Tundra? Where do they draw the line? Not even my brother in laws fancied up Tacoma? Oh no, better get off the streets, might turn into a pumpkin!

junk laws waste of tax payers time and money

I drive through Coral Gables every day. Old Spanish Coral houses behind 300+ year oak trees. It's really pretty and exclusive. Great restaurants and bars too. One of the oldest cities in Florida. Yeah .. high taxes and stupid laws. The cops there make a killing every day jumping out behind trees catching people cutting through back streets to get home after work.

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I believe we just got spammed...

When looking for a new home, one community had an ordnance against children being allowed to play in front yards... We high tailed it out of there. Also I was prevented from going to a R.I. state beach by the DEM because I drove a pickup truck ( extended cab, no business lettering ) because it had commercial tags (license plates) Too bad that the same state DMV would not allow pickup trucks to be registered any other way than "commercial", even privately owned extended cab 5 passenger models... They did eventual change that restriction, basically because of the big stink I made about discrimination against truck owners, since it was my only vehicle.

@ Kemo

I think you had better re-read the last paragraph of my post. I literally typed out SARCASM so people would know I was teasing. To top it off I also ended with a smiley face to show I was being silly. Of course an SUV can't handle those jobs, that was the point. I am sure that in Florida of all places there are probably ton of big boats that not even a Range Rover or Escalade is going to be able to tow.

Although I tow only a few times a year I certianly know the difference from a bumper pull trailer and a 5th wheel.

@ benchimus

Buy American probably got a new job so he's not so upset anymore............ I wonder if Toyota hired him........... LOL

@hemi lol - maybe he is working for an "American" company importing Mexican assembled units consisting of Chinese parts? ;)
or he ditched his Chinese computer in protest. LOL

I don't agree with it either, and come to think about it there was a situation in a community about the HOA doing the same thing here in DFW last year I think.

Who knows, maybe they keep trying to enforce it to force all the image conscious dads there to buy something reasonable and what they actually need/use instead of a truck to look cool? Just a thought, but I think it is more for revenue and "The Man" throwing his weight around...

PS, is this strictly pick up trucks or what about Wrangler's with a open top?

Can't own a greater than one ton truck in my town. Not sure why? Maybe i should go get a F superduty and park it in my driveway. It's not like they haven't caught all the other zoning violations. Unregistered vehicles, cars parked on the grass, etc.


I was going to say that!

@ Tyler,

I remember that story as well, though I believe it was in Houston. The homeowners association which stated that mess printed a list of trucks that were acceptable: Hummer H2T and H3T, Linclon Mark LT, Honda Ridgeline. Huh?

I suppose an International CXT would be committing a felony.

About two years ago my niece and her husband were planning on moving to a new neighborhood east of Birmingham. I asked them to see if they have a neighborhood HOA (also known as "nosy neighbors" or "busybodies" and "meddlers"), and what their restrictions on what you can park in front of your house. They did, and found out their Tahoe was on the list. Minivans were fine. When they parked in the driveway overnight, she received a summons from the HOA saying she violated the rules. She promply told them as long as she way paying the notes on her house and her car, she can park anywhere on her property as she pleased, and if they didn't like it, they can either buy her out at full price or go to court, and she asked her attorney to contact the group as well. They backed down quickly and no one even approached her about where she parked her Tahoe again.

My feeling is if you bought the truck, you can park it wherever you please. If it's on your property, it's your right. That's why I live in the country with a newer model for light work and the occasional trips when I don't feel like taking the car, and a beater for farm work. Screw the HOA's. They should learn to keep their noses clean and mind their own business.

This story really wants makes me want to drive down to Coral Gables and put their stupid ordinance to the test. I'd even be wiling to park on the sidewalk at City Hall and dare someone to do something about it. I'm game for a little civil disobedience.

City folks have to deal with such silly issues. It cracks me up. I could not imagine living in an area where they govern what I can an can't park on my own property.

@Benchimus: Its probably an expensive ass neighborhood anyway...

You got that right! Kinda' strange to see the bungalows mixed in with the mansions there. I thought Austin's Barton Springs pool was the coolest natural spring community pool anywhere until we went to the one in Coral Gables. Just beautiful.

It seems most of the Weird News comes from Florida these days. I don't remember it being that way before the "hanging chad" debacle. Although I like to visit, I would not live there.

They had a Coral Gables news story while we were there about the neighborhood mascot alligator everyone thought was sooo cute. Seems they weren't as inclined after it ate one of the neighborhood Shitzu's. They actually seemed shocked!

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