February 2012 Top 15 Pickup Truck Sales

July 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

The Messages from TV news, newspapers, and web feeds are about as mixed as you can imagine. Fuel prices look to hit record highs in the coming months while construction starts are finally beginning to move in the right direction. Ad to that four solid months of strong automotive sales growth and there could be a few reasons to be optimistic about the economy. Still, less expensive, small car sales are leading the way, as some are reporting overall truck sales are likely to decreased month-over-month for the segment, just as they did last month.

Ford sales analyst Erich Merkle said pickup trucks are expected to account for about 10.5 percent of U.S. auto sales in February; down from 11.0 percent in January and 13.5 percent in December 2011. If February sales were to be annualized, the total number of vehicle sales by year-end would likely reach 14 million units. 

We've provided the Top 15 here this month. Take note of the two vehicles (*) that are no longer in production but are still being sold (Ford Ranger and Dodge Dakota). 

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2011
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Feb. Percent
1 Ford F-Series +16.9% February 2012 47,273 +25.9
85,766 February 2011 37,549

2 Chevrolet Silverado -1.3% February 2012 32,297 +1.8
59,147 February 2011 31,728

3 Ram Trucks +31.3% February 2012 22,595 +21.2
40,504 February 2011 18,644

4 GMC Sierra -6.7% February 2012 11,306 -3.3
20,823 February 2011 11,696

5 Toyota Tacoma
+30.2% February 2012 10,662 +35.3
19,560 February 2011 7,879

6 Toyota Tundra -9.6% February 2012 6,328 -9.7
11,840 February 2011 7,012

7 Ford Ranger * +43.7% February 2012 4,482 +18.6
9,525 February 2011 3,780

8 Nissan Frontier +26.8 February 2012 4,237 +20.1
8,019 February 2011 3,527

9 Chevrolet Colorado +33.1% February 2012 3,532 +35.5
6,404 February 2011 2,606

10 Chevrolet Avalanche +21.3 February 2012 1,794 +26.9
3,411 February 2011


11 Nissan Titan -0.6% February 2012 1,576 +7.4
2,882 February 2011


12 Honda Ridgeline +48.3 February 2012 1,370 +50.9
2,615 February 2011


13 GMC Canyon +45.5% February 2012 1,064 +39.1
2,123 February 2011


14 Dodge Dakota * -88.1% February 2012 139 -91.6
294 February 2011


15 Suzuki Equator -5.8% February 2012 151 +18.9
259 February 2011



Nice! I like the top 15.


Congrats Ford

For those who have doubted Fords ability to sell 6 cyl trucks, doubt no more. Whether they can sustain these sales remain to be seen, depending on reliability and real world economy. The EB gamble has obviously paid off for Ford.

Toyota will be rolling out some higher for the Tundra incentives I'm sure. It has cratered badly and likely will continue. Tacoma sales up big though, maybe a reflection of the Ranger leaving in part?


I believe Eco-boost sales totaled 40% and V6 totals sales were 50%. Not bad of a gamble at all.

Ranger is still selling like hotcakes.

If Taco is reflecting Ranger sales, it is a very small reflection. Look...

February 2011

February 2012

Thatt's 2.5 x's increase in Ranger sales! Look for other reasons as to why Taco sales are up.


February 2011

February 2012

18.6% increase.

At first I was pretty skeptical that Ram was going to catch Chevy's pickup sales this year, but after seeing this, I'm starting to believe it could happen.


“Commercial sales are a good barometer for the economy,” Johnson said. “GM’s commercial deliveries increased 35 percent in February, driven by strong sales of heavy-duty pickups.”

Year-over-year sales of the Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD were up 28 percent and 20 percent, respectively.


GM wins again!

GM's pickup sales will start to slide as more and more buyers decide to wait until the next generation debuts next year. I think the new chassis is really helping their HD sales though. GM's commercial sales would improve even more if the get back into medium duty.............

@Glance: yes it's very possible.

Go Ram! Can't wait for the Pentastar V6 and the 8 speed auto next year. With V6 sales going up that combo will surely add to Ram's momentum.

"GM's pickup sales will start to slide as more and more buyers decide to wait until the next generation debuts next year. I think the new chassis is really helping their HD sales though. GM's commercial sales would improve even more if the get back into medium duty."

