2012 Nissan Passenger Vans Now on Sale

Nissan NV3500 pass 2II
The 2012 Nissan NV 3500 passenger van is now on sale at commercial vehicle dealers.

The NV 3500, which can seat 12 passengers in four rows, is available in S, SV and SL trim levels with a 4.0-liter V-6 or 5.6-liter V-8 engine. Prices (not including destination fees) are below:

NVP 3500 S / 4.0-liter V-6
NVP 3500 SV / 4.0-liter V-6
NVP 3500 S / 5.6-liter V-8
NVP 3500 SV / 5.6-liter V-8
NVP 3500 SL / 5.6-liter V-8

The NV 3500 HD passenger van is offered with a choice of two engines: a 261-horsepower, dual-overhead-cam 24-valve 4.0-liter V-6 with 281 pounds-feet of torque or a 317-hp, dual-overhead-cam 32-valve 5.6-liter V-8 with 385 pounds-feet of torque.

Nissan NV3500 int II
The van’s flexible seating features large, comfortable front-row seats with integrated outboard wear patches for durability; completely removable and repositionable split second- and third-row seats; and a 50/50-split fourth-row seat than can be partially or completely removed as needed.

Mobile office support items include a large center console that can store a laptop computer and charger, business cards, hanging files, pens and paper; available 120-volt outlets; and a fold-down front passenger seat with underseat storage.

Available technology includes a 5-inch touch-screen navigation system with integrated RearView Monitor, XM Satellite Radio (subscription required), Bluetooth phone connectivity and telematics prewiring (Nissan Fleet Tracker).

Enhancing the van's utlility are a low step-in height, easy ingress and egress without intrusive seat belts (integrated into rear seats), wide door openings and rear 50/50-split French doors.

The NV comes in 4x2 configurations only. All passenger vans are built in Canton, Miss.

Nissan NV3500 side III


Look for them at select rental counters.

It's still ugly. I do like the center console though.

I actually really like the design of these vans, at least in the low roof version. I've had Econolines for years and the typical van design kills leg room (making them horrible for long trips) and is a nightmare to work on.

Unfortunately, they don't offer either of the two things I would want in a new van: 4x4 and Diesel. So I don't see myself buying one anytime soon.

No higher roof line for those of us over 4 feet tall to get into?

Still should provide for some decent options now that the E-series is goign away (although I expect Ford to offer the Transit in this config as well)

they are in need for better engine..?

what about the FUEL ECONOMY?

Precursor to 2500 and 3500 Titan? Seems very plausible to me.

5.6 liter 32 valve v8 should push out more than 385 foot pounds of torque, you can never have enough, the more the better.

@ paul810 There just might be a cummins diesel if they ever do start putting them in the trucks, if you remeber a few articles back. Now just slam in some 4wd they have best looking and good choice of enignes.

I would love to see GM take on there full size vans with a Avalanche front end and there own body from the fire wall back, with maybe a few changes, and still be able to get the de-tuned Dura-max with an Allison trans., but at the moment I believe you only get the HD 6sp from the 6.0 gas with the present Duramax.

On second though, look at the prices of this ugly beast! you could buy a E-150, E-250/350 pass. or cargo vans for less $$, and wiht the Chevy 1500 get AWD if needed! and that comes with the 5.3 to boot! at the same price!! of cause that is only the 1500, and the one I owned would haul 1900lbs+ around all the time with no trouble and get 13-16mpg! in the city, and never worry about the snow or mud at the job sites! and if you go with a 2500 GM you get a commercial version of the 4.8 w/HD 6sp trans. and wiht 4:10 posi.

@sandman 4X4

Keep in mind the E-series is on its way out. Being a much older design, it's obviously going to be less expensive. Now when the new Transit comes out, I'm guessing pricing will be right in line with this thing.

This is going to be the most American Van left along side the Chevy Express, the rest are going to unibody, euro models.

Better than fords and dodges new idea.

It works well in the van configuration, no wheel well protrusions into the front seats and the console is much smaller. They could even offer a bench seat option.

Add a cummins diesel and motorhome manufacturers might be all over it.

I think they're hideous looking but I'm glad to see someone giving the detroit 3 a run for their money.

Hopefully they'll prioritize putting electric motors in these like the NV's little brother over some diesel that nobody's going to pay an extra $10k for.

NO 4x4. pass! these engines are from frontier and titan those have 4x4. I'll trade my sequoia 4wd with their 4x4... I like the space but for now nada I pass...

That V6 would be very underwhelming with 12 people on board.


It doesn't need a $10,000 diesel. In the Sprinter, the diesel was only an $1,800 option over the gas engine and so few people bought the gas engine that they dropped it as an option.


I agree. If I'm going to buy it as a personal vehicle, I want 4x4. Considering how closely this van is related to the Nissan Titan, there is no reason they can't offer it from the factory. I'd rather not have to buy a Quigley conversion if I can get a factory 4x4 van.

I see lots of the commercial versions of these around Raleigh. High and low roofs, some with the body wrap graphics. Great utility, lots of room, good prices=good job Nissan. Now where is the new Titan?

