Recall Alert: 2005-2009 Toyota Tacoma

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Toyota is recalling all 2005-2009 Tacoma pickups which could effect as many as 495,000 vehicles. The recall will replace a faulty steering-wheel spiral assembly. Due to a possible design flaw, friction could develop between spiral cable and the retainer in the steering-wheel assembly. This could lead to a loss of connectivity with the driver’s airbag and cause the airbag not to deploy in a crash.

Toyota will begin notifying owners in early April. As with the first recall, dealers will also be able to replace the affected part for free in around 30 minutes.

Owners interested in receiving more information about both recalls can go to or call Toyota’s Customer Experience Center at 800-331-4331.


idk whats worse, airbag not deploying in an accident or having the air deploy n smacking u in the least expected time.....

This is the fist Toyota recall I have seen where they admit a design flaw and not blame an American supplier. Shocking.

Uh oh, will it still retain it's title in the small-pickup shootout?

I see Toyota is picking up where they left off last year.

uh huh,
up to 60mph I'll take no airbag, over 60mph I'll also take no airbag...hahaha

Toyota has failed...

i dont think airbag is a big concern, considering all the vechicles we older folks used to drive had no airbag n only lap belts.

if u read what it said, words used such as "possible" n "could" sounds like toyota is doing this out of caution. everything word reads n speaks speculations n not confirmation it happens.

man these recalls get crazier all the time

Some key words ignorant folks due not understand:

"possible design flaw"

"could lead"

Nothing proven in a court of law, so rest easy haters, Toyota is solving "potential" issues before they become REAL...

@Greg J,

Yeah the best automaker!

Toyota is officially the king of recalls

No, that's not possible, Toyotas never fail! They are magic, and as long as we follow oxi and keep drinking that Kool-Aid, Toyota will never fail us. In addition to Toyotas never breaking down (because Toyota dealerships don't need to have service and parts departments), this Japanese company is also more American than American companies!! Don't ask how, it's just magic!

It's gotta be that crazy approach angle!!! What else can it be?? There is no way it's a "possible design flaw"!!! I believe it is caused by the driver letting loose some of that "divine wind" that throws the approach angle off which in turn screws up the muffler bearing which then causes binding in the steering-wheel spiral assembly! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out...

@gopher - funny.
@oxi - it is not the end of the world.....................
or is it ?????????

This recall is as pointless as the floor mat recall was!

I do not need air bags so this is a non-issue for me and this really is NOT Toyota's fault...

It clearly states that this is "design" flaw so blame the designer who designed it, not just the company who sells it. What really matters is Toyota Tacoma's STILL have the most resale value and are number one in quality!

With this thread STILL not closed, I can see a bias in the reporting, after all this site is pro-Ford!

Toyota must have a salvage licence because they sell alot of junk. I think of yugo when I see a toyota.

man it must of come from jap. just like all of the steel god knows they cant build a frame to safe themselfs. can u say junk trucks. just a rice burner.

I agree with oxi...

This is not an issue!

If it is prove it it in a court...

Some key words ignorant folks due not understand:
"possible design flaw"
"could lead"
Nothing proven in a court of law, so rest easy haters, Toyota is solving "potential" issues before they become REAL...
Posted by: oxi

Haters lose and oxi wins AGAIN!

@Evan K,

Look at data the past 20-30 years...

Toyota is no where near the big 3 in recalls!

Again, if you think education is expensive, try ignorance!


Go back to your cave, you have no idea about thi world...

"If you think education is expensive, try ingnorance"...that pretty much sums up you...

Hater alert and ignorant racist alert...

Please post your hatred and racist views about Toyota...

Hater alert and ignorant racist alert...

Please post your hatred and racist views about Toyota...

Posted by: oxi | Mar 8, 2012 6:02:36 PM

If you insist: Toyotas suck and so do the people who drive them. Satified oxi?

I like the politalcaly correct wording of the article. Phrases like "possible design flaw" and the repeated use of the word "could". Obviously there was a design flaw, if there wasn't there be no need for a recall. Geez, tell it like it is. Don't sugar coat it.

@ oxi - you sound a lot like bob.

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

Speaking of caves, how is that revised zombie apocalypse escape plan working out for you?

@Jordan L - you should read this press release from GMC. It comes with its own disclaimer. Obviously Bob doesn't proof read his posts. LOL
Read after this heading:
Forward-Looking Statements
To paraphrase - this GMC release isn't worth the paper its written on, or the bandwidth used to send it.

@ Lou Check this out

Now lets do a little cut and paste.......

"We believe these judgments are reasonable, but these statements are not guarantees of any events or financial results, and our actual results may differ materially due to a variety of important factors. ........our ability to maintain quality control over our vehicles and avoid material vehicle recalls.........."

This and any other failures are not GMs fault. They said that they were on the right path, on track, doing better. But they did not guaruntee those things. Typical GM.

even though I have plenty of airbags in my truck and goverment I don't see the need, if you wear your seat belt properly you have little to worry about, although I do believe the side airbags have a real perpose. We all know that the goverment made airbags manditory because of all the stupid fools out there that don't have a responsible bone in there own body, meaning they need the gov. to think for them, and in turn ruin lots of freedoms for regular oll responsible Americans. The left says they want the gov. to get out of there bedrooms, well I say get out of my life!!! I can take care of myself!!!

Show me a Toyota truck with 200,000 miles on the clock, and I'll show you ten American branded trucks with 500,000 miles on the clock that have been working, hauling, and towing since new.

Toyota has been a failure for 40 years.. it's just that since 2010 their magic public relations work hasn't been able to over-ride the numerous recalls. Their shoddy quality, expensive parts, and high cost isn't working anymore in today's economy.