Great excuse! What's the next excuse. GM wins again, your a f'ken loser.


Chevy is selling 46% more than Fiat-Ram already at the begging of the year. Year end Chevy will be blowing out all the old Silverados and Sierras to make way for the new trucks. Sorry, Ram fans, Fiat-Ram has no chance of catching Silverado this year. And next year is the all new trucks from GM, so no way Fiat-Ram catches up.


Go Ram and Ford... congrats.
No surprises by these numbers, look around and all you see are F150s and RAMs.

Gby GM

Once again we have skewed sales figures. A mix of 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ton sales, along with fleet sales.
Virtually useless figures when mixed like this.

@Dave, Read it and weap. +31%!!!

Ram is taking out Chevy and Ford in 2012!!!

Chrysler, the smallest of the so-called Big Three, said it sold 133,521 vehicles in February, a 40.4 percent jump over February 2011, when it sold 95,102 vehicles!!!

Ram pickup truck sales up 21 percent; best February sales in four years!!!

Ram pickup truck sales also were up 21 percent in February, the truck's 22nd-consecutive month of year-over-year sales gains!!!

Ford is coming out with LED's in the bed and on the door handles soon, GM and Ram are screwed now!

One more thing!!!

Only Ram delivers this kind of muscle. That will thin out the herd real quick. Guts. Glory. Ram!!!


Props to RamMan! Relentless! Keep up the good work! Chevy is hearing them footsteps! Chevy's guts = Ram's glory...RAM!!!

@ Dave,

Sorry Dave,the Obama Silverado is going down in 2012...

GM on a whole isnt doing so good,Chrysler is up 40% !!

And in Canada it is the number 1 selling auto company in sales !! Beating Ford,GM and the imports,usually Canadian sales improve then the U.S tend to follow its stride.

I would rather have a Ram as you say Fiat -Ram,you forgot about Ferarri -Ram ,Maserati-Ram....but to remind ignorant people when Mercedes owned Chrysler it was not called a Mercedes-Ram..GM is Government Motors and the Silverado is Obama Silverado ! GM is done except in China that remains GM's only profitable country,so Chinese Chevies are a plenty !!

Yeah but I still like Chevy Silverado...

If you do the calculations, Fiat-Ram needed to increase sales 70% for the entire year to have any chance of beating Chevy. Two months in they are only up 33%. To beat Ford they would to increase sales 160%. Not gonna happen.

Heres GMs new plan to increase world wide sales.
GMs getting in bed with another European company.

@Dave, FIAT brand has its best sales month since launch; sales up 69 percent in February versus previous month!!!

Chrysler brand sales up 114 percent; highest percentage sales increase of all Chrysler Group brands and best February in four years!!!

Sales of Chrysler 300 flagship sedan up 480 percent compared with same month last year; best sales month since March 2008!!!

These are triple digit sales gains!!!

Can someone explain to me why people seem to be so excited for the Pentastar V6? It just seems like a decent crossover V6 motor that one could find in a Santa Fe or Edge. Not particularly well suited for truck use due to not developing top power till very high in the RPM range. What am I missing here?

When did the ranger stop? How much inventory did ford build to have this much left-over.

Looks like the tacoma could overtake the sierra.

Hey Frank, I made a comment about GM trucks, didn't say anything negative about Ford or Dodge (and there are plenty of Ford and Dodge trucks I would not mind owning), and you respond with a vulgar, insulting comment. Nice! I'll bet you wouldn't say that to me in person.

Go RAM Long live the Dodge Ram .... is and will always be Dodge Ram to me!

Hey Frank, Pleae refrain from that type of language.

I think the same thing they should break it up I have already said before this article http://www.tundraheadquarters.com/blog/2012/02/28/bexar-county-san-antonio-fleet-city-trucks/ I never saw Tundra's being used as fleet trucks here in San Antonio so what are the chances they are used anywhere else as? I would love to see how the Tundra stacks up against everybody in regular 1/2 ton trucks sales.

The odd thing is Toyota doesnt make a 1 ton class 3 truck when the only other class they dont make trucks in is 8.