@Allistar Evans
I could be wrong but I would be very surprised if the new 400hp @ 5800 rpm/413lb ft @ 4000rpm 5.6L with direct injection and VVEL ends up in this or the Titan.

1. Much like Ford had the SOHC 3V 5.4L for the F150 and the DOHC 4V 5.4L for performance vehicles I think Nissan is going to use the Titan 5.6L for truck and Vans use and let the QX56 5.6L for the luxury and performance vehicles.

2. Ford updated their engines and tranny in the middle of its current gen and Ram will do the same with a new V6 and tranny in the middle of its gen so if Nissan hasnt done it yet I dont think they will.

Very functional, it can seat 12 passengers and can run on V6 engine. Better worth than full size SUVs like Suburban, Yukon XL, Expedition, Sequoia and so on.

Good job Nissan.

We'll see this top-heavy beast on the news: freeway rollover, bodies scattered everywhere, church teen excursion ruined.

Basically all Nissan has done is bring back the panel truck.

A 6,000 lb van that gets 12 mpg on $4 gas is a tough sell.

Where's a diesel or hybrid to keep the running costs down?

Where's 4WD to justify building it on a heavy truck frame?

Interesting to see how well this van does against the new Ford Transit.

I think they eventually offer AWD, most people don't off road these things so I don't see 4wd any time soon.

I like the idea of Nissan making a fullsize van, but my god that thing is hideous...

Kill it with fire before it reproduces!!!

I think its gorgous, looks much better in person in my opinion.

This van would be ideal for airport schuttle or taxi services where you pickup multiple passengers at the airport. I looks very spacious and comfortable. It would not surprise me if airport limo services buy these. This van would not be for everyone but I can definitely see this would fullfill the needs of what I have mentioned above.

I would love to see GM take on there full size vans with a Avalanche front end

@Sandman, if you're talking the current Avalanche/Tahoe front end, I'm right there with you! To this day I still wish the Silverado would have looked like that. It's probably my favorite Chevy front end ever. The old Avalanche was ugly as sin though. Just like those 03-06 Silverado's. In fact, I'd say the first Avalance was so ugly with that front end and all of it's road warrior plastic cladding (ala Aztek) that the nameplate was doomed from the word go. I fully support the new vans taking the current Tahoe approach in design. We run 36 Express vans at work and I'd hate to have to switch from Chevrolet out to something like this Nissan. I do like the interior in these though. The center console is a nice touch. I'd assume carpet installers would want that deleted for long rolls of carpet to come right up to the dash but in our business, we'd love consoles.

Ugly, but it looks very functional. I've seen a few cargo vans rolling around. They do look better in person, but georgeous??????
That word can only be used for certain Ferarri's and the Aston Marin DB9.

I know the GMC/Chevy does't have a hightop version, but they do have a long W/B version, and even with the short/reg version you can still get a 12 ladder or roll of carpet in with the doors closed, and with the 1500 AWD you get all weather going too! MY personal choice if I needed a new van would be a 2500 regW/B DuraMax with the Quigley conversion with 4:10 lmt slp rear and air locker front, and make a small camper out of it, with an Airstream in back! See the U.S.A. in a Chevrolet!!!

I wish someone would state their mpg with the V6 Low roof.

Low roof with V6 should get the best mpg and seems like the way to go. Low roof looks ok too.

Anybody know anybody with that combination?

well -- lets see.
gas mileage. there are some laws of physics involved in transporting weight. no free lunch.
as for all the comments about gm. have you ever looked at the
ntsb sheets for all the stuff that goes wrong with those things.
my favorite is all the wholes in the transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials. drip drip, all the fluids leak out. boom.
call the tow truck. Nissan titan on the other hand has like 1 ntsb report about something cosmetic thing like pealing paint.
stopped buying big 3 cars and trucks in 1978. aint never going back. not ever. too addicted to "it just works". rather than "wonder whats wrong with it now".

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I'd get one if it had AWD or 4WD. Otherwise it would be useless in Canada for me.

If you want jobs for americans, buying the big 3 are made in mexico and canada while toyota nissan and honda are made in usa with american workers.

I will be choosing from whatever vans come out with CNG. Plan to do a lot of driving, and pull a small trailer.
Love the hood though. Crazy Nissan does not even list MPG on its site.

Where do I get one for my big family? We live to travel but need something big for space and room for stuff!

I like it but its not fit mostly in canadian garage about 2m in height

Sweet! This is a beautiful ride. Everyone with a large family should own one. This is the buy of the century. Great value!

Sweet looking van! One could use it as a school bus if you have students to move from school to school, etc. Or you could use it as a shuttle to transport people to the airport and back. The possibilities are endless. One thing I'd like to see is the option of a diesel engine. Either a 2.8 litre Cummins diesel or a 3.8 litre Cummins, depending on whether it's an NV1500, NV2500, or an NV3500.

Nissan does not make a high roof version of this van. The low roof ones are even hard to come by. I have two V8 SL with the Tech package in stock at Sunridge Nissan in Calgary.Call Tim.

Are those the actual dates of the posts?

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