Ram's Lone Star Edition Hits 10th Year

Ram Lone Star II
Ram Trucks is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Lone Star special-edition package by offering a unique version of the Texas-only look.

"The Ram 1500 Lone Star was the first pickup truck designed by Texans and built specifically for Texans," said Fred Diaz, Ram's president and CEO and a San Antonio native. "Native Texans are very proud to be from the Lone Star State. For the last 10 years, this truck has given us the authentic opportunity to proudly connect Ram with Texas' very proud state motto. It's by far our best-selling Ram truck in Texas."

The Ram 1500 Lone Star makes up between 30 and 40 percent of all half-ton Rams sold in Texas, or about 8,000 of these specific trucks per year, according to Chrysler. The model comes as a four-door crew cab with the 5.7-liter Hemi and with a host of other top-line convenience features. The package can be ordered in four- and two-wheel-drive configurations.

The 2012 Ram 1500 Lone Star will get bigger and unique badging both inside and out, with embroidered floormats with logos as well. Pricing for the 10th anniversary package will start at $36,440 (excluding destination), and the truck goes on sale early this summer.

Ram Lone Star int II

Ram Lone Star badge II

Ram Lone Star mat II


For some reason red color just doesn't go with a truck for me.
Nice truck otherwise.

Looks very plain looking or Vanilla

"Lone Star makes up between 30 and 40 percent of all half-ton Rams sold in Texas"

Sounds like a decent percentage. Nice for Texans to have their own special edition.

Yup, we got the Ram Lone Star, the Texas edition Silverado, and the King Ranch happens to be in Texas...

The fact that this Lone Star Ram 1500 article mentioned that Fred Diaz was from San Antonio I half to ask was that a shot?

A special edition of a special edition package. I guess since 20% of trucks are sold in the state of TX, they get the most attention. Nice clean looking truck though.

There's not much that stands out that it's a special edition truck except for some badges and that looks like Texas on the back on the seats. You can tell a king ranch from a mile away with the two tone and matching painted bumpers and the interior has a look and feel that's all it's own we're this just says lone star edition with some badges. But that is a nice looking interior ram has come along way.

I bilieve that Ford and Toyota also offer Texas specific packages, I have seen trucks in texas marked as such dont know if they still do it or if it was a dealer add on. when i was at lackland with a bunch a foreign officers for training they thought the texas edditions where silly because the trucks have license plates that say texas on them so why would you put a great big Texas shaped badge on a truck. Most of the ones i saw where 2wd crews with now trailer hitch reciver, which makes me wounder what those trucks are used for. I bought trucks that have features that i need and if they made a car with 12in of ground clearnce 4wd hi and low range and good suspenssion travel id buy it, but a 2wd f150 with no ability to tow a uhaul is probably the most worthless vehicle out there, and most of these trucks didnt have anything in their beds either i could see into many of them from my sububan and even more when i came back a few months later with the Raptor. Also San Antonio, has the worst drivers in the world. Im normally a free market guy but people need to seriously evalute their needs of a certain type of vehicle based on the weather comute lenght and hobbies. I know most of the trucks that i saw in texas where comuter vehicles based on the hours they where on the road. My hobbies and passions forced me into choosing between two vehicles, the Raptor and the Power Wagon , but my comute to work is only 3 miles each way, i would never use the raptor as a comuter if i lived the more than 30mile away, i would buy something more practical. Rant over.

It's a ram big horn edition?

I think they offer two tone paint?

Do a little research before you go comparing things. The Lonestar is not a direct comparo to the King Ranch. The Ram Laramie Longhorn is. Check it out and I'll just let that speak for itself. You'll find that it puts the King Ranch to shame. Just as the Laramie Limited puts the Platinum to shame.

Well ram-man I wasn't doing a direct comparison I was just saying you can walk right by this thing and it doesn't look much different then any other ram. You would think a special edition would stand out from the others in a more pronoun way. Now the larmaine longhorn I've never seen in person but it putting the king ranch to shame seems like a stretch but I never saw one to do a comparison. I see you like ram trucks and I was just giving a opinion not bashing and like I said before they've come a Long way.

I don't care for Texas or Lone Star Edition trucks that much as they are nothing more than a Texas Badge, chrome accents and wheels package on a mid trim truck usually. Also its not a big deal everybody has one Lone Star Ram 1500, Texas Edition Tundra, Texas Edition F150, Texas Edition Silverado 1500, Texas Edition Sierra 1500 and Texas Edition Titan.

@ Gregory J.,

Computer generated picture....

Front end is too high,truck looks odd...

Look at real Red Ram 1500's and they look great I think,for myself it was between Black or red my last 2 Rams were black so,red is a change,gets alot of complements..,especially with the chrome 20" wheels the trucks really look sharp,those are base model grey wheels..

I own a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Big Horn quad cab with chrome 20's,chrome trailer tow mirrors,chrome door handles ect....

Furthermore,color is a personal choice,but I like red,dont like yellow,brown,white,grey on trucks old Mopars the dark green is nice..as I own a b-body in dark dark green..

I wish truck makers would stop making trucks with these sliver coloured interiors. It makes a leather truck look crappy. Leather should be brown, tan, or black. Just my far from humble opinion.

When I visited Austin (everyone should go) from living in CT (CT sucks) I noticed all the special Texas versions of pickups, and even the local dealers created their own special versions. There's also a lot of after market chop shops that sell specially made rams and hunting bumpers that most people down there customize their trucks with. There's alot of pride and craftsmanship put into the customization of trucks down there.

Wondering when a "well equip truck" is shown, why doesn't it include some type of running bds as standard equipment? Especially with a 4 door.

Because running boards get in the way i have broken them off before. I can get in and out of a my f150 and f350 crew 4x4 work trucks just fine. My raptor has the goofy rock protector step but im probaly going to swap it for rock rails.

My '02 F150 supercrew came with ABS plastic running bds & the family likes as well as I like having them. At 159K miles never had a problem smashing them. That said newer trucks I believe both GM as well as Ford can have optional retracting running bds. You'd be hard press to smash those, and would be having other damage as well. My son's F250 diesel also has them, never an issues. To each his own. My opinion is the ABS plastic ones the best. No pitting or rusting like the power coated or chrome ones do.

If I spent a large amount of time doing any hardcore offroading, I wouldn't have running boards or retractible steps. My box access steps have inadvertently deployed in deep snow. Fortunately they weren't damaged. The fold up side steps like the Platinum can still be vunerable to offroad damage. The thing I like about mudflaps and running boards is that in "normal" offroad driving they save the paint and lower truck edges from rock and stick damage. I have some scrapes in the paint on my front passenger door from a board flying up into the side of the truck. The running board took a large part of the initial hit. I would of been making a trip to the body shop if it wasn't for the running boards.
I'm not a fan of plastic components because in extremely cold weather ie. colder than -30C (-22F) plastic components become brittle and breaks very easily.

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