The Dodge fans may be right. I suspect the same thing. I doubt it will happen this year, but the trend is there. Ram will be #2 in the truck world in the USA. Ram is already #2 truck maker in Canada. 2014 looks like an eternity away for GMC/Chevy.
Looks like Tacoma will move ahead of Sierra. The Tacoma increase has to be more than the demise of Ranger and Dakota. I bet some Tacoma buyers have given up waiting for a NEW Tacoma and bought a 2012 model.
I'd love to see a breakdown by class but the manufacturers only report by brand.

@bobgmc - you obviously didn't read the whole press release. I found it very funny to find a disclaimer at the end of the release.
Quote "In this press release and in related comments by our management, our use of the words “expect,” “anticipate,” “possible,” “potential,” “target,” “believe,” “commit,” “intend,” “continue,” “may,” “would,” “could,” “should,” “project,” “projected,” “positioned” or similar expressions is intended to identify forward-looking statements that represent our current judgment about possible future events. We believe these judgments are reasonable, but these statements are not guarantees of any events or financial results, and our actual results may differ materially due to a variety of important factors. Among other items, such factors might include: our ability to realize production efficiencies and to achieve reductions in costs as a result of our restructuring initiatives and labor modifications; our ability to maintain quality control over our vehicles and avoid material vehicle recalls; our ability to maintain adequate liquidity and financing sources and an appropriate level of debt, including as required to fund our planned significant investment in new technology; the ability of our suppliers to timely deliver parts, components and systems; our ability to realize successful vehicle applications of new technology; and our ability to continue to attract new customers, particularly for our new products. GM's most recent annual report on Form 10-K and quarterly reports on Form 10-Q provides information about these and other factors, which we may revise or supplement in future reports to the SEC"

"our actual results may differ"

That is ROTFLMFAO funny.

I'd love to see the Canadian totals for the month. I just bought a new Ram Laramie Crew Cab 4wd last week. We love the truck! Best looking truck on the market as far as I am concerned. Love the Hemi as well! We looked at the F150 closely and liked the eccoboost. The 5.0 was alright. we preferred the Rams ride and looks better. As soon as we stepped out onto the GM lot and took a look at them we decided not to even waste our time with a test drive. They are getting old looking. I like GM trucks these models look dated. I hope the new trucks look good and have some nice engine options.

Well, I contributed my part. Closing in on a month soon for owning my first Ford ever and am just Thrilled with it! F-150 Platinum Ecoboost! It was tough choosing between the Platinum and the King Ranch though. The Platinum is pure luxury and the King Ranch is more rough and tough working man like. Both are gorgeous though. In the end they had the Platinum in the color I wanted so it won out. A true lifelong Chevrolet man I was and finally switched to a Ford.. I'll always love old Chevy's but the new ones don't cut it anymore. The looks, the class, the style, no Platinum/King Ranch interiors.. It's over for them I'm afraid and I'd never own a GMC. So either way my Chevrolet days have come to an end. The only truck that offers the looks, class, style and high dollar interiors is the Dodge Ram with the Laramie Longhorn/Limited and it's pretty obvious it's paying off. Instead of ordering a new Chevrolet Malibu we ordered a new Ford Fusion! I can't wait until it arrives and then we'll see if Ford cars live up to the status of Ford trucks. So far, I'm beyond impressed. This thing is a true workhorse of a truck and feels like a Cadillac. Worth every penny.

for a long time it was ford vs. chevy for number one. I'm starting to see chevy vs. dodge arguments now for number 2. Is it because ford is so far ahead in innovation or because chevy is falling behind? or is it because dodge is just finally catching up? Give it a couple years and I think the arguments will be dodge vs. ford for number one with chevy a distant third. But i guess you never know. I just haven't been excited about any chevy news for a long long time.

Damn GM. Who approved this ugly ass Silverado we have now? Seriously. Don't their designers and management who signs off on these designs even submit to drug testing anymore? First than Chinese looking 800 Silverado and then this 900 disaster. The Ford's and Dodge's look drop dead gorgeous and mean at the same time. That's what the Chevy should be. I can't believe all of these classic designs Chevrolet trucks put out over the decades like the 400's and the awesome 67-72's. Even the 70's/80's boxier ones or those 40's/50's Advanced and Task Force trucks.. And now we've had 2 Turds back to back. I'm just waiting for the third turd to drop and watch Chevrolet circle the toilet bowl.