Ford recalled a million F-150s last year for pretty much exactly the same thing.

BFD then, BFD now. Worrying about air bags is for old women.

Thats right, when you cannot defend Toyota for their lack of quality all you can do is attack and make puerile allegations.

Toyota has recalled more vehicles then it has sold between 2009 - 2011 costing the company by its estimates over 2 BILLION dollars.


I think your the failure for being a racist hater!

Ford is still NOT on par with Toyota's quality...

When it comes to quality and reliability down the road, Toyota is the best among the large auto makes...


And how many Ford, GM and Chrysler recalls the last 30 years compared with Toyota?

Look big picture insteade of just last years results, when you do that, the big 3 are way ahead when it comes to rcalls over a 30 year span!

@Lou, the two share many similarities, but Bob is much more tolerable than Oxi. Bob is just a passionate guy about his favorite brand of truck. I respect that, even though I often disagree with what he says. Oxi goes as far as calling people 'racist' when they say something negative about his fav brand of truck. That is just disrespectful and stupid. It's kind of like Michael Moore's philosophy that anybody who disagrees with Barrack Obama is 'racist.' Unless you're a democrat who drives a Toyota, you're a racist! LOL!

@Alex - Bob never says what he owns or what experience he has with trucks. I cannot respect that combined with his blind loyalty. Oxi on the other hand does say what he owns,and loves to talk about his experience, but he talks down to everyone, he also has blind loyalty. I do not respect that either.
I'll leave it at that.


People in this nation are rascist when it comes to auto makes, where have you been hiding?

Some still think we are fighting WWII...

Just last year I recall a union worker saying that we should not help Japan after the tsunami because of the attack upon Pearl Harbor YET her son is a U.S. Marine that has been to Japan...

Travel south and see what some think about a Toyota, they are still living the Civil War and think the south will rise up again...

Just go back and read some of the posts during the height of the recall fabrications a few years back, quite a bit of racism in them posts...


"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance"

I will leave it at that...

Last time I checked Toyota wasn't a race.

Bob is cooler than oxi because Bob is only joking most of the time. oxi is just weird.


Blind loyalty?

Tacoma is the benchmark of small trucks and always will be!

Leave oxi alone...

Back in the early 90's after oxi got out of the Marines and bought his 86 Toyota 4x4 used, oxi was the only one on his entire block with a Toyota, in fact in the square mile...

Now a days, you see Toyotas everywhere, maybe it will be good to see the morons that live off of what the media says jump off and buy something worse. It will be sweet!

oxi have been buying Toyotas since I got out of the Marines and nothing will change that. 20 years next year and counting!

oxi's current ride is a 2010 Tacoma AC, decked out for off-roading end of the world style...

oxi has been the trend setter since the early 1990's...

You sucka mc's better recognize...

Bob never says what he owns or what experience he has with trucks.

@Lou -

Bob drives a 2012 Chevy Silverado.

Bob has the flu so he hasn't been posting lately.

Get well soon, Brother.

@Lou - Why do you want to know personal info? Are you like a stalker or something? Just kidding. It doesn't matter what I drive but if you must know I drive America's longest lasting and most reliable truck, Chevy Silverado.

Hi i would like to know how, tacoma truck

I took the recall letter to my dealer,they were waiting for parts They told me i would get another recall letter,I'm waiting. this was some time ago.

Recall or not, my Toyota Tacoma 4x4 has been the worse vehicle I've ever owned...and I've owned vehicles for over 35 years. I will NEVER purchase another Toyota product - ever!

Hello I was wondering about these airbags just lucky my husband and son are safe a year ago my husband was on a freeway when traffic came to a stop and a semi truck going over 35mph rear ended him enough it bent the frame of his 2006 Tacoma and pushed the front bumper thru the bumper
Cover and yet the air bags never went off. Well last weekend my son rolled it enough his head broke drivers window when it rolled and again the airbags never went off. I'm thankful neither were hurt my sons accident they are talking totaling the truck
So not a little accident. Why haven't these been recalled yet does someone have to die? I hope not please keep everyone safe and fix this

Its funny that these non- toyota creeps come on this post as if they got stock in GM or Ford critizize Toyota. People still buy more Toyotas because they are a great product ..unlike Ford or GM.

i have 2005 tacoma and motor support on the frame pass truth the frame ,it rust around the weld do you the company will pay for it .thanks

Wow I can't beleive the crap being chucked around here. I know this blog is old, but I am just reading it first time. Have any of you Toyota haters ever owned one? My 2006 Tacoma has been a real trooper, owned it seven years now and have only replaced spark plugs once, serpentine belt once and brakes once. No other significant problems. I have friends who have owned GM, Ford and Dodge products which have caused them no end of grief, with stupid shitty problems. 2004 F150, bad rear brakes, transmission problems, broken camshaft sensor sending unit (at least that's what the dealer said, 1 month after warranty expired, even though my buddy had it in at least 8 times previously, during warranty, and they couldn't diagnose the problem). Result is a nice looking truck with a bad miss under load. Piece of crap. He HATES his truck. And he is a domestic vehicle fan. He is now looking at a Tacoma.
A guy i work with has had to send the speedo pod from his GM truck in to be fixed because is went bad. and this guy babies the thing.
All the domestics have WAY more problems than Toyotas.
Any of you happen to notice that the big gas pedal recall from Toyota was shortly after they surpassed GM as the largest automatker in the world?
And these problems seemed to happen only in the USA. Hmmmm...
Get your heads out of your posterior sphincters, gents.
Hope you all know what that means.
Oh and by the way, if you are gonna rip on someone or something, have the balls to your your name, don't hide behind some pseudonym.
Hope all my big words didn't confuse anyone...

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