And like others have griped about, where the hell is the Platinum/Laramie/King Ranch interiors for the Silverado? Quit dinking around with GMC. You're just pissing in the wind. It's so frustrating being a Chevy guy anymore.

Dodge is taking over. Sorry Chevy.. By the end of the year Chevrolet will be third behind Dodge. By mid 2013 I predict Chevrolet will be fourth behind Toyota. The new Big 3 will be:

1)Ford trucks & cars
2)Dodge trucks & cars
3)Toyota trucks & cars

Chevrolet cars have been forsaken for Buick all to keep the Chinese happy and Opel afloat. Chevrolet trucks have been forsaken for GMC all to keep Buick dealers afloat. Chevrolet will sink into the abyss because of those two other brands. I was skeptical too about Dodge taking down the once mighty Chevrolet but not anymore. The Bowtie was like Superman once upon a time. Invincible. Now GM feeds Chevrolet a slow and steady diet of Kryptonite. Nothing Chevrolet has now is as nice as what it's counterparts Ford and Dodge have. It will be their end. And that will be the end of GM.

Anybody notice that Ram is been right behind Chevy almost all 2011 and now 2012 i say if they keep up there good thinking and keep some cool idea's rollong off the line then i say they could pass chevy no prob.

@supercliffy - try this site. GoodCarBadCar. They post sales stats for Canada. http://www.goodcarbadcar.net/

@Gary44, GM should have closed. The remnants should have been gathered and just gone on as Chevrolet Motor Company since 1911 instead of GM2.0.. I know people who love Chevrolet but hate GM and GMC. The whole Government Motors Co. thing will never be erased from the mind of America. Now it's just a political PR disaster. And Buick is just a waste longterm anyhow. Keep it in China. The rest are right, Chevrolet trucks don't cut it anymore and have been going downhill since the 98 model ceased production. Dodge will indeed be #2 inside of a year.

Marchionne is certainly turning around the Chrysler Corp. It looks like the quality improvement program is having an affect.

"Can someone explain to me why people seem to be so excited for the Pentastar V6? It just seems like a decent crossover V6 motor that one could find in a Santa Fe or Edge. Not particularly well suited for truck use due to not developing top power till very high in the RPM range. What am I missing here?"

Hey Phillyguy, You're not missing much. Nobody really cares about RAM'S (Dodge or whatever) Pukeistar. They always tend to OVER-HYPE people with their products only to be dated a year later.

I know some of the GM trucks are a bit dated but at least their fans are not over-hyping a BASE engine which is what the Pukeistar is for a truck.

Also, Ram lost a lot of sales with the bankruptcy that is why they are seeing bigger increases when in actuality their not gaining on anything they are just getting back.



So what is all the hubub about? Ram didn't even get back to the prebankruptcy level.

So many GM haters, and yet so many sales (roughly 5k full size behind Ford).

chevy will be slow this year but i don't believe ram will pass chevy a lot of people are holding out for the next trucks that are going to be out in 2013

someone was saying dodge is #1 in canada which i knew was wrong (wish people would be factual and not just beaking off cause they like a brand), but Lou's link confirmed it, I was surprised Ford was ahead on everything, WOW. good job Ford

Dodge/Ram is definately making some huge strides though, won't be long before they are honking at GM to pull over and let them pass on by...

Hey Frank, I made a comment about GM trucks, didn't say anything negative about Ford or Dodge (and there are plenty of Ford and Dodge trucks I would not mind owning), and you respond with a vulgar, insulting comment. Nice! I'll bet you wouldn't say that to me in person.

Posted by: BigBob | Mar 1, 2012 9:00:15 PM

I've said it many times and I will say it again. Frank is the biggest troll on this site!! That's all I've got to say bout that....

Dyslexia is a very broad term defining a learning disability that impairs a person's fluency or comprehension accuracy in being able to read!!!! YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP!!!
The article says that RAM just took a huge bite out of Chevy/GMC truck sales in February 2012 vs February 2011!!!
With gas going up, those Taco's will over take GMC this year!
If gas prices stay high, the smaller truck sales will go up and Ford will be forced to bring a smaller truck to North America...more than likely an F100 to add to the "F" series sales numbers.

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